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Barbaro Cocina Primitiva is a steakhouse with two locations in Medellín that is popular with locals. It has a nice ambience and very good steaks.

Barbaro Cocina Primitiva: A Popular Steakhouse Chain in Medellín

Barbaro Cocina Primitiva is a steakhouse with two location in Medellín that is very popular with locals and some foreigners. This restaurant has a very nice ambience and some very good steaks.

In the United States, we’d call Barbaro a steakhouse, but here in Colombia and South America it’s known as a parilla, a restaurant where grilled meats are served.

Barbaro Cocina Primitiva is so popular that it’s currently the highest rated steakhouse in all of Medellín on TripAdviser.

This restaurant typically caters to a more sophisticated clientele. And service has been excellent in my experience plus the atmosphere feels intimate. So, it’s a good place to go with a date at night or for a business lunch. In addition, there is Wifi available in the restaurant.

Note the above photo is the huge 1,000 gram Tomahawk steak at Barbaro. This is a certified Angus beef steak with the bone of one of the ribs. Also, it has lots of internal marbling, is roasted on the grill and finished in the pan with fine herb butter and is accompanied by two sides and chimichurri.

Inside Barbaro Cocina Primitiva

Inside Barbaro Cocina Primitiva

More About Barbaro Cocina Primitiva

The concept for Barbaro was born from a passion for the grill and the joy for meat prepared in many ways. This steakhouse adapts their meat cuts to a primitive concept with thick cuts without much manipulation prior to consumption.

Also, they use slow cooking techniques, smoked processes and a wide variety of cuts of pork, beef, fish and seafood.

In addition, they use a barrel method, which consists in providing a smoked flavor to the natural flavor of meats, by means of a direct exposure of meats with smoke from coal and/or hard wood.  The meat products are suspended in the upper part of the barrel with the heat of the wood in the background.

My Experiences at Barbaro Cocina Primitiva

A friend living in Laureles in 2018 highly recommended Barbaro to me. So, I first tried it out and returned twice this month as the steaks at this steakhouse are really good.

So far in my experience, everything I have tried at this steakhouse was well-prepared and the food was very good.

Early this week I went to Barbaro for lunch with a Medellin Guru reader. He had the Angus Punta de Anca (ribeye) steak, which he said it was cooked perfectly to order. And I had the Angus Malevo steak that was also very good. The cost for the two of us including drinks and tip was 102,000 pesos ($34 USD).

The imported Angus Malevo steak with a side of broccoli

The imported Angus Malevo steak with a side of broccoli

The Food Menu at Barbaro Cocina Primitiva

Barbaro Cocina Primitiva has many options on the menu. Since it’s a steakhouse the specialties are dishes from the grill that include:

  • Tomahawk Steak (Angus beef imported) 1,000 grams – 215,900 pesos (this is a huge steak and one is the most expensive steaks I have seen at a restaurant in Colombia)
  • T-bone Steak (Angus beef imported) – 96,900 pesos
  • Porter House Steak (Angus beef imported) – 99,900 pesos
  • Skirt steak (Angus beef imported) 300 grams – 79,900 pesos
  • Ribeye steak (Angus beef imported) 300 grams – 48,500 pesos
  • Malevo steak (Angus beef imported) 300 grams – 53,900 pesos
  • Smoked Beef Lomito 300 grams – 45,900 pesos
  • Sterling Barbaro 300 grams – 42,900 pesos
  • Smoked Bife 300 grams – 39,900 pesos
  • Chorizo 300 grams – 33,900 pesos
  • Chicken breast 270 grams – 30,900 peso
  • Barbaro Pork ribs 500 grams – 43,900 pesos
  • Smoked Pork ribs 500 grams – 44,900 pesos
  • Bondiola Pork 300 grams – 40,500 pesos
  • Chistilla Pork 300 grams – 37,500 pesos
  • Codillo Pork 600 grams – 43,900 pesos
  • Octopus tentacles 250 grams – 65,900 pesos
  • Fish of the day 250 grams – 40,900 pesos
  • Fresh Tuna 250 grams – 42,900 pesos

Each of the above dishes comes with one side with 10 different sides to choose from. But the huge Tomahawk steak comes with two sides.

In addition, there are four salads on the menu ranging in price from 35,900 to 39,900 pesos.

Onion rings appetizer at Barbaro

Onion rings appetizer at Barbaro

Also, there are 13 different appetizers on the menu priced from 18,600 to 32,900 pesos each. I have tried the onion rings and the portobello mushrooms appetizers that were both very good.

The portobello mushroom appetizer at Barbaro

The portobello mushroom appetizer at Barbaro

Finally, for dessert, there are seven options on the menu for 15,900 to 18,500 pesos each. But I never had room for a dessert after the big steaks at Barbaro. So, I haven´t yet tried any of the desserts.

The Drink Menu at Barbaro Cocina Primitiva

On the drink menu at Barbaro Cocina Primitiva, there are over 70 different wines on the menu that range in price from 49,900 to over 200,000 pesos for a bottle. And a glass of house wine costs 14,900 pesos.

In addition, the restaurant has over 20 different beers that range in price from 6,500 to 17,900 pesos.

Also, on the drink menu are 10 different cocktails ranging in price from 14,900 to 23,900 pesos. The cocktails include margaritas, mai tais, mojitos and several others.

Furthermore, there are over 20 different liquors on the drink menu available by bottle ranging in price from 95,000 to 470,000 pesos or by shot ranging in price from 5,000 to 22,000 pesos. The menu also has several types of pitchers of sangria for 75,000 to 95,0000 pesos.

For non-alcoholic drinks they have several juices and lemonades for 5,900 to 8,500 pesos. They also have bottled water, coffees, sodas, teas and a tonic waters on the menu with prices ranging from 4,500 to 11,900 pesos.

Barbaro Cocina Primitiva in Laureles is located above an Ammazza pizzeria

Barbaro Cocina Primitiva in Laureles is located above an Ammazza pizzeria

How to Get to Barbaro Cocina Primitiva

Barbaro Cocina Primitiva has two locations in Medellín, in El Poblado and in Laureles.

The El Poblado location is on Calle 10 and is about a 15 minute walk from the El Poblado metro station on Line A or a minimum fare 5,500 peso taxi.

The nearest Medellín Metro station to the Laureles location is Estadio on Line B, which is located about a 25 minute walk from the restaurant. But you can take a taxi from the metro station to Barbaro, which will cost about 6,000 pesos.

Also, you could travel via taxi from your location in the metro area. Just provide the taxi driver one of the addresses below.

Barbaro is on the second floor

Barbaro is on the second floor

Note that Barbaro in Laureles is located on the second floor and is located just above the Ammazza pizzeria in Laureles.

Website: http://barbarococinaprimitiva.com/

Address in El Poblado: Carrera 37 # 10A-23, El Poblado

Address in Laureles: Carrera 76 # 73B-39, second floor, Laureles

Phone: +57 4 589 7968

Hours: Monday to Thursday: Noon to 10 pm, Friday and Saturday: Noon to 11 pm, Sunday: Noon to 9 pm.

Best Steakhouses in Medellín and the Aburrá Valley

Steakhouses are popular in Medellín and the Aburrá Valley. And on the Medellin Guru website we have looked at 12 of the best steakhouses in the area:

Steakhouses are popular in Medellín and the Aburrá Valley. And on the Medellin Guru website we have looked at 12 of the best steakhouses in the area:

  1. Lucio Carbon y Vino – a popular steakhouse in Envigado with very good steaks.
  2. Barbaro Cocina Primitiva – a popular steakhouse with two restaurants in Medellín with good steaks.
  3. El Correo Carne y Vino y Amada – a steakhouse chain with three restaurants in Medellín.
  4. San Carbon – reportedly the largest steakhouse in Medellín.
  5. Cambalanche – a popular Argentinian steakhouse in the Patio Bonito barrio of El Poblado.
  6. La Pampa – a chain with six Argentinian steakhouses in Medellín.
  7. Malevo – a popular Argentinian steakhouse in the Manila barrio of El Poblado.
  8. Voraz Restaurante – a popular steakhouse in Laureles.
  9. Toro Restaurante – another popular steakhouse in Laureles.
  10. La tRES uno – a small steakhouse in Envigado with good steaks.
  11. Black Pepper Steakhouse – a popular steakhouse in Envigado.
  12. Mama Santa Parrillada – arguably the best steakhouse in Sabaneta.

In addition, we included Barbaro Cocina Primitiva in our list of the 12 best steakhouses in Medellín and the Aburrá Valley.

The Bottom Line: Barbaro Cocina Primitiva

Barbaro Cocina Primitiva has some really good steaks and has quickly become one of my favorite steakhouses in Medellín. It’s a popular steakhouse in with two restaurants in the city. And it can get busy on the weekends. 

They have an English menu but without photos. So, ask for both menus. The quality of the food and the service has been excellent in my experience.  So, if you are looking for a good steak Barbaro Cocina Primitiva is recommended.

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Editors note: updated on February 8, 2019 to add the El Poblado location of Barbaro.

Editors note: updated on February 15, 2021 with updated menu options and prices.

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