Medellin Guru partnered with an insurance agent to offer Colombian insurance services to foreigners including health insurance, auto insurance, homeowners’ insurance, travel insurance and life insurance. You can get any type of insurance in Colombia from this partnership.

Many Medellin Guru readers have asked about health insurance and other types of insurance. So, we partnered to offer Colombian insurance services to readers, which has helped over 500 Medellin Guru readers obtain insurance.

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Medellin Guru Insurance Services

Features of the Medellín Guru Insurance Service

Features of this Colombian insurance service include:

  • Bilingual – English and Spanish.
  • Online quotes.
  • Free consultations.
  • Offers health insurance, travel insurance, auto insurance, homeowners’ insurance and life insurance.

Medellin Guru’s Colombian Insurance and Healthcare Articles

The Medellin Guru website has some very popular articles about Colombian insurance and healthcare services:

Also, we plan to publish additional articles about insurance and healthcare in Colombia .

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