Colombia has a growing number of Colombia Blogs by expats, as the country continues to attract foreigners. So, we provide a guide to the top Colombia Blogs by expats.

We look at 27 Colombia Blogs comprehensively including the 16 top Colombia Blogs by expats in English that are still actively publishing, 3 Colombia Blogs in other languages and 8 Colombia Blogs that are no longer active (no longer publishing). We also identify 7 Colombia Blogs by expats that have been taken offline.

In Colombia, the expat community is still relatively small. And the expat Colombia blogging community in Colombia is tiny.

But the Colombia Blogs by expats now cover several different cities in Colombia and also provide different expat perspectives. We all experience Colombia differently and may have different interests and different ages.

If you read my articles on this site, you see that I cover both the benefits of living in Colombia as well as the downsides. But to me the benefits greatly outweigh the downsides.

However, if you are interested in seeing what other expats have to say about Colombia, here is a comprehensive guide to the Colombia Blogs by expats.

Top 16 Colombia Blogs in English by Expats – Active Blogs

This list of 16 Top Colombia Blogs in English by expats includes only established blogs focused on Colombia that are actively publishing. So, general global travel blogs with several country sections that also happen to include a Colombia section are not included.

These top Colombia Blogs by expats are ranked in order by Facebook likes on October 1, 2018, since this is publicly available information. The blogs without Facebook are put at the end of the list.

Medellin Guru's website

Medellin Guru’s website

1. Medellin Guru – 15,033 Facebook Likes (+1,221 from August)


City focus: Medellín

Launched: July 2017

Average posts per month: 17.1 (256 posts July 2017 to September 2018)

Medellin Guru (this site) is the newest English-language blog in Colombia that was launched a little over a year ago. In this short time, it has grown to become the most popular English language active blog about Colombia in terms of Facebook likes and followers.

On this Medellin Guru site, I and several additional writers share entertaining stories; cover the best places; provide useful travel tips, living tips; offer amazing photos and sometimes fun-filled adventures in Medellín and the rest of Colombia. The site covers everything from expat tipsdaily life, restaurants, things to do, pueblos, visas, city comparisons, transportation and much more.

I am originally from Dallas, Texas in the U.S. but I have lived in Medellín for over eight years. You can see my story about how I discovered Colombia and moved to Medellín. In addition, I recruited 15 additional expat writers who have published articles on Medellín Guru. So, you can get a wide perspective of several expats’ experiences in Medellín.

Also, all the content on the Medellin Guru website is being kept up to date. Already, over 80 of the 256 articles on the site have been updated since originally published due to things that have changed or reader comments.

Medellin Living's website

Medellin Living’s website

2. Medellin Living – 8,630 Facebook Likes (+41 from August)


City focus: Medellín

Launched: February 2009

Average posts per month: 2.3 (35 posts July 2017 to September 2018)

Medellin Living is the Granddaddy of the expat Colombia blogs since it has been around the longest. It was launched in 2009 by backpacker David Lee as he was traveling the World for his GoBackpacking blog.

David discovered Medellín and was enamored with the city and wanted to help get the word out about the misunderstood city. The Medellin Living site grew over the years to hundreds of posts covering restaurants and nightlife and much more. But most of these posts are now out-of-date.

But David was a victim of cyberstalking in late 2015 and he left Medellín and sold the Medellin Living site. David is no longer involved with Medellin Living and the new owners have chosen to remain hidden from the public. But they still use David’s name to solicit donations from readers, even though David is long gone.

Full disclosure: I used to be the main writer for Medellin Living for three years and the editor of that site for six months. But I quit writing for that site and decided to launch the Medellin Guru website in July last year, as I felt that Medellin Living was quickly becoming out-of-date with literally hundreds of posts from years ago that are never being updated.

Sarepa website

Sarepa website

3. Sarepa – 3,207 Facebook Likes (+16 from August)


City focus: Covers many parts of Colombia

Launched: April 2012

Average posts per month: 0.5 (7 posts July 2017 to September 2018)

Sarepa was launched in 2012 by Australian Sarah Duncan. She studied journalism at the University of Queensland in Brisbane, Australia. And Sarah began working for local magazines and newspapers before deciding blogging was her natural fit. She works as a freelance writer for several publications including lifestyle magazines, business blogs and travel publications.

Her blog Sarepa documents her love affair with Colombia and is her way of saying thank you to a country and a people that has given her so many wonderful memories.

Medellin Buzz's website

Medellin Buzz’s website

4. Medellin Buzz – 2,638 Facebook Likes (+9 from August)


City focus: Medellín

Launched: December 2016

Average posts per month: 1.7 (25 posts July 2017 to September 2018)

Medellin Buzz was started by Andrew Macia a few years ago as a way to offer information in English about Medellín so his English students could practice reading at home.

Medellin Buzz covers a variety of topics about living in Medellín with a focus on dating, nightlife, holidays, festivals and more.

Andrew as born in Colombia but was raised in southern California and moved back to Colombia in 2010. He is the founder of a local Digital Marketing Agency and no longer teaches English. But he still likes to find out more about Medellín and write about it on his blog.

Pereira City Guide's website

Pereira City Guide’s website

5. Pereira City Guide – 1,847 Facebook Likes (+36 from August)


City focus: Pereira

Launched: June 2016

Average posts per month: 3.1 (47 posts July 2017 to September 2018)

Pereira City Guide was launched by Erin Donaldson with a goal to provide information about what Pereira has to offer visitors. The site also has a free eBook “Pereira City Guide: La Ciudad Sin Puertas” available when you sign up for the site newsletter.

The site is the only English-language blog about Periera and it has published 47 posts since it was launched.

Erin is originally from the U.S. She quit a boring sales job and moved to Colombia. According to her site, Erin had faced the challenge of limited jobs and opportunities in the U.S. – especially in agriculture.

Bogotastic website

Bogotastic website

6. Bogotastic – 1,634 Facebook Likes (+7 from August)


City focus: Bogotá

Launched: January 2015

Average posts per month: 1.7 (25 posts July 2017 to September 2018)

Bogotastic was started by Jade in January 2015 as an expat Colombia Blog with a goal to share cultural insights from her expat point of view. She is not a tourist and is planning to stay in Colombia long-term. And she says that she doesn’t “see Colombia through rose-tinted glasses” but tries to see the bright side of things.

Bogotastic has posts about a number of topics including living in Bogotá, Colombian food, weekend getaways, traveling in Colombia and several others.

After working a couple years in Luxembourg, Jade thought it was a boring city but with nice salaries and steady jobs. However, she didn’t want the house and babies her friends were planning on having. So, she moved to Bogotá with her Colombian partner looking for a change of pace.

Catalyst Weekly's website

Catalyst Weekly’s website

7. Catalyst Weekly – 1,431 Facebook Likes (+110 from August)


City focus: Medellín

Launched: November 2016

Average posts per month: 7.5 (112 posts July 2017 to September 2018)

Catalyst Weekly was launched in November 2016 with a goal to offer the latest information on local events in Medellín and places to go.

The site offers a weekly newsletter that is chock full of local events in Medellín. The site also has a growing Medellín directory with lists of restaurants, doctors, co-working sites, Spanish schools and Spanish tutors, Salsa schools and more.

Catalyst Weekly was started by Ximena and Anton. Ximena is a Colombian who was raised in Kansas City. Ximena has been living in Medellín for over six years and was a former writer for the Medellin Living site. Anton is an Australian who has been living in Medellín since February 2016.

Colombian Lifestyle's website

Colombian Lifestyle’s website

8. Colombian Lifestyle – 898 Facebook Likes (+10 from August)


City focus: Medellín, Bogotá, Cali and Cartagena

Launched: Mid-2015

Average posts per month: 3 to 4

Colombian Lifestyle is a blog that was launched by the real estate firm FAR International to help expats transition to living in Colombia.

In mid-2015, this site was originally launched as Medellin Lifestyle but it was changed to Colombian Lifestyle in mid-2016 when FAR International expanded to other cities in Colombia.

This blog has posts about a variety of topics including things to do, nightlife, neighborhoods, museums, real estate and other topics for the four cities of Medellín, Bogotá, Cali and Cartagena. In addition, I’m aware that one of the writers for this blog, Ryan, used to write for Medellin Living.

Cali Adventurer's website

Cali Adventurer’s website

9. Cali Adventurer – 860 Facebook Likes (+7 from August)


City focus: Cali

Launched: May 2015

Average posts per month: 0.5 (8 posts July 2017 to September 2018)

Cali Adventurer was launched by Patrick in May 2015 and is the only active expat Colombia Blog focused just on Cali.  The site has many posts about Cali including things to do, where to stay, culture and much more.

Patrick is Danish and has lived in Cali since August 2013. His blog is about life in Cali and Colombia, seen from the eyes of an expat and investor. His goal with his blog is to help out fellow tourists, residents, investors and digital nomads.

How to Bogotá website

How to Bogotá website

10. How to Bogotá – 860 Facebook Likes (+7 from August) 


City focus: Bogotá

Launched: December 2013

Average posts per month: 1.4 (21 posts July to September 2018)

How to Bogotá was launched by Naomi in December 2013. Naomi is a freelance writer and translator originally from south-east London, UK. She moved to Bogotá in October 2013 for reasons of the heart.

During her first month or so in Bogotá, she felt disorientated and overwhelmed. She felt she really could have done with a “Bogotá handbook.” So, once she settled in, she decided to start her own blog about life in Bogotá.

On her blog, she offers tips which she feels would have helped her in the beginning during her move to Bogotá. Topics covered on the blog include life in Bogotá, accommodations, work, money, food, safety and much more.

Flavors of Bogotá website

Flavors of Bogotá website

11. Flavors of Bogotá – 838 Facebook Likes (+4 from August)


City focus: Bogotá

Launched: 2013

Average posts per month: 1.3 (19 posts July to September 2018)

Flavors of Bogotá is a blog launched by Karen Attman, a woman from the U.S., and Peter Corredor, a guy from Colombia. Both have a love for food and the restaurant scene in Bogotá.

Almost twenty years ago Karen left her hometown of Philadelphia to pursue expat life and she now lives in Bogotá. She teaches a university coffee course at Universidad La Sabana in Bogotá. And she even published a book about specialty coffee in Colombia available on Amazon:

Flavors of Bogotá is a different blog than all the other Colombia blogs as its focus is on food and coffee. Flavors of Bogotá is essentially a food blog dedicated to discovering the best of Colombian cuisine. It covers food events, Colombia ingredients, coffee and coffee shops, chef interviews, restaurants and street food and more.

They also offer specialty coffee shop tours in Bogotá, Medellín and Cartagena.

Richard McColl's website

Richard McColl’s website

12. Richard McColl – No Facebook


City focus: Bogotá and Mompos

Launched: December 2011

Average posts per month: 0.9 (14 posts July 2017 to September 2018)

Richard McColl launched his blog back in December 2011. His blog has posts discussing many Colombia issues from his perspective of a journalist. In addition, Richard also hosts a popular Colombia Calling podcast weekly. McColl’s blog isn’t very active, averaging less than one post per month.

Originally from London, England, Richard spent a large part of his formative childhood years moving from house to house to several cities including London, Portugal, France, Mexico and the U.S. Richard embarked on a career in journalism, cutting his teeth in the industry in Costa Rica before returning to the UK. He then became an expedition guide, social projects coordinator and freelance journalist dividing his time between Bolivia, Brazil, Ecuador and Peru.

Richard eventually settled in Colombia. He spends his time now between the La Casa Amarilla guesthouse he opened in Mompos in 2008 with his wife and Bogotá where he works as a journalist.

Colombia Travel Reporter's website

Colombia Travel Reporter’s website

13. Colombia Travel Reporter – No Facebook


City focus: All of Colombia

Launched: July 2017

Average posts per month: 1.7 (24 posts July 2017 to September 2018)

Colombia Travel Reporter is a blog by expat Jon McInnes who is a snowbird from Detroit, Michigan in the U.S. And he spends his winters in Colombia.

This is a blog site that doesn’t have a Facebook page I could find. And this blog averages only about 1.7 posts per month. So, it’s not very active. A few posts on the site are about Ecuador and were not included in the count.

Grupo Amos on Colombia's website

Grupo Amos on Colombia’s website

14. Grupo Amos on Colombia – No Facebook


City focus: Medellín and Manizales

Launched: June 2017

Average posts per month: 1.5 (22 posts July 2017 to September 2018)

Grupo Amos on Colombia is a blog by expat Greg Amos who previously lived in Manizales and moved to Medellín.

This is a blog site that doesn’t have a Facebook page I could find.  This site isn’t very active and averages only about 1.6 posts per month.

Colombia Personal Blogs by Expats

There are two Colombia blogs by expats that are more personal blogs that are older style blogs.

Mike’s Bogotá Blog's website

Mike’s Bogotá Blog’s website

15. Mike’s Bogotá Blog – No Facebook


City focus: Bogotá

Launched: April 2010

Average posts per month: 12.2 (183 posts July 2017 to September 2018)

Mike’s Bogotá Blog is a personal blog covering all types of things related to Bogotá. This is one of the oldest English-language Colombia Blogs by an expat.

Mike also runs the popular Bogotá Bike Tours, which offer tours of Bogotá via bicycles as well as bicycle rentals in Bogotá.

Unfortunately, this blog site doesn’t have a Facebook page but it has 232 followers on Google+. And it’s an older style blog hosted on that hasn’t been updated to newer blog technologies and styles.

A Gringo in Medellin's website

A Gringo in Medellin’s website

16. A Gringo in Medellin, Colombia – No Facebook


City focus: Medellín

Launched: March 2013

Average posts per month: 31.7 (474 posts July 2017 to September 2018)

A Gringo in Medellin, Colombia is a personal blog by expat Terry Anderson who posts about daily about his experiences living in Medellín.

This is another blog site that doesn’t have a Facebook page but it has 32 Google+ followers. In addition, this is an older style blog with few photos hosted on that hasn’t been updated to newer blog technologies and styles.

Other Colombia Blogs by Expats – Not Active

The following are seven Colombia blogs in English by expats that are no longer active, as there has been no recent activity with no new posts published in the past three months or even longer. Three of these blogs haven’t had any new posts in over a year or much longer.

These not active blogs are in order, starting with the blog that most recently stopped publishing posts. If any of these blogs become active again it will be moved to the above active Colombia Blog list.

Note that it takes a lot of work to manage a travel blog. And some expats leave Colombia or get involved in other work, which is why their blogs may become inactive or eventually get taken offline.

Vida for Two website

Vida for Two website

Not Active #1. Vida for Two – No Facebook


City focus: Medellín

Last post: August 2018

Average posts per month: 1.1 (16 posts July 2017 to August 2018)

Vida for Two was launched in January 2016 by Eleni and Mario and published a total 16 posts since launch and is not very active. This blog has technical problems and you can no longer see the posts so it was moved to inactive blogs.

This blog covered intercultural dating in Medellín based on their experience.

Eleni is the gringa in the relationship. She is originally from Southern California and lived in Seattle, Quito and San Francisco before moving to Medellín. Eleni is a marketer, blogger and entrepreneur. Eleni is also the founder of the Women Entrepreneurs of Medellín group.

Mario is the paisa in the relationship. He is a freelance photographer and a drummer in multiple local bands.

Barranquilla or Bust's website

Barranquilla or Bust’s website

Not Active #2. Barranquilla or Bust – 293 Facebook Likes


City focus: Initially Barranquilla

Launched: July 2012

Last post: February 2018

Barranquilla or Bust was launched by Courtney in July 2012. Courtney moved from Miami to Barranquilla in July 2012 and then to Medellín in July 2014.

Courtney’s goal with her blog is to share her experience living in Colombia with content that is entertaining and insightful. Since the site was launched it has published 80 posts. Also, this is an older style blog that is hosted on

A Little Cameo website

A Little Cameo website

Not Active #3. A Little Cameo – No Facebook


City focus: Santa Marta and Bogotá

Launched: December 2010

Last post: January 2018

A Little Cameo is a personal blog originally launched in December 2010 by Australian Camile starting with a stint in Los Angeles when she discovered she didn’t have the passion she thought for the film industry.

She had a long-distance relationship with a Colombian and moved to Colombia to live with her Colombian boyfriend in Santa Marta. And seven month later she moved with him to Bogotá.

Her blog covers her experiences in Colombia living first in Santa Marta and then in Bogotá over a period of more than five years in Colombia. But in January 2018, she posted that she is moving back to Australia with her Colombian significant other. And there have been no more blog posts.

Also, this is an older style blog that is hosted on

Medellin en Tres' website

Medellin en Tres’ website

Not Active #4. Medellin en Tres – 15,761 Facebook Likes


City focus: Medellín

Launched: February 2017

Last video post: October 2017

Medellin en Tres is a video blog (Vblog) that was launched by Jared Couch last year. Jared is from the U.S. and he arrived in Medellín in January 2016.

After serving six years of military service in the U.S. Army, Jarad wanted to change his life’s course and study Spanish. With the recommendation of some friends, he arrived in Medellin with a pre-perception of the city, due to the media and Hollywood. However, what he found was something very different than the city’s reputation abroad.

Wanting to boost his Spanish, Jared started a specialization in political communication at EAFIT University. Also he had several volunteer positions in the city. After having an amazing experience, he wanted to do something to show the world the city of Medellín from his point of view as a foreigner. So, he launched Medellin en Tres in February last year.

Medellin en Tres has Spanish language videos with English captions. It quickly became very popular on Facebook with over 15,000 likes and many Colombian followers due to having Spanish-language Vblog videos.

Unfortunately this video blog site published its last video in early October 2017. Since that time it has only published a few very short (about 300 word) posts in Spanish and English.

Banana Skin Flip Flops website

Banana Skin Flip Flops website


Not Active #5. Banana Skin Flip Flops – 2,495 Facebook Likes


City focus: Bogotá

Launched: April 2010

Last post: August 2017

Banana Skin Flip Flops is a blog started in 2010 by British writer Victoria Kellaway who lives in Bogotá. I followed this blog after I moved to Colombia. Victoria writes some thought-provoking posts.

Since its launch, this blog has published over 270 posts. But last year it published only seven posts and the last post was published in August 2017.

Honestly Cali website

Honestly Cali website

Not Active #6. Honestly Cali – No Facebook


City focus: Cali

Launched: November 2014

Last post: February 2016

Honestly Cali is an expat Colombia blog that was started by Marie from London, UK in 2014. This blog is a mixture of her life experience as an expat in Cali, Colombia and the challenges she encountered with regards to job hunting.

This site stopped publishing new content in February 2016. This is an older style blog that is hosted on Weebly.

Medellín Vida website

Medellín Vida website

Not Active #7. Medellín Vida – 4,308 Facebook Likes


City focus: Medellín

Launched: July 2012

Last post: February 2015

Medellín Vida was launched in July 2012 as a way to promote the good things that Medellin has to offer. It was reportedly the joint effort between a team of Americans and some native Colombians.

However, this blog stopped publishing new content in February 2015. So, it has many out-of-date restaurant, nightlife and other posts.

The Tall Gringo website

The Tall Gringo website

Not Active #8. The Tall Gringo – No Facebook


City focus: Bogotá

Launched: November 2010

Last post: December 2011

Honestly Cali is a personal blog that was started by Mike Hower, an expat from California in the U.S. This blog documents Mike’s experiences while living in Colombia for a year in Bogotá and teaching English in Bogotá’s southern slums as part of Harvard’s WorldTeach program.

This site stop publishing new content in December 2011. And this is an older style blog that is hosted on

Non-English Blogs

There are a few non-English Colombia Blogs I am aware of that are worth following if you speak the languages or Google translate is your friend.

Colombia Travel Blog website

Colombia Travel Blog website

Colombia Travel Blog


Language: Spanish (and some older English posts)

Colombia Travel Blog is popular as it is in Spanish and covers all of Colombia. It has over 32,000 likes on Facebook. This blog was founded in 2010 by Colombian Marcela Mariscal who works with her husband JL Paster on the blog. But this blog doesn’t have many recent posts.

This blog used to have Chris Bell as an expat contributor in English. But Chris posted his last post on August 30, 2017, which indicated he was leaving Colombia after three years of contributing to this blog. And the English posts on this site have since stopped.

Colombia de Una website

Colombia de Una website

Colombia de Una


Language: Spanish

Colombia de Una is another blog in Spanish by Toya, who is an expat originally from Spain. Her goal with her blog is to travel Colombia to tell the world how Colombia really is, beyond the typical topics and what the media tells us. website website


Language: Italian was started by Sardinian Roberta Padroni. This blog was born after her first trip to Colombia in 2015. And in January 2016, she left London permanently to follow one of her dreams: traveling.

She has traveled many months as a single woman in Colombia. And she discovered a country with an immense cultural richness that has nothing to do with the stereotypes that the mass media and the Hollywood TV series portray.

Dead Colombia Blogs by Expats

The following is a list of seven Colombia Blogs in English by expats that I am aware used to be active. But they are no longer found online.

So, these Colombia Blogs were shut down by their owners for one reason or another. There may be others that I’m not aware of.

Toucan's website - A Medellín City Guide

Toucan’s website – A Medellín City Guide

Not a Blog But Worth Mentioning

Toucan Spanish School in Medellín produces a a Medellín City Guide and Directory that isn’t technically a blog but is worth mentioning, as it has some good general Medellín information about things to do, where to stay, getting around and much more.


Blogs and Websites by Medellin Guru Authors

Several of the authors on the Medellin Guru website have blogs and websites but they aren’t necessarily focused just on Colombia. So, several are not included in the above Colombia Blogs list.

Here are the blogs and websites of the Medellin Guru authors:

The Bottom Line: Top Colombia Blogs by Expats

When I originally moved to Colombia over eight years ago, most of these Colombia Blogs by expats didn’t exist and it was difficult to find accurate information about living in Colombia as an expat. So, I had to learn many things on my own.

But now there are several Colombia Blogs by expats with valuable information about expat experiences about living and visiting Colombia. However, still be careful as a number of these blogs aren’t updated as things change. So, they can have out-of-date information, particularly for older posts. Also, the quality and features of these blogs vary widely.

Furthermore, the Colombia Blogs by expats change from year to year. New blogs may get launched, while others may get turned off or go inactive.

Things are constantly changing in Colombia. So, like all other articles on the Medellin Guru site, which are kept up-to-date. We plan to periodically update the above list of Colombia Blogs by expats as things change.

If you happen to know of any Colombia Blogs by expats missing from this list please let us know in the comments and we’ll update the list.

Also, we have looked at top Colombia books by expats that can help travelers visiting Colombia or considering moving to Colombia better understand the complex country.

In addition, “What are the top Colombia blogs?” is a question asked by some expats who are looking to find out more about Colombia.  So, we included this question in our list of Medellín frequently asked questions (FAQ).

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Editors note: updated on August 1, 2018 to revise list: moved one blog to active blogs and updated Facebook likes.

Editors note: updated on September 1, 2018 to reorder list with updated Facebook likes.

Editors note: updated on October 1, 2018 to reorder list with updated Facebook likes and moved one blog to active blogs and one to inactive blogs.

Editors note: updated on October 7, 2018 to add the Colombia Travel Reporter blog.