Healthcare Colombia recently opened an office in Sabaneta, near Medellín, and offers specialized healthcare services to help U.S. Veterans in Colombia.

The Healthcare Colombia office in Sabaneta opened on March 8, 2019 and already about 75 U.S. veterans have come to this office or contacted this office. Basically, this office helps U.S. military veterans living in Colombia with healthcare services and filing benefits claims with the VA in the U.S.

Healthcare Colombia can assist veterans with getting drugs from pharmacies in Colombia and can also help with medical services for service related injuries or disability. Healthcare Colombia is the first organization in Colombia that is providing health services to U.S. veterans.

Note the above photo is inside the new Healthcare Colombia office in Sabaneta. And the below photo is inside the Healthcare Colombia office with logos from the U.S. military services.

Healthcare Colombia helps veterans from the U.S. military services

Healthcare Colombia helps veterans from the U.S. military services

More About Healthcare Colombia

Healthcare Colombia is the expansion of Healthcare Panama into Colombia.

Healthcare Panama is a group specialized in health services focused on veterans and retirees from the United States government, who are currently living in or visiting Panama.

Furthermore, Healthcare Panama has over 15 years of medical experience and a wide network of affiliates in Panama including:

  • 3 clinics and a network of doctors
  • 7 pharmacies with delivery
  • 1 hospital
  • Physiotherapy centers with home service

When U.S. military bases in Panama closed, some U.S. veterans stayed or retired in Panama. So, this drove the need to have health services focused on veterans and retirees.

Healthcare Colombia is expected to add medical affiliates in Colombia, as Healthcare Panama has done in Panama.

The Foreign Medical Program of the VA

For eligible veterans living or traveling abroad, the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) offers medical services through the Foreign Medical Program (FMP).

Through this program, FMP will pay for health care services, medications, and durable medical equipment associated with a service-connected condition and/or aggravated condition.

In addition, enrolling in FMP is simple – fill out the FMP Registration Form (VA Form 10-7959f-1) and send to VHA Office of Community Care.

Veterans Service Officer in Colombia – Danilo Bryan

Danilo Bryan is the Veterans Service Officer in the new Sabaneta office near Medellín.

Veteran Service Officers help you write and submit your benefits claims to the VA for service related injuries or disability. In addition, they will help gather information that supports your claim. And once a claim is filed they can help you track the claim through the system. They can also help you file appeals for denied claims.

A Veteran Service Officer (VSO) can help you avoid the delays that missing paperwork or improperly filled out claims can cause.

In addition, VSO’s are trained and accredited by the VA to help veterans, their dependents and survivors. This includes not only applying for federal benefits but also providing resources related to the following:

  • Compensation and pension
  • Healthcare
  • Education and training
  • Employment
  • Burial and survivor
  • Housing
  • Military records
  • Transportation

Meet Danilo at the Medellin Guru Meetup on February 18, 2020

If you would like to meet Danilo and talk with him, he plans to be at the February 2020 Medellin Guru Meetup on February at Mercado De La Playa on December 18, 2020. This is a new gastronomic market in El Centro that is prefect for one of our events with over 25 restaurants and bars and seating for over 800 people.

Join the Medellin Guru February Meetup

Also, Danilo can be reached via email at

In addition, Danilo plans to travel to other cities in Colombia to meet with U.S. veterans living in Colombia in other cities such as Bogotá and cities in the coffee triangle.

The Healthcare Colombia office in Sabaneta

The Healthcare Colombia office in Sabaneta

Location of the Healthcare Colombia Office in Sabaneta

Healthcare Colombia’s office in Sabaneta is located about two blocks from popular Parque Sabaneta.

Addresss: Carrera 43C # 68Sur-21, Torres Bombay, Sabaneta

Phone: +57 322 617 0689 or the U.S. number 1 954 945 0440

An easy way to get to Parque Sabaneta is to take the Medellín metro Line A south to the Sabaneta metro station. And the Sabaneta station is only about 10 minutes from the Poblado metro station.

Parque Sabaneta in Sabaneta

Parque Sabaneta in Sabaneta

Parque Sabaneta is located about a 10-minute walk east from the Sabaneta station. In addition, there are many people walking on the streets to/from the metro station. So, it’s relatively safe during the day and even after dark – but not too late.

Also, there are frequent and inexpensive metro buses that use Civica cards that currently cost only 2,200 pesos, which run from the Sabaneta metro station to and from the park. Most noteworthy, these buses don’t drop you at the park, they drop you about a block from the park. And the integrated fare including both the metro train and Sabaneta metro bus is only 2,925 pesos.

In addition, there is a taxi stand at the Sabaneta metro station, which normally has taxis available. Furthermore, any taxi driver in Medellín will know where Parque Sabaneta is located. It’s also normally pretty easy to catch a taxi at the park.

Healthcare Colombia – Offering medical services to U.S. veterans

Healthcare Colombia – Offering medical services to U.S. veterans

The Bottom Line: Healthcare Colombia – Offering Medical Services to U.S. Veterans in Colombia

Colombia has a relatively low cost of living. So, the country is attracting U.S. veterans and retirees. We previously looked at 11 reasons why Medellín is a top foreigner retirement location.

Also, Colombia has the best healthcare system in Latin America and Colombia has 24 of the best hospitals in Latin America. And nine of these best hospitals in Latin America are located in Medellín.

With the success Healthcare Panama had in Panama, it’s not surprising to see this organization expand to Colombia with Healthcare Colombia.

If you are a U.S. veteran living in Colombia you should contact Danilo at Healthcare Colombia.

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