9 Tips to Attract Long-Term Guests in Colombia
In Colombia, the trend of long-term travelers, bolstered by the rise of digital nomadism, presents unique opportunities for hosts. These guests, often blending work and leisure, seek accommodations that offer more than just a temporary stay. They look for a blend of comfort, functionality, and a taste of local culture. To attract such guests, hosts should focus on providing well-equipped, home-like spaces that cater to the needs of remote working, including reliable internet, a quiet workspace, and comfortable living areas. Additionally, offering insights into the local community, such as neighborhood guides or connections to local events, can greatly enhance the appeal. By creating an environment that supports both productivity and relaxation, hosts in Colombia can tap into this growing market of long-term, digitally connected travelers.

9 Tips to Attract Long-Term Guests in Colombia

The lodging industry has undergone a significant transformation with the rise of long-term bookings and platforms as Airbnb, particularly in culturally rich and diverse destinations such as Colombia. These extended stays, lasting 28 nights or more, are changing how travelers choose their accommodations. Our readers gave us a unique insight into what they value in these extended stays. They told us that long-term guests want to feel like they are always on vacation inside the dwelling.

Instead, they prefer a space that feels like home. This trend towards more extended stays indicates a shift in travelers’ accommodation preferences. They now seek comfortable living spaces suitable for work and relaxation. This change offers several advantages for both guests and hosts:


Spaces that offer a homely feel.


Places equiped for remote work

Local Experience

Opportunity to immerse in local culture


Savings compared to traditional short-term rentals

Community Connection

Chance to build relationships within the local community

For hosts in Colombia, this means creating environments that balance productivity with comfort, offering an experience that melds the best of work and leisure. Accommodating these benefits in their offerings can set a new standard in long-term hospitality.

In this blog, we even consider the possibility of reservations up to six months, highlighting the need to offer more than just a place to sleep. Rental businesses, entrepreneurs and Airbnb hosts should consider how their spaces can meet the changing needs of modern guests, thereby setting a new standard in long-term hospitality.

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Long-Term Travelers Are Different

For instance, consider a traveler checking out of a place in Medellin, situated on the sixth floor without an elevator and next to a mosque, where calls to prayer are broadcast five times a day via loudspeaker. While the stunning view might justify these inconveniences for a short stay, they would likely be deal-breakers for someone considering a long-term residence.

This scenario exemplifies the differences between short-term and long-term gests. Factors that might be minor annoyances for short-term guests can escalate into significant issues for those booking longer stays. For example, construction noise that might be tolerable during a 3-night stay could become a serious nuisance for guests in a month-long reservation. As such, hosts should carefully consider long-term guests’ unique needs and tolerances when preparing their listings.

Pros and Cons of Long-Term Guests in Colombia

One thing that might surprise you the most is the increase in wear and tear for shorter reservations. But a long-term guest will be spending more time in your home. So, expect a few more calls to the handyman.

Because they are in your home longer, keep in mind your utility costs will increase. The increase in occupancy of long-term guest reservations offsets this. In addition, there will be less coordination involved with check-ins and cleaners unless you accept a bad guest.

You will have to provide fewer consumables, as I will discuss in each relevant point below. Also, it Is common in Colombia to offer a discount for long-term rentals. 

The Belmonte Penthouse

The Belmonte Penthouse

A luxurious paradise just a 9-minute walk away from Lleras Park

Tips to Attract Long-Term Guests in Colombia

1. Office Space

The longer the reservation, the higher the likelihood the guest will be a remote worker. Medellín, in particular, is known for having digital nomads. Also, reliable and fast Internet, which should be at least 300MB, is important.

Using the kitchen table is ok, but is the same with the bed. All the things have their uses. Please add a proper desk to your property, and a great and comfortable chair for the desk.

2. Optimal Sleep Experience

Consider increasing the sleep experience as it will directly affect the guest’s mood, even after just one night. A comfortable mattress, linens, and pillows are a must. If you don’t get this one, ensure you provide some soft and firm pillows.

Also, think about adding a bedside table with a lamp. In addition, closet space becomes more important for long-term travelers to Colombia. Furthermore, make sure you have enough hangers!

3. ADD: Fully Stocked Kitchen

The longer the reservation in Colombia, the increased probability your kitchen and other spaces will be used and used frequently. We recommend you provide as many amenities as you can and do not opt for the cheap options.

Get nice cookware and make the cooking experience pleasurable for your guests. Maybe they’ll even extend the reservation because of it. Also, many apartments in Colombia don’t have an oven and other home appliances.

You are not required to provide some things for long-term reservations. Consumables like salt and pepper, paper towels, and cooking oils. Also, if you don’t have a dishwasher, which is extremely rare in Colombia, don’t forget a drying rack.

4. Pleasurable Bathing Experience

The easiest things you can do is install a nice, big shower head and invest in the softest towels you can find. Some apartment bathrooms in Colombia have those dangerous-looking electric shower-head hot-water heaters. Get a gas water heater.

Also, add shelving into the actual shower to store soaps, shavers, etc. The lighting in your bathroom, especially for female travelers, is super important. Make sure the mirror is bright for precision manicuring. In addition, keep in mind you do not need to provide toilet paper for an entire stay.

5. The Biggest Smart TV You Can Manage

A long-term guest in Colombia is likelier to eat a meal or relax at home, probably in the living room or in front of the TV. If your TV doesn’t have internet, invest in an HDMI cable so your guest can connect directly it to their computer.

6. Increase Your “Spaces”

A “Space” is anywhere in the house that can be considered its own usable area. For example, a bedroom, the work desk in the bedroom, the in-suite bathroom, and the balcony would be four “Spaces.” Balconies are common in many of the apartments in Colombia. A great added ‘Space’ would be installing a hammock on the balcony.

Each additional space increases the usefulness and perceived size of your property listing in Colombia for long-term guests.

luxury apartments in colombia
luxury apartments in colombia

7. Pet, Infant, Child, Family Friendliness

In addition to increasing your future potential guests, the chance they bring the whole show with them to Colombia (including children and pets) increases for longer reservations.

Also, think of items that families will find incredibly useful and always make it as easy as possible for the guest to clean your space.

8. Fix the low Water Pressure

This is more common than it should be in Colombia and affects the kitchen and all the bathrooms.

Also, it’s a constant reminder of the subpar listing every time either one of those is used (multiple times every day).

9. Don't sell Convenience Items

Providing snack food, sodas, or alcohol for purchase is no longer a good idea. All it does is take up room in the fridge or kitchen counter space.

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The Bottom Line: Tips to Attract Long Term Guests in Colombia

As hosts, we occasionally encounter guests who raise complaints, though these might not always be consistent or frequent. It’s common to overlook minor issues, such as a complex TV remote or a small ironing board, especially if only a minority of guests mention them. However, these seemingly small inconveniences can become significant during long-term stays. Neglecting such details might not only lead to discomfort for guests but also risk losing potential rebooking fees for extended periods. It’s important to remember that what might seem trivial for short-term stays can escalate into major drawbacks for guests on longer reservations, affecting their overall experience and our success as hosts.

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