Reasons Why Colombia is Unlikely to Return to a Quarantine - Medellin Guru
We look at 8 reasons why Colombia is unlikely to return to a quarantine. More likely are preventative measures by city than return to a national quarantine.

8 Reasons Why Colombia is Unlikely to Return to a Quarantine

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12 thoughts on “8 Reasons Why Colombia is Unlikely to Return to a Quarantine”

  1. Gaby Safi December 12, 2020

    Do we or don’t we need a cov19 to enter country now in December I’m confuse?

  2. Jeff,

    Would you say it’s safe to visit there now or should we wait? I have a trip upcoming but I’m a little worried. Is it worth the risk?

  3. Roger Behre November 1, 2020

    I assume that airports are taking temperature scans of foreign visitors coming into Colombia? Do you just have to answer some questions? How lengthy is the process for foreigners?

  4. Roger Behre November 1, 2020


    Are foreigners coming to Colombia being required to go through quarantine and isolation?

    • No, a PCR test is required for entering Colombia on a flight from another country. So, no more quarantine or isolation for arriving international passengers.

  5. Most people here accept vs. Resist, but all of this has had a severe impact on all of us here, both psychologically and economically. It feels like we are on a perpetual roller coaster ride. The vast majority overwhelmingly comply with social distancing and mask wearing. Here in Medellin a city where many thumb their noses up at rules and regs and authority, its refreshing to see so many complying with the emergency decrees in place. Of course hefty fines and strict enforcement have helped to get even the most resistant into step. Hopefully all of the measures and voluntary compliance will help to avoid a second lockdown. Honestly though, this is all wearing thin on our psyches. Its time for an effective and SAFE vaccine to be released. Its scary to having to hold in a cough or a sneeze without being evil eyed or worse.

  6. James Priester, Phd. October 31, 2020

    I am not going to engage in the situation in Colombia, in the USA, it is a totally different thing; however, your gathering of information
    is very impressive. I can not believe how much work and effort you put into a well-written update on the status.

    I am glad there has been such governmental follow-through, I believe the situation in the USA is unbelieveable to the world.

    It looks like a lockdown can be avoided. Colombia culture appears to comprehend the need for it, vs. the “MeTOO” movement
    in the USA.

  7. Thanks Jeff!

    Another lockdown would be economic suicide and more harmful to health

    What is the motivation and how would those behind the fake news stand to benefit ???

  8. I hope we will not return to a national lockdown…but…as we are now seeing in England, if it can happen there once again, never say never. This second wave now invading England and Europe are omenous signs of things to come. Hope for the best. Plan for the worst just in case. Thanks Jeff for your due diligence and I hope your reasons are enough to dissuade the powers that be to avoid another national lockdown.

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