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El Peregrino is a very popular Colombian restaurant in Sabaneta best known for its buñuelos but also has good traditional Colombian dishes (comida tipica).

El Peregrino: A Popular Colombian Restaurant in Sabaneta

El Peregrino is a very popular Colombian restaurant in Sabaneta best known for its buñuelos but also has good traditional Colombian dishes (comida tipica).

The El Peregrino restaurant has been in operation for nearly 30 years and is famous for its large buñuelos. But this popular restaurant is open for breakfast, lunch and dinner and also has a nice selection of traditional Colombian dishes.

This is a large restaurant located next to Parque Sabaneta with both indoor and outdoor seating options. Also, keep in mind this restaurant only accepts cash, no credit or debit cards.

Making Buñuelos at El Peregrino restaurant next to Parque Sabaneta

Making Buñuelos at El Peregrino restaurant next to Parque Sabaneta

The Buñuelos at El Peregrino

The buñuelos at El Peregrino are famous and are sized at 200 grams. And they are made from a recipe brought by Pedro José Vásquez from the pueblo San José de la Montaña about five decades ago.

Vásquez’s son Pedro Vásquez Pino is the founder and owner of El Peregrino. His grandmother provided a very specific recipe to made the buñuelos, which require very fresh and high-quality ingredients.

A 200-gram buñuelo at El Peregrino

A 200-gram buñuelo at El Peregrino

Buñuelos are normally slightly larger than golf-ball size but El Peregrino’s are even larger.  These tasty morsels are concocted of salty flour and small curd white cheese. They are rolled into a ball then fried until golden brown.

In addition, El Peregrino makes some huge buñuelos. For example, a 4-kilogram buñuelo isn’t on the menu but reportedly costs 50,000 pesos.

The Bandeja Paisa

The Bandeja Paisa

The Food Menu

This restaurant specializes in comida típica – traditional Colombian dishes, including:

  • Bandeja Paisa for 26,000 pesos
  • Mondongo soup for 17,000 pesos (only available Saturday and Sunday)
  • Picada traditional with blood sausage, sausage (chorizo), pork rind (chicharrón), arepas, potatoes, tomatos and limes for 38,000 pesos
  • Picada special with blood sausage, sausage (chorizo), pork rind (chicharrón), beef, chicken, arepas, potatoes, tomatos and limes for 38,000 pesos
Bandeja Paisa with Tilapia

Bandeja Paisa with Tilapia

There are several other Colombian dishes on menu including several chicken, steak, ribs and fish dishes with prices ranging from 26,000 to 30,000 pesos.

In addition, there are 27 different cafeteria options to choose from ranging in price from 1,000 to 12,000 pesos.  For example, the famous buñuelos cost 3,400 pesos each, chicharrones cost 11,550 pesos and empanadas cost 1,800 pesos.

Also, on the menu special dishes of the day that cost either 13,000 or 14,000 pesos. Furthermore, there are several breakfast dishes ranging in price from 7,000 to 19,000 pesos. And you can add portions of rice, beans and several other items for 2,000 to 5,500 pesos.

Finally, there is a kid’s menu with three options priced from 14,000 to 18,000 pesos.

The Drink Menu

This restaurant has a relatively small drink menu. The drink menu includes Colombian beers for 4,500 pesos.

In addition, there are a few liquors on the menu with shots priced from 3,800 to 9,500 pesos or by the bottle priced from 38,000 to 48,000 pesos.

Finally, for non-alcoholic drinks there are several natural juices available for 4,400 pesos each and sodas, milk and a few other drinks ranging in price from 1,700 to 3,200 pesos. Also, there are a couple of coffee options or hot chocolate available for 1,000 to 2,600 pesos.

Popular Parque Sabaneta

Popular Parque Sabaneta

How to Get to El Peregrino

This restaurant is located in Sabaneta next to the popular Parque Sabaneta. It’s located on a corner to the right of the Iglesia de Santa Ana church at Parque Sabaneta.

El Peregrino is located to the right of Iglesia de Santa Ana at Parque Sabaneta

El Peregrino is located to the right of Iglesia de Santa Ana at Parque Sabaneta

An easy way to get to Parque Sabaneta is to take the Medellín metro Line A south to the Sabaneta metro station. And the Sabeneta station is only about 10 minutes from the Poblado metro station.

Parque Sabaneta is located about a 10-minute walk east from the Sabaneta station. In addition, there are many people walking on the streets to/from the metro station. So, it’s relatively safe during the day and even after dark – but not too late.

Also, there are frequent and inexpensive metro buses that use Civica cards that currently cost only 2,200 pesos, which run from the Sabaneta metro station to and from the park. Most noteworthy, these buses don’t drop you at the park, they drop you about a block from the park. And the integrated fare including both the metro train and Sabaneta metro bus is only 2,925 pesos.

In addition, there is a taxi stand at the Sabaneta metro station, which normally has taxis available. Furthermore, any taxi driver in Medellín will know where Parque Sabaneta is located. It’s also normally pretty easy to catch a taxi at the park.

Address: Calle 70 Sur # 43b-55, Sabaneta

Hours: Monday – Sunday: 5:30 am – 10:00 pm.

Payment accepted: Only cash

The Best Colombian Food (Comida Típica) in Medellín

So far on the Medellin Guru site we have looked at eight of the best Colombian food restaurants in the Medellín metro area with good comida típica – traditional Colombian dishes:

  1. El Rancherito (with nine locations)
  2. Hacienda (with six locations)
  3. Hato Viejo (with four locations)
  4. Mondongo’s (with two locations)
  5. El Viejo John (with one location in Sabaneta)
  6. Ajiacos y Mondongos (with one location)
  7. La Hija de Stella (with one location in Sabaneta)
  8. El Peregrino (with one location in Sabaneta)
Inside El Peregrino

Inside El Peregrino

The Bottom Line – El Peregrino in Sabaneta

El Peregrino is famous for its buñuelos but also has some very good Colombian food. So, it is very popular. I have lived for about three years in Sabaneta and I really like the food at this restaurant.

The biggest competition for this restaurant in Sabaneta is El Viejo John , which is a popular Colombian restaurant also located near Parque Sabaneta.

In my experience, El Peregrino is normally the busiest on the weekends when it is typically filled with local Colombians who know the food is good.

If you are looking for a place in Sabaneta with very good buñuelos as well as good Colombian dishes, El Peregrino is recommended. And if you are visiting Parque Sabaneta it is worth stopping at the restaurant to at least try one of its famous buñuelos.

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