Expat Consultation: Medellin Guru Offers "Ask the Guru" Service
Moving to a city in a foreign country is complicated. We have helped over 475 clients with our expat consultations via phone or in-person meetings.

Expat Consultation: Medellin Guru Provides Consultation Service

Moving to a city in a foreign country is complicated. We  offer personalized expat consultation services via the phone or in-person to help make your relocation to Medellín successful.Over the past 24 months, we have helped over 475 Medellin Guru readers with our expat consultation service.

We answer all your questions about visas, renting apartments, neighborhoods, health insurance, investments and buying property and many other topics. Many of our latest questions have been about coronavirus and all the restrictions Colombia is putting in place.

Many Medellin Guru readers asked for such a service and ways to talk with and meet with Jeff, the founder of Medellin Guru.

By getting to know you and your family, we can recommend which areas to consider for finding a home in Medellín based on your needs and tastes and also provide advice for your relocation or vacation.

Our expat consultation service is provided by expatgroup.co.

Relocation Services from Medellin Guru

Medellin Guru has been rolling out several relocation services to help foreigners relocate to Medellín.

We now offer an expat consultation service that can help you get your questions answered before you arrive or when you first arrive.

In addition, we partnered to offer visa, health insurance, real estate and Spanish school services to foreigners to help with relocation:

With our services we helped over 1,300 clients with visas, insurance, expat consultations, real estate services and Spanish classes in 35 months.

These partnerships are affiliate relationships (like the Amazon affiliate program). If you use these partner services, Medellin Guru receives a small commission and you support the website. This is at no additional cost to you. The price remains the same, whether you use a button or affiliate link on this website or not.

We have additional relocation services in-work, which we plan to roll-out in early 2020.

When I moved to Medellín over eight years ago there was little help available for foreigners. And our goal with our relocation services is to make it easier for foreigners to move to Medellín.

We can meet in person or talk on google meet for our expat consultation

We can meet in person or talk on Skype for our expat consultation

Use Medellin Guru’s Expat Consultation Services

Over the past 21 months we have helped over 475 Medellin Guru readers with our expat consultation service.

Our expat consultation service is provided via google Meet.

Note that payment for these consultation services is accomplished on the Medellin Guru website using the secure credit card services of Stripe when you schedule a call

It is easy to schedule a call or in-person meeting below – click on one of the four photos below, which will bring up a calendar and secure way to pay online:


[learn_more caption=”Schedule appointment with expatgroup.co” state=”open”] [/learn_more]


View of Medellín from Pueblito Paisa, photo by Jenny Bojinova

View of Medellín from Pueblito Paisa, photo by Jenny Bojinova

The Bottom Line: Expat Consultation: Medellin Guru Offers Expat Consultation Service

Expat consultation is a service offered by Medellin Guru via google meet. We have helped over 475 Medellin Guru readers

This is part of Medellin Guru’s relocation services we are rolling out, which have helped over 1,300 Medellin Guru readers. We currently offer visa services, insurance services, real estate services through recommended affiliate partners.

We are considering rolling out additional relocation services this year. Moving to a city in a foreign country is complicated and our goal is to make this easier for foreigners for Medellín.

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Editors note: updated on March 7, 2022 with current client counts and updated prices.

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24 thoughts on “Expat Consultation: Medellin Guru Provides Consultation Service”

    1. Jon Wolaver April 2, 2021

      i want to sign up for the 1/2 hr. consultation, but do not see just how to do so. Please inform.

      • Click on the “30 Minute Skype Call Price $25” picture in the article. That will take you to a schedule and a way to pay securely.

      • I sent you an email with a screen shot..

    2. Jon Wolaver April 2, 2021

      i want to purchase the 30 minute consultation, but how do i sign up?? I don’t see any sign yp buttons

      • Click on the “30 Minute Skype Call Price $25” picture in the article.

    3. Jon Wolaver April 2, 2021

      i want to signup for your consultation service, but am unsure about skype. Do i have to have it on my computer, or do i click on a link?

      • Yes, need Skype on your computer. It is free to download and easy to set up.

    4. I had an in person consultation in Sabaneta with Jeff this past week. Jeff is very knowledgeable and answered all my questions about everything. We covered health insurance, visas, apartment rentals, finding bilingual help, getting cell phone service, Spanish school options and much more. Jeff provided so much information that will make my move to Medellin so much easier.

    5. Hi Jeff, thanks for the consultation on Skype today. You professionally and completely answered all my questions about visas, neighborhoods, renting apartments and medical care and insurance. I look forward to meeting you at one of your events early next year.

    6. Jeff,
      I’m not sure this is the right format to use, but I have two questions which I would like your input. I have apnea and require distilled water for use with the CPAP unit. Do you know where distilled water (preferable in gallon containers) can be purchased? The second question concerns sourcrout. Is this furmented cabbage (packaged in cans in the U.S.) available anywhere in Medellin, and if so where?
      Thank you for any help concerning these questions!

      • Hi Norm, most pharmacies (farmacias) typically have distilled water, ask for agua destilada.

        I don’t use sauerkraut haven’t seen sauerkraut but will ask around.

      • Hi Norm, I asked around and one foreigner said that sometimes you can find sauerkraut in Carulla. Also, some restaurants have sauerkraut on the menu such as Marietta and The Smokin’ Pit .

        In addition, you can make sauerkraut yourself: https://thepioneerwoman.com/food-and-friends/how-to-make-sauerkraut/

      • Hi Norm, sauerkraut is hard to find. I have only seen it once at Carulla. I agree with Jeff that you can make it yourself since it is pretty easy to find cabbage.

        • Thank you Jeff for info on sourcrout, but think making it here is not practical at this juncture. Certainly appreciate all your helpful information, and the time and effort you dedicate to doing it!

    7. Joseph Mancini December 15, 2019

      Good Morning Jeff. I overstayed my Tourist visa. Still within the 180 day limit. I went to Immigration last week. Was interviewed, picture and prints taken. They said I would receive an email before the 19th. Worse case I would have to pay a Multa. She gave me a website I will be directed to inorder to get more permanent visa. I have a guarantted monthly income, STRS, (State Teachers Retirement System) of a large sum of money. Any advice appreciatted. Have a blessed day

    8. Ali Jannati December 13, 2019

      Hello Jeff, and thank you for your informative reply to my inquiry. It is always helpful to have a Guru to rely on.
      What documents do I need to have with me to apply for resident visa (R). Does my wife need to appear in the immigration office as well? I have my income verification letter by the SSA certified in the American Embassy. I am not exactly sure what other documents I would need.
      Kind regards,

      • Hi Ali, see our popular article about the resident visa to see what documents are required- https://medellinguru.com/resident-visa/. And no your wife does not need to to. Also, you can use a visa service to avoid a trip to Bogotá if you aren’t in Bogotá. We partnered with a visa agency that offers reliable visa services for a price that is lower than law firms and most visa agencies. – https://medellinguru.com/medellin-guru-visa-services/

        • ALi Jannati December 19, 2019

          Hello again Jeff,
          New development. As I mentioned before I have a TP 10 visa that will expire by 7 of February. I have been in Colombia for at least 7 years with this visa (with the renewals). I would like to change my visa to M-11 Retirement Visa because my Colombian wife and I have been separated for a few years and she is not willing to sign a letter stating that we are still married but living separately.
          The question is, would there be an issue with switching to M11 visa. Would the Colombian Immigration official (s) ask me or inquire as to why I am requesting the M11 visa instead of the R Visa?
          Thanks very much in advance for your reply,

          • Hi Ali, I recommend asking the visa agency we partnered with, as they may have had clients who have done this – https://visasincolombia.com/ from this link there is a chat at the bottom right where you can chat with the visa agency during business hours.

    9. Ali Jannati December 12, 2019

      Hello to all,
      I have an old T-10 Visa (marriage), that has will expire on 7 of February 2020. I am planning on applying for permanent visa (M Visa) since I have been living in Colombia with the T visa for the past 7 years.
      Anybody knows when would be the earliest I can apply for the new visa before my current visa expires (Feb 7, 2020)?

    10. Thanks for offering this service and love your blog that has so much helpful information. I signed up for an in person meeting in January when I arrive.

    11. As a critical reader I enjoy analyzing blogs, & newspapers from the standpoint of journalistic integrity. Over time it becomes easier to form an opinion as to what extent a blog or an author is legit or self serving at the expense of the reader. To my way of thinking Medellin Guru is a trustworthy and solidly informed resource.

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