How to be an Expat in Colombia: 11 Tips to be a Successful Expat - Medellin Guru
We look at how to be an Expat in Colombia. The rewards of moving abroad can be huge but with challenges. We provide 12 tips to be a successful Expat.

How to be an Expat in Colombia: 12 Tips to be a Successful Expat

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5 thoughts on “How to be an Expat in Colombia: 12 Tips to be a Successful Expat”

    1. Geoffrey May 23, 2021

      You can live like a king for less than US$400 a month. Come on down! D’oh! Don’t fall for it. Having said that, and after more than 5 years in Medellin, I am not kidding when I say any hard currency goes a very long way here. But… Newbies In Medellin allow themselves to dwell excessively on the things that are “not logical” and that’s one of the reasons why so many pack it in. This is definitely not a 3rd world country. The infrastructure is in place and things do work as well or better than places that are much more expensive to live. It requires patience, managed expectations, and the ability (in the face of frustrations) to stay in an empowered frame of mind.
      This culture is not all about logic and rule books. It’s about cultivating friendly relationships especially when things do not go as planned and they will not go as planned. Accept it. Some things are not as good as back home but other things are better than back home. Stick with it. You’ll see.

    2. Vin Cervoni September 15, 2020

      If I arrive 16 October 2020
      When is the closest to my Travel of a COVID
      Test from United States?
      I want to make sure , it is acceptable
      With Colombian Government .
      Thank You, Vince

    3. Nice guide for newbie expats to Colombia. Wish I would have had something like this when I moved to Colombia several years ago.

    4. Thanks for the helpful article with some good tips. I particularly agree with the last tip of No Dar Papaya.

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