expatgroup.co five years helping foreigners fulfill their dreams
The company, expatgroup.co, acts as a facilitating channel between foreigners and Colombia. Through a portfolio of comprehensive solutions in immigration, real estate, legal, accounting, and business, they seek to help clients make the best decisions to relocate to Colombia, reside, and invest in the country effectively and simply.

Expatgroup.co, five years helping foreigners fulfill their dreams

Living in Colombia can be a desirable alternative for foreigners, a paradise where the climate, the food, and the people come together to make your experience memorable and feel at home. However, when you are the only one who must take care of all the paperwork to make your stay legal, the experience may not be so much fun.

Five years ago, expatgroup.co was established to address the growing demand for proper advice on Colombian immigration law and to help those who did not understand the language. The company provides guidance to people from around the world who are interested in living, investing, doing business, and studying in Colombia.

expatgroup.co office in Medellín and some members of its work team.
expatgroup.co office in Medellín and some members of its work team.

Today, after 5 years as a trademark and over 10 years of experience, the company is now responsible for fulfilling the wishes of thousands of foreigners seeking to stay in Colombia for long stays. Its figures account for the excellence and rigor with which its interdisciplinary team works behind every one of its processes so that the final result is successful.


Approved visas

To celebrate this special anniversary expatgroup.co has discounts of up to 30% throughout the month of January 2024.

Up to 30% discount

Be part of expatgroup.co's fifth anniversary celebration and enjoy up to 30% off on all their services.

The present of expatgroup.co

With over 10 years of experience, expatgroup.co has established itself as a leading company for foreigners who are seeking to settle, invest, work, study, and do business in Colombia. Today, on its 5th anniversary as a consolidated brand, the company maintains its position.

The company is known for its warmth, speed, and support throughout the process of advising foreigners. Whether you need quotes, advice, or procedures, expatgroup.co offers a 100% digital service for your convenience. Also, you will have a group of bilingual professionals who will accompany you.

If you prefer an in-person appointment, they also have an office in the El Poblado neighborhood in Medellin. You can look at some pictures of this space in the gallery.

The team at expatgroup.co provides the best attention and accompanies you throughout your process from beginning to end. Their figures guarantee their quality. You do not have to wait in long lines or complicate yourself trying to understand Colombian legislation because expatgroup.co has got you covered.

Below, you find the figures that expatgroup.co has obtained throughout its history.


Colombian visas processed.


Renewed U.S. passports.


Pension certificates issued.


Managed marital unions.


Companies created.


Foreigners advised.

Five business lines in expatgroup.co

With more than ten years that endorse the experience of the team working for expatgroup.co, they have opened their possibilities, understanding that the needs of foreigners in Colombia are growing.

Below, you will learn about the company’s different services, providing comprehensive support to the needs of foreigners in Colombia.

Visas to fulfill your dreams

Colombia, particularly Medellin, is a popular destination for expats seeking a high quality of life, affordable prices, warm climate, and various tourist attractions. As a result, long-term visas for staying legally in Colombia are in high demand among foreigners.

However, understanding Colombian laws can be difficult, especially if you don’t speak Spanish and keep up with the constantly changing regulations. Fortunately, expatgroup.co is here to help. 

They stay up-to-date on the latest rules and provide excellent service and quality throughout the visa application process, as reported by satisfied clients like Joseph Manier, who obtained his digital nomad visa through expatgroup.co.

I haven't seen at many other places here in Colombia where somebody's willing to take the initiative to actually lead the way in terms of the interaction. Usually I find myself pushing things forward and regardless of whatever it is I do. And it's my application, so I have no problem with that, but I think the great thing about them is that they took the lead in that continuously for several months to have the long-awaited time for the approval of my Nomad visa. So I would definitely recommend them to anyone else looking to apply for a digital Nomad Visa. I think that you'll be pleasantly surprised just because of how organized they are really that's that's the main thing.

Real Estate Services

Buying your own house in Colombia is a happy moment because it begins a new cycle in your life, so Real Estate by expatgroup.co is in charge of accompanying you from beginning to end throughout your entire process.

Next, you will learn about the services offered within this line of business, which comprises 6 services.

The company accompanies you in the process of sending and legalizing the money, and this is a fundamental part of the property purchasing process in Colombia.

They carry out the analysis and legal study of the property to know with certainty that the property you are going to buy is in order.

Through a specialized team, they help you prepare and review the clauses when signing the purchase and sale contract of your future property.

The company accompanies you during the deed process, which formalizes the sale of the property.

The company will be your representative in purchase and/or deed processes when you cannot be present in Colombia.

A team of experts will guide you through the entire registration and application process for the Type M Real Estate Investment Visa. You can legally be in Colombian territory for up to 3 years.

For more detailed information about the different real estate processes, you can contact them by clicking on the image below.

Creation of companies in Colombia

It’s not just about obtaining your visa and finding a place to live. If you’re a foreigner in Colombia, you should also consider the possibility of starting your own company, as the country offers great opportunities for entrepreneurs.

Expats who wish to set up a company in Colombia can benefit from the guidance and advice provided by expatgroup.co throughout the process.

Choose the type of company you wish to incorporate.

Define the economic activity that you are going to develop.

Collect information: company name, partners, investment capital, telephone, and e-mail

They will be in charge of the forms and paperwork to register your company.

They accompany you to the Chamber of Commerce to obtain the company registration.

They advise you on other important procedures.

Legal and accounting services

Each country’s accounting and tax responsibilities require experts’ support to allow you to comply with the applicable legislation. At expatgroup.co, you will find expert legal, accounting, and tax consultants.

You are already considered a tax resident since you completed 183 days in the country. That is, there is the possibility of declaring taxes, but this does not mean, in all cases, that you must pay; it all depends on your declaration. They can advise you.

A complete health service

The well-being and health of foreigners in Colombia are priorities for expatgroup.co. They offer diverse health options that meet the highest quality standards.

The best hospital centers with high quality. Also, health plans are focused on giving you a complete service and are valid for the application for visas in Colombia.

We have two insurance companies accepted by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in the application for your Colombian visa. They also have different plans that adapt to your needs in the country.

This is a service in which the user decides to pay in advance and finance their future expenses during their illness. This service offers comprehensive health services, including consultations, exams, specialist emergency care, surgeries, and hospitalization.

This service corresponds to the basic package in the areas of health recovery, disease prevention, and temporary income coverage, to which every resident in Colombia must be affiliated.

Other related services

Some documents are crucial for obtaining visas, houses, or creating companies. To cater to foreign comfort, additional services are also offered.

  • Renewal of U.S. passport.

  • Apostilles and Legalizations.

  • Certificate of benefits.

A team that supports the excellence of expatgroup.co.

To comply with the excellence and rigor that each process requires, there is an interdisciplinary group behind, always looking out for the welfare of customers expatgroup.co.

Several professionals have been part of the journey during its five (5) years as a consolidated brand. But, currently, its work team is in constant growth and comprises 32 workers, of which 23 work from Medellin and 9 from different cities of the national territory.

In the following gallery, you will find some pictures of the evolution of its staff throughout its five (5) years.

Members who are part of the team and the history of expatgroup.co
Mariana Cadavid Acevedo, Operations and Visa department.

Mariana Cadavid Acevedo

Operations and Visa department.

Juan Felipe Acosta, Sales department.

Juan Felipe Acosta

Sales department.

Mónica María Idárraga, Communication department.

Mónica María Idárraga

Communication department.

María Angélica Cantero, Support department.

María Angélica Cantero

Support department.

Carlos Manuel Lara, Sales department.

Carlos Manuel Lara.

Sales department.

Sara Paniagua Idárraga, Human Resources department.

Sara Paniagua Idárraga

Human Resources department.

Expatgroup.co prioritizes the speed and quality of its services to meet its clients’ expectations. They have formed a specialized team dedicated to the organization’s internal and external processes to ensure excellence and professionalism. This team focuses on various specific areas of work to streamline their services.

Sales department

7 People.

Management department

2 People.

Accounting department

1 People.

Technology department

2 People.

Communication department

5 People.

Operations and Visa department

10 People.

Human Resources department

2 People.

Support department

3 People.

Each department requires a team of professionals, each an expert in their own area of knowledge, to function effectively.

Graphic Designer
Fashion Designer
International Negotiators
Systems Engineers
Company Administrators
Tourist Agent

A union between expatgroup.co and Medellin Guru

Within this story, there is an important chapter to highlight, and for this, we have to travel in time to the year 2017 when the founder of this portal, Jeff Paschke, always had as main objective to provide useful and truthful information to its readers, to those who were looking to travel or live in Colombia.

Throughout this process, hundreds of readers were conquered by the experiences that Jeff recounted in his different blogs, where sometimes, he told about the restaurants he liked the most in the city; he also recommended his favorite tourist attractions in Colombia or even how they could buy and sell houses in the national territory. 

These experiences told in hundreds of blogs made the interest of foreigners in living in Colombia increasingly large, thus achieving many comments coming to the portal from foreigners from different countries of the world. However, not all knew how to live legally in the country.

Jeff decided to work with expatgroup.co that year to inform his readers about immigration regulations, visas, and legal issues for expats, and little by little, these blogs about visas began to take more and more strength and prominence in our portal. Thus, in March 2019, a strategic alliance was established between the two organizations, which is still in place.

This alliance has continued over the years because our readers’ excellent figures and testimonials attest to the seriousness and professionalism with which expatgroup.co treats its clients.

Up to 30% discount

Be part of expatgroup.co's fifth anniversary celebration and enjoy up to 30% off on all their services.

Achievements obtained during this union

Statistics for The Medellin Guru Visa Service

medellin guru visa service

Successfully Aproved Visas

after launching our partnership with expatgroup.co


Through this service we have helped

Medellin Guru readers with their immigration processes

Digital Nomad






Permanent Partner

















American Passports Renewed
Tourism Stamp Extension

Five years of success for expatgroup.co

In Medellin Guru, we are clear that starting on the road to creating your own company is not easy; there are stumbles, difficulties, and happy moments, others not so much, but above all, it is a path that every day brings new learning and today we want to congratulate you because in these years, expatgroup.co has established itself as a leading company in the country, which every day shows foreigners that Colombia is one of the best countries in the world to study, invest, work and live. But above all, expats who fall in love with the human and labor quality of its work team.

For this reason, Medellin Guru is proud to wish them a happy 5th anniversary and remind them that this is only the beginning because we are sure that they will continue to reap more success in the future and that not only Colombia will be part of the history of expatgroup.co because they have a whole world to conquer.

the expatgroup.co team working from Medellín Colombia

Medellin Guru's Comprehensive Visa and Passport Series

The Bottom Line: expatgroup.co, five years helping foreigners fulfill their dreams

Five (5) years ago, expatgroup.co was established as a company and, in this way, has managed to consolidate itself as a leader in its sector, gaining the credibility and trust of its customers.

Medellin Guru partnered with expatgroup.co to offer Colombia visa services to foreigners at a competitive price with a convenient office located in El Poblado in Medellín.

Over this time, this partnership has helped 998 Medellin Guru readers successfully with their different processes.

If you are in Medellín or another city in Colombia and don’t want to travel, you can use the Medellin Guru Visa Service to obtain a Colombian visa. This visa service is remote throughout Colombia. So, you do not need to be in Medellín to use it.

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