Update on Medellin Guru Services for Expats in Colombia
Moving to a city in a foreign country is complicated. Medellin Guru offers services for expats in Colombia. In 36 months we helped over 1,380 clients.

Update on Medellin Guru Services for Expats in Colombia

Moving to a city in a foreign country is complicated. Medellin Guru offers services for expats in Colombia. In 36 months we helped over 1,380 clients.

Medellin Guru starting offering services in March 2019. Since that time with our partners we have helped over 1,380 clients with visas, insurance, expat consultations, real estate services and Spanish classes.

In August, September, October and November, December 2021, January, February and the beginning of March we helped over 400 new clients. And since March 2019, we helped a total of over 1,380 Clients.

Many Medellin Guru readers have been asking for services to help with relocation. So, we offer a number of services.

Also, our services can be used not only in Medellin but throughout Colombia.

Medellín Guru's relocation services

Medellín Guru’s relocation services

Medellin Guru’s Relocation Services

We partnered to offer visa, health insurance, real estate and Spanish school services to foreigners to help with relocation:

These partnerships are affiliate relationships (like the Amazon affiliate program). If you use these partner services, Medellin Guru receives a small commission and you support the website. This is at no additional cost to you. The price remains the same, whether you use a button or affiliate link on this website or not.

When I moved to Medellín over eight years ago there was little help available for foreigners. And our goal with our relocation services is to make it easier for foreigners to move to Medellín.

Medellin Guru Visa Service: Providing Colombia Visa Services

Medellin Guru Visa Service: Providing Colombia Visa Services

Medellin Guru’s Visa Services is Our Most Popular Service

Medellin Guru partnered with a visa agency to offer Colombia visa services to foreigners at a very competitive price with a convenient office located in El Poblado in Medellín.

The Medellin Guru visa service was launched in March 2019. In this time, 555 visas have been successfully received by clients:

  • 204 Retirement visas
  • 147 Marriage/partner visas
  • 86 Student visas (visitor visas)
  • 39 Resident visas
  • 26 Investment visas
  • 14 Work visas
  • 5 Beneficiary visas
  • 4 Mercosur (M) visas
  • 4 Rentista visas
  • 26 other visas

Also, our visa service renewed 63 American passports in Bogotá using our passport renewal service and provided visa stamping service to 10 clients (getting the visa in a customer’s passport who applied for a visa himself before the pandemic). In addition, 28 clients extended tourist visas using our tourist visa extension service.

So, in total we had 656 clients of the Medellin Guru visa service in 36 months.

In addition, many more visas are in process – short, medium or longer term, depending on client needs.

Use the Medellin Guru Visa Service

Expat Consultations by Medellin Guru

Expat Consultations by Medellin Guru

Medellin Guru’s Expat Consultation Services

Moving to a city in a foreign country is complicated. Starting in December 2019, we began to offer personalized expat consultation services via the phone or in-person to help make your relocation to Medellín successful.

We answer all your questions about visas, renting apartments, neighborhoods, health insurance, buying property and many other topics. And many of our latest questions have been about coronavirus and all the restrictions Colombia put in place.

Many Medellin Guru readers have been asking for such a service and ways to talk with and meet with Jeff, the founder of Medellin Guru.

By getting to know you and your family we can recommend which areas to consider for finding a home in Medellín based on your needs and tastes and also provide advice for your relocation or vacation.

Our expat consultation service is provided by Jeff Paschke, the founder of the Medellin Guru blog. Since we launched this expat consultation service in December 2019, we have helped over 485 Medellin Guru readers.

Use the Medellin Guru Expat Consultation Service

Medellin Guru’s Insurance Services

We partnered with  a bilingual insurance agent who speaks English and Spanish. And she has many foreigner clients.

Features of this Colombian insurance service include:

  • Office in El Poblado in Medellín.
  • Bilingual – English and Spanish.
  • Online quotes.
  • Free consultations.
  • Offers health insurance, auto insurance, homeowners’ insurance, life insurance and travel insurance.

Over 237 Medellin Guru readers have obtained insurance in Colombia through our insurance agent partnership including health insurance, auto insurance, homeowners insurance, life insurance and travel insurance.

Use the Medellin Guru Insurance Service

Update on Premium Content on Medellin Guru – New Access Method

Update on Premium Content on Medellin Guru – New Access Method

Medellin Guru Premium Content

Medellin Guru also offers premium content that is only available through subscriptions on Patreon.

Medellin Guru uses a partial subscription model with premium content locked for paying subscribers.

Also, starting several months ago we starting offering a new access method to our premium content to solve access issues some subscriber were having.

Since we started offering premium content in February 2022, we already have over 920 subscribers.

Subscribe to Medellin Guru on Patreon

The Bottom Line: Update on Medellin Guru Services for Expats in Colombia

In 35 months, we already helped over 1,380 clients with our visa servicesinsurance services, real estate services, apartment rentals and expat consultations.

We want to thank our partners and clients and subscribers! We now have a total of over 2,000 clients and paying subscribers.

Note that our visa servicesinsurance services and expat consultations can be provided remotely to any city in Colombia. Also, our real estate services partner RE/MAX has offices in Medellín, Bogotá, Cali and Barranquilla.

Moving to a city in a foreign country is complicated and our goal with our services for expats is to make this easier for foreigners in Medellín and other cities in Colombia.

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Editors note: updated on March 15, 2022 with updated client counts.

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