Confusion About Medellin Guru Among Readers
There continues to be confusion about Medellin Guru from our readers. We are not a travel agency, we are not a visa agency, we are not an insurance company.

Confusion About Medellin Guru Among Readers

There continues to be confusion about Medellin Guru from our readers. We are not a travel agency, we are not a visa agency, we are not an insurance company.

Don’t ask us for visa quotes, insurance quotes, to help you plan your travel or to help you find an apartment.

We hope this article clears up some confusion. Medellin Guru is a travel blog with many articles that can help expats with living in Medellín and Colombia.

Also, Medellin Guru starting offering services in March 2019. Since that time with our partners we have helped over 1,240 clients with visas, insurance, expat consultations, real estate services and Spanish classes.

Many Medellin Guru readers have been asking for services to help with relocation. So, we offer a number of services with our partners.

Readers Continue to Have Confusion About Medellin Guru

Questions from many Medellin Guru readers indicate there continues to be confusion, thinking that Medellin Guru is a visa agency or insurance agent or real estate agency or a Spanish school due to having many articles about these topics on Medellin Guru.

We cannot provide quotes for visa services, insurance services or real estate services or Spanish classes. You need to contact our partners.

Medellín Guru's relocation services

Medellín Guru’s relocation services

Medellin Guru’s Relocation Services

We partnered to offer visa, health insurance, real estate and Spanish school services to foreigners to help with relocation:

These partnerships are affiliate relationships (like the Amazon affiliate program). If you use these partner services, Medellin Guru receives a small commission and you support the website. This is at no additional cost to you. The price remains the same, whether you use a button or affiliate link on this website or not.

When I moved to Medellín over eight years ago there was little help available for foreigners. And our goal with our relocation services is to make it easier for foreigners to move to Medellín.

We DO NOT Accept Advertising or Sponsored Posts

What is different about MedellinGuru.com than many other travel blogs? Unlike many other travel blogs, you won’t find advertising, sponsored content or paid trips on this site.

Medellín Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) - read our FAQ

Medellín Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) – read our FAQ

Before Asking Questions, Read Our FAQ and Follow These Guidelines

Keep in mind we have a list of 34 Medellín frequently asked questions, which answers many common reader questions.

If you ask a question answered by this FAQ, we may not respond to your question or will just refer you to this FAQ.

We don’t respond to all questions, make sure to follow these guidelines

  • We don’t do sponsored posts or advertising, see our About page.
  • We don’t respond to people asking to post links in our articles.
  • We aren’t a travel agency and questions asking to book your trip will not be answered
  • If you work in press relations (PR), please don’t send press releases.
  • Don’t ask drug, sex-related or illegal activity questions, such questions will not be answered.
  • Keep your questions short, maximum of two paragraphs.

But we do Provide Expat Consultations

Moving to a city in a foreign country is complicated. We  offer personalized expat consultation services via the phone or in-person to help make your relocation to Medellín successful.Over the past 24 months, we have helped over 440 Medellin Guru readers with our expat consultation service.

We answer all your questions about visas, renting apartments, neighborhoods, health insurance, investments and buying property and many other topics. Many of our latest questions have been about coronavirus and all the restrictions Colombia is putting in place.

Many Medellin Guru readers asked for such a service and ways to talk with and meet with Jeff, the founder of Medellin Guru.

By getting to know you and your family, we can recommend which areas to consider for finding a home in Medellín based on your needs and tastes and also provide advice for your relocation or vacation.

Our expat consultation service is provided by Jeff, the founder of the Medellin Guru blog.

Jeff the founder of Medellin Guru

Jeff the founder of Medellin Guru

Jeff is well-qualified to provide expat consultation services:

  • Is an expat originally from the U.S. and has lived in Medellín for over eight years in five different neighborhoods.
  • Is married to a Colombian with a child.
  • Runs the most popular blog out of the English language blogs in Colombia, Medellin Guru, with over 100,000 visitors per month.
  • Before the pandemic, hosted the monthly Medellin Guru Meetups in Medellín, the largest events for foreigners in Medellín, which averaged 175 attendees for each of our 14 events.
  • Has helped thousands of foreigners over the past several years by answering questions on the Medellin Guru website and on Facebook groups.
  • Has expert resource partners to help answer questions, including a visa agency, health insurance broker and real estate agency. Also, has other experts identified for legal issues, healthcare and other topics. In addition, Jeff can make referrals to over 100 contacts.

Over the past 21 months we have helped over 440 Medellin Guru readers with our expat consultation service.

Our expat consultation service is provided via Skype call or in-person meetings in Medellín, with the following options:

  • 30-minute Skype call – $35 USD
  • 1-hour Skype call – $45 USD
  • 1.5-hour in-person meeting in Sabaneta for up to 3 people – $75 USD
  • 1.5 hour in-person meeting in El Poblado or Envigado for up to 3 people – $ 95 USD

Note that payment for these consultation services is accomplished on the Medellin Guru website using the secure credit card services of Stripe when you schedule a call or in-person meeting.

To use our Expat Consultation service click on this link – Expat Consultation: Medellin Guru Provides Consultation Service and you can schedule a Skype call or in-person consultation.

The Bottom Line: Confusion About Medellin Guru Among Readers

We hope this article clears up some confusion. Readers, we want to emphasize that Medellin Guru is travel blog and is not a travel agency. Also, we are not a visa agency, we are not an insurance company and we are not a real estate company.

So, don’t ask us for quotes for visas or insurance or to help you find an apartment.

However, we partnered with other companies to offer visa services, insurance services, real estate services and Spanish classes to readers.

Medellin Guru readers, please reach out to our partners if you need quotes or have specific visa, insurance or real estate questions.

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Editors note: updated on January 30, 2022 to add details.

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