About HCA Clinic Medellín

HCA Clinic Medellín is a specialized medical group that provide health services focused on Veterans and Retirees from the United States Armed Forces who are currently living in or visiting Medellin, Colombia and other countries. Furthermore, this Health Center has over 15 years of medical experience and a wide network of affiliates.
Health assistance for U.S. Veterans and Retirees

VSO (Veteran Service Officer)

Volunteer available to help other veterans in need of submitting a claim before the VA and assisting them in some other matters related to the VSO functions.

Veteran Service Officer (VSO)

Veterans Service Officer in Colombia

You may ask for the advice of the Veterans Service Officer in Medellín before starting a medical process.
Veteran Service Officers help you write and submit your benefits claims to the VA (Veterans Affairs) for service-related injuries or disability. In addition, they will help gather information that supports your claim. And once a claim is filed, they can help you track the claim through the USA system. They can also help you file appeals for denied claims.
A Veteran Service Officer (VSO) can help you avoid the delays that missing paperwork or improperly filled-out claims can cause.

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