Popular Sports Bars in Medellín
We look at 5 popular sports bars in Medellín, which are good places to watch major sporting events like the Super Bowl, World Cup, World Series or NBA finals.

5 Popular Sports Bars in Medellín to Watch the Super Bowl – Update 2023

We look at five popular sports bars in Medellín, which are good places to watch major sporting events like the Super Bowl, World Cup, World Series or the NBA finals.

Usually the Super Bowl always takes place in the month of February. So we look at where you can watch the Super Bowl in Medellin.

Super Bowl is the championship game of the National Football League for the NFL season.  For example, in this 2023, the final was between Eagles vs. Chiefs and finally, the Kansas City Chiefs won.

Several Medellin Guru website readers asked what are good places in Medellín to watch the Super Bowl and NFL games. So, this article looks at six very popular sports bars that will have the Super Bowl and NFL games. And these five sports bars have a total of 12 locations in Medellín where you can watch the Super Bowl or other sporting events.

There are many places in Medellín where you can watch the Super Bowl and other major sporting events. I asked several of my friends for criteria for a good sports bar in Medellín. So, in this article, we used the following criteria for choosing our popular sports bars in Medellín.

  • A place that has sufficient televisions, so everyone can watch.
  • Good food and a variety of drinks available.
  • Well located, so it’s easy to get to. Also, located only in a popular neighborhood for expats (El Poblado, Laureles-Estadio, Envigado or Sabaneta).
  • Attractive women, either employees or customers.

Note the above photo was taken at the grand opening of Ay Wey Bar & Grill, a sports bar in Medellín that opened in early February 2018, which we included in this article as it meets all the criteria.

Also, some readers asked about U.S. sports like NFL football available with sound in English. So, the sport bars were contacted and the article was updated with information if the sports bars have sound in English available.

Here’s our list of five popular sports bars in Medellín, including the one that opened in February 2018 that many expats won’t know about. And these are in no particular order.

Inside Ay Wey Bar & Grill

Inside Ay Wey Bar & Grill

1. Sports Bars: Ay Wey Bar & Grill

Ay Wey Bar & Grill is a place that opened in El Poblado in early February 2018 and has become popular. Furthermore, the official grand opening was on Friday, February 2, 2018, which means it opened just in time for the 2018 Super Bowl.

An expat I know that I ran into in Parque Lleras in El Poblado told me about this new place. So, I went to check it out on the opening and I was impressed. They had attractive women outside for the grand opening as well as many attractive waitresses. So, the place was pretty busy. I expect this place will become even more popular once word gets out about it.

Ay Wey is a bar/restaurant that serves Mexican food and it has a fairly full bar. In addition, it has many televisions for watching sports from around the world. Furthermore it is open most days from noon to 4 am. So, it serves lunch and dinner.

Website: https://www.ayweysportsbar.com/

Sound in English available: Yes

Phone: +57 316 373 8211

Address: Calle 10 #35-33, located a couple blocks from Parque Lleras in El Poblado.

Some of the women working at Ay Wey Bar & Grill, photo courtesy of Ay Wey Bar & Grill

Some of the women working at Ay Wey Bar & Grill, photo courtesy of Ay Wey Bar & Grill

The Menu at Ay Wey Bar & Grill

Ay Wey Bar & Grill serves Mexican food. It has a relatively short menu with several Mexican items on the menu. There are five different tacos on the menu that cost 8,900 pesos each. And there are four different burritos on the menu.

Also, there is super nachos on the menu with tortilla chips, grilled beef, refried beans, sour cream, cheddar cheese, guacamole and pico de gallo, which is intended to share for three people.

While I didn’t happen to see a bar menu while at Ay Wey Bar & Grill, they looked to have a fairly well stocked bar with several beer options and many liquors available. I saw several customers ordering margaritas and other mixed drinks.

Ay Wey Bar & Grill also serves breakfast, which I plan to return to try out.

Waitresses at the Medellín Hooters

Waitresses at the Medellín Hooters

2. Sports Bars: Hooters

U.S. based Hooters has over 430 locations in 44 states in the U.S. and 28 other countries. Hooters in the U.S. is known or its attractive waitresses. In Colombia, Hooters has restaurants located in Bogotá, Medellín and Cali. Reportedly the Hooters in Medellín opened in 2009.

Hooters in Medellín is a popular place to watch sports and they have many televisions.  You’ll typically see the Hooters packed for major sporting events like the Super Bowl and World Cup.

I have been to the Hooters in Medellín several times in the past seven years with friends, mainly to watch sporting events. The experience and atmosphere is very similar to a Hooters in the U.S.


Sound in English available: Depends, at times yes but also at times no.

Phone: +57 4 4488440

Address: Carrera 37A # 8-44, in Parque Lleras in El Poblado

Wings at Hooters, photo courtesy of Hooters Medellín

Wings at Hooters, photo courtesy of Hooters Medellín

The Menu at Hooters in Medellín

The menu at Hooters in Medellín is similar to the menu you would find at a Hooters restaurant in the U.S. but with some additions.  For example, I haven’t seen bacon wrapped wings at Hooters in the U.S. But Hooters in Medellín has them. And obviously you won’t find Aguardiente in the U.S.

The buffalo wings are the most popular item on the menu at Hooters. The original Hooters style wings or boneless wings are priced at 25,000  pesos for six, 35,000 pesos for 10 wings, 50,000 pesos for 15 wings, 65,000  pesos for 20 wings and 150,000  pesos for 50 wings. I have eaten at Hooter several times and they have good wings.

The other types of wings at hooters like the Daytona Beach Style wings or Bacon Wrapped wings are more expensive. In addition, there are 12 different sauce options for the wings.

There are many other items on the menu including burgers for 35,900 to 44,900 pesos; five different salads for 32,000 pesos; five different sandwiches for 37,000 pesos each and five different seafood options for 36,900 to 39,900 pesos.

In addition, there are 14 different appetizers on the menu including quesadillas, cheese sticks, nachos and fried pickles. The appetizers range in price from 20,900 to 65,500 pesos.

On the drink menu at Hooters in Medellín are 11 different beers ranging in price from 13,000 to 14,000 pesos. Also, Hooters has a fairly full bar with many cocktail and liquor options.

Waitresses at Patrick's Irish Pub

Waitresses at Patrick’s Irish Pub

3. Sports Bars: Patrick’s Irish Pub

Patrick’s Irish Pub is a large sports bar in Parque Lleras in El Poblado that enables customers to enjoy an American sports bar experience. This is the largest sports bar in this list with two floors. And it is very popular with expats and tourists.

Every Sunday during the football season in the U.S. they tend to have every NFL game playing on the televisions. And you’ll sometimes find some customers wearing their favorite team’s jersey. I have even seen preseason games there. You can also see college football, which is more difficult to find in other sports bars in town. You can find just about every sport here from MLB to UFC to NBA.

They also frequently have daily specials from the extensive menu. I have been to Patrick’s Irish Pub many times and they have some really good food in my experience. In addition, they have a friendly staff that also tends to remember your face and name.

In my opinion, this sports bar excels with their boneless chicken wings and some good hamburgers. Also, they have good thin-crust pizzas and their Irish meatloaf is very good. On the other hand, a few food items on the menu such as bangers & mash were just okay to me.

Also, Patrick’s normally has a Thanksgiving meal each year.  For example, Thanksgiving in 2018, Patrick’s only for 80,000 pesos had homestyle turkey with mashed potatoes, turkey gravy, mixed veggies, stuffing, cranberry sauce, roll and butter, plus pumpkin pie or apple pie.

Website: http://www.irishpub.com.co/

Sound in English available: Yes, normally on the weekends but not all sports.

Phone: +57 4 3115607

Address: Carrera 37A # 8A-43, in Parque Lleras in El Poblado

The bar at at Patrick’s Irish Pub

The bar at at Patrick’s Irish Pub

The Menu at Patrick’s Irish Pub

Patrick’s Irish Pub has a huge menu with many food and drink options.  The food and drink menu is literally over 20 pages in length with so many things to choose from.

Patrick’s has wings that are really good. The boneless wings cost 32,000 pesos for 10 and 52,000 pesos for 20 wings. And the regular wings cost 32,000 pesos for 10 and 52,000 pesos for 20 wings.

Patrick’s has some good wings. The boneless wings cost 25,000 pesos for 10; 45,000 pesos for 20 wings and 55,000 pesos for 30 wings. And the regular wings cost 27,000 pesos for 10; 47,000 pesos for 20 wings and 56,000 pesos for 30 wings.

Also, there are many other foods on the menu. Patrick’s has some good burgers and there are seven different burgers on the menu with prices ranging from 30,000 to 35,000 pesos.

In addition, there are five different Irish food options including fish & chips and bangers & mash and Irish meatloaf with prices ranging from 40,000 to 69,000 pesos. Also, there are also six thin-crust pizzas on the menu with prices ranging from 28,000 to 40,000 pesos, two soups for 24,000 pesos each and two salads for 28,000 pesos each.

In addition, there are 10 appetizers on the menu ranging in price from 18,000 to 42,000 pesos. finally, there is only one dessert option for 18,000 pesos.

Patrick’s Irish Pub by far has the biggest drink menu out of any of the sport bars in this list. There are 14 draft beers on tap priced at 16,800 to 23,800 per glass. And I counted over 60 other beers on the menu from 11 countries with prices ranging from 16,800 to 35,000 pesos.

Also, there are over 30 Whiskeys/Bourbons, 16 different rums, eight different vodkas, five different gins and over 20 different tequilas on the menu available by bottle or shot. In addition, there are over 50 cocktails listed on the menu with prices ranging from 24,000 to 47,000 pesos.

The bottom line is that Patrick’s Irish Pub has a large sports bar with many options and some experienced bartenders.

Waitresses at Medellin Beer Factory

Waitresses at Medellin Beer Factory

4. Sports Bars: Medellin Beer Factory

Medellin Beer Factory is a popular restaurant and sports bar with two locations with indoor and outdoor seating plus a large bar. Also, you can watch sports on several TVs. And there is an American-style pool table in the back of the larger restaurant.

This is a popular location to watch sports and a manger told me for the 2018 Super Bowl they had a big crowd with 350 people.

Medellin Beer Factory has two locations. One is located in Parque Lleras and the other location is larger and is nearby on Calle 10.

Medellin Beer Factory also has a number of regular promotions. For example, on Wednesdays they have 2 for 1 wings. Also, additional promotions are frequently posted on the Medellin Beer Factory Facebook page.


Phone: +57 4 311 2806

Address #1: Calle 10 # 35-16, El Poblado (the larger location)

Address #2: Carrera 37A #9-9A, Parque Lleras, El Poblado

Some of the food options at Medellin Beer Factory, photo courtesy of Medellin Beer Factory

Some of the food options at Medellin Beer Factory, photo courtesy of Medellin Beer Factory

The Menu at Medellin Beer Factory

Medellin Beer Factory has some good food available. For example, on the menu are chicken wings with 12 different sauces for 27,800 pesos for six wings, 44,900 pesos for 12 wings and 87,500 pesos for 24 wings.

Also, there are five different burgers for 35,400 pesos each, four different burritos for 36,000 pesos each, three rib dishes for 39,600 to 64,800 pesos. And there are three different steaks plus pork, grilled chicken and salmon dishes for 44,000 to 51,600 pesos.

In addition, there are four vegetarian options, including a burrito and veggie burger for 21,600 to 33,000 pesos. Also, there is a Caesar salad or choose your own ingredients salad for 31,200 pesos. Medellin Beer Factory also has a number of typical bar-food appetizers like nachos, onion rings and chili fries.

On the drink menu at Medellin Beer Factory are over 50 different beers. There are 20 different imported beers that range in price from 11,5000 to 14,500 pesos. Also, they have 16 different domestic beers for 9,500 to 10,500 pesos each.

In addition, the menu has five types of 3 Cordilleras beers. And Medellin Beer Factory has four varieties of their own premium craft beer. Also, the premium craft beer is available by the pitcher.

In addition, the drink menu has 16 different cocktails including five types of margaritas for 12,000 to 20,000 pesos each. And there are five types of sangria. Also, there are 12 different liquors on the menu with prices of 60,000 to 24,000 pesos per bottle or 6,000 to 14,000 pesos per shot.

Finally, the non-alcoholic drink menu includes alcohol-free craft beer, regular sodas as well as five flavored sodas, three types of lemonade and seven types of juices.

Sport Wings at Mayorca mall before opening for the day

Sport Wings at Mayorca mall before opening for the day

5. Sports Bars: Sport Wings

Sport Wings is a good place in Medellín to watch sports while having some great wings. Sport Wings has some really great wings that are actually my favorite in the city. My father visited Medellín in May 2017. And he loved the wings at Sport Wings so much that he wanted to go back a second time.

I first discovered Sports Wings a few years ago when I was looking for a new location in Medellín to watch the Super Bowl with some friends.

Sport Wings is a popular chain of six sports bars in Medellín that is reportedly owned by a partnership of five Colombians. In addition, each location has many TVs that show sports from around the world, as they have DIRECTV service at each location.

Furthermore, Sport Wings has six locations in the Medellín metro area listed below:

  1. El Poblado: Carrera 43A # 3-Sur 92 – Local 207, Milla de Oro
  2. El Poblado, Carrera 38 #18-101, Mall Palma Grande, Tel: +57 4 3667248
  3. Laureles: Transversal 39b # 74-20, Tel: +57 4 4120767 (this place was closed)
  4. Envigado: Calle 20 Sur #27-55, San Lucas Plaza, Tel: +57 4 3136729
  5. Envigado: Viva Envigado Mall, Carrera 48 # 32B Sur-139, 3rd floor
  6. Sabaneta: Mayorca Mega Plaza, Calle 51 Sur #48-57, local 4063 in the new phase of the mall, Tel: +57 4 3730335
  7. Sabaneta: Mayorca Mega Plaza,Calle 51 Sur #48-57, located in the Bolera Mayorca bowling alley in the first phase of the mall


Sound in English available: No

24 wings with three sauces at Sports Wings

24 wings with three sauces at Sports Wings

The Menu at Sport Wings

The most popular option on the menu at Sport Wings is clearly the wings. Wings come with an option of 14 different sauces from mild to hot. I like spicy. So, I happen to like the two hottest sauces. We previously reviewed Sport Wings on this site.

Six wings with one sauce is 20,600 pesos, 12 wings with two sauces is 37,200 pesos, 24 wings with three sauces is 68,900 pesos and 48 wings with four sauces is 115,900 pesos.  Also, there is a family pack with 100 wings and 10 sauces available for 240,000 pesos.

Furthermore, the main dishes on the menu include several different hamburgers, ribs, three Mexican dishes and two salads. I have tried several of the main dishes besides the wings and they are good also.

The hamburgers range in price from 24,900 to 32,500 pesos, ribs cost 71,900 pesos for a full rack (40,900 for a half rack), the Mexican dishes are 23,900 to 24,500 pesos each and the salads cost 25.000 pesos.

In addition, there is a big selection of snacks and appetizers including cheese sticks, French fries with cheese and bacon, mini-hamburgers, mini quesadilla, fried shrimp, Tex-Mex nachos with the snack/appetizer prices ranging from 12,900 to 35,000 pesos.

In addition, Sport Wings has a fairly full bar with several drink options. There are several beers on the menu including with prices ranging from 12,500 to 43,000 pesos. In addition, they have a Malbec wine available with a price of 80,000 pesos per bottle or 20,000 pesos per cup.

Drink options include a fair selection different liquor options. Also, they offer three different cocktails, margaritas, margaritas with a Corona beer and a special Sport Wings cocktail.

The Bottom Line: 5 Popular Sports Bars in Medellín

In the article above, we look at five of the most popular sports bars in Medellín with a total of 13 locations in neighborhoods popular with expats.

In each of these locations, you will be able to watch the Super Bowl and other major sporting events. And these are 12 of the largest sports bars in the city.

The bottom line is that sports are popular in Colombia. So, there are many other places in Medellín where you can watch international sporting events like the Super Bowl.

In addition, “Where can I watch U.S. sports in Medellín?” is a common question asked by expats. So, we included this question in our list of Medellín frequently asked questions (FAQ).

What’s your favorite sports bar in Medellín?

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Editors note: updated on June 27, 2023, with new prices and information about Sport Wings.

Editors note: updated on May 7, 2018, added Randy’s Beach Sports Bar & Grill to this article that opened in late February 2018 after this article was originally published.

Editors note: updated on July 29, 2018 with updated menu options and prices at Randy’s Beach Sports Bar & Grill.

Editors note: updated on October 2, 2018 with information if the sports bars have sound in English available.

Editors note: updated on October 6, 2018 with a new Sports Wings location in the new Viva Envigado mall.

Editors note: updated on December 17, 2018 with information from the new menu that has changed at Sports Wings.

Editors note: updated on January 30, 2019 to add Medellin Beer Factory, which has two locations where you can watch sports including the Super Bowl.

Editors note: updated on February 2, 2019 to add the Fan Zone sports bar in El Poblado. This sports bar replaces Randy’s Randy’s Beach Sports Bar & Grill on the list, which has closed.

Editors note: updated on March 25, 2019 with updated menu options and prices at Patrick’s.

Editors note: updated on November 2, 2019 with updated menu options and prices at Hooters.

Editors note: updated on November 13, 2022 with the information for Super LVI. 

Editors note: updated on June 24, 2023, with new prices, information about Sport Wings and new images.

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20 thoughts on “5 Popular Sports Bars in Medellín to Watch the Super Bowl – Update 2023”

    1. I wanted to share my experience at Ay wey Bar and grill. I went there for superbowl with a friend. No cover charge. Sat upstairs. Waitresses were attentive, although all the attractive ones were downstairs. Stayed about 3 hours. Food was excellent, got wings and nachos. Lots of other gringos, americans from all over.

      However, problem arose when the bill came. Even though their electronic menu stated 10-11 mil for can beer, when we asked the waitresses the cost of the beer she stated 12 mil. I got a strawberry fresa soda, which the electronic menu that they directed us to said 6k pesos. The final bill was given to us verbally, at 103 K for nachos, wings, a few beers. When I asked the waitress for a written receipt, she wrote 103K on a sticky note. After further requests, a manager came by and I finally received an itemized hand written bill written on a small square sticky note.

      My fresa soda was 10,000 despite being 6K on the menu. Each beer was 14,500 instead of 10-12 K, as stated by the waitress when we asked her. I did not get as far as verifying the food bills because I noticed everything was inflated. My friend who didnt want to cause any trouble just paid the bill on his credit card and wanted to leave. I would have stayed to fight the entire bill, as being taken advantage of only hastens parque lleras decline.

      The managers counter argument to the inflated price was that they had a different menu which they brought from downstairs, also in the form of a QR code. When i used that updated menu I did not see any difference in prices.
      Ay wey will not be receiving my business or that of my friends in the future.

      Thanks for reading.

    2. Parnell Dwyer October 2, 2019

      Patrick’s Irish Pub Parque Lleras ~ Now Opens for Breakfast everyday at 10AM, So now you catch Every and Any Games you Want! NFL ~ NHL ~ MLB ~ Rugby ~ Champions League ~ GAA Football From Ireland, All Playoff Games and SuperBowl, Just come and ask the Manager for your Game! Food & Drink Specials Everyday // HappY Hours Mon -Friday 3Pm – 8pm “20% Off All Draft Beers”

    3. I decided to go to Patrick’s Irish Pub for the Super Bowl tonight. I got there early and as previously stated they did not open their gate until 4:30pm. Entrance was 20mil and upon entrance there were a few places downstairs and even more upstairs that were reserved before the doors opened. I have no idea how far in advance those tables had been spoken for. There were still lots of places to sit and still many available up until almost kickoff if not after it seemed.

      For neck comfort and perhaps a better view the very large but solitary TV display upstairs would be preferable to most. I found the high placement of the TV’s downstairs to be a little tiring on my neck and I noticed several others trying to move their chairs back because of the angle. There is little ability to do that as space is limited downstairs.

      The menu seem fairly extensive but having already eaten while waiting for the 4:30 opening all I sampled was the chili cheese fries. There was a generous portion of fries on the plate surrounding a large bowl of chilli, chess, onions & beans. It turned out it was a good thing I had eaten across the street beforehand. Even though my order was about as simple as you could place and was ordered before the game started, it was not until halftime before I was served.

      I enjoy the event and would go back again to sample more of the food. Before I went back for another TV focused event however I’d try and find a place with larger and more comfortable viewing options and better seating.

    4. Is Randy’s Beach Sports Bar still opened. Its been closed since November. Was this for remodeling? I have not been by since Christmas of 2018. So wondering what is going on there.

      • Hi Dave, I will check and update the article if needed.

      • Hi Dave, I confirmed that Randy’s Beach Sports Bar is closed. I talked to a restaurant next door and they said it closed in November. So, I noted this in the article and will replace Randy’s with another sports bar.

        Thanks for letting us know so we can keep the content up to date. Last time I went there was I believe in September.

        • Randy’s Beach Sports Bar has been replaced in this article by Fan Zone, a sports bar with a view in El Poblado. Randy’s closed in late 2018.

    5. David Streck January 26, 2019

      I prefer AY Wey. Tvs are great , excellent staff ,should be fun for Super Bowl

    6. Hi J, Ay Wey, Hooters, Randy’s Beach Sports Bar & Grill and Sports Wings are all open for lunch. Patrick’s doesn’t open until later.

    7. What about opening times? Google says Patrick’s is closed on a Saturday – surely not? A lot of Europeans football is on around lunch time, but other than Ay Wey, are any others open?

    8. J Penner March 4, 2018

      Rugby fan here. How’s the wi-fi at these places? Perhaps I can live-stream matches on my mobile. I have a feeling that finding rugby or cricket on the big screen isn’t gonna happen.

      • I’m aware that Hooters and Sport Wings have decent Wi-Fi, not sure about the other places. And not sure about rugby or cricket showing at these places. But at Patrick’s Irish Pub they will try to find sports if you ask.

    9. Patricks is terrible. It is fun for St. Patricks, otherwise there is little reason to go.
      Usually dead and the wait staff acts like you don’t exist, even when you are the only patron.
      They will also say they have a certain sporting event on, and won’t, and won’t try.
      Other spots are right on.

      • I respectfully disagree as my experience has been different. Patrick’s was completely full for the Super Bowl with more trying to get in. Also, every Sunday, Patrick’s has every NFL game playing. And in my experience their servers are very friendly and attentive. And if there is something special you don’t see on the TVs, they will try and find it for you.

    10. Really useful newsletter Jeff. I come to Colombia fairly often and I have found it very informative. By the way, I came across a small Italian restaurant in Belén called Mediterráneo on Cra. 76 #32c-31 that does not look like much (only a few tables) but the food is very good and very inexpensive. The owner is Italian and does everything.

    11. Parnell Dwyer February 5, 2018

      Patrick’s Irish Pub was the Bomb for Super Bowl! Food and Drink were great and showed the Super Bowl and U.S. Commercials in English! Thank You!

    12. Thanks to this article I went to Ay Wey Bar & Grill last night and had a great time watching the Superbowl. The Mexican food there is very good and I highly recommend the place.

    13. Mary Johnson February 4, 2018

      Go Patriots! I plan to go with my husband to Patricks today to watch the Super Bowl.

    14. Thanks for the heads up about the new place Ay Wey. I plan to go there today to watch the Super Bowl.

    15. David Williams February 4, 2018

      Thanks, nice post. I plan to go to Patrick´s to watch the Super Bowl today as I like the huge beer selection. But Ay Wey looks like a good place that I´ll also have to check out.

    Comments are closed.

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