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Ay Wey Bar & Grill is a small sports bar in El Poblado in Medellín, which is popular with foreigners and tourists and is a good place to watch sports.

Ay Wey Bar & Grill: A Popular Sports Bar in Medellín

Ay Wey Bar & Grill is a small sports bar in El Poblado in Medellín, which is popular with foreigners and tourists and is a good place to watch sports.

Every Sunday during the football season in the U.S. this sports bar tends to have the NFL games playing on the televisions. And sometimes you will even see customers wearing their favorite team’s jersey.

This sports bar has Tex-Mex food on the menu. And you can find just about every sport here including NFL, MLB, World Cup and NBA.

Also, we included Ay Wey Bar & Grill in our list of six popular sports bars in Medellín. Note three of the above photos are courtesy of Ay Wey Bar & Grill.

At the grand opening of Ay Wey Bar & Grill in February 2108

At the grand opening of Ay Wey Bar & Grill in February 2108

More About Ay Wey Bar & Grill

Ay Wey Bar & Grill opened in El Poblado in early February 2018 and has become popular. The official grand opening was on Friday, February 2, 2018, which means it opened just in time for the 2018 Super Bowl.

An expat I know that I happened to run into in Parque Lleras told me about this sports bar that had opened. So, I went to check it out on the grand opening day and I was impressed. They had attractive women outside for the grand opening as well as many attractive waitresses. So, the place was busy. I heard the owner hired some models for the grand opening.

Since being there for the grand opening, I have been back to this sports bar several times to watch sports with friends. This sports bar has several TVs, several tables and also has seats at the bar.

In addition, they have sports with sound in English that can be difficult to find at some other sports bars in Medellín. This sports bar uses GearsTV, with over 400 channels and premium sports with NFL, NHL, MLB and many more sports available.

A beef and fish taco

A beef and fish taco

The Food Menu

Ay Wey Bar & Grill specializes in Tex-Mex food and has a relatively small food menu.  For example, there are six different tacos on the menu for 5,500 to 8,900 pesos per taco.

Also, there are two types of burritos available for 19,900 pesos each.  And there are three types of quesadillas on the menu for 15,000 to 18,000 pesos.



In addition, there are chips with salsa for 4,500 pesos or chips with guacamole and salsa for 6,500 pesos. Furthermore, there are nachos for 15,900 pesos and nachos for two people for 27,900 pesos.

Finally, there are wings for 24,900 pesos and a Mexican hot dog with an American hot dog with chili and cheese for 15,900 pesos.

At the bar watching sports

At the bar watching sports

The Drink Menu

Ay Wey Bar & Grill has a typical sports bar drink menu. There are many draft beers available for 11,900 pesos per glass, 15,900 per pint or 21,900 pesos per liter. Also, there are many bottled beers available for 7,900 to 10,900 pesos.

In addition, there are 15 different cocktails for 23,900 to 28,900 pesos.  And there are over 30 different liquors available by shot for 9,900 to 75,000 pesos per shot. Also, there are over 50 liquors available for 90,000 to 1,200,000 pesos per bottle.

Finally, there are several non-alcoholic drinks on the menu including sodas, water, tonic water, sparkling waters and Red Bull for 4,500 to 13,000 pesos.

Ay Wey Bar & Grill is about a 20-minute walk from the Poblado metro station

Ay Wey Bar & Grill is about a 20-minute walk from the Poblado metro station

How to Get to Ay Wey Bar & Grill

This sports bar is located on Calle 10 in El Poblado. And it’s located a few blocks from Parque Lleras.

The nearest Medellín Metro station is the Poblado station on the A Line. This sports bar is located about a 20-minute walk uphill from the metro station or about a 7-minute taxi ride or a metro bus ride up Calle 10 from the metro station.

Taxis are another option to get to this sports bar from your location. Just provide the driver the address below.


Address: Calle 10 # 35-33, El Poblado, Medellín

Phone: +57 316 373 8211

Hours:  Monday: 6 pm to 1 am; other days typically: Noon to 4 am.

Payment accepted: Credit and debit cards and cash.

Sports Bars in Medellín

On the Medellin Guru website we have looked at four popular sports bars in detail:

  1. Patrick’s Irish Pub – a large sports bar in Parque Lleras that is popular with foreigners.
  2. Hooters – a popular U.S. sports bar in Parque Lleras with good wings.
  3. Ay Wey Bar and Grill – a small sports bar in El Poblado on Calle 10.
  4. Sports Wings – a chain of seven sports bars in Medellín with good wings.

In addition, we looked at six popular sports bars in Medellín that are good places to watch major sporting events like the Super Bowl, World Cup, World Series or NBA finals.

Watching sports, photo courtesy of Ay Wey Bar & Grill

Watching sports, photo courtesy of Ay Wey Bar & Grill

The Bottom Line: Ay Wey Bar & Grill

Ay Wey Bar & Grill has become popular with foreigners. So, normally there are more foreigners than local Colombians at this sports bar.

This is a popular place to watch sports with many TVs and friendly service. In addition, for major sporting events, this small sports bar tends to fill up. So, we recommend going early to get a table.

The biggest competition for Ay Wey Bar & Grill is the other sports bars nearby including Hooters and Patrick’s Irish Pub in Parque Lleras and Medellin Beer Factory, which is located across the street.

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Editors note: updated on March 3, 2020 with the current menu and prices at Ay Wey Bar & Grill.

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    2. Nice post. I like the Ay Wey sports bar. They have cold beers for a reasonable price for El Poblado and the sports on the TVs have sound in English. Also the Tex-Mex food is pretty good, I like the tacos and burritos there.

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