Medellin dating tips Advice for foreign men
Recently in Medellín cases of deaths of foreigners have increased, after having been on dates with women they met on applications. In this blog we give you some tips to keep you safe on your dates.

Medellín dating tips: Advice for foreign men

During recent years, the interest of foreigners in visiting or living in Medellín has increased; some seek to learn more about urban culture, thanks to artists such as Karol G, JBalvin, or Maluma, who have managed to position the name of the city in the world. Other foreigners arrive to visit tourist attractions such as Guatapé or La Comuna 13. But others fall in love with the beauty of Colombian women and turn to dating applications.

Foreigners who visited Medellin during 2023

The growing interest of tourists has managed to position Medellín as one of the favorites for digital nomads, pensioners, and those looking to invest and settle in this city due to its quality of life, climate, and low prices compared to countries like the United States or the United Kingdom. However, as the number of people in the city begins to increase, crimes such as robbery or homicides are also growing. Below are the death statistics of foreigners in Medellín in recent years.

Deaths of foreigners in Medellín
Deaths of foreigners in Medellín
Deaths of foreigners in Medellín

The official figures were reported by the Public Ministry (Ministerio Público), and according to the data obtained, the causes of these deaths have been homicides, deaths from drug overdoses, scopolamine, suicides, and accidental deaths.

“The number of deaths, like other crimes against foreigners, have been increasing as more people from other latitudes come to the city wanting to come to the city for various reasons,”

Remember that we think about your safety at Medellin Guru, so we made a guide to emergency numbers, which you can call in Bogotá, Medellín, Cali, and Barranquilla; you will find hospital and police lines in each neighborhood. Download it for free below.

The Dating Apps

With the rise of social networks and digitality, it is common for interpersonal relationships to migrate to a virtual context. This has changed how people relate to and look for a partner.

Applications like Bumble or Tinder are some of the most downloaded by those who want to meet others when traveling in other countries or cities. In fact, since the pandemic, the download of these applications has been increasing.

Colombia is the fourth country in Latin America with the most users on this type of platform.

Colombians who use dating apps

US Citizens and Dating Apps

Last week, the news of an alert issued by the United States Embassy went viral, in which it warned its compatriots about the use of dating applications in Colombia, especially in Medellín, Cartagena, and Bogotá. This is due to the increase in the number of deaths of US citizens in the country.

In this statement, the embassy makes it clear that the method by which they are robbing and murdering American citizens is using recognized dating applications, in which the victim and the criminal agree to have a meeting in public places such as hotels, restaurants, and pubs. Afterward, they agree to have a more intimate encounter in another place, where they are generally drugged with scopolamine, and finally, they are robbed, and in other cases, they are killed.

Restaurants are a good option to meet people you don_t know
Restaurants are a good option to meet people you don´t know.

This information is related to the latest figures delivered in 2023 on the deaths of foreigners in the country, in which it was evident that US citizens are more murdered than other nationalities.

American citizens

12 People.

UK citizens

3 People.

Argentine Citizens

2 People.

Other nationalities

13 People.

An alert that draws attention not only to US citizens but also to foreigners who are in the country.

However, the Mayor of Medellín, Federico Gutiérrez, spoke out on the matter and assured that he wants to return security to the city for its inhabitants and foreigners.

“We want more and more foreigners to come, with US citizenship, Europeans, Asians, those who want to come to Medellín, but we want them to come in your tourism that adds value. We don't want those tourists who come to exploit our children and adolescents sexually, they are screwed here,”

Currently, Medellín is also having a big problem with the issue of prostitution in tourist places such as Parque Lleras or Provenza.

Considering that American citizens are currently one of the most vulnerable populations in Medellín, we created an emergency guide they can resort to in the event of a robbery, attempted scam, or any help they require. You can then download it for free.

Medellin Guru Guides

Download Safety Guide for US Citizens in Colombia we have created with helpful information about Medellín and Colombia.

Scopolamine May Be Present on Dating Apps

Scopolamine, also known as “devil’s breath,” burundanga, and hyoscine, is a chemical substance that is made from the Scopolia plant. This plant is most commonly found near Bogotá and also in the departments of Atlántico and Magdalena in Colombia.

Scopolamine (Hyoscine) was first written about in 1881 and started to be used for anesthesia around 1900. Hyoscine is produced from plants of the nightshade family.  The name “scopolamine” is derived from one type of nightshade known as Scopolia, while the name “hyoscine” is derived from another type known as Hyoscyamus niger.

Hyoscine has several legitimate medical uses and some side effects.

  • Postoperative nausea and vomiting.

  • Motion sickness.

  • Gastrointestinal spasms

  • Renal or biliary spasms

  • Eye inflammation

Scopolamine is known to produce a loss of memory and hallucinations following exposure to larger doses, which is similar to the effect of benzodiazepines or alcohol poisoning, which can affect the ability to resist criminal aggression. If you want to know more about scopolamine, some side effects, places in Medellín where it is most common, and statistics, we have a complete blog, which you can read.

Safety Tips for your Dates

Although the statement from the United States Embassy warns against using dating applications in Medellín, Bogotá, and Cartagena, we know that digitality is an important part of human relationships. Therefore, we will give you some tips so that you can meet people on these applications safely, tips that the United States Embassy also gave.

Person sharing their location
Person sharing their location

Dating Tips: 1.Meeting your dates

When you meet someone online, you must have been talking to that person for some time. You follow them on social networks and check that they have added family and friends to their contacts.

Once you meet them, do it in public places such as shopping centers, restaurants, bars, and spaces with many people. This way, it will be less likely that something will happen to you.

Also, send your location to friends and family so they know what you are doing.

Person showing his ID
Person showing his ID

Dating Tips: 2.Be careful in your encounters

If, after meeting in a public place, you decide that it is a good idea to go to your house or hotel room, talk to the doormen or security officers and establish a protocol with them in which your guest will have to show their identification to enter and leave your house. Also, agreeing that this person cannot leave your home with objects such as cellphones or computers will be a good idea.

People on social networks meeting others
People on social networks meeting others

Dating Tips: 3.Listen to your intuition

If perhaps, before, during, or after your meeting, you feel that there is something strange or you do not feel comfortable, listen to yourself and do not put your personal belongings or even your life at risk in these situations.

Be careful with the people you meet online
Be careful with the people you meet online

Dating Tips: 4.Don't resist theft

According to the United States Embassy in Colombia, it is most advisable that you do not basically resist the robbery because it will be more likely that they will murder you to steal your belongings. 

Remember that in case of emergency, you can go to the different police stations and hospitals that are in your city. You can find more details in our guide below.

Medellin Guru's Safety and Security Series

Bottom Line: Medellin dating tips: Advice for foreign men

During recent years, Medellín has been the favorite destination for foreigners looking to invest, retire, or stay to live in the city. However, with the massive arrival of people to the city, crime also increases.

The issue of digitality and meeting people through social networks is another tool that facilitates crimes against foreigners in the city, and the United States Embassy has already sent an alert about it. Although, there are some safety tips you can practice if you want to meet people online.

Medellin Guru Social media

Be part of our community. Find out about news, participate in events and enjoy the best of the city.

Editor’s notes: The article was updated on January 16, 2024, with figures on foreigners in Medellín, new photographs, and security tips.

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41 thoughts on “Medellín dating tips: Advice for foreign men”

    1. Mark Bachrach January 26, 2024

      “you decide it’s a good idea to go to your house or hotel.” NO! Never a good idea with someone you don’t know well. Invite them to a motel (in a taxi you called). If they’re willing to go to your house but not to a motel, you know it’s a setup.

    2. My god, these girls seem so hot, but so disrespectful and retarded. Who can put up with that?

    3. Thanks for the tips, especially number ten. I have fallen for this more times than I can count and was never in my nature to be difficult or play games.. BUT always wondered why I’d loose ground and things would fall apart.. Finally I understand… I always chalked it up to the good guy finishing last, but now I have a better understanding of what’s expected and I’ll do better going forward. Nothing like having the answers to the test before the test… Thanks

    4. Waltraud Arnst November 22, 2020

      What’s up, I wish for to subscribe for this blog to take most recent updates, so where can i do it please help out.|

    5. Hey !

      Some girls on tinder ask me if it is okay if I pay their taxi fare or uber fare.

      Is this a bad sign?

      • Not necessarily. It is relatively common to ask for you to pay their taxi.

        • Thanks for your reply and your amazing blog ! I learned so much from it !

          Anyways I have gone out with a couple of more Colombian girls before and they never asked.

          As you know on Colombia tinder there are alot of pregaros ( prostitutes ) as well as gold diggers who are looking for financial support from men ( especially forigners )

          I do not like these kind of women and i do NOT want to be that gringo ! As I know some gringos buy girls clothes and stuff !

          My question to you Jeff is if you meet up with a girl from tinder and you had a great date and towards the end she says can you pay for my taxi or uber, does this mean she is looking at me as a man that she could use for her financial benefits in the future ? She knows im only in town for a month. We had a coffe date at the mall, she actually went and topped up her phone but NEVER asked me for money then. BUT when we got to the end of the date she said can you pay for my uber.

          What do you think ?

    6. Abdullah May 14, 2019

      Thank you Jonathan for this!
      I like the article, and I like the way you try to explain some thing culturally.
      Thank you Jeff too.

    7. james heinrich January 7, 2019

      I would like to communicate directly with you

    8. Scott Banks December 29, 2018

      Jonathan, I stumbled upon your web site and I would like some advice. My enquiry is not directly related to me learning about dating a Colombian woman as I am already in a committed relationship with a woman in Meta Colombia. My partner and I are trying to establish a business in the dating industry prior to her relocation to Australia to be with me and we are looking to establish complimentary relationships with Colombian nationals that have expertise in the international dating industry in Colombia. Primary dating And cultural advisors, travel and tourism advisors, and language and translation advisors.

    9. I had a girl break up with me because i wouldnt buy her a bed. Shocked how she called me so much and showed she cared. Then i didnt buy her a bed and she broke up with me.

      she is a college girl and works but all the work is part of the college program. i sleep over her house often anyways she moves and she ask me if i will buy her a bed for us. i say maybe if i like the apartment. She goes ahead and gets a new bed(her mother bought it ) then asks me for money for it. if i dont pay she will be forced to get a second job to pay her mother back (bull shit!!) i dont pay because i feel disrespected she bought it and ask me for money… it would be one thing for us to shop together for a bed. but it wasnt like that…
      2 days later im sleeping and i dont pick up my face time call. and she says she is finished with me for cheating. (wtf? i was sleeping) like how can you go from wanting to move in with me, call me multiple times a day to being finished with me just like that… be careful for the gold diggers boys. i got played! and heart broken. but its ok ill move on. but stil hurts

    10. Brock Canner March 21, 2018

      Jonathan, next to Jeff I’ve learned so much a big thank to you both. No need to get back. heading out for a while,

    11. Brock Canner March 21, 2018

      Fabi, Amen to that brother, Brock Canner here

    12. Hi Jonathan, I’m a Colombian woman that now is the girlfriend of a «gringo guy», we have laughed a lot of your post, very accurate information!! hahaha … have luck all you guys, my boyfriend and I are very happy since we met.

      • Well, my Colombian GF told me she put a comment here, so I figured I should drop my experiences. I spent over two months in Colombia last year, living in Bogota, Medellin, and Cartagena. I’m a young, potential retiree (44), that was about 3 months into my world tour, and Anna (38) is a PhD student with a super successful career already underway. Almost all of the info is spot on, but it is based on lots of generalizations. I had many first dates….I think almost zero second ones (my choice) because of a lot of the above info. On my last week, I randomly bumped into Ms. A in a rock bar in Laureles. I stared at her for 40 minutes before speaking my crappy Spanish and within 20 minutes, all the stereotypes were out the window. My point is that you will truly never know when things will happen. It could be a subway, library, class, bar, or website. What matters is getting out and availing yourself. I met a fantastic woman that isn’t any of the traditional stereotypes, much like I’m not one either. Now, my world tour has been cut short and I’ll be in Medellin full time in March….and yes, learning better Spanish. It’s a great place where I feel very much at home.

        • Hey Anna, Jesse,
          Just saw your answer… Happy you had fun with this article, and awesome that you found each other!

          You’re right, you never know when it’s gonna happen…
          Maybe today is your day!
          J –

    13. Jonathan makes some very good points. And I agree that discotecas are not a good place to meet women. I have blue eyes which gets me lots of compliments from women during everyday life when I approach women and talk to them. Also nice to see you didn´t use model photos in the article and included some photos of more typical paisa women.

      • jonathan January 2, 2018

        Yeah, thanks for noticing that 🙂
        Not only models are beautiful…

        • Fabi G. Johns March 20, 2018

          That is fantastic… and so true, beauty comes from within…

    14. Nice read. The taxi tip is especially a good one. That can catch one off guard if unaware

    15. Great insight, Jonathan. Do you think these ladies might realise that, when dealing with a foreign man, they should consider being a little more amicable since the man is, most likely, not experienced with silly games and is most interested in “chemistry”?

      • jonathan January 2, 2018

        Hey Don,
        Many will be friendly, I put the accent on some cultural differences that can occur…
        Don’t get discouraged, at the end of the day it’s a number’s game isn’t it?
        Have fun discovering the differences!

    16. 1. To be honest, I am getting far more practical tips from this website than the Hobo Traveler website I paid money to in order to be a “verified” member! Jonathan, your tips are excellent. I have learned so much from your article. In my coming 6-month visit to test the waters, I hope to meet you.

      2. As a young retiree, I am interested in mature professional Colombian women who are independent financially and I was thinking that attending church services — to pray first — would offer me the opportunity to meet such women after church service. Such women are likely not to be looking for US green cards. Such mature women may be divorcees or widows who would want to retire at home. This is why the university students thing does not appeal to me personally. What is your take on my suggestion? Hope to hear from you.

      • Jonathan January 2, 2018

        Hey Jacques,
        Thanks, happy that was useful!
        I guess you can’t go wrong if you put yourself into the culture – like by attending church services.
        Get your Spanish up to speed, and go for coffees!
        All the best,
        J –

    17. Brock Canner December 30, 2017

      Jonathan, one more question. I’m a bit short for a man. 5’4″ is that a problem? Have been to Spain, Peru, and especially in Peru felt like I was a taller than most of the women.

      • Hi Brock, there is a range of heights of women here. You will find many shorter than you and also some that are taller. The average woman´s height in Colombia is reportedly 158.65 cm (5′ 2.4″).

    18. Brock Canner December 30, 2017

      Thanks Jonathan, Great, and informational post. Is macho the best approach, of is it better to just be who you are. Not that I’m not a bit macho, but don’t like to play games. Was also wondering if Medellin, is better than Cali for for meeting women? Another question I have is do Colombian women like long hair on a US man. I mean ponytail long, or shorter hair is more to women’s liking? Thanks again Jonathan, I learned much that my help me here.

      • Hey Brock,
        As I described, there is a bit of a game, at least at the beginning… so accepting every woman’s whims most probably won’t work.
        I don’t know about Cali, sorry… and I don’t think the length of your hair matters, as they will look at your attitude mostly – and sometimes financial situation haha.
        5’4″ should be fine – but be confident, you worry too much 🙂

        • Brock Canner December 30, 2017

          Thanks Jonathan,much appreciated, Just want some woman who likes me for who I am.
          Happy New Year!!!!

      • Annie l. August 31, 2019

        Hey Jonathan, not all women in Medellin are late to dates or places, some of us like to be punctual or sometimes even arrive before the guy arrives

    19. Thanks Jonathan, some good points and LOL at that gringo in shorts photo. I am tired of seeing gringos dressed like that. The biggest tip is learn some Spanish. And definitely need to watch out for women that ask for things not just money.

      • Learning Spanish will get you far here, for sure.
        How about setting up a language exchange date, where you practice Spanish for an hour, then it’s her turn to practice English?

        • Si Señor Jonathan, I am about to try that strategy in Colombia when I move there next year. Great suggestion! Gracias!

      • nothing wrong with shorts in medellin. Spoke to a few beutiful girls that i dated and they see no issue with it. They say only if you go out at night or on a date(As discussed in this article) then it is pathetic . but shorts and tshirt are fine during the day for errands. yes youll stand out. but you wont be the gringo clown everyone laughs at. only if you wear it at parque llures at night.

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