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After some extensive research trying out many places, we give you our top picks of the best brunch places in the El Poblado area of Medellín. Enjoy!

8 Best Places for Brunch in El Poblado, Medellín – Update 2023

Brunch.  That one word conjures up a myriad of emotions and images. Lazy Sundays. Endless cups of coffee. Long chats with friends. Scrambled eggs. Crispy bacon. Freshly baked bread.

I love Sunday Brunch. It’s one of my guilty pleasures. A reward for getting through a hard week. Something that I have indulged in since I became a working singleton. It’s my favorite weekend pastime.

Occasionally, I’ll go with friends, but more often than not I’ll go on my own. A date with myself if you like. Me time. Time to reflect, to decompress, to recharge.

I recently lived in South Korea for a year, where Asian’s had a disappointing take on this quintessential American meal. Dishes were crammed with everything conceivable onto one plate – scrambled eggs, bacon, a waffle, and a side salad. There wasn’t much variation from that.

So, arriving into a city that has extensive Western brunch options has delighted me to no end. And caused havoc with my waistline. Needless to say, I have been indulging in a fair bit of weekend brunches since arriving in Medellin three months ago.

After seeking out all of the establishments that I could find that offer brunch – and after extensive tasting – I offer you my selection of the eight best places in which to while away the weekend:

1. Best for Something Different – Botanika

The brunch menu at Botanika is not your staple offering.  The dishes here are a little quirky.  But I like that.  And I like the vibe.  It is where the alternative Pergamino digital nomad crowd hang out on their MacBook Pros.

 Here you will find options for all tastes, for those who want to take care of themselves, they will find bowls starting at 20,000 pesos and for those who prefer something more Colombian, they will find the option of Calentado Botánika, a mixture of beans, rice, chicharrón, eggs, arepa and avocado for 35,000 pesos.

One of my favorite dishes on the menu is the Encrusted Avocado (28.000 COP).  Essentially, it is a mango sized avocado encrusted with black and white sesame seeds.  The core has been hollowed out and replaced with a creamy mushroom mixture, topped with  two poached eggs, and some edible flowers for garnish. The result is a piece of natural artwork that looks too stylish to eat.

This integration of nature into the cafe is at the heart of Botanika’s core concept.  The dishes include fresh herbs and plants and its open patio seating is surrounded by lush green plant life.  It’s like dining in an urban jungle oasis.

Botanika morphs into a bar/restaurant at night, so if you want a mimosa or Bloody Mary with your brunch, then this is definitely the place to head.

Address: Calle 9a # 37-03, Poblado, Medellín

Brunch Hours: 9:00 am to 12:00 pm everyday

For the best Eggs Benedict in Medellín, head to Ganso and Castor

For the best Eggs Benedict in Medellín, head to Ganso and Castor

2. Best for Food – Ganso & Castor

For foodies, Ganso & Castor offers the tastiest fare with the best quality ingredients.

When I arrived on a Sunday at 11:00 am eight people were already waiting to be seated. The mixture of locals and expats was an indication that the food here was going to be of the highest quality.  And it is.

Their brunch menu includes an extensive selection of typical Western dishes from eggs Florentine (25.900 COP) to salmon and cream cheese bagels (35.000 COP)  to pancakes to granola with Greek yogurt (18.900 COP).  For those on a low carb diet, there is even a baked egg option.

I ordered the Eggs Benedict (27.900), which the American lady waiting in line had recommended.  Although the dish was served with ham instead of my preferred Canadian bacon, the rest of the components were spot on.  The eggs were runny.  The hollandaise sauce was rich, creamy and with a just the right hint of lemon. The slightly grilled English muffins tasted homemade. And there were even two sprigs of asparagus.

Ganso and Castor exudes a French themed ambience.  The walls are white washed.  The oak tables and chairs rustic.  The concertina folding doors extend the restaurant seating to an a more relaxed alfresco dining terrace.  With the lazy jazz music lilting in the background you could easily while away a few hours here.

The only downside for me is the coffee offering. My coffee snob friend Amanda had warned me that it wasn’t drinkable.  So, I ordered a strong cold brew instead.  Feeling adventurous, I choice the one with added lemon and chocolate. I should have changed my mind when the waiter asked, ‘Are you sure you want that? It is strong. Don’t try it.  It’s awful.

It’s a shame that the coffee didn’t match the food, otherwise this would become my favorite locale for brunch. Ganso & Castor used to have a location in Provenza but now has two other locations.

Addresses: Carrera 43E # 11a-30 in Barrio Manila and Carrera 44 # 19a-100 Local 103 in Ciudad del Rio

Hours: Manila location open 7 am to 7 pm every day. Ciudad del Rio location open Monday to Thursday: 11 am – 8 pm; Friday and Saturday: 8 am to 8 pm; Sundays and Festivals: 8 am to 6 pm

Telephone: +57(4) 268 95 53 (Manila location)

For the most extensive brunch offering in Medellín, head to D’Andre Gourmet

For the most extensive brunch offering in Medellín, head to D’Andre Gourmet

3. Best for Extensive Variety – D’Andre Gourmet 

D’Andre Gourmet has been around for awhile and you’ll see it pop up on a number of listings as ‘The Best’ brunch place in Medellín.

I went there a few Sunday’s ago.  And whilst I found the ambiance a little sterile, I couldn’t fault the food. My cream cheese bagel –  served with Serrano ham, scrambled eggs, avocado and tomato -was bursting with flavor and tasted fresh baked.

If you aren’t as bothered by interior decor as I am, then I would certainly add D’Andre to your brunch list. But only because they have such an extensive menu offering.  In fact, the choice is overwhelming.  The four pages cover a wide variety of omelettes, bagels, and baked egg dishes.  (35.500 COP).

They are also one of the view establishments in the area to offer some typical Antioquian dishes like the Arepas de Chócolo which includes two arepas de chócolo topped with mozzarella cheese and served with two eggs and a sausage  (28.000 COP).  .  Or you can go all out Colombian with the Desayuno paisa – rice and beans with tomato, onion and coriander; two eggs of your choice , sausage and arepas with fresh cheese. (25.900 COP)

One other downside to D’Andre is that in the three months that I’ve been here I’ve noticed that they keep somewhat irregular hours.  So don’t count on this place being open if you head there on a Sunday morning.

Location: Carrera 37 # 10 – 15 Poblado, Medellín – Colombia

Hours:  7:00 A. m – 4:00 P. M

Park 37’s corner location next to a stream offers the best alfresco brunch dining option in El Poblado

Park 37’s corner location next to a stream offers the best alfresco brunch dining option in El Poblado

4. Best Alfresco Dining – Park 37

For brunch in an alfresco setting, then head to Park 37. Situated on a corner lot, this bar come restaurant come cafe is one of the most tranquil spots in El Poblado to enjoy a lazy brunch.

If you choose to sit outside on the tree-stump seats, you’ll be treated to the sounds of a babbling stream and the rustling of trees swaying overhead.  You’ll also avoid the noise of drills and hammers from all the construction happening near more busy areas on Calle 37. The sign of progress is good, but annoying when you’re trying to unwind.

The brunch menu is also copious here.  With five pages of options, there is sure to be something to your liking.  Health nuts will love the variety of granola bowls on offer that can come served with soy milk, acai, and even matcha.

Traditionalists will be spoiled with range of six different egg options. Choose from poached eggs benedictine-style to vegetable and cheese stuffed omelettes, to eggs en Francis served in a butter croissant.  Alternatively, go local with the Enjoy Colombia option that includes a fried egg and guacamole on a croquette of sweet plantain. These options are between 20,000 and 30,000 pesos.

Those with a sweet tooth will be delighted with the variety of French toasts offerings.    Options include sweet French toast topped with strawberries and maple syrup; a savory bacon and cheese French toast served with maple syrup, and my favorite, peanut butter French toast with caramelized nuts and bananas. Whipped cream extra. . These options are between 21,500 and 25,000 pesos.

Park 37 also has an in-house bakery downstairs, so if these options are a bit heavy for you then just indulge in a butter croissant or some banana bread.

Location: Carrera 37 # 8A-4, Poblado, Medellín

Brunch Hours: Tuesday to Friday: 8:00 am – noon; Saturdays, Sundays and Festivals: 9:00 am to 1:00 pm

Crepes and Waffles chain of restaurants  in Colombia offers a variety of brunch options wrapped up in a crepe

Crepes and Waffles chain of restaurants  in Colombia offers a variety of brunch options wrapped up in a crepe

5. Best Chain Restaurant – Crepes and Waffles

I think the name says it all.  What else could you want for breakfast? The omnipresent Crepes and Waffles chain can be found at numerous locations around the city, which makes it my go-to-choice when I just can’t decide.

I am obsessed with their open-faced French style crepe which is surrounded by Serrano Ham. Nestled in the middle are two over easy eggs.  A slightly different take on brunch, but a delightful addition to the expansive brunch répertoire available in Medellín.

Since you are already indulging in brunch, why not top off your meal with a waffle and some creamy helado. Crepes and Waffles offers the best arequipe ice cream and waffle combination in the city.

Here you will find options for brunch from 12,000 pesos onwards.

The only real downside to Crepes and Waffles is that they don’t open until noon.

Two Poblado Locations: Carrera 36 # 10-54, Medellín and Av. Poblado # 5A-233,

Brunch Hours: Noon until late.

For a five star brunch, head to the boutique hotel The Charlee on the corner of Parque Lleras in the heart of El Poblado

For a five star brunch, head to the boutique hotel The Charlee on the corner of Parque Lleras in the heart of El Poblado

6. Best 5 Star Brunch – The Charlee

For a special occasion, I would recommend heading to the The Charlee. Their signature restaurant on the ground floor offers white-linen dining sure to impress.  The breakfast buffet includes your choice of eggs cooked to your taste and prepared on order.

The al a carte menu includes one of my favorite breakfast staples – the breakfast burrito.  I opted for the ATC Burrito – a white flour tortilla stuffed with scrambled eggs, bacon, mozzarella cheese and avocado.  Served with a homemade hash brown patty.

Their Ranch Burrito sounded equally scrumptious.  A green plantain, hash browns, tortilla filled with red beans, cream cheese, avocado, onion and tomato, pork ham, and chorizo, accompanied by hot sauce and guacamole. At 18,000 pesos for the burrito options, you won’t be paying much more than the main dishes at other restaurants mentioned here, but you get the cache of dining at an opulent locale.

The Charlee Interior

The Charlee Interior

The upmarket chic ambiance is heightened by the fact that the open-air deck allows a gentle breeze to waft over you as chill out.

Keep an eye out for their occasional Sunday brunch slash rooftop pool parties.  These special events offer unlimited bubbles with some tunes.

Location: Calle 9A # 37-16

Hours: Everyday from 6:00 am

Telephone: +57 4444 968

For a quick brunch bite - and the best cup of coffee - head to Pergamino or Velvet cafe on Carrera 37 in El Poblado

For a quick brunch bite – and the best cup of coffee – head to Pergamino or Velvet cafe on Carrera 37 in El Poblado

7. Best for Colombian coffee – Pergamino and Velvet

Pergamino and Velvet occupy rival positions across the street from each other on Carrera 37.  Hailed as the two best coffee shops in El Poblado, I’d head here if your brunch requires several cups of craft coffee.

They both do offer a limited range of breakfast dishes from baked eggs to granola parfaits, but the food isn’t the focus here.  The coffee is. And to be honest, for me, brunch without a decent cup of coffee is really not worth having.


Location: Carrera 37 Calle # 8A-46, Vía Primavera.

Hours: 8:00 am to 8:00 pm Monday to Saturday; 11:30 am to 8:00 pm Sundays.


Location: Carrera 37 Calle # 8A-37, Vía Primavera

Hours: Monday to Fridays 8:00 am to 9:00 pm; Saturdays 9:00 am to 9:00 pm; Sundays 10:00 am to 6:30 pm


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The Bottom Line: The Best Brunch Places in El Poblado

Several years ago, there were very few places in Medellín to indulge in a traditional Sunday brunch. Now, areas like El Poblado have a vast array of cafe options to choose from and a variety of dishes to eat.

Have I missed your favorite brunch spot? Leave a comment below to let us know.

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Editors note: updates on March 6, 2021 to remove Cacoa Brunch, which is closed and add two location for Ganso & Casto, which no longer has a Provenza location.

Editors note: update on June 23, 2023 to add prices and changes in hours and addresses. 

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    2. I use Jeff’s recommendations as my main source. We don’t always agree, but I found his reviews to be the most reliable. For the past almost 2 months, I’ve been meeting my friend for Sunday breakfasts/brunches. At first we stuck with a reliable Colombian restaurant, Carbon de Leña in Envigado. There may be a few other locations. It is highly recommended (especially the price), but it got tiring. So, I turned to Jeff’s recommendations.

      First, the good. No, great. Ganso & Castor in Provenza provided by far the best brunch I’ve experienced in Medellin. I’ve been craving eggs benedict ever since I got here 6 months ago. Ganso & Castor did an incredible job with this dish, as good as any I had in NY. The potatoes though, were just ok, nothing special – I got the square golden fried potatoes. The coffee was nothing special either. Actually, my friend had to send back his cafe con leche once or twice because it was cold. Other than that, great OJ and atmosphere. My friend’s American breakfast looked perfect as well as the bacon. I only mention the bacon because I rarely see thin sliced crisp bacon here.

      Second, The Charlee, a hotel in by parque Lleras that serves brunch. There was absolutely nothing special about it and the offerings were limited. it did have an egg station that provided scrambled eggs or an omelette. There were only 2 choices of breads and only 2 choices of pastries. It had the usual assortment of fruits and cereal. It was adequate, nothing more. Not worth the price in my opinion, 49 mil.

      • Actually, this brunch article is not my recommendations — was written by Gwendolyn. I disagree with inclusion of a couple on the list like The Charlee.

        • Love Ganso. The Charlee is a huge miss here – definitely not good quality, quantity, or value. The two best and most interesting brunches for the cool crowd are missing – Le Brunch and Gardenia. Maybe because they’re not in Poblado proper, so maybe we need a broader listing?

          • Team medellinguru.com November 15, 2023

            Hi Alan, thanks for your suggestions. We will definitely be making a larger list of brunches in the city, not just about El Poblado! We invite you to keep an eye on Medellin Guru.

    3. Thanks Gwendolyn for recommendations! So far I’ve tried Cacao, Ganso y Castor and Al Alma. All great!

    4. Maria RENDON November 4, 2017

      Café Macanas! They don’t have many options but is delicious!

    5. I guess you speak and tras un spanish, so ….mucha gracias por sus excelentes descripciones de restaurantes para el brunch. Felicitaciones. (in English: Thank you very much for your excellent descriptions of restaurants for brunch. Congratulations)

    6. To me, Sunday brunch always is a buffet. I noticed that the Charlee has a buffet but what others are also buffets?

      • I have been to a few of these other places like Crepes and Waffles and they don´t have buffets. Buffets are not very common in Colombia in my experience.

        This is a great list and I´ll have to try some other places.

    7. Great list. Thanks for taking the time to research and write this!

    8. There are also a ton of places in Laureles, Crepes and Waffles included!

    9. Thanks for the recommendations Gwendolyn. I´m sure you had a nice time researching this article. I look forward to visiting these places.

    10. Mary Johnson October 25, 2017

      Nice list and I´ll have to try several of these as I love brunch. I have only been to Crepes and Waffles and Pergamino.

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