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Pizzeria Centro is located in El Centro in Medellín. It hasn’t been discovered by many foreigners but has excellent thin-crust pizza cooked in a brick oven.

Pizzeria Centro: Good Thin-Crust Pizza in El Centro in Medellín

Pizzeria Centro is a pizzeria located in El Centro in Medellín that hasn’t been discovered by many foreigners. But it has excellent thin-crust pizza cooked in a wood-burning brick oven.

A Colombia friend told me about this pizzeria several months ago. And I finally went a little over a week ago. Also, I already went back to this pizzeria with a friend on Thursday, as the pizza is so good and I really like thin-crust pizza.

Pizzeria Centro is popular and is the third highest rated pizzeria in Medellín on TripAdvisorNote the above photo is two pizzas at Pizzeria Centro.

Entrance to Pizzeria Centro

Entrance to Pizzeria Centro

More About Pizzeria Centro

Rodrigo Puyo is the English-speaking owner of Pizzeria Centro. Rodrigo is an apprentice of Giorgio Budicin, a chef based in Medellin, who taught Rodrigo how to make pizza as they do in Italy.

This pizzzeria reportedly opened in October 2007 and it has a loyal local customer base.

Inside the pizzeria, photo courtesy of Pizzeria Centro

Inside the pizzeria, photo courtesy of Pizzeria Centro

Outside of Pizzeria Centro is a simple neon sign ¨Pizzeria¨. And inside you will feel like you are transported to Italy with al fresco walls and tile floors. And the pizzeria has a high ceiling with several small rooms with tables.

The ingredients used at this pizzeria are of very high quality, starting with an excellent sauce with several marinated and thoughtfully selected toppings.

Pepperoni pizza with mushrooms at Pizzeria Centro

Pepperoni pizza with mushrooms at Pizzeria Centro

The Food Menu at Pizzeria Centro

Pizzeria Centro specializes in pizzas and there are 23 different pizzas on the menu. The pizzas at Pizzeria Centro come in one size with eight slices. And all the pizzas come with a tomato sauce base.

Here is a list of the 23 different pizzas on Pizzeria Centro’s menu:

  1. Margarita – mozzarella cheese and fresh basil – 27,800 pesos
  2. Pugliese – mozzarella cheese, onions and olives – 27,800 pesos
  3. Vegetarian – mozzarella cheese, onions, peppers and mushrooms – 28,800 pesos
  4. Vegetarian de lili – mozzarella cheese, onions, peppers and basil – 28,800 pesos
  5. Artichoke  – mozzarella cheese and artichokes in olive oil – 30,800 pesos
  6. Eggplant – mozzarella cheese and marinated eggplant – 30,800 pesos
  7. Napolitana – mozzarella cheese and anchovies – 29,800 pesos
  8. Tonno e cipolla – mozzarella cheese, onions and tuna – 27,800 pesos
  9. Salmon – mozzarella cheese, dill and smoked salmon – 32,000 pesos
  10. Ham and mushrooms – mozzarella cheese, ham and mushrooms – 28,800 pesos
  11. Pepperoni – mozzarella cheese and pepperoni – 27,800 pesos
  12. Italian salami – mozzarella cheese and Italian salami – 27,800 pesos
  13. Prosciutto – mozzarella cheese and Serrano or Parma ham – 32,800 pesos
  14. Bondiola – mozzarella cheese and matured pork loin – 32,800 pesos
  15. Veneciana – mozzarella cheese and cured beef – 30,800 pesos
  16. Romano – mozzarella cheese and smoked pork loin – 30,800 pesos
  17. Speck – mozzarella cheese and speck beef – 32,800 pesos
  18. Spanish Chorizo – mozzarella cheese and Spanish Chorizo – 29,800 pesos
  19. Giorgi – mozzarella cheese, ham, mushrooms and salami – 32,800 pesos
  20. Trio Formagge – mozzarella cheese, blue cheese and parmesan cheese – 30,800 pesos
  21. Roast beef – mozzarella cheese and roast beef – 30,800 pesos
  22. Bresaola – mozzarella cheese and cured veal – 32,800 pesos
  23. Pork in sea salt – mozzarella cheese and cured pork with fine herbs – 30,800 pesos
Spanish Chorizo pizza at Pizzeria Centro

Spanish Chorizo pizza at Pizzeria Centro

And of course, you can add or subtract ingredients to any of the above pizzas. Pizzeria Centro is strictly a pizzeria. So, there are only a few more food items in the menu. 

Also, on the menu are four different desserts for 7,500 pesos each. And there are two appetizers – hors d’oeuvre of the house for 17,500 pesos and Carpaccio for 14,500 pesos.

The Drink Menu at Pizzeria Centro

The pizzeria has several drinks on the menu, including 12 beers for 5,500 to 7,700 pesos each and several sodas for 4,000 pesos each.

In addition, the menu includes several wines for 54,000 pesos per bottle, 29,000 pesos per half bottle and 7,500 pesos by glass. And there are nine different liquors on the menu like aguardiente, rum and whisky available by bottle, half-bottle or shot.

Also, it has lemonade for 7,000 pesos, two different teas for 4,000 and 6,500 pesos and bottled water for 4,000 pesos. And there are seven different coffees on the menu for 4,500 pesos each.

How to Get to Pizzeria Centro

Pizzeria Centro is located in El Centro in Medellín.

One way to get to this pizzeria is by using the Medellín Metro. To get there you would take Line A of the metro to the Parque Berrio metro station. The pizzeria is located about a 16-minute walk from this metro station. Or it’s located about a minimum fare (5,500 pesos) taxi ride from this metro station. After about 7 pm when El Centro starts to clear out it is best to take a taxi.

Another way is via taxi from your location. Just provide the driver with the address listed below. And on the street in front of the pizzeria it’s easy to catch a taxi.

Website: https://www.facebook.com/pizzeriaartesanalmedellin4157/

Address: Calle 57 # 41-57, El Centro, Medellín

Phone: +57 4 254 4510

Hours: Tuesday to Saturday: 4:30 pm to 11 pm, closed Sunday and Monday.

The Best Pizzerias in Medellín

We have looked at 13 of the best pizzerias in the Medellín metro area in detail, which have very good pizzas.

  1. Ammazza – a popular chain of three pizzerias in Medellín with excellent thin-crust pizzas.
  2. Pizzeria Centro – a pizzeria in El Centro with very good thin-crust pizzas.
  3. Café Zorba – a very popular pizzeria in El Poblado with very good vegetarian thin-crust pizzas.
  4. Due Amici Pizzeria – a pizzeria in Suramericana with very good thin-crust pizzas.
  5. Pizzería Olivia – a popular chain of nine pizzerias in Medellín.
  6. Bigotes – a chain of three German pizzerias in Medellín – owner is German.
  7. Pizza en Leña – a chain of two pizzerias in Sabaneta – owner is Dutch.
  8. Ragazzi Pizzas Y Pastas – a chain with three pizzerias in the Medellín area.
  9. Opera – a pizzeria in Laureles with good thin-crust pizzas.
  10. Ná Pizza – a popular pizzeria in Envigado with very good thin-crust pizzas.
  11. Pane y Pomodoro – a chain of two pizzerias in Medellín with good thin-crust pizzas.
  12. Burro Pizzeria – a popular pizzeria in Envigado with good thin-crust pizzas.
  13. Cavieli Ristorante Caffe – a popular pizzeria in Belén near Clínica las Américas.

All 13 pizzerias listed above in my opinion have better pizza than the pizza chains in Medellín like Domino’s, Jeno’s, Papa John’s, Pizza Doble Pizza, Pizza Hut or Pizzas Piccolo.

Also, we included Pizzeria Centro in our list of the best pizza places in Medellín.

In addition, in my opinion, Papa John’s has the best pizza out of the big pizza delivery chains in Colombia. But all of the above independent pizzerias we have looked at in detail have better pizzas than Papa John’s and the other pizza chains in Colombia.

Three pizzas cooking in the wood-burning oven at Pizzeria Centro

Three pizzas cooking in the wood-burning oven at Pizzeria Centro

The Bottom Line: Pizzeria Centro

Pizzeria Centro has some outstanding thin-crust pizzas. If this pizzeria was located in El Poblado or Laureles, it would likely be even more popular and have many foreigner customers.

But its location in El Centro means that this pizzeria is off the beaten foreigner tourist path. So, this pizzeria hasn’t been discovered by many foreigners and the customer base is mainly Colombians.

However, if you like thin-crust pizza with high quality ingredients cooked in a wood-burning brick oven, Pizzeria Centro is definitely recommended. 

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    1. You should stop saying “discovered” by foreigners. Y’all haven’t discovered anything! America wasn’t “discovered” much less this pizzeria by you!!

    2. Hello Jeff, another great post. Do you know any Chicago style pizzeria in Medellin? I love Giordano’s.

      • There was a pizzeria in Envigado named Chicago’s with deep dish pizza that IMHO wasn’t any good and they reportedly closed in September. I lived in Chicago for 2 years and haven’t found any good Chicago-style pizza in Medellín.

    3. Went there yesterday in the late afternoon. Really great pizza. Excellent service too.

    4. Pizzeria has some great pizza. It uses a wood burning oven and the thin crust is slightly charred and pizza ingredients are high quality. It is easily my favorite pizza place in Medellin.

    5. Thanks! Looks like a great pizzeria I plan to try out with some friends.

      • Thanks for this post, I went to Pizzeria last night with some friends and it has some awesome thin crust pizza. I highly recommend this place.

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