ÂżWhat is Real Estate by expatgroup.co?

This service involves the buying, selling, leasing, or management of land and buildings. It's a complex field that encompasses various aspects of property transactions, from legal compliance to market analysis. The agency specializes in assisting clients with property investments in Colombia. They understand the intricacies of the Colombian property market and provide expert guidance to navigate it successfully.

Legal real estate services by expatgroup.co

real estate by expatgroup.co

1. Transferring funds into Colombia

This process requires compliance with foreign exchange regulations, involving declaration, bank coordination, and adherence to legal procedures for smooth and lawful financial transactions.

real estate by expatgroup.co

2. Legal analysis and property background check

Conducting thorough examinations of legal documents and historical records, this process safeguards investors against potential legal issues and confirms the property's legitimacy and security.

real estate by expatgroup.co

3. Sales agreement with Real Estate by expatgroup.co

This crucial document outlines the terms, conditions, and responsibilities of both parties in a realtor transaction, ensuring clarity and legal protection for the sale.

4. Deed registration

This process formalizes the transfer of property ownership, legally recording the transaction in public records to establish the new owner's rights and responsibilities.

5. Legal representation

Qualified professionals advocate and negotiate on your behalf, ensuring legal compliance and protecting your interests throughout the real estate transaction process.

real estate by expatgroup.co

6. Investment Visa with Real Estate by expatgroup.co

This visa is granted to individuals investing significantly funds in properties, providing them with residency rights in the country where the property is located.

Real Estate by expatgroup.co

The agency offers a free consultation to provide information about the local market, current pricing information, and tips for buying or selling properties.



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