Colombia now requires health insurance when applying for visas and we look at inexpensive travel insurance meeting this health insurance requirement.

Colombia requires health insurance when applying for Colombian visas with minimum coverage of:

  • $35,000 USD for Visitor (V) visas
  • $60,000 to $70,000 USD for Migrant (M) visas
  • $100,000 USD for Resident (R) visas

Many Medellin Guru readers have asked about health insurance needed for visas. And the visa agency Medellin Guru partnered with has reviewed options and now offers a relatively inexpensive travel insurance policy that meets the health insurance requirement for Colombian visas.

Travel Insurance Features

The insurance provided by is from Continental Assist, which is a North American company dedicated to the provision of international assistance services with worldwide support with networks and service providers in the areas of health, communications, legal, insurance and reinsurance.

The travel insurance provided by Continental Assist is confirmed to meet the requirements for international health insurance for Colombian visas according to the visa agency we partnered with.

The following table shows some of the features of the Maximus policy, with $60,000 USD in coverage:

Features of the Maximus travel insurance policy

Features of the Maximus travel insurance policy

Get Travel Insurance (Health Insurance) from

Differences Between Travel Insurance and Typical Health Insurance

Typical health insurance won’t cover you when you travel to another country, which is why travel insurance is needed.

Travel insurance for healthcare coverage is limited to emergency treatments for acute symptoms and are aimed at assistance when sudden and unpredictable events occur with a clear, verifiable and acute disease has been diagnosed. Travel insurance is not meant for long-term medical procedures.

This travel insurance plan covers a series of events not only related to health, such as loss or delay of luggage, cancellation of travel, a lost passport and many other events seen in the above table.

Why Obtain Travel Insurance?

Colombia now requires an international health insurance policy to apply for new Colombian visas. And this travel insurance policy meets the requirement. Note that visas are now generally granted for the term of the insurance policy.

After obtaining this travel insurance policy you can obtain a Colombian visa. And after you obtain a Colombian visa and cedula (Colombian ID), you can also obtain EPS – Entidadas Promotoras de Salud, which is the public health insurance in Colombia.

In addition, if you are a tourist, you can obtain this travel insurance for a shorter duration and it will cover you while you are in Colombia or traveling in other parts of the world.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

We have received several questions about this insurance and the following are these questions with answers.

1. Is there an age limit for this travel insurance, can someone over 70 years old obtain this insurance?

The age limit is 85 years old.

2. Can people from other countries like the UK and Canada obtain this insurance?

Yes, people from anywhere in the world can obtain this travel insurance.

3. Is this insurance needed to renew a Migrant or Resident visa or can Colombian EPS insurance be used?

You can use Colombian EPS insurance for renewals, but it is the discretion of the government to ask for more insurance guarantees. In some cases this has happened and in others it has not based on the experience of the visa agency we partnered with.

4. Is this international insurance needed to obtain an initial Resident or Migrant visa?  

Yes, according to the visa agency we partnered with you need an international health insurance policy and the travel insurance in this article meets the requirement.

5. Does this travel insurance cover pre-existing conditions?

Yes, but only on a very limited basis, limited to $1,000 USD for a $60,000 USD policy.

Travel Insurance Costs

According to your specific needs, age, coverage and duration of the travel insurance you chose, the cost for this travel insurance may range from about $100 USD to $1,100 USD.

A lower price is for a policy for 2 months with $18,000 USD in coverage. The higher price is for an annual policy with $100,000 USD in coverage.

Discount for Medellin Guru Readers – if you purchase a travel insurance policy from you can get a 5 percent discount with the coupon code: MEDELLINGURU. Use this code in step 5 when checking out to obtain the discount (see the image below).

Get Travel Insurance (Health Insurance) from

Shows where to enter the MEDELLINGURU coupon code when checking out

Shows where to enter the MEDELLINGURU coupon code when checking out

Medellin Guru’s Visa Partnership

Medellin Guru partnered with what we believe is the best visa agency in Medellín to offer Colombia visa services. Features of this service include:

  • Online chat – get visa questions answered fast.
  • Online quotes – get immediate visa quotes.
  • Courier your passport to Bogotá to get the visa in your passport.
  • Office in El Poblado in Medellín.
  • Competitive price compared to other visa services.

The Medellin Guru visa service was launched in March 2019. And in the first 16 months, 228 visas have been successfully received by clients:

  • 76 Retirement visas
  • 56 Marriage/partner visas
  • 42 Student visas (visitor visas)
  • 16 Resident visas
  • 15 Business investment visas
  • 9 Work visas
  • 3 Investment visas
  • 2 Medical treatment visas (visitor visas)
  • 9 Other types of visas

Also, our visa service provided visa stamping service to 10 clients (getting the visa in a customer’s passport who applied for a visa himself) and renewed 19 American passports in Bogotá using our passport renewal service. So, in total we had 258 clients of the Medellin Guru visa service in the first 16 months.

Getting a Colombian Visa

Getting a Colombian Visa

Medellin Guru’s Comprehensive Visa and Passport Series

The Colombian visa changes that went into effect in mid-December 2017 were significant. So, on the Medellin Guru site, we have a comprehensive series of visa articles that are kept up-to-date and should answer most visa questions. These articles include:

We have looked in detail at the seven most popular Colombian visas used by foreigners:

  1. Retirement visa
  2. Marriage visa
  3. Investment visa
  4. Resident visa
  5. Work visa
  6. Student visa
  7. Visitor visa

Also, we have looked in detail at three additional Colombian visas, which are less popular for foreigners:

In addition, we have a guide to Colombia tourist visas and how to extend a tourist visa. Also, we have a guide to renewing U.S. passports in Colombia and a guide to obtaining a Colombian passport.

Furthermore, we provide information about travel insurance that meets the insurance requirement for Colombian visas. And we have a guide to how apply for a cedula extranjeria in Colombia and a guide to using notaries in Medellín and Colombia. Finally, Medellin Guru has partnered with a visa agency to offer Colombia visa services.

All of our Colombia visa articles are being kept up-to-date as new details are disclosed.

Use the Medellin Guru Visa Service

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The Medellin Guru website has several popular articles about Colombian insurance and healthcare services:

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The Bottom Line: Travel Insurance that Meets the Heath Insurance Requirement for Colombia Visas

Colombia now requires an international health insurance policy when applying for new Colombian visas. The visa agency we partnered with now offers a relatively inexpensive insurance policy that meets this health insurance requirement for Colombian visas.

In addition, this travel insurance policy is appropriate for tourists that are in Colombia or traveling to Colombia or other parts of the world for shorter durations.

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