Sport Wings
Sport Wings is a popular chain of seven sports bars in Medellín with great wings. It's also a good place to watch sports from around the world.

Sport Wings: Popular Chain of Sports Bars in Medellín

Sport Wings is a good place in Medellín to watch sports while having some great wings.  Sport Wings is a popular chain of seven sports bars in Medellín that is owned by a partnership of five Colombians.

Most noteworthy, each location has TVs that show sports from around the world, as they have DIRECTV service at each location.

Sport Wings has some really great wings that are my favorite in the city. My father visited Medellín in May 2017. And he loved the wings at Sport Wings and wanted to go back a second time. He even said they were one of the best wings he ever tried.

Note the above photo is courtesy of Sport Wings.

Food at Sport Wings, photo courtesy of Sport Wings

Food at Sport Wings, photo courtesy of Sport Wings

My Experiences at Sport Wings

I first discovered Sports Wings a couple years ago when I was looking for a location to watch the Super Bowl with some friends.  If you are looking for a location to watch some sports, this is a good place.

Over the past couple years, I have eaten at Sports Wings several times. I have eaten at three of their seven locations and the quality and service is consistently good.  I frequently go to their two locations at Mayorca mall in Sabaneta, which is near where I live.

Sport Wings at Mayorca mall

Sport Wings at Mayorca mall

This restaurant chain also frequently has promotions.  For example, currently on Mondays the wings are 2-for-1, on Thursdays local beers are 2-for-1, and on Fridays cocktails are 2-for-1.

Besides having seven restaurant locations, they also have a food truck that they use at special events.

24 wings with three sauces

24 wings with three sauces

The Menu at Sport Wings

The most popular option on the menu is obviously the wings. Wings come with an option of 14 different sauces from mild to hot. I like spicy, so I happen to like the two hottest sauces.

Six wings with one sauce is 13,900 pesos, 12 wings with two sauces is 26,900 pesos, 24 wings with three sauces is 51,900 pesos and 48 wings with four sauces is 89,900 pesos.  Also, there is a family pack with 100 wings and 10 sauces available for 168,900 pesos.

Clásica burger with cheese and bacon, photo courtesy of Sport Wings

Clásica burger with cheese and bacon, photo courtesy of Sport Wings

Furthermore, the main dishes on the menu include several different hamburgers, ribs, three Mexican dishes and two salads. I have tried several of the main dishes besides the wings and they are good also. The hamburgers range in price from 14,900 to 23,900 pesos, ribs cost 39,900 pesos for a full rack (24,900 for a half rack), the Mexican dishes are 18,900 to 34,900 pesos each and the salads are 19,900 to 24,000 pesos.

On the menu are several combos available for 1-6 people. Combos include wings and fries, wings and Mexican, wings and mini-hamburgers or wings and ribs that range in price from 39,900 to 125,900 pesos.

In addition, there is a big selection of snacks and appetizers including cheese sticks, French fries with cheese and bacon, mini-hamburgers, mini quesadilla, fried shrimp, Tex-Mex nachos with the snack/appetizer prices ranging from 7,500 to 21,900 pesos.

There are also three dessert options (cheesecake, brownie with ice cream and fried Oreo cookies) with prices ranging from 9,900 to 10,900 pesos. And malted drinks are available for 10,900 pesos.

Margarita with a Corona beer

Margarita with a Corona beer

Sport Wings’ Drink Options

Sport Wings has a full bar with several drink options. First of all, there are several beers on the menu including Aguila, BBC, Budweiser, Club Colombia, Corona, Pilsen and Stella with prices ranging from 5,900 to 8,900 pesos. In addition, they have a Malbec wine available with a price of 49,000 pesos per bottle or 9,000 pesos per cup and two types of sangria for 55,900 pesos.

Drink options include a fair selection different liquor options including aguardiente, gin, rum, tequila, vodka and whiskeys available by half bottle (media) or bottle.

Also, they offer three different cocktails, margaritas, margaritas with a Corona beer and a special Sport Wings cocktail with prices ranging from 19,900 to 25,000 pesos. And on Friday’s, cocktails are specially priced 2-for-1.

In addition, on the menu, you’ll find several non-alcoholic drinks including bottled water, four types of lemonade, iced tea, natural fruit juices, sodas and tonic water with prices ranging from 2,900 to 7,900 pesos.

Sports Wings at the Bolera Mayorca bowling alley

Sports Wings at the Bolera Mayorca bowling alley

How to Get to Sport Wings

Sport Wings has seven locations in the Medellín metro area listed below:

  1. El Poblado: Carrera 43A # 3-Sur 92 – Local 207, Milla de Oro
  2. El Poblado, Carrera 38 #18-101, Mall Palma Grande, Tel: +57 4 3667248
  3. Laureles: Transversal 39b # 74-20, Tel: +57 4 4120767
  4. Envigado: Calle 20 Sur #27-55, San Lucas Plaza, Tel: +57 4 3136729
  5. Envigado: Viva Envigado Mall, Carrera 48 # 32B Sur-139, 3rd floor
  6. Sabaneta: Mayorca Mega Plaza, Calle 51 Sur #48-57, local 4063 in the new phase of the mall, Tel: +57 4 3730335, opened in late 2018.
  7. Sabaenta: Mayorca Mega Plaza,Calle 51 Sur #48-57, located in the Bolera Mayorca bowling alley in the first phase of the mall, opened in late 2018.


Sports Bars in Medellín

On the Medellin Guru website we have looked at four popular sports bars in detail:

  1. Patrick’s Irish Pub – a large sports bar in Parque Lleras that is popular with foreigners.
  2. Hooters – a popular U.S. sports bar in Parque Lleras with good wings.
  3. Ay Wey Bar and Grill – a small sports bar in El Poblado on Calle 10.
  4. Sports Wings – a chain of seven sports bars in Medellín with good wings.

In addition, we looked at six popular sports bars in Medellín that are good places to watch major sporting events like the Super Bowl, World Cup, World Series or NBA finals.

The Bottom Line: Sport Wings is a Popular Chain of Sports Bars in Medellín

Sport Wings has some excellent wings. So, it’s very popular and has grown to seven locations. Sport Wings also has some good burgers and other food on the menu.

For major sporting events, Sport Wings locations tend to fill up. So, we recommend going early to get a table.

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Editors note: updated on October 6, 2018 with newest Sports Wings location in the new Viva Envigado mall.

Editors note: updated on December 17, 2018 to update the menu that has changed and add the Sports Wings location in the Bolera Mayorca bowling alley in the Mayorca mall.

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    1. I went to Sport Wings in Laureles last night and agree that they have great wings. They have 14 sauces and the hottest is really spicy and too spicy for me.

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