When Will the Quarantine End in Colombia? On September 1? - Medellin Guru
When will the quarantine end in Colombia? The quarantine in Colombia is scheduled to end on September 1, will it be extended for the ninth time?

When Will the Quarantine End in Colombia? On September 1?

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20 thoughts on “When Will the Quarantine End in Colombia? On September 1?”

    1. William Burrall August 27, 2020

      I have been a resident of Colombia since 2014 but when the virus hit and they locked me in my casa since i am over 70 anos, I had to get out, got a humanitarian flight to USA.. Walking in fresh air and sunshine is what keeps me healthy and i would like to return to Medellin. Is there any word about us older people being allowed outside ? Thanks, W

    2. People arent even following the quarantine. I see “stories “on instagram of people every weekend at large house parties …

    3. John Carr August 20, 2020

      Jeff… thank you for the update, helps with the stress of not being with my family. and worrying abut their safety.. this is welcome news John Carr

    4. John Carr August 20, 2020

      I just got off the phone with my wife who is at our residence in Barranquilla…she told me that starting tomorrow, they have lifted the restrictions based on your Cedula # for residents leaving their homes … hopefully a sign of good things to come…John

      • Barranquilla is over a month since it hit a peak of cases on July 18 and the number of daily cases and active cases have dropped. ICU occupancy in Barranquilla is now below 50 percent, see … https://medellinguru.com/coronavirus-hospitalization/

        Today there were 165 cases in Barranquilla and on July 18 there were over 1,500 cases, that is a big drop.

    5. Gert Rotgans August 20, 2020

      I cannot enter the article either. I am a paying subscriber.

    6. Mary Johnson August 20, 2020

      160 days is enough, they need to end this national quarantine and go to local quarantines. Why punish people living in places with no coronavirus cases in nearly 150 days.

      I had no problem access this article. I went directly from the Medellin Guru newsletter today. I am logged into Patreon but did not go to the Patreon site.

    7. Nice article, they should end the national quarantine.

      I have no problem accessing the article, I went directly to the Medellin Guru site while logged into Patreon.

    8. Jeff, I’m having the same issue, I gave up trying to read one recently for the same reason. It keeps taking me back to the original page?

    9. Jeff, I am having the same issue

      • Sorry you are having problems accessing the quarantine ending article on Medellin Guru. Other readers are not having problems reading the article and we can’t duplicate the problem.

        So, I sent you an email with the article.

    10. Jacqueline Twa August 20, 2020

      Jeff- I’ve joined and paid and am now in a loop! Why can I not access the quarantine ending article?

      • Sorry you are having problems accessing the quarantine ending article on Medellin Guru.

        Other readers are not having problems reading the article.

        I will send you an email with the article.

      • I am having same problem and cannot access the patron articles

        • Readers have been able to access the article by logging into Patreon and then going directly the the Medellin Guru website to read the article – https://medellinguru.com/when-will-the-quarantine-end/

          Seems to be a problem for a few readers accessing from Patreon.

          Let me know if this doesn’t work for you.

        • Log into Patreon and go directly to the Medellin Guru site here, https://medellinguru.com/, I have no problems accessing patron articles this way.

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