Parmessano is a popular chain of 12 Italian restaurants in Medellín that has some good Italian food. It also has a sizeable menu with many options.

Recently I met with a new reader of the Medellin Guru website who recently moved to Medellín. And we decided to go to Parmessano for lunch. He enjoyed the food and said it was the best Italian food he has experienced so far in Medellín. I had the meat lasagna and he had the salmon with tri-color pasta. Our total tab for two for lunch including tip was 67,000 pesos (about $23 USD).

Furthermore, Parmessano is currently ranked the 8th best Italian restaurant out of 124 Italian restaurants listed on TripAdvisor in Medellín.

My Parmessano Experiences

When I used to live in Belén in Medellín several years ago, I first discovered the Parmessano located at Los Molinos Mall. And when I moved to Sabaneta, the nearby Mayorca Mall also has a Parmessano restaurant.  So, I have eaten at this restaurant chain many times.

I have eaten at six of their 12 restaurants over the past five years. And the food and service has been consistently good in each location. Parmessano has many things on the menu. So, I haven’t yet tried everything.

My favorites at this restaurant include the salmon with tri-color pasta, meat lasagna and the baby beef with pasta.

Salmon with tri-color pasta at Parmessano

Salmon with tri-color pasta at Parmessano

The Food Menu at Parmessano

Parmessano has a fairly sizeable menu with many appetizers, many pastas with a choice of sauces, several combination plates, sandwiches, salads, house specials and desserts. Parmessano has 19 appetizer options on the menu that range in price from 5,900 to 35,000 pesos.

Cream of tomato soup, one of the appetizers

Cream of tomato soup, one of the appetizers

The free bread appetizer

The free bread appetizer

They have several different types of pasta available including fettuccine, ravioli, spaghetti and tortellini. With the pastas you can choose from 13 different sauces that include Alfredo, Bolognese, Bolo-Rosa (combination of Bolognese and Alfredo), 3-cheese, marinara and tri-color Italian.  And the pastas cost between 13,900 to 16,300 pesos for a half-portion or 16,900 to 19,500 pesos for a full order.

Fettuccine al Pesto, one of the pasta options, photo courtesy of Parmessano

Fettuccine al Pesto, one of the pasta options, photo courtesy of Parmessano

Also on the menu are “Muy Parmessano” which are house special pasta dishes that range in price from 18,900 to 29,000 pesos. This includes three different lasagna dishes that each cost 22,900 pesos: chicken lasagna, meat lasagna or a mix of chicken and meat lasagna.

In addition, on the menu there are 15 different combination plates. These combination plates come with beef, chicken or fish that are combined with several pasta options and range in price from 24,900 to 29,900 pesos.

There are eight different salads on the menu ranging in price from 22,900 to 28,900 pesos. And there are six sandwich options on the menu including chicken, roast beef and steak sandwiches that cost either 21,900 or 22,900 pesos.

Also, there are four kid options on the menu priced at 15,500 pesos each. These kid options include fried chicken with French fries, fried fish with French fries, spaghetti and chicken with fettuccini.

Some of the desserts at Parmessano

Some of the desserts at Parmessano

Finally, there are several desserts on the menu including several cheesecakes, tiramisu, lemon pie, chocolate cake and several other desserts.

Bar at the Parmessano in Mayorca mall

Bar at the Parmessano in Mayorca mall

The Drink Menu at Parmessano

Parmessano has a decent drink menu. They have over 18 wine options on the menu with prices per bottle that range from 53,200 to 106,000 pesos. And for some wines they also have half-bottles available with prices ranging from 34,000 to 49,800 pesos. In addition, the house wine is 9,500 pesos per cup.

On the drink menu, there is also a selection of beers available, which include Corona, Modelo, Stella, Dorada, Roja, Aguila, Pilsen and several BBC (Bogotá Beer Company) and Apóstol beers. The beers range in price from 5,200 to 8,500 pesos.

Cocktails on the menu include Margaritas, Pina Coladas and Cuban Mojitos priced at 15,900 pesos each. And Sangrias cost 14,500 pesos for a glass. Also, they have some other liquors including rum and aguardiente.

Nonalcoholic beverages include several natural fruit juices for 5,500 pesos with water or 5,900 pesos with milk. In addition, they also have tea, bottled water and several soda options.

How to Get to Parmessano

Parmessano is a very popular chain of Italian restaurants in Medellín. So, it has grown over the past several years to 12 restaurant locations in the Medellín area. In addition, six of these 12 locations are in El Poblado.

Also, several of these popular Italian restaurants are located in malls. So, you can even go do some shopping before or after eating.

Locations of Parmessano restaurants

The 12 Parmessano restaurant locations are in the map above and are listed below:

  1. El Poblado: Ciudad Del Río, Carrera 48 # 19A-70; Tel: +57 444 4662 ext. 118
  2. El Poblado: Mercado Del Rio, Calle 24 #48-28, Local 45-46; Tel: +57 444 4662 ext. 130
  3. El Poblado: Centro Comerical Santafé, Carrera 43A # 7 Sur-170, Locals 3317 and 3319; Tel: +57 444 4662 ext. 126
  4. El Poblado: El Tesoro Mall, Carrera 25 #1A Sur 45, Local 3557; Tel: +57 444 4662 ext. 118
  5. El Poblado: Palms Avenue, Calle 18 # 35-59, Local 205; Tel: +57 444 4662 ext. 119
  6. El Poblado: La Strada Mall, Local 1; Tel: +57 444 4662 ext. 128
  7. Laureles: Unicentro Mall, Local 2-259, 2-262
  8. Envigado: Viva Envigado Mall, Carrera 48 # 32B Sur-139; Tel: +57 444 4662 ext. 134
  9. Envigado, City Plaza Mall, Local 360; Tel: +57 444 4662 ext. 132
  10. Sabaneta: Mayorca Mall, Carrera 48 # 50 Sur-128; Tel: +57 444 4662 ext. 129
  11. Belén: Los Molinos Mall, Calle 30A #82A-26, Local 3184; Tel: +57 444 4662 ext. 120
  12. Lanogrande: Indiana Mall, Locals 9 and 10; Tel: +57 444 4662 ext. 127


Grilled chicken, broccoli, carrots and mushrooms on fettuccine with carbonara sauce, photo courtesy of Parmessano

Grilled chicken, broccoli, carrots and mushrooms on fettuccine with carbonara sauce, photo courtesy of Parmessano

The Bottom Line: Parmessano

When my father visited Medellín last year, I took him to Parmessano and it exceeded his expectations. And he really liked their Italian food. So, he even wanted to go back.

In my experience the service is always friendly and efficient even when it’s busy. Restaurants located in malls are not always the best option but Parmessano has some good Italian food with normally good service.

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Editors note: updated on March 11, 2018 to add 10th restaurant for Parmessano located in Unicentro mall. This wasn’t listed on the company’s website but a reader pointed this out and was confirmed. 

Editors note: updated on October 6, 2018 to add two restaurants for Parmessano located in the City Plaza and Viva Envigado malls in Envigado.