Pros and Cons of Laureles: A Popular Neighborhood for Expats in Medellín - Medellin Guru
Laureles-Estadio is popular neighborhood for foreigners living in the city or visiting, we look at the pros and cons of Laureles for expats.

Pros and Cons of Laureles: A Popular Neighborhood for Expats in Medellín

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6 thoughts on “Pros and Cons of Laureles: A Popular Neighborhood for Expats in Medellín”

  1. Update on La Pampa Argentinian restaurant at First Park:

    It has reopened. Whew! When it was closed the nighttime and daytime sleepers moved right in. We’re inching back to the point where the economic pressure is beginning to ease up a bit on those in precarious circumstances.

  2. Once again this shows how important it is to see for one’s self the different living environments of Medellín and not count on personal preferences exposed in Facebook forums. El Poblado is the best for me, but it’s status and cost has grown as the first favored neighborhood by foreigners ( and with good reason). As prices went up, Laureles, which has its own favorable points attracted an increased number of foreigners and prices have gone up in the past five years. Now it’s Envigado and Sabaneta attracting foreigners, and this is demonstrated by the strong increase in high rise buildings, as they slowly start looking like El Poblado, and prices are rising, as their past more rural charm is disappearing completely. So, Medellín has something for everyone, but it’s more important than ever to not count on older Facebook posts, or personal preferences and priorities of strangers to focus on areas to live, but take the time and trouble to come down and check things out in person.

  3. Todd Oxner February 28, 2021

    The La Pampa on the corner of the First Park is permanently closed, unfortunately. The smaller one transversal 39 just north of the Second Park is still open. I would definitely add La Causa, Puerto Inka, and Mistura to the list of top restaurants. Not a restaurant exactly, but arguably the best desserts in town is La Miguerita on Calle 35. Grab something to take home.

    Personally I’ve never felt unsafe walking through Laureles however I usually don’t walk alone after 9 pm or so, I’m never drunk, and I avoid using my cellphone on the streets — especially at night.

    • Thanks we updated our La Pampa article with to remove the La Pampa located at the Primer Parque in Laureles, which is closed. See – https://medellinguru.com/la-pampa/

    • Lincoln del Pino March 2, 2021


      The dessert place that you mention is called La Migueria you added a ” T” to the name. They have a good selection of desserts as well as pastries that differ from the typical fried colombian assortments found everywhere.

      • Lincoln, Thanks! I am a bilingually bad speller.

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