Patrick’s Irish Pub is a large sports bar in Parque Lleres in El Poblado that enables customers to enjoy an American sports bar experience. This is the largest sports bar in Medellín I am aware of with two floors. And it is very popular with expats and tourists visiting the city.

Every Sunday during the football season in the U.S. they tend to have every NFL game playing on the televisions. And you’ll sometimes find some customers wearing their favorite team’s jersey.

I have even seen preseason games there. You can also see college football, which is more difficult to find in other sports bars in Medellín. You can find just about every sport here from MLB to UFC to NBA.

Also, Patrick’s normally has a Thanksgiving meal each year. For Thanksgiving in 2020, Patrick’s will have home-style turkey, mashed potatoes, turkey gravy, mixed veggies, homemade stuffing, cranberry fruit sauce, fresh roll with butter, and pumpkin or apple pie with whip cream for 80,000 per person.  This is on Thursday, November 26 from 1:00 pm to midnight.

We included Patrick’s Irish Pub in our list of six popular sports bars in Medellín.

Waitresses at Patrick's Irish Pub

Waitresses at Patrick’s Irish Pub

My Experiences at This Irish Pub

I have been to Patrick’s Irish Pub many times over the past several years and they have some good food in my experience. In addition, they have a friendly staff that also tends to remember your face and name.

Also, they also tend to have daily specials from the extensive menu, that are sometimes marketed on their Facebook page.

In my opinion, this sports bar excels with their boneless chicken wings and some good hamburgers. Also, they have good thin-crust pizzas and their Irish meatloaf is very good. On the other hand, a few food items on the menu such as bangers & mash were just okay to me.

A hamburger at Patrick's

A hamburger at Patrick’s

The Food Menu at Patrick’s

Patrick’s Irish Pub has a huge menu with many food and drink options. The food and drink menu is literally over 20 pages in length with so many things to choose from.

Patrick’s has some good wings. The boneless wings cost 25,000 pesos for 10; 45,000 pesos for 20 wings and 55,000 pesos for 30 wings. And the regular wings cost 27,000 pesos for 10; 47,000 pesos for 20 wings and 56,000 pesos for 30 wings.

Also, there are many other foods on the menu. Patrick’s has some good burgers and there are seven different burgers on the menu with prices ranging from 30,000 to 40,000 pesos.

Irish meatloaf

Irish meatloaf

In addition, there are five different Irish food options including fish & chips and bangers & mash and Irish meatloaf with prices ranging from 25,000 to 30,000 pesos.

Also, there are also six thin-crust pizzas on the menu with prices ranging from 24,000 to 35,000 pesos, two soups for 18,000 pesos each and two salads for 25,000 pesos each.

In addition, there are 10 appetizers on the menu ranging in price from 12,000 to 32,000 pesos. Finally, there are three desserts for 12,000 pesos each.

The bar at at Patrick's Irish Pub

The bar at at Patrick’s Irish Pub

Patrick’s Drink Menu

Patrick’s Irish Pub has a full bar with huge list of drink options. This Irish Pub by far has the biggest drink menu out of any of the sport bar in Medellín.

There are 14 draft beers on tap priced at 10,000 to 12,000 per glass. And beer flights of four draft beers are available for 16,000 pesos.

I counted over 60 other beers on the menu from 11 countries with prices ranging from 7,000 to 29,000 pesos.

Also, there are over 30 Whiskeys/Bourbons, 16 different rums, eight different vodkas, five different gins and over 20 different tequilas on the menu available by bottle or shot. In addition, there are over 50 cocktails listed on the menu with prices ranging from 15,000 to 41,000 pesos.

In addition, on the menu, you’ll find many non-alcoholic drinks including bottled water, lemonades, teas, natural fruit juices, sodas and milk shakes with prices ranging from 6,000 to 13,000 pesos. Finally there are 10 different coffee options on the menu with prices ranging from 6,000 to 16,000 pesos.

The bar at Patrick's Irish Pub

The bar at Patrick’s Irish Pub

How to Get to Patrick’s Irish Pub

Patrick’s Irish Pub is located in Parque Lleras in El Poblado. Parque Lleras is located very close to one of the main streets in El Poblado – Calle 10.

Patrick's is a 15-20-minute walk from the Poblado metro station

Patrick’s is a 15-20-minute walk from the Poblado metro station

The nearest Medellín Metro station is the Poblado station on the A Line. Parque Lleras where Patrick’s is located is about a 15-20-minute walk uphill from the metro station.

Taxis are another option to get to Parque Lleras. Every taxi driver in Medellín will know where Parque Lleras is located.


Address: Carrera 37A # 8A-43, Parque Lleras, Medellín

Phone: +57 4 311 5607

Hours:  Monday to Thursday: 4 pm to midnight; Friday 4 pm to 3 am; Saturday: 2 pm to 3 am; Sunday: 1pm to midnight.

Sports Bars in Medellín

On the Medellin Guru website we have looked at four popular sports bars in detail:

  1. Patrick’s Irish Pub – a large sports bar in Parque Lleras that is popular with foreigners.
  2. Hooters – a popular U.S. sports bar in Parque Lleras with good wings.
  3. Ay Wey Bar and Grill – a small sports bar in El Poblado on Calle 10.
  4. Sports Wings – a chain of seven sports bars in Medellín with good wings.

In addition, we looked at six popular sports bars in Medellín that are good places to watch major sporting events like the Super Bowl, World Cup, World Series or NBA finals.

Inside Patrick's, photo courtesy of Patrick's Irish Pub

Inside Patrick’s, photo courtesy of Patrick’s Irish Pub

The Bottom Line: Patrick’s Irish Pub

Patrick’s Irish Pub is popular with foreigners. So, normally there are more foreigners than local Colombians at this sports bar.

This is a popular place to watch sports with many TVs and friendly service. Also, the owner Patrick, if he is there, will go out of his way to accommodate you.

In addition, for major sporting events, Patrick’s Irish Pub tends to fill up. So, we recommend going early to get a table.

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Editors note: updated on November 11, 2019 with information about Patrick’s 2019 Thanksgiving dinner.

Editors note: updated on November 16, 2019 with information about Patrick’s 2020 Thanksgiving dinner.

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