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PCR Test: looking to get a COVID-19 test in Medellín? We provide advice and information on places and prices for COVID-19 tests in Medellín.

PCR Test: How to Get a COVID-19 Test in Medellín

PCR Test: looking to get a COVID-19 test in Medellín? We provide advice and information on places and prices for COVID-19 tests in Medellín.

Coronavirus show no signs of going away in Colombia. Many Medellin Guru readers have asked about COVID-19 tests and particularly about PCR tests needed for international travel.

Note the U.S. will start requiring a COVID-19 test for travelers to the U.S. starting on January 26, either a PCR test or an antigen test.

Whether you need a PCR test for travel, arrived in Colombia without a PCR test and need a PCR test, have symptoms or have been in contact with someone infected, we provide information about obtaining COVID-19 tests in Medellín.

We also have articles about where to get a COVID-test in Bogotá and how to get a COVID-19 test in Cartagena.

Do You Need a Test?

Many people don’t necessarily need to be tested for coronavirus and can avoid putting strain on the medical system.

If you’re traveling to another country you may need to get tested, depending on country.

If you’ve had contact with infected people it’s probably a good idea even if you don’t have symptoms. However, you can simply self-isolate for 14 days. The most common symptoms include: fever, dry cough, loss of taste and/or smell.

The second decision is whether you want to leave the house or not. You may find it hard to get around, or you may be worried about infecting others as you travel. EPS insurance providers generally recommend home visits for tests, private clinics may offer home service at a small cost. Waiting for a home visit reduces infection chances, but will increase overall time.

The U.S. Has New COVID-19 Test Requirements Starting on December 2, 2021

See here on the CDC website –

  • If you plan to travel internationally, you will need to get a COVID-19 viral test (regardless of vaccination status) before you travel by air into the United States. You must show your negative result to the airline before you board your flight.
    • If vaccinated or not: The viral test must be conducted on a sample taken no more than 1 day before the flight’s departure from a foreign country.

More information.

  • If you are a non-U.S. citizen who is a nonimmigrant (not a U.S. citizen, U.S. national, lawful permanent resident, or traveling to the United States on an immigrant visa), you will need to show proof of being fully vaccinated against COVID-19 before you travel by air to the United States from a foreign country.
  • Some categories of noncitizen, nonimmigrants are excepted from this requirement. If you meet the criteria for one of these categories, you will need to fulfill additional requirements to travel by air to the United States.
  • At this time, all air passengers ages 2 or older, regardless of citizenship or vaccination status, must show a negative result of a COVID-19 viral test or documentation of recovery from COVID-19 before they board a flight to the United States. For more information about these testing requirements, visit Requirement for Proof of Negative COVID-19 Test or Documentation of Recovery from COVID-19

A PCR Test is No Longer Required for Travel to Colombia

According to El Tiempo, the Minister of Health, Fernando Ruiz, explained on Wednesday the guidelines of resolution 777 of 2021, which sets the criteria for the economic and social reactivation of the country.

In an interview with Caracol Noticias, Ruiz revealed that Colombia will no longer request the requirement of the PCR test from travelers, both Colombian and foreign, who enter the country. Also, the CoronApp requirement will be removed.

The bottom line is it will no longer be necessary for travelers to present a negative PCR test upon arrival in the country. This measure began to take effect on June 1, 2021, as confirmed by the Minister of Health, Fernando Ruiz.

What is a PCR Test?

The two most common are PCR and antigen (antígeno), with antibody testing coming a distant third.

The first type of test, RT-PCR is a molecular test that is considered the gold standard and is used by Colombia for most of its test. PT-PCR stands for reverse transcriptase polymerase chain reaction test, which tries to find genetic sequences of the virus by deploying primers – chemicals or reagents which are added to test if a reaction occurs – that attach to the targeted genetic sequences.

The PCR test and antigen tests are performed with nasal swabs and are usually the most reliable in the early stages of the disease.

  1. A PCR test is typically needed for travel and is a more accurate test, especially in the early stages of coronavirus. However, this test is more expensive and takes longer to return results.
  2. The antigen test is quicker and not always as reliable as a PCR test. This test is typically recommended only if you have symptoms or seven days after you’ve had contact with someone who’s tested positive.
  3. The antibody (anticuerpo) test is another option, although much less useful. This test is a rapid serological test that relies on detecting antibodies in a blood sample, usually obtained through a simple finger prick. These tests do not require special equipment to process the results.
Clínica las Américas, photo by SajoR

Clínica las Américas, photo by SajoR

Getting a COVID-19 Test at Private Hospitals

You can obtain a COVID-19 test at private hospitals in Medellín. Medellín has nine of the best hospitals in Latin America.

We recommend Clinica Las Americas in Belén, which has a drive through test with relatively fast results. One Medellin Guru reader went at 9 am for a PCR test and had results in 5 hours but this depends on how busy the lab is. Normal processing is up to 48 hours. Clinica Las Americas has a lab onsite. So, there is no need to send the test to a lab elsewhere.

Test Location – Clinica Las Americas, Diagonal 75B # 2A-80/140, near PriceSmart.

Website: https://laboratoriomedico.lasamericas.com.co/

  • PCR test cost – 288,000 pesos
  • Antigen test cost – 130,000 pesos
  • Antibody test cost – 90,000 pesos
  • Hours: Monday to Friday: 9 am to 5 pm, possibly open in the morning on Saturday.
  • Appointment – not needed
  • Time for PCR test results – 48 hours or less
COVID-19 tests are new available at the José María Córdova (MDE) Airport

COVID-19 tests are new available at the José María Córdova (MDE) Airport

Getting a COVID-19 Test at the José María Córdova (MDE) Airport

According to El Colombiano, Airplan announced that the José María Córdova Airport (MDE), located in Rionegro and serving Medellín, will now have a laboratory to carry out tests to detect COVID-1. This service is provided by WTA Latam and Healtix Home 24 hours a day.

  • PCR test cost – 230,000 pesos
  • Antigen test cost – 95,000 pesos (updated price that has changed from time of above photo)
  • Hours: 24 hours per day.
  • Appointment – not needed
  • Time for PCR test results –36 hours or less. Or 20 to 40 minutes for an antigen test.

Getting a COVID-19 Test at Private Labs

There are labs in Medellín, which offer COVID-19 tests. One Medellin Guru reader reported a good experience at PROANALAB.

Test Location – PROANALAB, Carrera 49 #60-05, Prado, El Centro

Website: https://www.proanalab.com/

  • PCR test cost – 270,000 pesos
  • Antigen test cost – 140,000 pesos
  • Antibody test cost – 90,000 pesos
  • Hours: Monday to Friday: 8 am to 5 pm, Saturday: 8 am to 1 pm
  • Appointment – not needed
  • Time for PCR test results – 48 hours or less
COVID-19 Testing Tent in Sabaneta, across the street from the Vaquita grocery store

COVID-19 Testing Tent in Sabaneta, across the street from the Vaquita grocery store

Getting a COVID-19 Test at Mobile Tents

There are a few mobile tents set up in the Medellín metro area that permit walk-ins and drive through COVID-19 tests.

Testing tents associated with PROANALAB are set up in Laureles, Sabaneta and Central Mayorista in Itagüí. Note that the Itagüí location does not offer PCR tests. In addition, they offer domicilio (home) tests).

Flyer of the COVID-19 testing tent in Sabaneta

Flyer of the COVID-19 testing tent in Sabaneta

Test Locations:

  1. Laureles – Carrera 76 #32EE29
  2. Sabaneta – Carrera 43A #64Sur-87 (across from the Vaquita grocery store)
  3. Itagüí – Central Mayorista (no PCR tests offered here)
  • PCR test cost – 270,000 pesos
  • Antigen test cost – 140,000 pesos
  • Antibody test cost – 90,000 pesos
  • Hours: Monday to Friday: 8 am to 5 pm and open Saturday in Sabaneta but not Sunday.
  • Appointment – not needed
  • Time for PCR test results – 48 hours or less

Two Medellin Guru readers obtaining PCR tests at the Sabaneta location. One received his results in 48 hours and the other in 24 hours. If you go early in the day and their lab is not busy it is possible to obtain results the next day.

Getting a COVID-19 Test Using EPS Insurance

Since all EPS insurance providers are different, prices will vary, possibly dramatically. Two Medellin Guru readers used SURA EPS to obtain a PCR test.  They couldn’t get at test at a SURA medical center, but had to schedule a visit to their home. Scheduling can vary, for one reader it was the same day and the other in three days.

EPS call centers may avoid appointments for tests if you don’t have symptoms and may ask you to self-isolate instead of taking a test. Also, processing times are longer than private hospitals and labs.

  • PCR test cost – free or low cost
  • Antigen test cost – free or low cost
  • Antibody test cost – free or low cost
  • Appointment – needed
  • Time for test results – 72 hours or longer
Computer generated image of COVID-19, photo by Felipe Esquivel Reed

Computer generated image of COVID-19, photo by Felipe Esquivel Reed

Medellin Guru’s Coronavirus Series

Medellin Guru has a series of articles about the coronavirus pandemic and the impacts in Colombia: Also, these articles are being kept up-to-date, as this is a fast-moving topic:

The Bottom Line: PCR Test – How to Get a COVID-19 Test in Medellín

Many Medellin Guru readers have asked about how to obtain a PCR test or COVID-19 test in Medellin. So, we provided this guide.

It is possible to obtain a PCR test in Medellín for cheaper than in the U.S. Many readers have reported they paid from $150 to $250 for a PCR test in the U.S. For example, one reader recently reported they paid $200 USD for a PCR test in the U.S. And you can obtain a PCR test in Medellin for less than $100 USD.

However, one reader also reports that it is possible to get a free PCR test in Texas, Kansas, D.C., Arizona and South Carolina from gogettested.com with results reportedly within 48 to 96 hours.

There are many places that provide COVID-19 tests in Medellín and we provide information about a few testing paces in this article that Medellin Guru readers have reported success and good service.

If readers have experienced success with other COVID-19 testing places in Medellín, please let us know about the testing place including the cost and processing time in the comments below. We can add to this article.

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Editors note: updated on January 15, 2021 to add the lab PROANALAB to the article.

Editors note: updated on January 28, 2021 to add information about gogettested.com.

Editors note: updated on January 31, 2021 to add information that COVID-19 testing is now available at the José María Córdova Airport (MDE),

Editors note: updated on March 1, 2021 with information that the CDC clarified and that the 3-day period is the 3 days before the flight’s departure instead of the previous 72 hours.

Editors note: updated on April 3, 2021 with information about the CDC announcement stating that a COVID test is no longer needed for domestic travel in the U.S. but this does not apply for international travel to the U.S., a COVID test is still required for travel to the U.S. from international locations.

Editors note: updated on April 8, 2021 with information that a PCR test is now required for all tourists (non residents) traveling to Colombia.

Editors note: updated on May 24, 2021 with new price information for an Antigen test at the MDE airport.

Editors note: updated on June 5, 2021 with information that a PCR test is no longer needed to travel to Colombia.

Editors note: updated on October 29, 2021 with new stricter COVID testing requirements for travel to the U.S. that start on November 8, 2021.

Editors note: updated on December 4, 2021 with new stricter COVID testing requirements for travel to the U.S. that start on December 2, 2021.

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    1. How about clarifying article and title to “pcr AND ANTIGEN(O)” ? Some countries, like US, only need the simpler and easier antigen. (in Mexico, its 299 vs 1.499, divide by 20 for US Dollars)

      stay healthy and safe everyone! saludos

      • Sorry titles are limited in length for SEO purposes. We have COVID-19 test in the title. The article includes PCR, Antigen and Antibody test information.

        • Richard July 8, 2021

          Yes, you are correct about that, thanks for the information about COVID19 testing.

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      Thanks, Todd.
      That’s good info & advice, thanks again.

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      I grew up in CT but my father’s family is originally from Orono, Maine.

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          My grandfather, Maurice McKenney, grew up in Orono.

          I have friends that went to Colby College, too.

    4. Philip McKenney July 7, 2021

      Thanks a lot, Terry.
      That’s crazy we have the same last name.
      Are you from Maine or Virginia by chance?

    5. https://apps.migracioncolombia.gov.co/pre-registro/public/preregistro.jsf

      Antigen test costs 95.000 at the airport. I flew to the States on Tuesday.

      • Yes, antigen test at the airport is 95,000 pesos, as it says in our article.

      • Philip McKenney July 7, 2021

        Thanks, Todd, I appreciate that.
        How long did that take start to finish?
        Do you know the hours?
        I have a 9:30am flight.

        • Less than 45 minute wait. I believe it’s 24 hour. Jeff has it posted a couple of places. You’ll need the results to check in. It may easier to get the test in town a day or two before. To be safe. Otherwise be there like at 6 or i would.

    6. Terry McKenney July 7, 2021

      It is on line at Migración Colombia. Needs to be filled out no earlier than 24 hours before or no later than 1 hour before your flight

    7. Peter July 7, 2021

      Thanks, where do I fill out the MIG form?

      • Peter July 7, 2021

        Also, Terry, your last name is McKenney?
        Not sure you’ll believe this but that’s my last name, too.

    8. Terry McKenney July 7, 2021

      You are going to pay around $150,000 COP for an antigen test. If you are flying on American Airlines do not use their Verifly App. Colombian immigration will not accept it for exit. Once you fill out Veryfly, MIG will not let you fill another form. Instead stating that you are already on file. A real catch 22 situation. So save yourself another head ache and a delay and just fill out the official MIG form

      • Wrong, antigen test at the MDE airport is 95,000 pesos, as it says in our article.

      • Thank you for this very important tidbit Terry! I was almost ready to fill that out on Verifly app that American Airlines was telling me I should do. Also a note on Antigen test, they are all of the place for prices. Airport does indeed seems to be the cheapest price but you might also be waiting a very long time to get the test. In Jardin it was 110000 pesos and was done in about 15 minutes.

        • Philip McKenney July 7, 2021

          Where is Jardin, Mark?
          Do you have details about that you could share?
          Thanks a lot.

          • Jardín is about 3 hours south of Medellin. It is where I live so it was my best choice for getting the Antigen test. So unless you live there or are planning to visit Jardín before flying out of Colombia it’s not a good option for getting the test done.

    9. Peter July 7, 2021

      Thanks, Jeff.
      I hope so as I flew to Bogota from Cancun in April & had an antigen test & they would not let me board with that, I had to spend the night in the Cancun airport, get a PCR test for $100 & buy another ticket to Bogota, it was a nightmare, needless to say.
      I guess an antigen test was not enough to get into Colombia but is to get into the US?
      If that happened to me again I’d be one unhappy traveler.
      Thanks again.

    10. Peter July 7, 2021

      I need to get a Covid test to return to the US.
      Is an antigen test sufficient as I was told at the lab?
      Also, I’m in Laureles – anyone know the cheapest lab for tests?
      Thanks a lot.

      • Yes, antigen test is sufficient for travel to the U.S. Our above article has prices.

    11. Joseph Bosworth June 30, 2021

      The Airport MDE, still has a great testing system…

      • Joseph Bosworth June 30, 2021

        Just to update I landed yesterday and went past the area of MDE, they are still conducting covid testing.

    12. Jeremy R June 29, 2021

      Some additional Laureles specific testing locations

      https://www.driveincovid19.com/ – Laureles

      TEST CAR COVID LAURELES – Laureles/Belen
      Carrera 76, #32ee29 https://waze.com/ul/hd345rz8hj

    13. Joseph June 17, 2021

      Hello Jeff

      again thank you for your valuable information. I’m traveling to Medellin at the end of the month, through the middle of next month.
      My question is; I need at least an antigen test to reenter the US, I don’t see if the tents and testing is still available at MDE airport before traveling home?

    14. Bill medina June 13, 2021

      I had my antigen test done at the hotel I was at in poblado. Easy and had results in less than 4 hours. 160k pesos. Well worth it not to have to go somewhere and possibly wait. Hopefully the us will let us travel without a test in the future if vaccinated!!

    15. Norm Gilbert June 13, 2021



      This website is publishing your content without attribution to MedellinGuru.com.

      Also, can you give a better address of the Laureles Tent Testing Site? The address in the article is too vague for Google Maps to pinpoint it.

      • Thanks for the heads up about copying content.

        Sorry do not have a better address, that is what they provided when we called.

        • frank L hammette June 13, 2021

          that’s probably because it is a temporary site. ( in a tent on the sidewalk) I have walked by it many times. Its open Monday to saturday, but on saturday closes at 2 pm. It is on the left side of Nutibarra if you walk south ( towards the University or Calle 33) from Carrullo and Euro supermarkets. Which is to say if you left starbucks and continued South. It’s a few blocks before you reach the university and a few more blocks before you reach Calle 33. There is also another place to be tested, that will give you the results in an hour. Itis one short block off of calle 33 and listed in the article “where to get a covid test” .
          I will go there next week to get my test, and have a cup of coffee while I wait for the results

          • Terry McKenney June 15, 2021

            The site in Laureles is on the corner of Nutibarra and Circular Uno

            • Esther Bettney June 17, 2021

              We went today at 8:30 when they were supposed to be open and they were closed. This might be a better more reliable (and cheaper!) option – Carrera 80b # 35 – 12 Mon-Sat, 6am-5pm. We got our test results back today in under 2 hours, 110.000

    16. Daniel harris June 11, 2021

      For what it’s worth, I got my antigen test before my return flight to the USA at Centrosthetic Laborotorio in Poblado, located at Cra. 43dd #8-56, Medellín, a little over a month ago. Made an appointment by phone in advance, only a short wait in their lobby to be swabbed, results promised in 24 hours or less, and actually received by email later that same day. They seem to be primarily a health spa & facial health related place, but apparently do lab testing too, Mi Amorcita found them and made the appointment, all I had to do was go with her,LOL. If I recall correctly, i think it was 120.000 pesos for my antigen test, not sure how much more the PCR test is. Just one more potential resource to call on if anyone needs it, as I didn’t see them mentioned in the article or the follow up comments.

      • To verify this, went this morning for antigen for usa travel, with no appointment at 8.30am and no spanish language skills. All done by 8.45am. Take your passport. Form is also in english. Results via email in pdf in both spanish and english, and web login also, at about 3.15pm. Cost was 110,000 paid in cash, but I think they take card too. Easy to find use Uber. thanks daniel for originally sharing

    17. I’m not sure what went wrong… I’d try again. Clearly you can fill out Check Mig over and over again. The only thing I can think of is that you inadvertently did the Verification page instead? Let’s walk through this — I’m returning to Colombia on Sunday so I’m going to go ahead and do the form now.


      This is the homepage. The banner will say Bienvenido a la Section Check-Mig. Below this there are two links: Check-Mig Migracion and Verificar Registro Check-Mig. You want to click on the MIgracion link. You will end up on this page, which quite frankly, you can go to directly:


      Make your life simple and click to read the page in English rather than in Spanish or French. I assume you’re still flying in on AA. Click Air, Entrance to Colombia, and then on the drop-down list whatever city your landing in (Bogota or Medellin or wherever) and then fill in the flight info. Note that you use the city information for the flight to Colombia not from your home airport. For instance on Sunday I’m flying GSO to ATL to BOG to MDE. For purposes of Check-Mig I’m using the ATL to BOG leg of the trip. For the portion about country, state, and city of origin you use information pertaining to that flight, not where you live. Note that the drop down menu for countries and states is in Spanish, even if you’re using the English page… Estados Unidos.

      On the next page complete your passport and personal info and where you’re staying. You can simply put the name of your hotel and the phone number there (if you know it) or even your own phone number. Remember this is for contact tracing. If it turns out someone on your flight gets COVID they want to be able to contact you and tell you. You can view this as Big Brother or you can view it as responsibly managing a pandemic. Pick your political flavor and move on.

      The third page has been changed to ask if you’ve been vaccinated and a couple of other questions.

      The fourth page allows you to add a minor traveling with you.

      The final page requires you to fill in one of those Capcha codes, click the box for terms and conditions, and then click Save and Send Pre-Registration. You then get a message saying you can take a screen shot of that page as confirmation of having completed the Check-Mig and then you click Download or Accept. I’ve never downloaded anything… I just hit accept and then I get an email a second later from checkmig@migracioncolombia.gov.co with a subject line saying Confirmación de Pre-Registro Migratorio.

      I just did this and it worked. It’s possible that you clicked to do the Verification on the homepage rather than the Check-Mig Migracion link.. I’d try it again. Good luck!

    18. Jeff and Todd, I received an error message when doing Check-Mig. It says my record already exists. But it is my first time to do it. I do not receive an email from Check-Mig. Do you know the issue? Who can I contact?
      Thank you,

    19. Correct. At least you’ve learned more than you ever wanted to about RT and non RT PCR tests, lol. Check Mig is still required.

    20. I just read the travel requirements to Colombia from U.S.:

      “Travelers are not required to provide proof of a negative COVID-19 test result before traveling to Colombia.”
      “Asymptomatic travelers are not required to quarantine on arrival in Colombia.”

      Is it true?

    21. I think it’s really an issue of contact tracing more than anything else. Fortunately the Check-Mig website has a very prominent ENGLISH button, see https://apps.migracioncolombia.gov.co/pre-registro/public/preregistro.jsf. It only take a couple of minutes to do online on your phone. Basically you enter your flight info, your passport info, confirm that you’re symptom free, and then you receive an email confirming that you’ve completed the form. You then show the email on your cellphone to the gate agent while checking in and again to the immigration officer. And then, sadly, you leave Colombia and cannot wait to return!

    22. I returned to the US on Wednesday 2 June and the check-mig was required at check-in and at immigration. I flew out of Bogota.

      • Frank Lee Hammette June 4, 2021

        thanks, I will try to get it. Sometimes their website is tricky, and sometimes my email connectionj in MDE is tricky. I have been going to and from Mde and in the past have only got the MIG before leaving the USA. Is this a case of Colombia saying one can no longer return to their own country without Colombian permission? Welcome George Orwell . What happens to an unsuspecting toursist here for a 7 day vaccation, who doesnt have the experience , printers , language skill or time to get this done? Are they stuck in Colombia at their expense for an undetermined time?

    23. Frank Lee hammette June 4, 2021

      the plot only gets more complicated. IS a covid MIG NOW required for a US citizen to return to their country from colombia. I returned twice to the USA in the last 12 months w/o a ” checkin MIG” . Is it now required. ?? thanks

    24. Leo, yes, when you check-in you will need to show your Check-Mig and your Covid test. Check-Mig needs to be done at least a couple of hours before flight time. (You’ll need Check-Mig to leave Colombia as well) As soon as you complete the Check-Mig online you’ll get an email confirmation and this is what you show to prove you did it. When you board your flight to Colombia you will likely have to show both of these again before you board the plane, I always do. (I normally fly Greensboro to Atlanta to Bogota on Delta and try to catch the last Avianca flight to Medellin that night.) When you land in Bogota as you enter immigration you will need to show your Covid test. I’m not sure if it’s the same in Medellin. Then when you speak with the Immigration officer you will need to show the Check Mig and the Covid test again. I have never printed anything out — I just show the documents on my phone. Buena suerte!

      • It is great. I will take the PCR in Walgreens. I have talked to many clinics. They all told me it is RT-PCR. I think PCR is the common name and RT-PCR is more scientific(Reverse Transcription PCR). the airport agent misunderstood the testing. Thank you.

        • Terry McKenney June 15, 2021

          You need to ask at your Walgreens because some only do the Antigen test.

    25. Hey Leo, I realized that you’re the someone who had a problem. Walgreen’s report does say RT-PCR, I just checked. I’ve also used WalMart a couple of times — their reports are from Quest Diagnostic and say NAAT with an explanatory note that NAAT includes RT-PCR and TMA. Definitely stinks that you American Airlines wouldn’t let you board. I feel your pain, I didn’t receive results in time and was stranded in Bolivia once. By the time I go the results they were outside of the 96 hour window… and I had to find a lab to get tested during a general strike. Again, I can only say that I’ve boarded planes to Bogota multiple times with a RT-PCR test and I have passed through Immigration there without an issue; and they check your test twice when you arrive en El Dorado. Good luck!

      • Thank you, Todd. It is good to know you have no problem entering with RT-PCR. I will use Walgreens then. It was very frustrating to be denied for check-in. I have talked to many clinic in last few days. Everyone says PCR is PCR. The airport agent might think RT stand for “Real Time”, To be clear, I need to show my testing result when check in and again when arriving in Colombia, I need to do the Check-MIG, right?

    26. Reverse transcription PCR is a more thorough test than the normal PCR. I know that someone here described an issue with a RT-PCR test. I can only tell you that I fly between the US and Colombia two or three times per month. I normally fly Delta southbound but have used Avianca and United as well. On virtually every trip I’ve used Walgreen’s and, quite frankly, I’ve got a file full of RT-PCR tests that coincide with a passport full of entry stamps. I can only speak from experience but I’ve never ever had a problem using a RT-PCR test.

    27. Has anyone taken PCR testing in Walgreen? Or know what is on the report? Colombia want only PCR test, not RT-PCR. I have a problem to find the clinic. Thank you.

    28. I was denied checked-in by American Airline in U.S. I had negative result of RT-PCR test from CVS. But the AA agent said Colombia only accept PCR, not RT-PCR. Can anyone share the experience? Thank you.

      • Only a PCR test is accepted for travel to Colombia.

        • Thanks. Jeff. Most of the clinics use RT PCR. They say all PCR tests must use Reverse Transcription(RT) technology. It is silly to single out RT PCR. But I have to find one that does not list RT in the report at least.

    29. Frank May 25, 2021

      Also, I went by the testing site on ave nutibara near the university last week and it was closed, seemed to be out of business with for rent signs. if anyone has suggestions for a good site in Laureles ( I guess for the Antigen test,) let me know, thanks

      • Esther June 14, 2021

        We used this site on Friday for 4 tests, all back within the 3-4 hour limit they indicated. I wonder if it was just not open when you went.

        • frank Hamette June 15, 2021

          yes you are correct. I was there Saturday afternoon. The tent was down, and the wall behind where it was said ‘for rent’ in Spanish. I assumed it was out of business. The a week or two later I walked by and saw the tent again. When I asked them they said they close at 2 on Saturdays, and are not involved with the store behind them.

          • Esther Bettney June 17, 2021

            I stand corrected. I went by the Nutibara site today and they were closed at 8:30 am and supposedly their hours are 8-5. But, I found a better option in Laureles. It is the main lab for this same company and it’s located at Carrera 80b # 35 – 12. They are open 6am-5pm, Mon-Sat, and the test was cheaper $110.000. It came back in 2 hours, instead of 3.

    30. I’ve flown to the US twice with antigen tests in the last couple of months. No problem at all.

    31. Frank Lee hammette May 25, 2021

      Yes, and folks who who have received a negative Covid test my have contacted the disease a few days earlier without yet having a virus load. And they may also contact the disease a few days before boarding the plane, after having taken the test. And yes, those who have had the desease my posibly get it again. But his is very very rare and statistically near zero, as with one with an approved vaccine. YET, a previous infection OR take a covid test will be allowed to board a flight, but the vaccine will not sufice ! This makes no sense.
      Not to mention, that there are alot of false positives and negatives with the testing. Nothing is 100 % certain, but being vaccinated is the most certain.

      Are we now sure that a rapid test ( antigen) is good enough to fly back to the USA from Colombia, and a PCR test is not needed. ?? If so, that is much cheaper and faster. I can not find an answer from the Airlines. That a question I would like to know with 100 percent certainty.

      • Yes, 100 percent sure that an Antigen test is acceptable to fly to the U.S. Many readers have done this. Also, our above article has the CDC rules and a link. Also, our above article has prices and times for tests. At the MDE airport is the fastest Antigen test.

    32. Does anyone know why fully vaccinated people heading to the US need any testing at all?

      Once in the US, CDC says no masks, no distancing, live your life like it is 2019 or before.

      So why test fully vaccinated people? The virus in theory cannot can a foothold in fully vaccinated people.

      • Test is required as fully vaccinated people can still be infected. U.S. requires either a PCR or Antigen test taken within 3 days of your flight to the U.S.

    33. Chico May 22, 2021

      There is a company in the usa called vault that does a non evasive pcr test without jammimg that thing up your nose or mouth. You just spit in a cup on zoom and send it out. Is there any place in colombia that does his procedure? I can get to colombia using vault testing but how about when i get to colombia. I dont want no hassle cause no one is sticking anything up my nose and nothing is going in my mouth. I contacted a few listed sites in colombia about with no response. kind of sad the disrespect they show by not answering a simple question.

    34. Hi, I need a PCR test for flying to Amsterdam. The test needs to be in English.
      Is it possible to get the test results in English in any of these places?

      Thank you very much!

      • Sophia, I advice you to double check this as I think it’s not correct.

        I received an email from KLM yesterday as I am flying to Amsterdam next week. They emailed me that the PCR test results can be in almost any language, even Portugese 🙂 In Spanish as well ofcourse so I wouldn’t worry about it. Save travels!

    35. Does anyone know in Medellin a place where a PCR Test is cheaper than 235.000 Pesos?

      Thanks in advance!

    36. Vin Sooch April 7, 2021

      I got Antigen test by Proanalab today, April 7, 2021, 150,000. Before I even finished what’s app message a nurse assistant was already at my building, very fast, which kind of worried me a bit.. THEY ONLY TAKE CASH and will not tell you this upfront. I didn’t have COP so after 10mins a angry man came in and demanded cash.. Luckily I had USD and was able to pay him.
      For all the newbies, CASH IS KING, always carry. You would think a test lab would only take credit card but you’d be wrong… lol

    37. Desyn, yes, the site on Avenida Nutibarra by UPB. I’ve only gotten antigen tests there. I’ve twice gotten a PCR test at Sura on 33 in Conquistadores. I don’t know that there is a guarantee, per se, but the first time I had the PCR test at 11 am and got the results that night around 7 or so. The second time I took the test around the same time and had results the next morning. Good luck!

    38. Personally, I wouldn’t risk it. it’s not the time to get the results… antigen test results are available in as little as 15 minutes. The problem is the line to get the test. I was at MDE a month ago and the line barely moved over an hour and a half. I gave up and got the test in Bogota instead. At least where I live in Laureles it’s pretty easy to use a walk-up tent without any fuss, muss, or trouble. I’ve also gone to the Sura site in Conquistadores a couple of times and never had more than a ten minute wait.

      • Todd, I live in Laureles too and have to do a PCR-test for my flight back to Europe in 22 days.

        Are you talking about the testing site at Avenida Nutibarra? If so, do you know if they do PCR tests with guaranteed results within 24 hours?


      • Mark A Knight April 29, 2021

        Thanks for the information Todd, It looks like I can get the antigen test done here in Jardin for $105,000 pesos at the hospital so I might just do that the day before I leave. Prices for antigen test seem to be all over the place in this country. Not sure why it is on $80,000 pesos at the airport and then $140,000 in Laureles. But I guess it is best not to chance a very long wait at the Airport and pay the extra 25mil and have it done and ready.

    39. So if I am flying out at 1:55pm on May 18th to the USA, at what time would I need to get to the airport ahead of time to get the results from the antigen test?

      • Depend how busy the testing the testing place. I would recommend going at least an hour in advance.

        • Mark A Knigh March 30, 2021

          Thanks Jeff, I was planning on getting there much earlier, like 4 hours early since I am coming from Jardin. Should give me plenty of time to get the test results and go through security/immigration. Do they email or text you the results or is a paper they hand you? Do you have to show the results to a check in person or only at the gate? This is my first time travel back to the USA in over 2 years so not sure what to expect.

          • They email you with an attachment. You can show this on your cellphone when you check-in and again at the gate (although this seems to vary). Remember, as well, that you need to complete your Check Mig form at least a couple of hours prior to the flight — even upon exit of the country.

    40. To enter Colombia it needs to be a PCR.

    41. Hi there,

      Just wondering if an antigen test is accepted to enter Colombia or if it needs to be a PCR test?


    42. John Jenkins March 12, 2021

      Costco is partnering with a lab azova and they are guaranteeing results within 72 hours it is a take-home test with an overnight UPS shipping box. The price is about $120.

    43. James Kurtenbach March 9, 2021

      I went to the SURA clinic in the San Paulo plaza yesterday morning for the antigen test. I even used my SURA insurance. I was in and out within a half hour. They emailed my test results in about 4 hours. Excellent service.


      • I went to laureles and took the antigen test today . It took about 15 min And I got the results in hour. Jeff’s price was correct. 140000 pesos.

    44. The only problem that I’ve experienced is that sometimes there is a line. Twice I’ve just walked up. This week I waited about 90 minutes and gave up, opting to get it done in Bogota instead. You can always try a walk-in clinic in town.

      • Ok. I was going to be at the airport at 6 am. Do you think it would be busy then. ? I can go earlier if needed. Thanks

        • Once I went late at night and once at the crack of dawn. Both of those were good. Yesterday I went around 10:30 in the morning and the line just didn’t move at all. Like they processed 6 people in 90 minutes…. I’ve had luck just walking in to a Sura Clinic in C conquistadors and one time at a tent on Avenida Nutibara. Are you flying international from Medellin that same day? Personally, I like margins of error, lol, I’ve missed flights due to late results, though not with antigen tests. Buena suerte!

          • Yes I am flying back to the states on the same day …. I think I’ll try the one in laureles tomorrow. I agree… don’t want to cut it to close. Thank you for your help

    45. Hi, I talked to some Germans that said there were a few problems taking the COVID test at the Medellin airport . I’m not sure if it’s getting the results in time , the hours there open or the price . There English wasn’t the best. I am leaving early on March 10 th. And I was going to take the antigen test before I fly out. Anyone else hear of any problems ? Curious before I get all the way there. Thank you

      • Their banner at the airport says “servico 24 horas” (24 hour service) with prices – PCR test cost – 230,000 pesos and Antigen test cost – 80,000 pesos.

        Also, banner says time for PCR test results –36 hours or less. Or 20 to 40 minutes for an antigen test. Perhaps the Germans thought they they could get PCR test result faster? One reader reported there was a line and it took 60 minutes to get an Antigen test with results.

    46. This is not clear to me,

      Travelers are expected to quarantine for 10 days or 7 days with a negative test 3-5 days after arrival.


      Even if I arrive with negative test result, I may get quarantine for 3-5 days?

      • That is incorrect – see this officially from Ministry of Health (in Spanish) – https://www.minsalud.gov.co/Paginas/Viajeros-que-ingresen-a-Colombia-podran-hacerse-PCR-en-el-pais.aspx

        Translation – (i) perform the referred test in Colombia and do the preventive isolation until you have a negative result of it or (ii) perform the preventive isolation of 14 days or during the term indicated by the health authority, in case you choose not to take the test in Colombia.”

        See the official resolution here – https://www.minsalud.gov.co/Normatividad_Nuevo/Resoluci%C3%B3n%20No.%2000002%20de%202021.pdf

        • Can I please have clarification on this? So the embassy info is currently incorrect about the 7 day quarantine even with a negative test?

          But with a negative test 96 hrs within my flight departure I should not be subject to quarantine, correct?

          Thank you for all of this great info

          • Yes, the embassy is incorrect if you have negative PCR test results for a test taken within 96 hours of your departure no need to quarantine, confirmed with many readers. And see this in Spanish – https://www.minsalud.gov.co/Paginas/Viajeros-que-ingresen-a-Colombia-podran-hacerse-PCR-en-el-pais.aspx

          • It think that this paragraph is referring to those who did NOT get the results of a Covid test in the 96 hours prior to the flight time. The Check-Mig form has a place to indicate that you have not had a test but are willing to be quarantined/tested upon arrival in Colombia. I can only say that in January and February I have entered Colombia 4 times from the US or from Bolivia and no one in immigration has asked about a quarantine. They ask where I’m staying but that’s a question that has always been asked. Realistically 96 hours is ample time to get the test completed. The only potential hang-up is if the sample is deemed invalid. This happened to me at a Walgreens’s two weeks ago. I was pleasantly surprised to get an email within 24 hours of the test but they joy evaporated when I saw that the test was invalid. Fortunately Colombia is working on a 96 hour window and I was able to get a second test done and results in hand prior to the flight.

    47. Cartagena is another major tourist focused city in Colombia but is never references for available services or their location. Numerous US expats reside there also.

      I need to return US soon and need to satisfy pretravel testing requirements. I need advise where to find a testing facility in Cartagena.

      I submitted a question via email but was snubbed with a ..I don’t know answer.

    48. Catherine Grizzard February 2, 2021

      Where did you get the information for covid testing in the Medellin airport? I can’t find any further information online. Is 36 hours the guarantee?

    49. Max Forstag January 22, 2021

      Got a trip booked to visit the suegros a month from now and need to determine if it’s worth doing so. If you could help me answer these questions, I’d be so grateful!

      1. Can you show a negative rapid molecular test to enter Colombia? Or does it need to be a negative PCR test? It seems like a Catch-22 if a negative PCR result is required – It can’t be taken more than 96 hours prior, yet the clinic can’t guarantee the results in that timeframe. Per the clinic where I got my PCR test in the U.S., they recommend the rapid molecular test for those who need to show it for foreign travel. Will Colombian immigration accept this? In the event we took the PCR and don’t have the results in time, what exactly does “quarantine for 14 days” mean? Would we be able to leave the airport? Even though we’re flying AeroMexico, all the info I’ve found about it has been from Avianca:


      2. My wife and I are planning to stay with her family in Santa Elena. Does anyone know a rapid testing clinic up there, or would we likely need to come down to the city to get tested?

      Any help would be greatly appreciated!

      • Colombia only accepts a PCR test. Quarantine for 14 days means you must isolate in where you are staying for 14 days or until you get negative results for a PCR test taken in Colombia. See our popular article about Colombia requiring a PCR test – https://medellinguru.com/colombia-require-covid-19-test/

        • Michael Marte February 2, 2021

          Hey Jeff,
          Thanks so much for your information. I have two questions for you, I’ve checked the embassy websites, but it is all very unclear to me as I have a trip next week to MDE for business.

          1) Does the PCR test to enter colombia have to be 96 hours before *arrival* into Colombia? or 96 hours at earliest of *departure* from the United States?
          IE if I have a flight on Thursday that leaves the states at 11 AM and arrives at 3pm into MDE,
          Is the earliest I can take my PCR test on Sunday at 11 AM or Sunday at 3 PM?’

          2) IS the check mig form supposed to be 24, or 48 hours before departure/arrival time?

          thanks so much for your time,
          your blog is awesome.

          • PCR test no more than 96 hours before the scheduled time of your flight.

            The check mig form is supposed to be 24 hours before your departure time.

        • Jo Tuske March 4, 2021

          Hi Jeff,

          My son traveled to Medellin and went for a test when he arrived on Tuesday at the airport, he received the results yesterday Wednesday, and was supposed to fly back home to the U.S.A. today, what should he do now? I’m so worried.

          • No worries, as it says in our article to travel to the U.S. test must be taken 3 days before the flight – “The 3-day period is the three days before the flight’s departure. The Order uses a 3-day timeframe instead of 72 hours to provide more flexibility to the traveler. By using a 3-day window, test validity does not depend on the time of the flight or the time of day that the test was administered.”

            • Gene Powers March 4, 2021

              Hi Jeff
              I’m coming to Medellín from Detroit on 9 March 2021. We met at one of your get-togethers last February 2020 when I was in Medellín for two months.
              Do I need a PCR test from here within 96 hours before I leave Detroit?
              Gene Powers

            • He has no phone service and is only using whats app at this time, his Airbnb is extended only until Monday, what does he have to do after finding out he is positive other than staying in? does he have to call anyone?

    50. Charles Hesse January 15, 2021

      Unidad Medico Centrolab (in Poblado I believe) will do a PCR for $220 mil pesos. And will do it in your home for another $13,000 pesos. I haven’t used the service, but was looking two days ago.

    51. PROANALAB charges 270,000 pesos for a PCR test.

      • Thank you, Can you fly to Colombia with just a antigen test? Or do you need a pcr test?

        • Only a PCR test is accepted in Colombia. See our article – https://medellinguru.com/colombia-require-covid-19-test/

          You have three options:

          1. Get a PCR test with negative results taken a maximum of 96 hours before your flight
          2. If you don’t have a PCR test, quarantine for 14 days when arrive in Colombia
          3. Get a PCR test when you arrive in Colombia and quarantine until you receive negative results. It is possible to get PCR test results within 48 hours in Medellín.

    52. Went to PROANALAB in Laureles today for a Covid antibody test and the service was fantastic. Very highly recommended.

      • How much pesos do they charge for a PCR test and how many hours to get the result?

        • In the article above it has prices in pesos and time for PCR results in a few locations.

          For example, at Clinica Las Americas 288,000 peso and time for PCR test results – 48 hours or less. One reader went in the morning and had results in 5 hours but depends how busy they lab is.

          On the PROANALAB website it say PCR test within 48 hours but doesn’t have a price, see https://www.proanalab.com/pruebas-covid

        • PROANALAB is the lab that does tests for the testing tents in the article above where they charge 270,000 pesos for a PCR test, so the price may be the same. We will see if we can find out.

      • We added PROANALAB to the above article with more information.

        • Greg Brenner February 13, 2021

          HI Jeff, I hit up the lab on Thursday. 240,000 and results were back via email in 31 hours. I think the address might be wrong though, it was in El Centro, close to Parque Bolivar. Maybe they have tent locations in Laureles, but I went to the super small lab and was out of there in about 25 minutes.

      • PROANALAB does not do PCR tests after 9 am on Saturdays. Given the tight schedules that we are all working around, keep this in mind. They told me this directly on 13 February as I was scrambling to get a test.

        • We were told the hours of PROANALAB on the phone, may have changed since this article was published.

        • I need to fly back to the us on a Monday …. are there any places I can get a test on a Friday and receive the results before Sunday evening? Thanks

          • Yes, antigen tests can be done with results in a few hours at several places in the list and an antigen test at the MDE airport takes 20 to 40 minutes for results. You can use an antigen test for travel to the U.S.

    53. Thank you for this information. I am travelling next month to Medellin and with Canada now needing a negative PCR test to go back home this information is very valuable. was worried about how fast I can get a test back to plan my return trip.

      • The testing sites in our article except for SURA EPS can do a PCR test in 48 hours.

        • Now there is a COVID-19 testing place at the MDE airpot open 24 hours with test results in 36 hours or less.

          • The tent at MDE is easy and convenient. However when I went on 13 February they were out of the chemicals or whatever for a PCR test. They gave me a number for a domicilio in Medellin.

        • I took a PCR test at the Sura site in Conquistadores at 11 am on 13 Feb and received the results 9 pm on 13 Feb. It cost 243.000. It’s a little confusing… the testing site is in a parking lot a couple of hundred meters down the street from the main clinic. If you’re paying for the test you do not need an appointment. I was in and out in 15 minutes.

          • Michael March 16, 2021

            do you have the address for this site?

            • Salud Sura, Av. 33 ## 74e-156 is the address for the office. The actual testing was about 100 yards further down the street in a parking lot, same side of the street. It was 243 for a PCR, but remember if you’re going to the States you only need an Antigen test which is cheaper. No appt if your paying cash rather than on your Sura insurance.

    54. Ashlee Williams January 14, 2021

      Do you know of any testing sites in Guatape? or are they really only in Medellin?

    55. Rich Holman January 13, 2021

      I got my PCR test at the Nova Clinic in Envigado across from the Viva Mall. It cost 270,000 COP, took less than 30 minutes for everything and I got my results back in 36 hours.

    56. Thanks for the information, the U.S. has turned into a nightmare with COVID and the mess in D.C., no way I would want to return there. Better to be here in Colombia.

    57. I didn’t need to get Covid test on last trip but just wanted to call out two hospitals in Bogota that I got excellent care and labs service: Fundacion Santa Fe Bogota (Usaquen) and Clinica Marly (Chapinaro)

      [actual reason I commented was to get notified of new comments, now that returning to US requires test] SALUDOS

    58. How do they inform you of the results, is it done by email , text message, whatapp type message. Do they offer options for the delivery of the results..

      • Most are by email so you can print out for flights. I recall one had option for sending to you physically but pay extra.

        • Esther Gross March 8, 2021

          If my flight is 1a on Monday, can I get tested on Friday?
          If my flight is 9a Monday can I get tested Friday or do I need to wait until Saturday?
          Is medellin airport open on good Friday for testing pcr to fly back to usa?

          • You don’t need a PCR test to fly to the U.S. An Antigen test is acceptable and cheaper with faster results.

            The MDE airport testing location is supposed to be open 24 hours per day according to their banner picture in the above article with Antigen test results in 20-40 minutes but readers report can be longer due to a line.

    59. Lots of us live in Poblado. A list of Poblado clinics, if any, offering PCR tests would be useful.

      • Sorry, two readers had bad experiences with testing at two locations in El Poblado so did not include them. If we hear good experiences will add to the list.

        • Thanks. Can you advise which labs, and what problems they had. Because those of us in Poblado will be looking anyway in our area first if we need a test

          • One was Bioreferencia Laborataria, did not get results in 48 hours as promised. The other I can’t find the email from the reader, may have deleted it.

        • COVID tests in the US are free of charge. Not true that there is a $200 charge. Perhaps in a private clinic but test are offered fre of charge to the public

          • No Medellin Guru reader has reported they found a free PCR test place in the U.S. with PCR test results within 72 hours.

            • Public/Free places will NOT guarantee a response time either. It actually took 4 to 7 days. Do you really want to risk your travel plans on that? Thats why I planned stopover in Panama (Pacifica Salud $50) to get a 48-hour guaranteed test, before continuing to Colombia.

              Private clinics quoted $150 to $300+

              Now if Colombia would have on-arrival rapid airport testing… saludos

            • Yes, exactly. That is what readers have reported in the U.S. ranging from $150 to over $300 for a PCR test with results within 48 hours.

            • Hey Jeff, I moved to Medellin several weeks ago from Miami and they offer free PCR tests around the city with results in 48 hours. Regardless, the info you compiled is appreciated and very helpful! I have family visiting in several weeks and they were worried about getting back.

            • PCR test in the US are FREE OF CHARGE with or without insurance. I live in the US and have taken a PCR test at gogettested.com in both NY and TX. Please repost, with accurate information.

            • Thanks, article is updated to include information about gogettested.com with a link. But according to their website not available in NY – it says on their webstie “We’re currently serving Texas, Kansas, D.C. Arizona, and South Carolina, however we’re growing rapidly.”

            • If you search for community testing in a given city you can find locations in most US communities giving free COVID tests. I’ve had these in Austin, TX, Wilmington, DE, and Greensboro, NC. In each case I received results in 36-48 hours. In fact the only time I’ve had a test take longer than 72 hours was a paid test through Walmart – Quest Diagnostics.

            • Christopher February 20, 2021

              I received my test from Universidad de Antioquía, la escuela de microbiología. The technician came to my house & performed a PCR test – a culture sample by throat & nose. Results in 24 hours. Saturday morning service also. Cost was 287,000 COP.

            • John Kruskie May 5, 2021

              I have been tested 7 times by the Florida Dept. of Health in Fort Myers for free. Test results returned in 24 to 48 hours.

          • Michael March 16, 2021

            It might depend where you live. In the Boston area many cities have set up free test sites no questions asked with results back with-in 48 hours. I can get a free test at work and get results with-in 24 hours they were doing them 6 days a week but demand has fallen off so now only Monday and Thursdays. . Many CVS pharmacies offer free testing with your health insurance information ( check with your insurance to make sure they will cover), you book on line from their website. …

        • How can a tourist visa visitor receive a vaccination in Medellin and proper documentation of same?

          • You don’t need a visa or anything. You’ll need to have your passport information and you pay in cash for the test. They will ask for a Colombian phone number in the event that were to have a positive result they can track you down. You can give them the number of a friend — the just need to have a +57 number to put on the form, don’t need names, etc. You will receive an email with the test results. You don’t need to print this off, simply show the results on your cell phone when you check in and when you board the plane.

            • He is asking about receiving a vaccination, not a test.

          • As a tourist you can’t get a vaccination in Colombia. Vaccinations currently are being administered by the EPS insurance providers – see our article about vaccinations – https://medellinguru.com/covid-19-vaccinations-in-colombia/ and you need to have a cedula (Colombian ID) to enroll in an EPS.

            This may change in the future but currently all vaccinations are being done by the EPS insurance providers.

        • Charlito June 29, 2021

          Monday the 28th of June 2021 I went to the Medellin airport location. It took over 4 hours to get the Antigen rapid test. I arrived before 1pm. The bus driver told me to go downstairs to the end of the arrivals overpass. The testing site was located in a small parking lot in white tents and there was over 50 poeple sitting on a curb under the overpass. I was amazed at with all of that unused space in the airport. It was located in a parking lot with no sitting and the nears restrooms were about 100m away in the restaurante

          The only thing good about this location is that they do PCR test in about 36 hours.

      • Frank Lee hammette May 24, 2021

        I just want to confirm. I am leaving for the USA soon, 3 days. DO iI NEED A RAPID TEST OR Pcr TEST. ? This is what the US embassy says.

        “”A: Rapid tests are acceptable as long as they are a viral test acceptable under the Order.””

        what the hell does that mean? A rapid test is ok if we have said so?

        • An Antigen or PCR test is acceptable for travel to the U.S. Antigen will be cheaper and faster.

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