Café Cliché is a popular French Café in Laureles in Medellín that is French-owned and is a popular place to hang out with a varied menu with good food.

This restaurant has a French chef and has a variety of spaces to hang out including cozy corners for couples and an eclectic décor.

Café Cliché opened in August 2016 but I had never been to this café/restaurant. However, I recently went with a friend living in Laureles who highly recommended it. And I really enjoyed the food at this restaurant. Also, we added Café Cliché to our list of the best restaurants in Laureles. Note three of the above photos are courtesy of Café Cliché.

Café Cliché in Laureles

Café Cliché in Laureles

More About Café Cliché and Why the Name?

Café Cliché is the fruit of a long and fraternal friendship between Adrien and Sylvain that was born 25 years ago in the heart of Quercy, France, a land of centuries-old oaks and white stones.

In this restaurant you will find a relaxed atmosphere and ample space that will make you feel at home. You will be able to taste simple, fresh French and traditional dishes made of homemade and traditional cuisine.

Inside one of the rooms in Café Cliché

Inside one of the rooms in Café Cliché

In addition, this café is a cultural space with different programs every month, workshops, exhibitions and a film screening every Wednesday.

Why is it named Café Cliché? Cliché in French refers to a photograph on paper and one of the owners of the café, Adrien, is a photographer.

In addition, a cliché is a phrase or expression that because it has been widely used or repeated, has lost its strength or novelty and has become a topic or common place. The café wants to face clichés and is intended to be a place for everyone with an open mind.

Menu del dia: Filet Mignon of pork with wine sauce and potatoes

Menu del dia: Filet Mignon of pork with wine sauce and potatoes

The Food Menu

Café Cliché has a popular menu del dia lunch special every Tuesday to Saturday until 3 pm, which includes a soup or salad, a meal and a drink for only 15,000 pesos. The menu del dia option changes each day and is currently:

  • Tuesday: meat goulash with mashed potatoes and fried leeks
  • Wednesday: rabbit in mustard sauce with lentils and vegetables
  • Thursday: Filet Mignon of pork with wine sauce and potatoes
  • Friday: Fish in creamy sauces of capers with coconut rice and candied tomatoes
  • Saturday: curry chicken on pasta
Menu del dia: curry chicken on pasta

Menu del dia: curry chicken on pasta

Also, there is a vegetarian lunch special option available for 14,000 pesos.

Starting at 5 pm, there is a menu with about 10 different main dish options for 16,000 to 25,000 pesos.

The three chef recommendations are:

  1. Bunny burger – with rabbit meat, pickled carrot, cream cheese of wasabi with turmeric, almond brittle, lettuce and tomatoes and comes with potatoes for 25,000 pesos.
  2. Cliché lasagna – Bolognese lasagna with 8 hours of cooking and fresh homemade pasts, comes with a garden salad for 20,000 pesos.
  3. Entrecôte – matured cut of beef with French fries and garden salad for 25,000 pesos.
Chocolate Mousse dessert for 5,000 pesos

Chocolate Mousse dessert for 5,000 pesos

In addition, there are 13 different appetizers on the menu for 8,000 to 30,000 pesos. Finally, there are three different desserts available for 5,000 pesos each.

The Drink Menu

This restaurant has a decent sized drink menu. The drink menu includes over 20 beers for 5,000 to 10,000 pesos.  Also, there are 12 cocktails on the menu priced from 13,000 to 14,000 pesos. And there is sangria available for 13,000 pesos per glass or 32,000 for 1 liter or 68,000 for 2.5 liters.

In addition, there are some wines on the menu for 7,500 to 13,000 pesos per cup. Also, there are 15 liquors on the menu priced from 5,000 to 11,000 per shot. Furthermore, there are over 10 coffees on the menu priced from 3,000 to 12,000 pesos.

Finally, for non-alcoholic drinks there are sodas, water, tea, natural juices and lemonades with prices ranging from 4,000 to 7,000 pesos.

Café Cliché in Laureles

Café Cliché in Laureles

How to Get to Café Cliché

Café Cliché is located in Laureles about five blocks from the first park of Laureles (Primer Parque de Laureles). And the nearest Medellín Metro station is the Estadio station on the B Line. Also, this restaurant is located about 1.3 km from the Estadio metro station (about a 17-minute walk).

In addition, taxis are another option to get to this restaurant, just provide the address below.

Address: Carrera 76 # 41-41, Laureles


Phone: +57 4 582 2771

Hours: Monday to Thursday: noon to 10:00 pm; Friday and Saturday: noon to midnight; Sunday: noon to 8:00 pm; Monday: closed.

Payment: Cash only. No credit or debit cards accepted.

The small shop in the café

The small shop in the café

The Bottom Line: Café Cliche – A Popular French Café in Laureles

Café Cliché is a popular café in Laureles with good food.  It has a tasty French-oriented menu with a casual and relaxed atmosphere inside or on the patio.

This small, eclectic French café/restaurant has a decidedly international vibe and is located in a hip area of Laureles.

Also, they have a free French film night on Wednesdays and sometime have live music on the weekends. In addition, they have a small shop where you can even buy handmade French sausage.

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