For Airbnb hosts in Colombia, Pet-friendly Airbnb listings are so rare that it could net you some serious money if you opened up your listing to allow pets. Airbnb has even added a filter specifically for pet-friendly listings.

According to TripAdvisor, 53 percent of travelers with pets, travel with their pets. That’s a missed opportunity.

According to US News, the second most desired amenity is pet-friendliness at 18 percent. And, again, pet-friendliness is the 4th most wanted vacation rental amenity, only behind free parking, a fully-stocked kitchen, and a pool.

In my experience, only about 5 percent of Airbnb listings have truly valid reasons for not being pet-friendly.

On the other hand, many hosts cite owner control (or, lack thereof) as the reason they would not allow pets rather than the pet itself. This is interesting, but my recommendation is to make your home a pet-friendly Airbnb, and in this article we look at four reasons why and what you should consider…

About the Author

My name is Daniel Rusteen and I am a location-independent digital nomad having lived in 50+ cities exclusively sleeping in Airbnbs (1,500+ nights) while remotely managing Airbnb properties and helping Airbnb hosts to be successful.

I run a personal blog – dannybooboo blog and have another website to help Airbnb hosts make more money – OptimizeMyBnb.

Daniel Rusteen, the author of this article

Daniel Rusteen, the author of this article

I come from the days before the Airbnb you know today. I started working at Airbnb in 2013. I remember countless conversations with residents of San Francisco, the headquarters of Airbnb, who had no idea about the company even when it was valued at over $10 billion and 7 years old.

In the eight years that have passed since I first heard of Airbnb, I’ve become one of the world’s best at everything Airbnb:

Apartment buildings near Santafé mall in El Poblado, Medellín

Apartment buildings near Santafé mall in El Poblado, Medellín

1. A Pet-Friendly Airbnb Has Less Competition

It’s no surprise that a minority of vacation homes are pet-friendly. It is surprising at how few actually allow pets.

did a quick experiment and searched Ubud, Bali with the following criteria:

  • check-in one week from today for 7 nights
  • 1 guest
  • entire home
  • I zoomed in until I got less than 300 rentals (the maximum Airbnb shows you)

After two zooms, I saw 124 listings. With the ‘Pets Allowed’ filter on, the number of listings dropped by 90 percent to 12 Airbnb listings in Ubud, Bali that allow pets

I did a similar experiment in a few cities and the percentage of pet-friendly Airbnbs that I got was somewhere between 2-9%

The percentage of pet-friendly Airbnb listings is market dependent and I encourage you to perform this experiment in your city (tell me what you find in the comments).

It is relatively easy to travel with a pet to Colombia

It is relatively easy to travel with a pet to Colombia

2. You Can Increase Rates

It’s typical, even normal, for a pet-owner to pay more when they bring their pet. I’ve even seen listings that specify add an extra $50/night fee for guests with pets. At a minimum, the security deposit is increased.

As this is normal and expected, and the FPG has few options to choose from, you can earn extra revenue from not doing much. Below I list a few things you want to consider before becoming a pet-friendly Airbnb and some extra amenities you may want to provide.

There are those folks who travel with their pets 100% of the time. But for the rest of us, we’d probably only consider traveling with our pet if we are to be gone for an extended time, say a month or more.

Do you know how much it costs to put your beloved furry friend in a dog hotel? It’s expensive!

This makes sense, right? If there’s less competition, you can charge higher rates and expect higher occupancy. You open yourself up to so many more FPGs when you accept pets.

About 40 percent of Americans own pets. Let’s assume this is accurate for the global average (maybe slightly high) and let’s assume that 25% of them travel with their pets semi-regularly. That’s 10 percent of travelers (25 percent of 40 percent) that you’re missing out on by not being pet-friendly. Additionally, this 10% of travelers are trying to fit themselves into 5% of Airbnb listings.

3. Welcome To Longer Reservations

There are those folks who travel with their pets 100 percent of the time. But for the rest of us, we’d probably only consider traveling with our pet if we are to be gone for an extended time, say a month or more.

Do you know how much it costs to put your beloved furry friend in a dog hotel? It’s expensive!.

Also, Medellín Guru has a popular article about traveling to Colombia with a pet.

Some travelers travel with a pet to Colombia

Some travelers travel with a pet to Colombia

4. Considering A Pet-Friendly Airbnb?

There are a few things you should do to your listing if you decide to become pet-friendly.

If you don’t have any outdoor space, it would be wise to purchase some indoor potty pads. Ensure nothing edible is dog-head level or lower. Anything fancy or easily breakable should be moved above this level, too. Finally, you should invest in an indoor pet fence in case there is a room or two that is still off-limits to pets.

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Inside an Airbnb

Inside an Airbnb

The Bottom Line: Why Airbnb Hosts in Colombia Should Consider A Pet Friendly Airbnb

The bottom line is that pet-friendly Airbnb listings are rare in Colombia. So, if your Airbnb listing in Colombia is pet-friendly, you will have less competition and can even charge higher rates.

I hope you enjoyed my contribution! To learn more about me send me a message on  Instagram. If you’re an Airbnb host, then visit my blog for Airbnb hosts.

Also, keep in mind becoming an Airbnb host in Colombia is not for everyone. And you can see all 11 of the Airbnb in Colombia articles I have written for Medellin Guru.

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