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Mondongo's is a very popular Colombian restaurant with two locations in Medellín. This restaurant serves good comida típica – traditional Colombian dishes.

Mondongo’s: Two Very Popular Colombian Restaurants in Medellín

Mondongo’s is a very popular Colombian restaurant with two locations in Medellín. This restaurant serves good comida típica – traditional Colombian dishes.

Mondongo’s is very popular with local Colombians and some tourists. And the restaurants have a relaxed atmosphere. In addition, this restaurant chain is named after Mondongo soup, which is a traditional Paisa dish.

Mondongo soup is made from diced tripe (the stomach of a cow), which is slow-cooked with chicken or beef stock, cilantro, and many vegetables such as peas, carrots and onions. Mondongo a hearty dish and is sometimes the soup course in a traditional almuerzo (lunch) meal in Colombia.

I have eaten at both Mondongo’s restaurants in Medellín many times over the past eight years. And the food has been consistently good in my experience with good service. Also, my Colombian wife really likes the food at this restaurant.

In addition, you can find some of the 15 traditional Colombian dishes we previously looked at on the menu at Mondongo’s.

Note the above photo is courtesy of Mondongo’s.

Mondongo's on Calle 10 in El Poblado

Mondongo’s on Calle 10 in El Poblado

History of Mondongo’s

In October 1976, the idea of ​​creating a small and cozy restaurant on Avenida San Juan, which was named Mondongo’s, materialized.

The founders conceived the idea of ​​a unique restaurant, aimed especially at bringing together Antioquia families around a very Paisa dish – the Mondongo soup – which the restaurant was named for. And the restaurant quickly became very popular.

After several years, the initial restaurant moved to a larger location on Carrera 70 in Laureles, where it is currently located.

In March 1995, a second location opened in Medellín on Calle 10 in El Poblado. And at the request of Colombians living in Miami in the U.S., a third restaurant was opened in Miami in December 2001.

Mondongo soup, photo courtesy of Mondongo's

Mondongo soup, photo courtesy of Mondongo’s

The Food Menu at Mondongo’s

This restaurant chain specializes in comida típica – traditional Colombian dishes. On the menu you’ll find 13 traditional Colombian dishes including Bandeja Paisa, Mondongo soup and several more. Prices for Colombian dishes range from 21,000 to 36,000 pesos.

The Mondongo soup is priced at 30,000 pesos or 22,000 for a smaller bowl of soup. And the Bandeja Paisa, which is called Típica Antioqueño is priced at 33,500 pesos.

Bandeja Paisa, which is called Típica Antioqueño at Mondongo's

Bandeja Paisa, which is called Típica Antioqueño at Mondongo’s

The Bandeja Paisa at Mondongo’s includes beans, rice, chicharrón, ground meat, an egg, steamed potato, avocado, banana, lemon, cilantro, hot pepper, sweet pepper and arepas.

In addition, there are 15 different side dishes or additions that can be added to a meal at the restaurant, which are priced from 300 pesos to 9,000 pesos.

Finally, there are four desserts on the menu, each priced at 6,500 pesos each.

The chicken with mushrooms

The chicken with mushrooms

The Drink Menu

This restaurant chain has a small drink menu. The drink menu includes 3 different beers for 4,000 to 5,000 pesos each. Also, a pitcher of sangria is priced at 30,000 pesos.

In addition, there are several non-alcoholic drinks on the menu including several sodas, natural juices and milk with prices ranging from 3,000 to 6,000 pesos.

Inside the El Pobaldo location of Mondongo's during a busy lunch

Inside the El Pobaldo location of Mondongo’s during a busy lunch

How to Get to Mondongo’s

Mondongo’s has two restaurant locations in the Medellín area listed below:

  1. El Poblado – Calle 10 # 38-38, Telephone: +57 4 312 2346
  2. Laureles – Carrera 70 # Circular 3-43, Telephone: +57 4 411 3434

In addition, Mondongo’s has a location in Miami, Florida located at 3500 NW 87 Avenue.

Website: https://mondongos.com.co/

Hours: 11:30 am to 10 pm.

Both of Mondongo’s restaurants in Medellín are accessible via the Medellín metro. The El Poblado location is about a 15-minute walk uphill from the Poblado metro station on Line A. And the Laureles location is about a 10-minute walk from the Estadio metro station on Line B.

The Calle 10 location of Mondongo's is about 15-minute walk from the Poblado metro station

The Calle 10 location of Mondongo’s is about 15-minute walk from the Poblado metro station

Also, you could travel via taxi to the nearest restaurant from your location in the metro area. Just provide the taxi driver one of the addresses above. In addition, these restaurants are popular and well-known. So, many drivers will know where they are located.

The Best Colombia Food (Comida Típica) in Medellín

So far on the Medellin Guru site we have looked at eight of the best Colombian food restaurants in Medellín metro area with good comida típica – traditional Colombian dishes:

  1. El Rancherito (with nine locations)
  2. Hacienda (with six locations)
  3. Hato Viejo (with four locations)
  4. Mondongo’s (with two locations)
  5. El Viejo John (with one location in Sabaneta)
  6. Ajiacos y Mondongos (with one location)
  7. La Hija de Stella (with one location in Sabaneta)
  8. El Peregrino (with one location in Sabaneta)
Inside Mondongo's in Laureles

Inside Mondongo’s in Laureles

The Bottom Line – Mondongo’s

The first time I went to this restaurant I was hesitant to try Mondongo soup. But the Colombian friend I was with convinced me to try it. And he said it came with several sides that you throw into the soup to lessen the “tripe-flavor”. The sides include avocado, banana, rice, cilantro and hot sauce.

So, I tried Mondongo soup. And found that this hearty soup was pretty good. Mondongo soup is quite different than the typical chicken, beef or fish entrees in Colombia. And since that first time I have tried many things on the menu at this restaurant and everything I have tried has been good.

The bottom line is that the two Mondongo’s restaurants in Medellín are popular because they have very good comida típica – traditional Colombian dishes.

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