How to obtain a colombia retirement visa
Colombia's retirement visa is easy to get with a low-income requirement and few documents needed. We provide a 2024 update with recent visa changes.

How to Obtain a Colombia Retirement Visa – 2024 Update

Colombia’s retirement visa is intended for retired persons receiving a retirement income. This retirement visa is relatively easy to get with a low-income requirement and only a few documents needed. Medellín, particularly in Colombia, is gaining a reputation as a top foreign retirement location.

The Colombia retirement (pensionado) visa was previously known as the TP-7 visa in 2017. This TP-7 visa was valid for only one year and needed to be renewed each year. However, Colombia changed its Colombian visa rules, which went into effect on October 21, 2022.

So, starting on October 21, 2022, the Colombian retirement visa brought new changes due to Resolution 5477. The biggest change is that this visa no longer allows affiliation to the Colombian health system, it does not allow working in Colombia, and the validity can be up to three years.

The cost for the M- retirement visa is $324 USD, which is higher than the previous TP-7 visa that cost $263.  So, the new Colombia retirement visa price is a bit higher.

Note that a M- retirement visa loses its validity if you leave Colombia for a period of over six months without returning to Colombia. You can re-enter Colombia before the six months are up and leave again. You just can’t leave one time for more than six months. Also, we have this article about how to obtain a Colombia retirement visa in Spanish.

Has the visa process changed in Colombia due to the new Resolution 5477?

According to ExpatGroup, the visa agency we partnered with, tells us that with the new resolution, the government has introduced new application requirements, in addition to having eliminated some visas, such as the M student visa, and changed the category, for example, the R type visa for Colombian child, it is now M category.

In the case of retirees, it is now necessary to have medical insurance, a criminal record, and a medical certificate to apply for the Colombian visa for pensioners.

The visa agency we partnered with has helped many foreigners obtain visas, including retirement visas, marriage visas, student visas, investment visas, and resident visas.

Medellín, a top city to live. Photo by Jenny Bojinova
Medellín, a top city to live. Photo by Jenny Bojinova

Medellín: A Top Foreign Retirement Location

Medellín continues to attract more foreign retirees with its low cost of living, “eternal spring” climate and good healthcare. Colombia has 24 of the best hospitals in Latin America and nine of these are in Medellín.

Also, the city has been described by a number of publications including U.S. News as a top foreign retirement location. Also, we have looked at 12 reasons why Medellín is considered a top foreign retirement location.

In addition, Medellín has been touted for many years as a top foreign retirement location by the foreign retirement publications. I have lived in Medellín for over eight years. And each year it seems that I see more foreign retirees in the city. While I’m not retired, I previously wrote about 27 reasons why I chose to live in Medellín.

Many of these 27 reasons are attracting foreign retirees to Medellín, particularly the climate, low cost of living, good public transportation and good and inexpensive healthcare. But there are also some downsides to living in Medellín that should be considered by foreign retirees looking at moving to the city of Medellín.

Medellín a Top Foreign Retirement Location

2024 Income Requirement for Colombia Retirement Visa

The income requirement for the Colombian M- retirement must exceed three times the minimum wage in Colombia. The minimum salary in Colombia is 1,300,000 pesos per month in 2024.

So in 2024, you need an income of only 3,900,000 pesos per month (which is only $975 USD at the exchange rate of 4,000 pesos to USD) to qualify for the Colombia retirement visa.

The minimum monthly salary in Colombia increases each year. 

In addition, Colombia prefers official government pension certifications like from the U.S. Social Security Administration. It can be more difficult to be approved with private pension plans.

Applying for a visa
Applying for a Colombia visa

How to Apply for a Colombia Retirement Visa

You can apply for a Colombia retirement visa online. In addition, you can obtain Colombian visas at Colombian consulates around the world. In the U.S., Colombia has consulates located in Atlanta, Boston, Chicago, Houston, Los Angeles, Miami, Orlando, Newark, New York, San Francisco, and Washington DC.

The Colombian visa process is done online. You can apply for a Colombia retirement visa online here. This application will require scans of all required documents in PDF files plus the photo in jpg format. In addition, a detailed guide for applying online is found here.

Visas in Colombia are issued by the Ministerio de Relaciones Exteriores. Since the coronavirus, all visas are issued electronically, so you do not have to travel to Bogota for the stamp.

I successfully obtained three Colombian visas that I applied for my own in the past that were good for a total of five years. But the biggest challenge with doing a Colombian visa yourself is not benefiting from the experiences of a visa agency, which has processed hundreds of visas and knows exactly what is needed for each type of visa. So, I now recommend using a visa agency.

For my latest visa received in 2018, a Colombia resident visa, I used a visa agency. And I found the experience painless and now highly recommend using a visa service over doing a Colombia visa application yourself. The bottom line is with a visa agency, you are less likely to run into problems.

Medellin Guru Visa Service

The visa agency we partnered with has helped 1.189 Medellin Guru reader

Documents Required for the Colombia Retirement Visa

  • Photo

    Passport style face photo with a white background, sized at 3 cm width X 4 cm height, maximum size of 300 kb jpg file for online application.

  • Passport

    Photocopy of the first page of your passport with a minimum validity of 6 months where your personal data is displayed 

  • Passport stamp

    Photocopy of the page of your passport with the last stamp of entry or departure of Colombia is located.If you’ve had a previous Colombian visa, a photocopy of this visa.

  • Criminal record certificate

    Certificate from where you have lived in the last three years. If you are from the USA, the certificate from the local police, the State, or the FBI is valid.

  • Medical certificate

    Medical certificate issued by the Colombian authority or by the medical health authority of the country of origin, showing the petitioner's psychophysical aptitude.

  • Pension certificate

    Proof of pension: certificate issued by government, public or private company, foreign entity or diplomatic or consular mission from the country that the foreign national receives the retirement funds. This shows that the applicant receives a monthly stipend of no less than three times the current legal minimum monthly salary. 750 USD - 800 USD.

  • Health insurance policy

    Mandatory health insurance policy that covers Colombian territory, all risks, death, and repatriation. This policy should be valid for at least a year since the validity time of your visa is dependent on the validity time of your international health insurance.

  • Apostille and translation

    Remember that all documents issued abroad must be updated (not older than 3 months), apostilled or legalized, and officially translated into Spanish

Medellin Guru Insurance Service

Medellin Guru partnered with an insurance agent to offer Colombian insurance services to foreigners including health insurance, auto insurance, homeowners’ insurance, travel insurance and life insurance.​

Proof of Pension Required

The proof of pension for the retirement visa typically needs to be apostilled. For a pension from the United States Social Security Administration (SSA) this proof of pension is a SSA Benefit Verification letter. To get this letter the easiest method is via the Social Security web site.

To get this SSA Benefit Verification letter on this site, you will need to create an account, found on the left side of the SSA’s main home page: “my Social Security”. Create an account, log in and go to your Benefit & Payment Details link found on the top menu bar. Then, click on this, and the middle of the page you will see “Get a Benefit Verification Letter”. Click on this link and it will open your SSA Benefit Verification letter, which you can then print.

After you have your SSA Benefit Verification you need to verify this for it to be used in Colombia.

In the past, one way to verify this document was to get an apostille for this letter to use it in Colombia.  An “apostille” is a type of authentication that is attached to a document so it is certified legally for use in other countries.

The SSA Benefit Verification Letter is a federal document so the only place you could can get it authenticated was by the U.S. Department of State in Washington, D.C. Several expats have reported that the U.S. Department of State no longer will apostille a SSA Benefit Verification letter, since there is no signature. But some readers have reported that you can get the letter signed by an SSA officer at an SSA office and then get an apostille.

How to Get a Benefits Verification Letter from the U.S. Embassy

Previously, the U.S. Embassy in Colombia offered the service of the letter of benefits so that pensioners could obtain this indispensable requirement to apply for the M retirement visa.

However, as of August 11, 2022, the U.S. Embassy in Colombia suspended the income certification letter service for U.S. citizens in Colombia.

In its replacement, U.S. citizens may request the benefit verification letter directly to the office or entity where the benefit comes from, which must be translated and apostilled in the state where it is issued in the U.S. only.

Or, instead of doing this visa process yourself, you can use a visa agency that will take care of everything for you. So you will avoid a stressful process. 

Using a Visa Agency for a Colombia Retirement Visa

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If you are in Colombia, you can use a visa agency to obtain a Colombia retirement visa. A visa agency can handle the online application and ensure you have the required paperwork.

Medellin Guru has partnered with what we believe is the best visa agency in Medellín to offer Colombia visa services. Features of this service include:

  • Online chat – get visa questions answered fast.
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In addition, many more visas are in process – short, medium or longer term, depending on client needs.

Medellin Guru Visa Service

The visa agency we partnered with has helped 1.189 Medellin Guru reader

We reviewed all the Colombia visa agency services in Medellín and found one agency that offers a more efficient visa service with more features and comprehensive communications, including online chat, WhatsApp, video call, email, and phone, plus a low price and a convenient office in El Poblado.

Our visa partnership is an affiliate relationship (like the Amazon affiliate program). If you use our visa partner, Medellin Guru receives a small commission and you’ll support the website. This is at no additional cost to you. The price remains the same, whether you use a button or affiliate link on this website or not.

Furthermore, the partner visa agency offers visa services anywhere in Colombia. So, if you are located in another city in Colombia, you can use this service.

New entrance to Migracion Colombia in Medellín, on Calle 19A

Getting a Colombian Cedula

After you have successfully received your Colombia retirement visa, you normally have a maximum of 15 calendar days to register your visa with Migración Colombia to get a Cedula de Extranjeria (Colombian ID for foreigners).

Or if you received your visa at a consulate, you will have 15 calendar days after you arrive in Colombia to register your visa.

Due to being photographed and fingerprinted, this must be done in-person at a Migración Colombia office.

Especially relevant, it is very important to register your Colombian visa within the allowed time frame. If not, you will be liable for a big fine of up to seven times the minimum monthly salary in Colombia. The minimum salary in Colombia is $1,300,000 COP per month in 2024. So, the fine is up to 9,100,000 COP pesos in 2024.

To register your visa and apply for a cedula, this must be done at one of the Migración Colombia offices. You can find Migración Colombia offices in major cities in Colombia.

  • Barranquilla – Carrera 42 # 54-77, Barrio El Recreo
  • Bogotá – Calle 100 #11B-27
  • Cali – Avenida 3 norte # 50N-20
  • Cartagena – Carrera 20 B # 29-18, Barrio pie de la Popa
  • Medellín – Calle 19 #80A-40, Barrio Belén (the entrance is on the other side of the building on Calle 19A)

A complete list of the Migración Colombia offices is found here. In addition, we have a guide to applying for a Cedula Extranjeria in Colombia.  

Dual citizenship is possible
Dual citizenship is possible

Dual Citizenship

After having an migrant (M) retirement visa for five years you are eligible to receive a resident (R) visa. And after having an R visa for five years you can apply to become a citizen of Colombia.

Also, you won’t have to give up your existing citizenship. Colombia permits dual-citizenship, as does the U.S. and many other countries.

Once you become a dual citizen with Colombian citizenship, you will no longer need to deal with visas anymore. Also, you will be able to travel to a few counties as a Colombian citizen without a visa such as Russia, which require a visa for U.S. citizens.

Also, if you have Colombian citizenship, this benefits you with the Mercosur trade block. Nationals of Member States (Argentina, Brazil, Paraguay and Uruguay) and Associated States (Bolivia, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador and Peru) do not need a passport or visa to travel around the region, with only a national identity card required. 

In addition, the Mercosur Agreement grants the right to residence and work for citizens with no requirement other than nationality. Citizens of the Member States and Associated States that are part of the agreement enjoy a facilitated procedure for applying for a residence visa, as long as they have a valid passport, birth certificate and a negative certificate of criminal record.

To become a citizen, Colombia requires a citizenship test, just like the U.S. does. You will be required to pass a test related to Colombian history, geography and the constitution. Also, a basic Spanish oral test is required. Those who have a bachelor’s degree from a Colombian university or are over 65 years old are exempt from these tests.

Medellin Guru's Comprehensive Visa and Passport Series

The Colombian visa changes that went into effect in mid-October 2022 were significant. So, on the Medellin Guru site, we have a comprehensive series of visa articles that are kept up-to-date and should answer most visa questions. These articles include:

We have looked in detail at the seven most popular Colombian visas used by foreigners:

  1. Digital Nomad Visa
  2. Retirement visa
  3. Marriage visa
  4. Investment visa
  5. Resident visa
  6. Work visa
  7. Student visa
  8. Visitor visa

Also, we have looked in detail at three additional Colombian visas, which are less popular for foreigners:

In addition, we have a guide to Colombia tourist visas and how to extend a tourist visa. Also, we have a guide to renewing U.S. passports in Colombia and a guide to obtaining a Colombian passport.

Furthermore, we provide information about travel insurance that meets the insurance requirement for Colombian visas. And we have a guide to how apply for a cedula extranjeria in Colombia and a guide to using notaries in Medellín and Colombia. Finally, Medellin Guru has partnered with a visa agency to offer Colombia visa services.

All of our Colombia visa articles were updated in 2023 to ensure they are up-to-date and are being updated again in 2024. In addition, all visa articles on this website will be kept up-to-date as new details are disclosed.

Obtaining a Colombian Visa
Obtaining a Colombian Visa

The Bottom Line: Obtaining a Colombia Retirement Visa

Colombia’s retirement visa is relatively easy to get with a low-income requirement, which is lower than many other countries.  The income requirement in 2024 is only $975 USD (at the exchange rate of 4,000 pesos to USD) to qualify for this retirement visa.  This is a lower income requirement than the income requirement for retirement visas in most other countries.

The Colombia retirement visa is one of the most popular visas for foreigners. But it’s only intended for people who are retired with a retirement income.

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Editors note: updated on February 14, 2023 with updates on new Colombian visa regulations for retirement visa.

Editors note: updated on June 28, 2023, with new images.

Editor’s note: updated on April 2nd with the new colombian wage rate for 2024. 

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    1. Will a VA disability letter stating the payment is for life qualify for retirement? I’m rated 100% P&T with the Department of Veterans Affairs. 100% P&T means guaranteed for life unless fraud is suspected.3

    2. Dave Simmons June 22, 2021

      I am currently residing in Canada as a landed immigrant and have been here 17 years. I am also a US citizen retired from the military. I’m currently 65 and will be continuing to draw my military pension, social security once I apply, and also CPP/OAS from Canada. What do you recommend as the best course of action to obtain a retirement visa for Columbia? Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

      • Click on this link – https://expatgroup.co/english/visasincolombia/

        That will take you to a page of the visa agency we partnered with where you can get a visa quote and there is a chat during business hours at the bottom right or Whatsapp on the left if that that is not available.

        • Dave Simmons June 25, 2021

          Thank you Jeff. You’ve been most helpful. I’m ready to trade snow and cold for nice warm weather.

    3. Great article as always. I was looking through your site for for something on converting an R visa to becoming a citizen of Colombia after 5 years. Do you have an article breaking down the steps of that yet?

    4. In your article you say you need to show the passport page with your last entry or exit stamp, either/or? What if the last entry stamp is expired?

    5. I am due to receive a pension from a former employer staring in a a few weeks time. As the employer is a private company (incorporated in the UK), what proof would I be required to provide? Would a letter from the company informing me when I am going to start receiving the payments and the amount be sufficient?

    6. Karolis June 17, 2020

      Jeff. thank you for article!
      i have one question :

      i am still too young t o get pension, yet i work online and i receive payments from companies like Google and Facebook for the last 8 years and they are way above as required to get such visa.
      so, do you have to get pension or any other income outside Colombia country is OK to get that visa, thanks in advance.

    7. Hi Jeff,

      Thanks for all the info and time you spend putting this together. I am currently here on a 90 day tourist visa which ended on March 31, 2020. My flight which was scheduled for March 24th was cancelled due to the Coronavirus situation. I wanted to clarify from the information you provided by that we have until May 30th without being charged a penalty for another 90 day renewal? Thank you!

    8. Good day,

      My situation is that I receive ss from the USA from 20 years ago also Receive a pension from the UK, the Us pension is from my green card days and my British pension is because I am British, with a British Passport, but there is no mention of British retirees can you please advise

    9. Hi Jeff,

      Thanks for all the info. I tried my best to read all the instructions but it is still not clear to me where we need to send or bring the proof of pension/benefits documentation letter. I am trying to clarify this for my dad. He is supposed to go to the US embassy in Bogota to get the letter, to then get it translated and get the apostille, but he doesn’t know where to go after that….does he need to go to the Ministerio de Relaciones Exteriores to deliver these documents, or is it all uploaded digitally? Thanks in advance for your help

      • The visa application is done online. So all required documents are uploaded digitally.

        • Got it. Thanks! 🙂

        • I have another question for you (or other people here who may know). To process my dad’s application, they are asking him for proof of international health coverage. Do you know anything about this? Do you know if it makes more sense to get a regular prepaid medical plan in Colombia or pay a Medicare gap?

          • I haven’t heard about a requirement for proof of international health coverage for a retirement visa. So, best to ask the visa agency we partnered with. Click on https://visasincolombia.com/ and there is a chat at the bottom right of the screen.

          • Medicare has absolutely nothing to do with Colombia. It is strictly on US soil.

    10. Jeff – My plan is to be in Colombia around September, but I want to apply here in the U.S. Do you know if there’s a max time limit you must arrive in Colombia after you get a visa? I want to apply as soon as possible but not to early if there’s an “use” expiration date. If I could apply tomorrow, I would, but I think that may be too early.

      • As it says in the article, The Colombia retirement visa loses its validity if you leave Colombia for a period of over six months. So, I assume if you don’t enter within six months after receiving the visa it loses its validity. Also, after you arrive you have 15 calendar days to register the visa and apply for a cedula – https://medellinguru.com/cedula/

    11. Can I get a retirement visa if I have regular monthly rental income from abroad?

    12. Frederick Osterhagen December 19, 2019

      For state-side applicants, I just received mine TODAY so this info is at least up to date. No translations required by the San Francisco consulate for the half-page statement that I would be receiving xx dollars a month for “as long as I lived” from the office of the State Employees Retirement System.

      • Frederick Osterhagen – have you already applied for the visa using the statement from the SF consulate? Did you apply in person or online?

    13. Hi Jeff,

      About “…alternative to the apostille is a benefits verification letter from the U.S. Embassy in Bogotá”: So an apostille is not needed if you get the verification letter from the US Embassy? Their website mentions this is usually for an visa. So then maybe it is in Espanol? No need for an official translator?

      Thanks again,

      • Yes, my understanding is no translation needed. I will try to confirm tomorrow and update the article.

    14. Frederick Osterhagen November 20, 2019

      Hi Jeff –

      Great site. Thanks for doing this.

      Story time: I have been to Colombia a few times, the last accompanied with my own off-road vehicle. I made a pass through the Guajira win a Wayüu guide and had the opportunity to meet some of his beautiful people. In the meantime I have done some research and without getting into particulars, discovered that they have some serious problems as it relates to food, water, and hygene which have been exacerbated considerably by climate change and a large influx of their community from Venazuela. So I am taking the initiative to putting some effort and resources into doing something about it. In order to assure that I am going to be contributing to the problems’ solution, rather than adding to it, I anticipate spending some time with them ( a la Paul Polak). That is my ratioale for getting a retirement visa, so I’m not limited to a ninety day stay.

      My question: Can I bring in my own vehicle under a retirement visa and leave it in Colombia when I make a (round-trip) return visit to the States? It is my support system and living quarters while in the bush. When on a ninety day visa (passport stamp) it seemed that, in effect, my vehicle had to be on a boat to the States before I could leave.


    15. Arthur rastetter November 15, 2019

      I have a question. I am moving to Cartagena in January. Any recommended visa agency(ies) I could use. I plan on trying to get my retirement visa (M-11) here in US by going to a Consulate but I could still use the agency to get my ID within 15 days of arrival in Cartagena on 1/18/20.

      • The visa agencies I am aware of in Cartagena work on visas for Colombians going to the U.S. We have an article about visa agencies in Colombia for foreigners – https://medellinguru.com/visa-agencies-colombia/ but we haven’t yet found a visa agency for foreigners in Cartagena. If we find one we will add to our visa agencies article.

    16. Chris M October 7, 2019

      Really good info, as usual 🙂 One suggestion would be to include a mention of the tax obligations associated with retiring in Colombia. Although not directly related to the visa itself, taxes– particularly double-taxation– are a consideration that many ignore until they’re quite far along in the process of relocating here. For example, a link to your excellent 2017 article on taxes early in this article would help provide a more complete picture to those thinking about retiring in CO.

    17. geofffrey August 10, 2019

      Jeff, a friend sent me a comment he saw in which a writer says the she has been obliged to pay income tax in Colombia on her Social Security monthly benefit. I replied that according to my best recollection of an article in Medellin Guru that Colombia does not tax US Social Security income unless other world wide income is combined to exceed a limit beyond which SS will be taxed. Can you shed light on this?

    18. William August 10, 2019

      Have you given any thought to writing a detailed note in plain English to tell the people who are thinking abut retirement in Colombia about the TAXES they will need to pay for the privilege of living there ? I have now been told by an Accountant that I am required to file tax forms and pay taxes on my US SS income which is the only income and or money I have. Based on her calculation using the graduated % it looks like I will need to pay about 10% net or $200.00 per month on a $2000.00 per month SS deposit that goes into my US Bank. There are some deductions allowed if you own property but I do not own anything other than personal items, This goes against my grain as that money was already taxed so I will not be staying in Colombia as much as I like the lifestyle.
      Thanks, William

      • We have an older article about filing taxes in Colombia and we plan to publish an update this month – https://medellinguru.com/income-taxes/

      • Suzann Larsen August 10, 2019

        Yep, so true. I discovered the same rule/requirement. And I have the same objection to paying tax on my SS income. But fortunately I found out prior to my staying too long in Colombia. Now, even though I’ve had a Colombian retirement visa for about 3 years, I haven’t had to even file tax report. I’ve just scheduled myself to never stay inside Colombia for 183 days or more within any 365 day period. And it’s easy to hop to Ecuador or Peru or Panama, etc to spend time out of Colombia. Good luck with your planning.

        PS. Be careful… Some expats will tell you that they never file or pay anything and have not done so for many many years. That may be very true due to the long time inefficiencies of the Colombian government agencies. But I recently read that the DIAN (tax) and the Immigration departments will now start sharing all their information. So there could soon be a rude awakening and big back tax + penalties bill coming due for many expats.

    19. David A Smith July 1, 2019

      Thanks Marlin

    20. Marlin June 30, 2019

      Just a note concerning Social Security benefit letters. You can indeed get one actually signed by a SSA officer if you appear in person to one of its offices. State Dept. Apostille office will not apostille one just printed off of the website.

      • Hi Marlin, thanks. I updated the article with this information.

    21. Am curious I have a Russian fiance and her daughter I am wondering if I can get my retirement visa 64 but had throat cancer her daughter just got out of high school neither speak Spanish I know very little. Now comes the fun can any of you tell me in real life the drug problem the water drinkable I am looking for a house in or near the forest cheap that can be fixed up I would like to get my SSI checks deposit auto I only make 1340 a month but am going to try for the disability. Can we survive on that much money? Also I plan on going first to get a place then bring them there if possible is a cruise better for them? We both have dogs she has A Cocker Spaniel Sadly I have about a 100lb Rottweiler who is very spoiled but have seen her not like someone But she is very friendly any help on the best way for us to get them there in one piece and safe what is required. I read things and get different thoughts all the time. The safest place to live with them. Any help I would be very grateful for Plus we are planning to get married Will there be any last minute things that may give us a problem any forms she will need other I will need. We all love the forest and love animals Thank you all for your help David Smith

      • Dear David, did you say SSI as in Supplemental Social Security Income? That is only available to people residing in the US.

        To qualify for retirement, you need to show proof of Social Security (SS), Social Security Disability Income (SSDI), or Pension. The amount is 3x the SMMLV or around $765 depending on the exchange rate.

        Your other questions sounds like you have not been to Colombia. BEFORE thinking about residency or any other commitments, VISIT the country first! The drug war is long gone with the death of Escobar in 1980s. The water is drinkable, at least in the major cities like Bogota and Medellin. Not sure about villages or rural.

        Good luck with your SSDI application. There are pet articles on this site – do a search.

        • David A Smith August 10, 2020

          Hi Gato thank you so much for the information I have given my Rottweiler to a family that he liked and they love him they have 5 kids that love him. So no worries about the dog. Still have not learned how hard it will be to bring my fiancé and her daughter to Colombia I will travel first to Colombia to look for houses in the rural areas I hate big cities If they let me into the country with this virus from hell. I am still making 1260 a month Social Security enrolled me in Medicare with out even talking to me. but I am now receiving my pension not much just 360 a month. Now the new questions can we survive on that little bit of money? 1,620 dollars a month is not much any where. I will have to apply for the retirement visa I would move there first Then bring them if I can any help on the requirements would be very grateful Gato. I get so much different information from the web. Now they are saying I will be taxed on my Social Security and Pension?? Why bother giving a pension Visa if you are going to tax them for the money they get. Also do you know any good real estate agents I could talk to help me find a place to call home LOL I will come down and rent a place and look around with their help. As far as Escobar and the drug trade Do you really believe the billions of dollars in drug trade was stopped because of Escobar Sorry but that makes me laugh. Thank you Gato for all your help be careful and God Bless you and your family

    22. Nice current 2019 info on retirement. We appreciate it.

      Have been to Medellin twice and loved it. Was looking to retire in Thailand, but they are making it impossible to live there. I meet the requirements to retire, but is there any hidden requirements as FBI background checks-not a problem-fingerprints, bank balances DNA background:). There seems to always be something.

    23. Is the retirement money CUTOFF AMOUNT based on currency exchange at beginning of year or based on CURRENCY EXCHANGE AT THE TIME OF APPLICATION.
      thanks Mike

      • Hi Mike, you can ask a detailed question like this directly to a visa agency. Click on the blue “Use the Medellin Guru Visa Service” in the above article and you can chat directly with the visa agency in the chat box at the bottom right of the window.

    24. Hi Jeff- Incredibly helpful, thank you! My partner (Dual citizen Colombia/US) and I are looking to move to Colombia in late September, from Boston, Massachusetts. My current employer is going to allow me to work remotely, so I will have proof of income 10x+ the monthly minimum wage. This will be through direct deposit, biweekly. Will this qualify for the Retirement Visa, even though it is not pension/retirement income? I seem to be reading mixed messages here. If it will qualify, do you have insight on what document would qualify for proof of income, for this? Lastly, do you have insight as to when the visa’s three year timeframe will start- meaning if I apply now and am approved/go to the consulate in Boston does it start then or when I enter Colombia on the visa?

    25. Sandra E Xyone March 16, 2019

      I had been in Colombia getting my SSA benefits deposited into my USA bank and taking money out as needed through an ATM here in Colombia. My time of deposit was the fourth Wednesday of the month. When I told the SSA about my living now in Colombia they changed my deposit date to the first of the month. Has anyone else had this happened?

    26. Bruce Riley March 15, 2019

      Exactly, that’s what I did. There is no singular option for pensionado. The exact drop down option reads “pensioner or independent income beneficiary”. The official who made the determination re my application it seems chose to base the decision on “independent income beneficiary” (read; rentista) rather than on the word ‘pensioner’. Unfortunately.

    27. Bruce Riley March 15, 2019

      Today I was rejected for a retirement visa after applying on-line and remitting the ‘study’ fee at the Orlando, Florida, consulate. Reason–they want 10 times Col. minimum wages, not the 3 Col. minimum wages that I do qualify for. The hitch seems to be that the application drop down selection menu does not allow for a ‘retirement ‘ option but only for Penionado or Rentista option. Of course the Rentista does require 10 x the min. wage. Still, I see no option for Retirement Visa on the drop-down menu.

      • Pensionado is the retirement visa. So, you need to use the pensionado option.

    28. I would like to know the best way to look into Dual citizenship. My mother was born in Colombia and passed away. She immigrated to the U.S. in the 50’s.I live in WA state

    29. Spencer Davis January 29, 2019

      Hola, My name is Spence and I am chillin in Salento , Colombia with my first 90 day stay for 2019. I want to get that 3 – year retirement visa, but not sure if I can qualify. I m 58 now and I am using my savings from selling my condo in the US for daily expenses and rent here in Colombia. That will take me to age 59.5 where I can the start withdrawing from my 403b without penalty. It should also break up into plenty per month to meet Colombias minimum income requirement. Since I am a ways from normal retirement where I get social security, can I qualify for Colombias three-year retirement visa? Thanks, Spence

      • Best to talk to one of the visa agencies listed in the article about your visa options. To qualify for a retirement visa you need to show you are receiving a pension.

    30. Kenneth A Miller January 27, 2019

      Hi Jeff ,

      Just wanted to follow up and thank you for your visa info . I filled out the online form to renew my new resident Cedula extranjeria , got my printed ID code then went to office of Migracion Colombia in Periera to pay for the service ($190.00 COL) once there they took both my passports (old and new ) did a background check on me then photographed and finger printed and in five days this past week returned to pick up my new cedula .
      Really worked out well and was easy . Also wanted to mention that my U.S. passport was to expire in mid January , in mid October i contacted the COLOMBIAN LEGAL & ACCOUNTING office in Medellin to assist me in renewing my U.S. passport , they are cordial and professional and from start to finish i had my new U.S. passport in about nine days .
      I would recommend using their services to anyone .

    31. Jeff,

      Great site. Quick question? I’m a U.S. military Veteran. I receive disability benefits. Would I meet the requirements for obtaining a Visa and cedulla?

      • Hi Mike, thanks. I talked to an expat recently that got a visa with his disability benefits. I recommend talking to one of the visa agencies listed in the article.

    32. Thanks for the updated guide to getting a retirement visa. I love your site that keeps the content up to date.

      • Hi Russ, thanks! A pet peeve of mine is all the out of date content out there about Medellín and Colombia. So, try to keep the content on this website up-to-date.

    33. Dave Hammel December 27, 2018

      I went to the local Soc. Sec. office before leaving the states and received a stamped award letter with the name of the office on it. Sent this to the Authentication Section for an apostille and it was returned without action because it wasn’t signed. SS won’t sign them. I returned to Medellin with 40 days left on my visa extension and was concerned that I wouldn’t be able to get jump through all the hoops before my visa ran out. So, I took your advice and went to InterCol. They took the award letter and had me get two letters notarized authoring their agent to work on my behalf and both notarizations were super cheap, around 23,000 cop. The notary is a five minute walk from their office. Returning with the notarizations, they took them, copy of my passport info page and entry stamp page, and sent them off a week before Christmas. I was concerned that the holidays would delay things but I received an email from InterCol on Dec 21 saying my visa had been approved. I paid 670,000 cop for all the gov’t fees including InterCol’s fee. I didn’t have to pay anything until I went back after receiving the email notice of approval to have them courier my passport to Bogota as I live near Medellin. InterCol took all the stress out of the process and now I look forward to my new three year M-7 retirement visa and cedula. My passport was sent by courier on Dec 26 and I was told to expect it be available to me on Jan 3 in their offices. Very professional and Vanessa speaks perfect English. I will use them again as necessary.

    34. Hugh W Horton December 14, 2018

      Perhaps some day…. Thanks

    35. Hugh W Horton December 14, 2018

      Is there no form of digital visa? Thanks

      • When you apply for a Colombian visa online and it’s approved online they send you a copy of your visa electronically but it’s not valid for travel. You still need to get the visa in your passport. So, the process is digital but the visa is still a physical visa in your passport.

    36. Hugh W Horton December 14, 2018

      What happens to your visa when you renew your passport?

      • Nothing happens the visa is still valid. Keep the old passport with the visa and travel with both. I also heard you can get a replacement visa in the new passport but not sure about the cost. You can ask a visa agency listed in the article.

    37. Dave Hammel November 11, 2018

      The US Authentications Office which issues apostilles will NOT accept FEDEX as a return mail option.

    38. Hi Jeff, I’m in Bogota right now awaiting my Visa approval. I used Langon for the submital and payments, but opted to do the “passport stamping” process myself since I’m’ already here. You wrote you’ve been to the Ministerio de Relaciones Exteriores several times to get your visa stamped into your passport.

      If you have any advice/warnings/tips/tricks for a first timer visiting this place, I’d greatly appreciate it. Many Thanks!

      • Hi Suzann, I recommend going to the Ministerio de Relaciones Exteriores early. I alway went about 45 minutes before they opened so I would be one of the first inside and would have a shorter wait. But it can be cold waiting in line outside in the morning so dress appropriately.

    39. Sidki Muwallif October 15, 2018

      Thanks for all the useful information. Thanks to you I was able to go on-line and extend my stay an additional 90 days, very easy. In fact, once I entered all my information and pushed enter; I received an email of approval within a couple hours. But, I believe there is something on you site that is incorrect. So, when a US citizen applies for the Proof on income letter from SSA you can’t do it on line. You have to go in person at the nearest office to do it. Why? Because if you do it on line you will get a letter that is not signed by anyone. I learned this the hard way. I ordered the letter on line and submitted it to Department of State for the apostille with my check for $8.00. So, after I believe 12 business days later I got my stuff back with a letter that told me, I needed to have the letter signed by someone at a SSA office and stamped with some code. So did that and sent it back and in about three weeks it was sent back. So, you might want to update your information on this issue. Thanks

    40. Hi Jeff. I am currently drawing from my IRA until my Social Security kicks in in two years. Can I use this income to get a pensioner visa?

      • Hi John, I recommend asking one of the visa agencies in the article. InterCol has two offices and is responsive in my experience.

    41. William S Casper October 6, 2018

      Hi Jeff! Great information. Hey, do you suggest doing any work in the states before moving to Colombia, as far as the M-11 goes?


    42. James Keen September 10, 2018

      Hi I am a USA citizen, I have been living in Medellin on and off since Feb 2018 along with my Wife (Venezuela Citizen) and daughter,(dual USA /Ven citizenship) . We entered the country the last time in July we had 90 days written on entrance stamp and we have been in Colombia less than 183 days in 2018. Recently this month I received my M11 visa and my wife and daughter also received dependents visa based off mine. When my wife was leaving country this morning the Immigration officer said she had to pay a fine 87,000 pesos because she had been in the country just over 60 days, just barely though. But from her passport stamp and also our new M Visas , why should she be required to only be in country less than 60days and have to pay a fine? I will be contacting the company that assisted us in applying for the Visa, Intercol, today and confirm why she was charged a fine. I guess I will get hit also when I got to the airport later this afternoon for my trip.

    43. Suzann Larsen September 8, 2018

      Hi Jeff,
      I see all the comments about getting the “social security proof of income” letters. Yes, everything you say is true about the Embassy no longer sending them out like they used to prior to Oct 2017. But according to the embassy website, they will still notarize one if you hand them your letter. It’s just that now they make you (or your representative) pay $50 USD for the notarizing service, whereas before the entire process was completely free.

      That’s what I did last year (very late Oct) and what I plan to do this year. You can see it on https://co.usembassy.gov/u-s-citizen-services/notaries-public/ — click on “Proof of Income or Benefits Verification Letter (certification)” to toggle it open and see the details.

      I used the certification letter that comes out of the SSA online system. Just logged in, got my new letter (electronic PDF), downloaded and printed it from the SSA.gov website. That’s what I used for my “official” income document. (Must use a VPN routed through USA to be able to login if not currently in USA.)

      I think this could be a bit easier for someone already in Colombia. Then no hassle trying to get something apostilled in DC. The $8 process is cheap if you are currently the USA, but those courier services to/from USA seem like they’re way more than the $50 notary fee in Bogota.

      I’ll be doing mine again next month. Will update you all on any other wrinkles I discover.

      • Hi Suzann, thanks I updated the article with this information.

        • Suzann Larsen October 27, 2018

          OK, I just completed getting my new M-11 retirement visa, all while being physically present in Colombia and nothing at all needing to be sent to/from USA. Including getting updated benefits letter from Social Security, requesting the “notary services” from the US Embassy Bogota, visiting the Embassy and getting the required “Certificacion de Beneficios” letter (in Spanish) — the one that must be submitted to Colombia government. Everything was easy, all went smoothly. I’ve written up detailed steps for anyone that needs them. http://salentoview.com/colombian-m11-visa-benefit-certification-step-2/

          • Tom Thomas January 27, 2019

            Thank you so much for the useful information at the link above. It really clearly gives one all the steps necessary and even some estimated costs involved. I have bookmarked the link so I can refer to it.

    44. The process is super easy and done online just like Norm said. You don’t really even need to go in person (at least with the San Francisco consulado) First was to pay for the Study Fee. Once approved, the second time was to pay for the VISA fee. Both times they said I could MAIL it.

      Since I had a money order lost in the mail before (not them), I went in person anyway (30 miles – took BART/CalTrain) When I paid for the Visa, they put the visa sticker in the passport.

      BUT I also received a PDF of the VISA by email. You should doublecheck with the consulate but it seems printing out the electronic visa and showing it to Migracion at the airport will work. Can anyone else on this site confirm?

    45. Diana Robbins September 2, 2018

      Can I apply for the M-11 visa before leaving the USA? I do not have a consulate anywhere near me for Colombia, so it would have to be online. I would like to have this ahead of time for a couple of reasons. First, I would like to save money initially by buying a one-way ticket and not having to leave the country and come bacck. A visa ahead of time might help with this. Second: I will be making Bogota my home. And I do not relish the idea of becoming acclimated to the atltitude and culture and size of such a city while at the same time trying to run around and accomplish the visa-getting. It will be enough after arriving in Bogota to get in to apply for the cedula in time. I need to keep things as simple as possible. It seems I’ve read somewhere that this can be done, but I am not sure HOW…. I have about 2 months to figure this out. Would appreciate some practical information if you can provide it! Thanks!

      • I recommend asking one of the visa agencies listed in the article. http://inter-col.com/ is responsive in my experience.

      • It is super easy but you are going to have to show up somewhere. Meaning you may need to fly to the nearest Colombian consulate in the US.

        You apply online and submit all your documents. Basically your US passport, the application, your required photographs, and your proof of income.

        If you are getting Social Security you get your proof of income letter just by downloading it from your online Social Security web page. (If you don’t have an account, it is easy to set one up.)

        All documents must be in Portable Document Format (.pdf). If you don’t know how to do that, find a computer geek.

        By applying in the US, you are dealing with staff in the consulate that speaks perfect English. So if your income is Social Security, you do not have to have the income letter translated, notarized, or apostled. The staff are so used to these documents, they already know what a legit one looks like. You need to get them a CASHIERS CHECK for the investigation. No cash, no credit cards, Cashiers Check.

        It might take the consulate a week or two to get your application approved, but they won’t start on it without the “study” fee up front. And they won’t contact you, you need to call them.

        The last step is to go to the consulate to have the Visa added to your passport and pay the balance of the fee.

        If your income is rental income, dividends, a private pension, etc. it is much harder to do and you do need to go through the whole process to authenticate your documents.

        In the US and in Colombia there are companies that will do it all for you. Depends upon the complexity what you pay.

        If you get your visa in the US (that’s what I did, two years before I moved here) get your Cedula is very easy at the Migration Department. Go early in the morning to avoid lines. They will take your photo for your Cedula. They do take credit cards or COP.

        You have 15 calendar days after entering the country to register your visa and apply for your Cedula. They’ll give you a number and a website to look up when your Cedula is ready to be picked up. So it will take two visits.

        My Visa and Cedula expire in November. I got one of the old ones that were only good for a year. The new ones are good for three years. So I am going to have to contact an agency because it avoids having to fly to Bogota to get the visa attached to my passport.

        I have seen total costs of at least $500 all in for both fees the government charges and the fees for the agency.

        • Hi Norm-

          This is very helpful! For clarification, you received your visa and then waited 2 years to enter Colombia? Does the visa’s three year timeframe not start until you enter Colombia? Also, could I apply for my Cedula while still in the US, at the Boston consulate, once I have my visa? Would this cause the visa’s timeframe to start ticking?

          • You can only get a cedula at a Migracion Colombia office in Colombia. And if out of the country when you receive your visa you have 15 days once you arrive to register the visa and apply for a cedula.

        • Great info. Thanks. Can you confirm if dividend income will qualify for the retirement visa? I’m 38 and a long ways a way from social security but I make $3,500 USD per month off of dividends from investments.

          Thanks in advance.

    46. Hillel July 24, 2018

      I am in Quindio, near Armenia, and working hard to obtain a pensioner’s visa. I just inquired at one of the apostille services, and they are insising that my Statement of Benefits from SSA must be printed on official SSA letterhead and signed by a SSA official. In other words, the “print” option on the SSA website will not be accepted for apostille. This would mean I probably cannot get the pensioner’s visa here in Colombia. Because I am caring for my Colombian fiance who suffered a stroke and is in a wheelchair with hemiplegia, it would be a major crisis for me to have to return to the States in order to get a pensioner’s visa. Any help with this crisis would be appreciated. (I also just read that the SSA has stopped providing signed Statements of Benefits, which would mean that getting an apostille is impossible. This is a bit of a nightmare.) The problem is, of course, the American Government, not the Colombian Government.

      • I recommend working with one of the visa agencies listed in this article. They will have experience with this.

      • Hillel –
        It is very frustrating. several phone calls and both local and national said “no longer provide signed letters”

        Authentication and Apostille always require an official signature

        thats why I switched and successfully applied using INVESTOR category (USD 25K project with FAR International) instead.

        I just noticed now that the ANNUAL NOTICE (in which they tell you the benefit details for the new year) is actually signed. Did you get that in the mail? Try that.

        take care to your spouse
        bueno suerte

    47. Nicholas June 24, 2018

      Hi, I’m looking at getting the retirement Visa but I need to know if there are any time limits you have to stay in the country. I’ve read somewhere that you cannot be out for 180 days or more. Is this correct and is this the total amount per year . Thanks.

      • Hi Nicholas, with a Migrant visa like the retirement visa, you lose validity if you remain outside Colombia more than 180 consecutive days without entering Colombia. It’s not a total amount per year.

    48. Grant Trobaugh April 15, 2018

      Hi Jeff,
      Thanks for the information. I’m looking at the pension option and my question is: Do my wife and I both have to qualify at the rate x 2 or is there a different qualifying amount for couples?

      • Hi Grant, spouse or permanent partner of a principal visa holder who are economically dependent on the visa holder can get a beneficiary visa.

    49. I have spent the day and many peso’s trying to find a courier that will send my paperwork for apostille in the U.S. with a prepaid return envelope. FEDEX and DHL cannot do it. Any idea where I can make this happen so my benefits letter can be apostilled in Virginia?

      • Hi Marie, if you can’t find a place that will do a prepaid return envelope, perhaps you may have to use one of the apostille services listed in the article.

    50. Brock Canner April 1, 2018

      Happy Easter Jeff, and all the rest! Have a great one!!

    51. HUGH HORTON April 1, 2018

      May I translate the SS benefits verification letter myself or does it need to be some sort of official translation?

      • I have heard that it’s supposed to be a translation by an official Colombian translator. I have used Intercol Trámites Internacionales, a visa agency in Medellín with official Colombian translators that can translate into Spanish – http://inter-col.com/.

        • My intention is to obtain a visa at consulate in Miami or Orlando. Anyone who has obtained visa at consulate in Florida may be able to help me.

          • The Colombian consulate in Florida is located at 280 Aragon Avenue, Coral Gables, FL 33134 – near Miami. Phone number is 1 888 7643326. I have heard from other expats that you may not need docs translated for visas at Colombian consulates in the U.S. You can call and ask.

    52. I have an Australian Old Age Pension (I am an Australian Citizen). I cannot seem to find a piece of paper stating that I do receive an Australian Pension similar to the SSA of the US. Can anyone help.I do have my social security number and at anytime I can ask for a copy of my current income BUT how do i get this certified? Thank you in advance.

    53. Is there the possibility of getting dependent visas for my son and his wife when I get my M-11? They are adults but I support us all on my pension.

      • Good question. Would like to know same for a Minor dependent.

      • Hi Terri, children under 25 years of age or with a disability or a spouse or permanent partner of a principal visa holder who are economically dependent on the visa holder can get a beneficiary visa.

        • Gracias, Jeff!

          I am applying for M-11 now, then will try Beneficary visa for my daughter this summer

          Seems like nobody has written about this. Here is link to Foreign Ministry (Cancillerîa) page about VISA DE BENEFICIARIO
          (Note – if it is in Spanish, BE SURE to select the Language at the top for automatic translation):


    54. Brock Canner December 28, 2017

      Thanks Jeff, already received a bit of info from Felipe, have yet to speak with Juan Dario. Great info as usual.
      Still hoping to see you in late January.

    55. Once you get the visa (from the consulate) how long is it good for? that is, I don’t want to apply too early before next trip to Colombia gracias

      • The new migrant retirement visa is good for 3 years. The previous TP-7 retirement visa was only good for 1 year. So the new retirement visa is an improvement.

        • Sorry I should have been more clear – I meant once I get visa from consulate HOW LONG do I have to enter into Colombia? The only time limit to “perform an action” that I know of is that you must apply for cedula within 15 days of entering the country

          • Once you receive the visa in a consulate I’m not sure what the time limit is until you have to enter the country. I suspect perhaps 180 days but I’ll ask at a visa agency in the next week or two and let you know.

            • Diana Robbins September 2, 2018

              Can one apply online while still in the USA and then travel soon after to Colombia? I do not live near a consulate. But this would save me time and money I believe. No problem getting all the necessary documents

    56. Is there a study guide for the citizenship test? My age will exempt me from the test once we reach our 5 year mark, but my wife is stressed about the test.

      • Hi David, I’m not aware of a study guide but I recall when I met with the visa agency InterCol listed above they mentioned something about preparing clients for the citizenship test. So, I recommend contacting them. I am planning to meet with them next week and will ask for details.

    57. I got my TP-7 in San Francisco.

      They accept the SS Benefits Letter without any additional certification. They’ll take your picture for free if they don’t like your selfies. You get the visa same day (after the online application)

      And everything is done in English with no appointment..

      Is it practical to hop a low cost flight to Miami to renew there rather than go to Bogota or hire an agency?? No having to deal with the State Department or trust the mail in Colombia.

      Might cost a bit more but make the trip a beach vacation and it almost makes sense.

      • Dear Norm,

        Looks like you were lucky. When I went to the SF consulate last month, they said it has to be APOSTILLED.

        Called Social Security and they said they NO LONGER sign Benefit Letters.

        The whole point of the apostile/authentication process is to verify a signature of a government official (or notary)

        Anybody else run into this problem?

        • Hugh W Horton December 14, 2018

          Go to your local SS office. They will print out the letter and sign it. Be sure they print their name and title. US State Dept will apostille this. I just did this so I’m sure it works. But then you have to obtain an “official” translation. I haven’t done this yet but my research so far indicates it is not cheap.

    58. Christian November 14, 2017

      Hey Jeff,
      Hope you’ll consider doing an article on visa options for people who work remotely in the near future! I keep meaning to research it on my own, but this article was excellent and I’m sure plenty of people are in the same boat as me and would love similar details for our situation.

    59. David Ursprung November 13, 2017

      I have done my 5 and now on a 5. I wonder how often it will need to be renewed. My last 1 year visa nor my 5 year visa required any proof of income. I used a agency to apply for my 5 year visa and when all was said and done the cost was equal to applying for 5 one year visas.

    60. I’ve used Visas and Tramites several times. Particularly helpful was their ability to secure the apostille without my having to be involved. Their courier flew to Bogota and renewed my soon to expire US passport plus got the retirement visa placed in my passport. Then they sent a courier to deliver everything to my home.

    61. Brock Canner November 12, 2017

      Thanks again Jeff, Will probably get an M visa, but want to start a farm employing other Colombians and give them paycheck. Hope to be coming down with a woman friend and also want to buy some RE in Cali, and probably Medellin. Any advice is welcome. Which I’ll have to get later. As I’m heading out soon. It’s fine to wait until later today.
      Cheers, Brock

      • I recommend that you talk to an attorney about your options, as some of the M visas like a M-11 retirement visa don’t permit you to work in Colombia or employ Colombians.

    62. Just a question and comment, according the to the website for the Embassy in Bogota, they still offer the “proof of income” option and ask that you make an online appointment to have it done. They tell you all documents needed at the appointment too. Is this information they are posting incorrect?

      • Hi Jason, the U.S, embassy in Bogotá sent this message out on October 2:

        “The Social Security Administration (SSA) has consolidated its overseas operations into several regional offices that provide a full range of SSA services for U.S. citizens residing outside of the United States. Effective October 1, 2017, individuals residing in Colombia who require social security services or have questions about SSA benefits must contact the SSA Federal Benefits Unit (FBU) located in San Jose, Costa Rica rather than the U.S. Embassy in Bogota or U.S. Consular Agency in Barranquilla.

        Please be advised that as of October 1, 2017, the U.S. Embassy in Bogota and U.S. Consular Agency in Barranquilla can no longer accept telephone calls, emails, or walk-in consultations regarding Social Security issues.”

        And according to two visa agencies I talked to last week, due to this change the U.S. embassy in Bogotá no longer provides the “proof of income” letters that could be used for Colombia retirement visa applications.

        • Thanks Jeff.

        • Sandra Xyone December 14, 2017

          I got my proof of income from the U S Embassy on Oct 31, 2017 for my paperwork for my TP-7 retirement Visa. So you may want to check with them again.

          • The embassy sent out a message in October they are no longer doing this and I confirmed this with two visa agencies last month and both agencies confirmed the embassy is no longer doing this. You may have been one of the last ones…

    63. Great article that should be helpful to many people. I wish this new M visa was available earlier this year when I renewed my TP7 retirement visa for the first time. But I´m happy that next year when I renew the M visa will be good for 3 years.

    64. Great info Jeff I wish it were available 4 years ago. Would love more information on the exam for citizenship as I will be applying for it in less than a year. Is it possible to study specifically for it?
      Thanks for your time and efforts.
      Todd Smith

      • Hi Todd, thanks. I suggest talking to the Intercol Trámites Internacionales visa agency listed in the article. I recall when I met with them that they mentioned something about preparing clients for the citizenship exam.

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