Apartment vs Casa (House) Rentals in Medellín: Pros and Cons - Medellin Guru
We look at the pros and cons of renting an unfurnished apartment vs casa (house) in Medellín. Most foreigners rent apartments but casas have some advantages.

Apartment vs Casa (House) Rentals in Medellín: Pros and Cons

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9 thoughts on “Apartment vs Casa (House) Rentals in Medellín: Pros and Cons”

    1. Suhana Morgan September 17, 2019

      Hello Jeff,
      Thanks for your wonderful tips and tricks for buying and living some idea in the modern house. As a new resident for the rental area, this information helps me more to face some issues.

    2. B.C. Kowalski June 27, 2019

      Here’s a question for you, Jeff:

      Which one do you think is better for noise, casas or apartments? If we’re generally talking about townhouse/rowhouse style casas, it seems like they might be a horse apiece? It did occur to me that newer apartments might be built with better materials – though that’s not always the case either. (Cheaper materials lower construction costs and improve ROI for the developers.)

      • Both apartments and casas can have problems with noise. When we lived in an apartment in Belén near Los Molinos mall, it was located on a busy street and even though we were on the 14th floor we still heard street noise. Other apartments we lived in weren’t on busy streets and had no street noise.

        The casa we recently rented in Sabaneta is located on a street that isn’t busy and the bedrooms don’t face the street except for one I use as an office and I don’t hear much noise in the office. And we hear no noise at night when sleeping in the casa. Keep in mind most windows used in Medellín for apartments and casas are single-pane due to the climate so don’t block much noise. The bottom line is it’s important consider street noise when looking for apartments and casas, as noise can be a problem in either.

        • i agree. In llaures i heard honking with “my casa”

          In poblado at the aprtment i had it was quiet but still heard noise.

          So noise goes both ways… with casas its noise from dogs barking… or horns honking…

          When i had a finca , was so quiet i loved it. If i ever find a serious girlfriend i will get a finca. So relaxing and quiet.

    3. Thanks for this post. How did you find such a cheap casa in Sabaneta?

      • How we found the casa was covered in this article – https://medellinguru.com/finding-unfurnished-apartments/.

        The real estate agency we rented from is Arrendamientos Envigado – https://www.arrendamientosenvigadosa.com/. This is a sizable real estate agency, which specializes in unfurnished rentals and they have over 100 employees. They primarily rent properties in the southern part of the metro area like Envigado, Sabaneta and Itagüí but also rent some properties in El Poblado. Their office is near Parque Engigado. And the agent we worked with only spoke Spanish but they told me they also have someone working there who is bilingual – English and Spanish.

        • Interesting article and thanks for posting the link to the real estate agency you used. That agency has several inexpensive casas and apartments listed on their website.

    4. Interesting article. We started out renting an apartment in El Poblado but wanted more space for our family. So we found a much larger casa in the Manila barrio for a lower rental price. We now have 5 bedrooms in the casa we rented for a 20% lower price than the 3 bedroom apartment we previously rented. While we don’t have the view and pool of the apartment, we now have a much bigger place that is better located.

    5. When I was just visiting, I owned a house in the States. I was tired of all the work and expense that went into maintaining it. When I moved to Colombia, I “knew” living in an apartment was the way to go. So, after renting in Sabaneta, I bought a 106 square meter apartment in one of the Aves Maria high rises. Even with all the amenities, I felt like a prisoner after a year. After living a few years in a “pueblo” that grew exponentially, my wife and I sold the place and left Sabaneta for good and moved to El Oriente. We’ve been living happily in a new 142 square meter townhouse ever since… even without our favorite amenities like the turco, sauna and swimming pool..

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