El Poblado vs Envigado: Which is the Better Neighborhood to Live in? - Medellin Guru
El Poblado vs Envigado. We comprehensively compare two neighborhoods popular with expats in Medellín in 8 categories to see which is a better place to live.

El Poblado vs Envigado: Which is the Better Neighborhood to Live in?

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6 thoughts on “El Poblado vs Envigado: Which is the Better Neighborhood to Live in?”

  1. Hi Jeff, just a technical question: Why would VIVA Envigado be considered the biggest mall, when it “only” boosts 400 shops vs. the 460 shops in Santa Fe? Is it based on square footage of the malls or what is the deal?
    Thanks Harry

    • Yes, reportedly based on square footage. And this is likely due to having the largest Exito in Medellín (it’s huge they even call it a Wow Exito) and also the large Homecenter store and large Decathlon store plus a bigger Cine Colombia with 12 movie screens and a bigger area for kids with a Ferris wheel and many more things for kids. Plus there are more restaurant options in Viva Envigado.

      In comparison, Santafé only has the large Jumbo store and Falabella department store and the Cine Colombia in Santafé is much smaller with only 6 movie screens.

      All the news reports when Viva Envigado opened called it the largest mall in Colombia.

  2. Interesting article. North Envigado is like an extension of El Poblado. But in Envigado around Parque Envigado and around Calle de la Buena Mesa with a bunch of restaurants is completely different with more of a local feel.

  3. geoffrey August 2, 2019

    Thanks for the insightful data. Maybe I’m just lucky but I rent a 2/2 with a fabulous view in Laureles for almost 300k less than the price listed for a 2/2 in Envigado and only slightly more than the price listed in Sabaneta. I had planned to relocate down there in case prices got too high up near Nutibara Ave. I guess I lucked out.

  4. Great post with interesting robbery stats. Clearly thieves are targeting wealthy El Poblado where there are many gringos. I have seen many posts that say El Poblado is safe but clearly you need to be very careful in El Poblado and especially in Parque Lleras.

  5. Nice article. The only positives of El Poblado are the selection of restaurants, nightlife and shopping.. But you can travel to El Poblado from another neighborhood for those things, you don’t have to live there.

    El Poblado is the most expensive neighborhood in Medellin, has horrible traffic and isn’t very walkable with all the hills. Why live in El Poblado when their are other options like Envigado, Sabaneta and Laureles?

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