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Ammazza is a popular chain of three pizzerias in Medellín with excellent brick-oven cooked pizzas as well as good Italian food.

Ammazza: A Popular Chain of Pizzerias in Medellín with Excellent Pizza

Ammazza Pizzeria & Gin Garden is a popular chain of three pizzerias in Medellín with excellent brick-oven cooked thin-crust pizzas as well as some good Italian food.

Ammazza is popular. And it is currently rated the #2 pizzeria in Medellín on TripAdvisor.

Several friends have been recommending Ammazza recently to me. So, I finally went to try it out with a friend. And I am happy I did as Ammazza has some really excellent thin-crust pizzas.

Note the above photo is the Diavola pizza at Ammazza with Spanish chorizo, smoked bacon, pork ham, roasted peppers and a mix of organic vegetables.

Inside Ammazza in Provenza

Inside Ammazza in Provenza

More About Ammazza

“Ammazza” is the name of the pizzeria chain that was chosen due to it translating to ¨amazing¨. And this is reportedly the goal, mission and vision of these three restaurants.

In addition, Ammazza is a pioneer in Colombia in the world of gin & tonics that are popular in Europe but pretty unknown in Colombia. So, the pizza chain has created a gin bar prepared with a range of botanicals.

This gin bar at this pizzeria chain is great. They offer a variety of gin, tonics and flavoring. And you can pick your own.

Two pizzas just out of the oven at Ammazza

Two pizzas just out of the oven at Ammazza

The Food Menu at Ammazza

Ammazza specializes in pizzas and there are 17 different pizzas on the menu. And the pizzas come in one size with eight slices.

Here’s a list of the 17 different pizzas on Ammazza’s menu:

  1. Madurados (Matured) – Serrano ham, pepperoni and pepper salami – 37,900 pesos
  2. Ibérica (Iberian) – Spanish chorizo, Serrano ham, black olive, cherry tomatoes and provolone cheese flakes – 39,500 pesos
  3. Pizza Ammazza – fine slices of fresh tomato, creamy Burata from buffalo milk, pesto sauce and Serrano ham – 39,500 pesos
  4. Diavola – Spanish chorizo, smoked bacon, pork ham, roasted peppers and a mix of organic vegetables – 35,900 pesos
  5. Solomito y Queso Azul (Beef tenderloin and blue cheese) – Beef tenderloin, blue cheese, dried tomato, pesto sauce, parmesan cheese flakes and organic arugula – 36,900 pesos
  6. Jamön y Pimientos Asados (Ham and roasted peppers) – Pork ham, smoked bacon, roasted peppers and Parmesan cheese – 25,000 pesos
  7. Pulled Pork – pulled pork, BBQ sauce, Philadelphia cheese cream and organic arugula – 33,900 pesos
  8. Queso Azul y Manzana (Blue cheese and apples) – Green apple, blue cheese, chopped almonds and oregano – 29,900 pesos
  9. Mariscos (Seafood) – Octopus, mussels, fresh salmon, cherry tomato and lemon – 39,500 pesos
  10. Cuatro Quesos y Espärragos – Provolone cheese, blue cheese, mozzarella cheese, parmesan cheese and asparagus tips – 29,900 pesos
  11. Sweet Tuna – grilled fresh tuna fillets, pickles, caramelized onions, cherry tomato and mix of organic vegetables – 28,900 pesos
  12. Mediterranean  – asparagus, hearts of palm, roasted peppers and black olives – 31,900 pesos
  13. Ananä – pineapple, pork ham, parmesan cheese and oregano – 25,900 pesos
  14. Wild Mushrooms – selection of wild mushrooms, parmesan cheese and oregano – 25,900 pesos
  15. Margarita – slices of fresh tomato, organic basil and parmesan cheese – 23,900 pesos
  16. Pesto with mushrooms – pesto sauce base, selection of wild mushrooms, blue cheese and organic spinach – 26,900 pesos
  17. Jamön y Queso (Ham and cheese) – pork ham, parmesan cheese and dried oregano – 22,900 pesos

And, of course, you can add or subtract ingredients to any of the above pizzas.

A pasta dish at Ammazza, photo courtesy of Ammazza

A pasta dish at Ammazza, photo courtesy of Ammazza

In addition, this pizzeria chain has many other Italian dishes on the menu. For example there are 11 different risottos on the menu ranging in price from 29,900 to 69,900 pesos. And there are eight different pasta dishes on the menu with prices from 28,900 to 38,900 pesos.

Also, on the menu are 12 different appetizers with prices ranging from 7,900 to 35,900 pesos.

Finally, there are four different desserts on the menu priced at 4,500 to 17,500 pesos. I tried the brownie with arequipe that was very good.

The pizza oven at Ammazza in Provenza

The pizza oven at Ammazza in Provenza

The bar at Ammazza in Provenza

The bar at Ammazza in Provenza

The Drink Menu at Ammazza

The drink menu at Ammazza has many options. The menu includes 18 different beers priced at 6,500 to 15,900 pesos. And there are 11 cocktails priced at 13,900 pesos to 24,900 pesos each.

Also, there are over 40 different liquors on the menu available by shot or bottle. This includes over 25 different gins that are a specialty of this chain. And there are 11 different tonics. In addition, there are several sangrias on the menu. Also, there are over 70 different wines on the menu.

Finally, there are several natural juices, sodas, water, teas and coffees on the menu.

How to Get to Ammazza

Ammazza has three locations in Medellín listed below.

  1. El Poblado – Provenza: Carrera 34 # 7-40
  2. El Poblado – Las Palmas Indiana Mall: Km 17, Av. Las Palmas
  3. Laureles: Carrera 76 # 73B-39

Website: http://ammazza.com.co/

Phone: +57 4 444 6197

Hours: Monday to Wednesday: noon to 9:30 pm, Thursday to Saturday: noon to 11:30 pm, Sunday: noon to 4:30 pm.

The Best Pizzerias in Medellín

We have looked at 13 of the best pizzerias in the Medellín metro area in detail, which have very good pizzas.

  1. Ammazza – a popular chain of three pizzerias in Medellín with excellent thin-crust pizzas.
  2. Pizzeria Centro – a pizzeria in El Centro with very good thin-crust pizzas.
  3. Café Zorba – a very popular pizzeria in El Poblado with very good vegetarian thin-crust pizzas.
  4. Due Amici Pizzeria – a pizzeria in Suramericana with very good thin-crust pizzas.
  5. Pizzería Olivia – a popular chain of nine pizzerias in Medellín.
  6. Bigotes – a chain of three German pizzerias in Medellín – owner is German.
  7. Pizza en Leña – a chain of two pizzerias in Sabaneta – owner is Dutch.
  8. Ragazzi Pizzas Y Pastas – a chain with three pizzerias in the Medellín area.
  9. Opera – a pizzeria in Laureles with good thin-crust pizzas.
  10. Ná Pizza – a popular pizzeria in Envigado with very good thin-crust pizzas.
  11. Pane y Pomodoro – a chain of two pizzerias in Medellín with good thin-crust pizzas.
  12. Burro Pizzeria – a popular pizzeria in Envigado with good thin-crust pizzas.
  13. Cavieli Ristorante Caffe – a popular pizzeria in Belén near Clínica las Américas.

All 13 pizzerias listed above in my opinion have better pizza than the pizza chains in Medellín like Domino’s, Jeno’s, Papa John’s, Pizza Doble Pizza, Pizza Hut, Pizzas Piccolo.

Also, we included Ammazza in our list of the best pizza places in Medellín.

In addition, in my opinion, Papa John’s has the best pizza out of the big pizza delivery chains in Colombia. But all of the above independent pizzerias we have looked at in detail have better pizzas than Papa John’s and the other big pizza chains in Colombia.

Ammazza - Provenza location

Ammazza – Provenza location

The Bottom Line: Ammazza: A Popular Chain of Pizzerias in Medellín with Excellent Pizza

Ammazza has some excellent thin-crust pizzas plus some good Italian food. Also, the pizzeria chain has a number of gin options that you won’t find elsewhere in Medellïn.

Ammazza is an upscale pizzeria. So, the prices are higher than several other pizzerias we have looked at. But if you like thin-crust pizza with high quality ingredients cooked in a brick oven, Ammazza is highly recommended.

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    1. Lewis Johnson August 27, 2018

      Those pizzas look delicious. They are also thin crust! I love thin crust pizzas.

      • Yes, the pizzas at this place are delicious. It’s more expensive than many other pizzerias in town but the high quality makes it worth it.

    2. David Williams August 19, 2018

      Thanks I need to try out this pizzeria.

    3. I tried out the pizza at this place last night with a friend. It has awesome thin-crust pizza that is cooked perfectly. I definitely recommend this pizzeria.

    4. Thanks for the post, looks like it has some great pizzas but a bit pricey for Medellin. But I love thin-crust pizza so I plan to try it out tonight.

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