El Poblado vs Belén: Which is the Better Neighborhood to Live in? - Medellin Guru
El Poblado vs Belén. We comprehensively compare two neighborhoods popular with expats in Medellín in 8 categories to see which is a better place to live.

El Poblado vs Belén: Which is the Better Neighborhood to Live in?

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6 thoughts on “El Poblado vs Belén: Which is the Better Neighborhood to Live in?”

  1. Kenneth October 1, 2020

    This place is messed up. They found 42 cats tortured and sexually abused to death buried in El Cerro de las Tres Cruces in Belen. God only knows what these psychopaths are capable of. Stay away from this cesspool.

  2. Nice post, there are better neighborhoods in Medellin than El Poblado and gringos need to get out of that higher cost tourist trap.

  3. Brian Cosier August 26, 2019

    The walk-ability and bike-ability factors need to include the air quality more than flat vs. hilly.
    On bad air days, even moderate exercise is not recommended.

    • Yes, plan to collect pollution and temperature differences in neighborhoods during the next “smog” season in Medellín when pollution rates are higher. And plan add pollution and temperature to our neighborhood comparison articles if the differences are measurable.

      • I am wondering about renting in one area and living in another. Would it be a good idea to rent out a place in El poblado and live in another area, which is cheaper, with less traffic, noise, etc?

  4. Gringos need to get our of El Poblado and look at other neighborhoods in the city that are better places to live that are much cheaper and are walkable and with less traffic. El Poblado is overrated and overpriced but continues to be pushed by the gringo real estate companies. Belen easily beats El Poblado. I have a good friend living in Belen near Los Molinos mall and he never goes to El Poblado.

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