MedellinGuru.com is an insider’s guide to the best expat experiences, tips on things to do, places to go, and places to stay when visiting and living in Colombia. We are the first information portal for expats in Colombia. We provide helpful information, high-value content, and promote the tourist attractions of the city and the country so that more and more people fall in love with our region.
In memory of our founder

Jeff Paschke

Jeff Paschke was our founder. He was an expat from the United States who fell in love with Medellin and made it his home.
Jeff wrote for a travel blog for three years about his experiences living in Medellin. He helped countless expats by writing popular articles, answering questions, and meeting with hundreds of expats. Therefore, thousands of people used his advice about Medellín.
He decided that it was time to launch his website to offer more quality information to readers. MedellinGuru.com was launched on July 20, 2017.
Jeff passed away in 2022, in Medellin.


Interdisciplinary Team

An interdisciplinary team, lovers of Medellín, continues Jeff's legacy and relaunches MedellinGuru.com

Jeff Paschke

Jeff Paschke passed away

Medellín gurú

MedellinGuru.com becomes the first consultation website for expatriates in Colombia.

Jeff Paschke

Jeff Paschke founds MedellinGuru.com

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