Medellin Guru partnered with RE/MAX Coffee Realty to provide real estate services for buying, renting and selling real estate in Medellín and Colombia.

RE/MAX is the largest real estate company in the world and one of the largest in Colombia with 35 offices in four cities. RE/MAX has over 350 real estate agents in Colombia including more than 50 agents in Medellín.

  • Philosophy for real estate sales – Sell in the least amount of time possible but the best price in the market.
  • Helps both buyers and sellers of real estate – Offers services to both parties in real estate transactions.
  • Team of experienced real estate agents – RE/MAX has bilingual agents who speak English and Spanish.

Avoid costly mistakes when buying or selling real estate in Colombia with RE/MAX

RE/MAX offers a free consultation to provide information about the local market, current pricing information and tips for buying or selling properties.

Fill out this short form and RE/MAX will contact you.


Over a period of two months we met with over 10 real estate agencies in Medellín to find a partner that best met the high requirements of Medellin Guru readers.

We decided to partner with RE/MAX for services for buying and selling real estate for several reasons:

  • RE/MAX is one of the largest real estate companies in Colombia with 35 offices in four cities (Medellín, Bogotá, Cali and Barranquilla). So, RE/MAX can offer real estate services to readers in several locations in Colombia.
  • In Colombia, RE/MAX has over 350 real estate agents including more than 70 agents in Medellín. Also, RE/MAX offices have bilingual agents. For example, in Medellín, RE/MAX has 10 agents that speak English.
  • In Medellín, RE/MAX offers real estate services in the entire Medellín metro area as well as other areas such as Rionegro by the Medellín airport. So, they are not limited to primarily the El Poblado, Envigado and Laureles neighborhoods like some agencies that target foreigner customers.
  • In Medellín and in Colombia, RE/MAX has many foreigner clients and is used to working with foreigners.

RE/MAX Coffee Realty Customer Testimonial

RE/MAX customer testimonial

RE/MAX customer testimonial

We were very pleased with the personal service we received from Jessica Cordoba at RE/MAX Coffee Realty. Jessica was able to complete the property sale in about five weeks, which is quick timing for a Colombian sales process. Our experience with several real estate agents in the Medellin area made us realize that Jessica was the perfect agent to sell our property. Jessica was able to take a challenge and work through the issues to complete the sale. Her knowledge and skills came in handy because of the time factor. She is persuasive yet honest, personable and professional and her near-perfect English helped.

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