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Colombia plans to resume international flights to Colombia in September with a phased reopening and plans to have flights to 15 destinations in October.

International Flights Return to Colombia Starting in September

Colombia plans to resume international flights to Colombia starting in September with flights planed to resume over a period of three months starting with a pilot in September and a return to “normalization” with tourists in November.

The reactivation of international flights to and from Colombia is planned to start in September on a pilot basis.

Many Medellin Guru readers have asked when international flights to Colombia will resume. And Angela María Orozco, Colombia’s Minister of Transport confirmed in May that international flights to Colombia will resume in September, which hasn’t changed since that time.

On September 14, Colombia’s Minister of Transport confirmed that international flights to Colombia will resume on September 21 and Colombia will have more than 15 international destinations in October.

According to Migracion, 15,000 passengers arrived in the first 11 days of international flights resuming to Colombia. And 34 percent (5,100 passengers) came to Colombia for tourism.

UPDATE: A PCR test is no longer required for travel to Colombia starting in early June 2021. See our separate article about the COVID-19 test requirement for traveling to Colombia.

Spirit will have the first flight to Colombia on September 19, photo by Pablo Andrés Ortega Chávez, photo by Pablo Andrés Ortega Chávez

Spirit will have the first flight to Colombia on September 19, photo by Pablo Andrés Ortega Chávez, photo by Pablo Andrés Ortega Chávez

First International Flights to and from Colombia on September 19

The first international flight to Colombia is from Fort Lauderdale to Cartagena on Spirit Airlines on September 19 arriving at 12:37 pm according to the Ministry of Transport.

And the first international flight to leave Colombia is from Medellín to Cartagena to Miami on Viva Air departing from Cartagena at 11:40 am on September 19.

Also, William Dau, the mayor of Cartagena, said recently the first international flight to Cartagena will be on September 21.

El Heraldo previously reported that the first international flights to Colombia will be on September 21. Minister of Transport, Ángela María Orozco, confirmed on September 11 that the return of international flights will be on September 21

Biosafety Protocol for International Flights

The biosecurity protocol for the return of international flights to Colombia defined by the Ministry of Health starting in in June 2021 no longer includes a PCR COVID-19 test.

The following is the list of biosafety requirements for international flights:

  • Passenger access to the airport will be a maximum of three hours before the scheduled departure of the flight.
  • The use of the mask will be mandatory from the entrance of the airport, during the trip and at the arrival destination, regardless of the duration of the tour.
  • For short flights it is recommended not to use the aircraft toilets.
  • For medium and long duration flights it is recommended to wear multiple masks to replace them during the trip.
  • The passenger must remain in the assigned seat throughout the flight.
  • To enter or leave Colombia, the passenger must compulsorily fill out, before check-in and prior to entering the immigration control posts at the airport, a form that is on the Migración Colombia website must be completed 24 hours before the flight.
  • In order to leave Colombia, the requirements agreed by the destination country must be met. For example, the U.S. starting on January 26, 2021 will require a COVID-19 test for arriving international passengers in the U.S., either a PCR test or an antigen test.

In addition, starting on January 7, a PCR test should be taken a maximum of 96 hours before the flight and must be presented by all travelers, even if they are Colombian nationals and without exceptions due to age. That is, even babies traveling with their relatives must have a PCR test. But there is an exception where you can take a PCR test in Colombia.

Also, passengers who have difficulties in taking the test or in obtaining the test result before the trip may be admitted to board the flight without presenting a negative PCR result.

Travelers to Colombia without a PCR test will have to obtain a COVID-19 test as soon as they arrive in Colombia and be under a 14-day quarantine, which could end before that period if the test result is negative. It can take 48 hours or longer for PCR tests to be processed at a lab and results provided.

See our separate article about the COVID-19 test requirement for traveling to Colombia.

Temporary Ban for Tourists to Colombia from 7 Countries Planned But Not Implemented

On November 9, starting on November 10, Colombia was planning to temporarily restrict tourists from the following seven countries from traveling to Colombia:

  1. Argentina
  2. Canada
  3. Chile
  4. France
  5. Germany
  6. Spain
  7. Netherlands

Nationals of those countries were not be able to enter Colombia for tourist activities only with their passport as they have traditionally done. Exceptions to this restriction are for anyone with a Colombian visa: M (Migrant), R (Resident) or V (Visitor) visa.

This temporary restriction was planned for non-essential travel (tourists) to Colombia from these countries due to these countries implementing similar measures regarding Colombian citizens.

However, later in the day, the Ministry of Transportation, the Foreign Ministry and Colombia Migration sent a statement in which they clarified that these measures will not be implemented yet with this statement:

Colombia hopes that the aeronautical authorities of the countries will advance in the gradual opening of flights and the circulation of citizens, in the same conditions prior to the pandemic, as soon as possible, to contribute to the responsible and sustainable reactivation,” the three entities indicated. And then they pointed out that the countries mentioned in the circular have restrictions for the entry of Colombians, for which “an equivalent temporary measure has been contemplated.

Why Did Colombia Eliminate the PCR Test Requirement?

The Deputy Minister of Public Health and Provision of Services, Luis Alexander Moscoso Osorio, explained the epidemiological reasons that led the National Government to withdraw the requirement of a PCR test for foreign passengers arriving in Colombia.

Let us remember that when the COVID-19 pandemic began, the world had an infection rate higher than that of Colombia, so we had to regulate, close flights and take some measures. Today there is community transmission, which means that in Colombia it is the same as in other nations.

Also, a series of difficulties have been encountered during the process where a PCR test was required:

  1. It was found that people can be infected in the 96-hour period that had been established between the time of the test and the trip.
  2. At the time of the test, the person may be in an incubation period that is up to 7 days. This creates a very large time in which the traveler can actually be positive and fly with a negative test. The passenger arrives in Colombia with a negative PCR test and believes that he/she is protected when in fact is not.
  3. The PCR test can cost between $60 and $400 USD abroad. So, it is recognized that for people with fewer resources it can be a barrier.
  4. In some countries it is difficult to find laboratories that can do PCR tests within 96 hours and the readings are complex.

Colombia looked for a better alternative. For this reason, and to give security to the flights, a contact follow-up strategy was set up with a call center that today already has about 1,033 people.

First 14 Countries with International Flights from Colombia

According to the Colombia Transport Ministry and news sources, Colombia plans to resume international flights in two phases:

First phase (starting on September 21):

  1. United States
  2. Bolivia
  3. Brazil
  4. Mexico
  5. Ecuador
  6. Dominican Republic
  7. Guatamala

The first phase of international flight will be to four airport in Colombia starting in September:

  1. El Dorado Airport (BOG) in Bogotá
  2. José María Cordova Airport (MDE), which is located in Rionegro and serves Medellín
  3. Alfonso Bonilla Aragón Airport (CLO) in Cali
  4. Rafael Núñez International Airport (CTG) in Cartagena

A second phase of four more airports plan to open starting in October for international flights according to Reportur with flights to four additional airports:

  1. Ernesto Cortissoz de Soledad Airport (BAQ) in Barranquilla
  2. Matecaña Airport (PEI) in Pereira
  3. Edén Airport in Armenia
  4. Palonegro Airport in Bucaramanga.

The planned routes from Barranquilla will be to Miami, Panama, Curaçao and back. From Bucaramanga to Panama and back. From Pereira to Panama and back. From Armenia to Fort Lauderdale and back.

Although at the moment restrictions remain for Curaçao and Panama, October 12 is the expected date of opening of Panama. In the case of Curaçao, it is expected to open as soon as the entry of Colombian citizens to this nation is enabled.

Second phase (in October):

Additional locations are planned in Colombia.

  1. El Salvador
  2. Panama
  3. Peru
  4. Chile
  5. Uruguay
  6. Venezuela

Furthermore, there are additional countries planned with “special conditions” including Argentina, Canada, France, Germany and Spain.

Although it is still premature to establish the schedule of the flights and itineraries that are reactivated, the industry estimates that by the end of October at least 15 international destinations will be active.

Ban on International Flights to Colombia

Colombia started to ban international flights to Colombia in late March 2020, in response to the coronavirus pandemic.

With international flights new scheduled to resume in September, the ban will be for a period of over five months. But in September, flights to and from international locations will initially be limited.

Since the ban started, the only international flights permitted to and from Colombia have been humanitarian flights arranged by embassies.

Also, domestic flights were banned in Colombia but domestic flights started to resume on a trial basis in July 2020.

Which Airports Have Passed Biosafety Protocol Tests

According to El Tiempo, there are already 15 airports in Colombia that comply with biosecurity protocols defined for air operations, after inspections were carried out by technical teams expert in biosecurity protocols and air operations:

  1. El Dorado Airport (BOG) in Bogotá
  2. José María Cordova Airport (MDE), which is located in Rionegro and serves Medellín
  3. Alfonso Bonilla Aragón Airport (CLO) in Cali
  4. Ernesto Cortissoz de Soledad Airport (BAQ) in Barranquilla
  5. Rafael Núñez International Airport (CTG) in Cartagena
  6. Simón Bolívar Airport (SMR) in Santa Marta
  7. Olaya Herrera Airport (EOH) in Medellín
  8. Gustavo Rojas Pinilla International Airport in San Andres Islands
  9. Palonegro de Lebrija Airport (BGA) in Bucaramanga
  10. Matecaña Airport (PEI) in Pereira
  11. Eden Airport in Armenia
  12. La Nubia Airport in Manizales
  13. Los Garzones Airport in Montería
  14. Antonio Nariño de Chachagüí Airport in Pasto
  15. Camilo Daza Airport in Cúcuta
Inside José María Córdova international airport (MDE) serving Medellín

Inside José María Córdova international airport (MDE) serving Medellín

Starting on July 21 domestic flights resumed in Colombia with an initial flights between Bucaramanga and Cúcuta. And on August 18 domestic flights resumed at José María Cordova Airport (MDE) with flights to and from Bucaramanga and Pereira and other destinations planned.

Also, starting in September, domestic flights will resume at El Dorado Airport (BOG) in Bogotá with initially flights to and from three locations: Cartagena, San Andres and Leticia. However, 11 additional destinations have been proposed from Bogotá:

  1. José María Cordova Airport (MDE), which is located in Rionegro and serves Medellín
  2. Alfonso Bonilla Aragón Airport (CLO) in Cali
  3. Ernesto Cortissoz de Soledad Airport (BAQ) in Barranquilla
  4. Simón Bolívar Airport (SMR) in Santa Marta
  5. Palonegro de Lebrija Airport (BGA) in Bucaramanga
  6. Matecaña Airport (PEI) in Pereira
  7. Eden Airport in Armenia
  8. La Nubia Airport in Manizales
  9. Los Garzones Airport in Montería
  10. Antonio Nariño de Chachagüí Airport in Pasto
  11. Camilo Daza Airport in Cúcuta

In addition on September 1, Olaya Herrera Airport (EOH) in Medellín will start domestic flights initially to Montería, Pereira, Armenia and Cúcuta. A total of nine domestic destinations have been approved by the National Government for the Olaya Herrera Airport: Armenia, Cúcuta, El Bagre, Montería, Pereira, San Andrés, Tolú, Urrao and Caucasia.

Avianca 767-200 at El Dorado Bogotá Airport, photo by Carlos Colina

Avianca 767-200 at El Dorado Bogotá Airport, photo by Carlos Colina

Major Airlines in Latin America File for Bankruptcy

The two largest airlines in in Latin America, servicing Colombia and other international locations have filed for chapter 11 bankruptcy in the U.S. – LATAM and Avianca.

LATAM, the largest airline in Latin America, filed for chapter 11 bankruptcy earlier in May. LATAM was forced to cancel 95 per cent of its flights as the coronavirus pandemic hit Latin America, but announced plans for a gradual recovery of capacity with a fleet of 330 planes, targeting growth of 9 percent in June and 18 percent in July.

Avianca is the second largest airline in Latin America. Avianca filed for chapter 11 bankruptcy in May. The bankruptcy postpones Aviana’s obligations to its creditors, giving it time to reorganize its debts or sell parts of the business. Out of all the countries in which Avianca operates, 88 percent have total or partial passenger air transport restrictions.

Avianca LifeMiles, photo courtesy of Avianca

Avianca LifeMiles, photo courtesy of Avianca

Note that Avianca’s Lifemiles loyalty program is not expected to change. Lifemiles is a separate company and is not part of Avianca’s chapter 11 proceeding.

When COVID-19 travel restrictions are lifted, both LATAM and Avianca plan to resume passenger flights with the strictest biosafety protocols.

Spirit Airbus A319 N532NK at the Medellín airport, photo by Pablo Andrés Ortega Chávez

Spirit Airbus A319 N532NK at the Medellín airport, photo by Pablo Andrés Ortega Chávez

The Bottom Line: International Flights Return to Colombia Starting in September

Many readers have asked when international flights will resume in Colombia. Flights to and from Colombia are planned to resume in September but as of August 26 a date has not been set. Also in September, this will only on a limited pilot basis with a phased resumption of flights planned over a period of three months.

However, keep in mind these dates could possibly change depending on what happens with the coronavirus pandemic.

Many Medellin Guru readers including foreigners with visas in other countries and Colombians in other countries have wanted to return to Colombia. Also, there are many tourists in Colombia that may want to return home but there are humanitarian flights available to many countries.

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Editors note: updated on June 25, 2020 with information that domestic flights resume in Colombia in July 2020.

Editors note: updated on July 24, 2020 to add the phased plan for Colombia to resume flights with a phased approach that starts in September with a plan by November for normalization with more of a full reopening of international flights.

Editors note: updated on August 7, 2020 to add seven airports in Colombia where mayors have requested resuming flights and added 15 airports that have passed biosafety tests to resume operations.

Editors note: updated on August 19, 2020 to add information about domestic flights resuming at the José María Cordova Airport (MDE) and El Dorado Airport in Bogotá.

Editors note: updated on August 26, 2020 to add information that domestic flights from Olaya Herrera Airport in Medellín start on September 1 and added statement from the Minister of Transport from August 25.

Editors note: updated on August 27, 2020 with the first five countries for international flights to and from Colombia.

Editors note: updated on August 28, 2020 with information that President Duque announced that that Colombia is working intensely to define international flight protocols between the Prosur countries in the next 10 days with the aeronautical authorities.

Editors note: updated on September 1, 2020 with information that President Duque said on August 30 that in September will be a pilot of international flights.

Editors note: updated on September 9, 2020 with information that the first international flight from Colombia is reportedly from Cartagena.

Editors note: updated on September 10, 2020 with news that the first international flight from Colombia is on Viva Air on September 19.

Editors note: updated on September 13, 2020 with information that the first international flights to Colombia reportedly will be on September 21 with a PCR COVID-19 test required for arriving international passengers.

Editors note: updated on September 14, 2020 with information that Colombia plans to resume international flights on September 21 and have international flights to at least 15 destinations by October.

Editors note: updated on September 15, 2020 with the biosafety protocol for international flights including that that a negative PCR COVID-19 test for test taken within 96 hours is required for international passengers arriving in Colombia.

Editors note: updated on September 17, 2020 with information that PCR tests can be done after international passengers arrive in Colombia but must comply with a mandatory isolation measure for fourteen (14) days.

Editors note: updated on September 29, 2020 to add four more airports in Colombia that will resume international flights in October located in Armenia, Barranquilla, Bucaramanga and Pereira.

Editors note: updated on October 3, 2020 with information about how many passengers arrived on international flights to Colombia in the first 11 days after international flights resumed.

Editors note: updated on October 7, 2020 with information that a PCR test is mandatory for travel to Colombia. All travelers from abroad must have a negative PRC test for COVID-19, taken no more than 96 hours before boarding. 

Editors note: updated on November 4, 2020 with information that a PCR test is no longer required to enter Colombia.

Editors note: updated on November 6, 2020 with information about why Colombia eliminated the PCR test requirement.

Editors note: updated on November 9, 2020 with information that citizens from seven countries are temporarily restricted from traveling to Colombia as tourist starting on November 10.

Editors note: updated again on November 9, 2020 with information that the planned restriction for tourists from seven counties will not be implemented yet.

Editors note: updated on January 7, 2021 with information that a PCR test is now required to travel to Colombia.

Editors note: updated on January 13, 2021 with information that the U.S. will require a COVID-19 test starting on January 26, either a PCR test or an antigen test.

Editors note: updated on August 9, 2021 with information that a PCR test is no longer required for travel to Colombia.

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1,112 thoughts on “International Flights Return to Colombia Starting in September”

    1. Jeff: That is what I have read on Medellin Herald website. Do not see it in other sources.

    2. Hello Jeff. Can you confirm that a PCR test is no longer required to enter Colombia? Also, preflight online registration is also not required?

    3. Aleja May 8, 2021

      Is anyone hearing about access to airports being blocked due to the civil unrest/protests? I am travelling to Pereira in 3 weeks and I really thought this time would be easier. Sigh…

    4. Schools closed back up today in Colombia. Does anyone know if any talks about closing airports have been had?

      • They are not closing the airports. Nothing seen in the news anywhere and unlikely, as too important to the economy.

        Aviation in Colombia is a sector of great importance and value. Prior to the COVID-19 crisis it generated more than 600,000 jobs in Colombia. Aviation + tourism represented about 6 percent of economy prior to the pandemic. See this – https://medellinguru.com/tourism-impact-reativate-tourism/

    5. Rod Mac April 15, 2021

      Peter – You could do that in February. Now they have restricted it to only Florida full or part-time residents. I think by May, all Floridians who want it will have it. It is now available to everyone over 16 yo. By May they’;ll probably be ready to open up again. It’s good for vaccine tourism as they call it. Other states will probably do the same including Texas and North Carolina. Just Google it from time to time. Cheers, Rod

    6. Thanks Rod, so it’s possible I might be able to visit Florida next month, not have to quarantine and could pay for a vaccine?

    7. Rod Mac April 15, 2021

      Hi Peter – I’ve been coming and going from Panamá or the US, not the UK. Sorry for the confusion. I’ll bet you can get the vaccine in Florida in May. There’s no US quarantine. As for the UK, if Harry has to quarantine, I’m afraid we all do.

    8. Rod Mac April 14, 2021

      I’m British and have been coming and going from Colombia with no problem. The rules seem to state that you cannot enter Colombia if your “trip began in the UK”. My trips don’t. I suggest you simply fly somewhere else and have a separate ticket to Colombia beginning from wherever that is. It would probably be good form to be there at least overnight. Another problem is finding a third country willing to accept flights from the UK and with unrestricted entry to Colombia. Here is the link to the UK govt statement on the subject.


      • Hi Rod, I am British too and have been looking at going back to the UK to visit my family and get vaccinated. May I ask what route you have been taking to get back to the UK and if you have been able to avoid the 10 days quarantine in a hotel?

    9. Does anyone have information on the UK travel ban or how many days you would need to be out of the UK before entering Colombia

    10. Can someone please confirm what the current testing/quarantining requirements are for travel to Colombia? We depart late May again and not sure if something has changed.

      • See our popular article – https://medellinguru.com/colombia-require-covid-19-test/

        You have three options regarding a PCR test to enter Colombia

        1. Get a PCR test with negative results taken a maximum of 96 hours before your flight and you do not have to quarantine.
        2. If you don’t have a PCR test, quarantine for 14 days when arrive in Colombia.
        3. Get a PCR test when you arrive in Colombia and quarantine until you receive negative results.

    11. The announcement the CDC made yesterday retained the requirement that international travelers entering the U.S. must have a negative Covid test even if already fully vaccinated. A negative Covid test is still required due to the fact that even fully vaccinated individuals may transmit the virus even if they do not display symptoms. Or, at least the science is not yet settled on this transmission issue.
      Unless another CDC directive came out within the last 12 hours, one still needs a negative Covid test to enter the U.S., even if one is already vaccinated.

      • Frank Lee hammette April 3, 2021

        what studies have shown that it is statistically significant that one with full vaccination will transmit Covid 9 ? None . studies have shown that not is not a statistical probability. Last month, the study from Mayo Clinic, and the Oxford University. A study from Moderna , and Pfizer. Two massive studies from Isreal. And others have said it is not significantly possible to infect others after full vaccination. Even a spokes person from the CDC said the same a month or more ago, and then was forced to ” withdraw ” her coments. for poitical reasons. She did not say the CDC ‘s study was incorrect. She was pressured to keep quite about it.

        The truth is , a covid test will only say if you have ‘ some ‘ of the virus in your nose the exact minute the stick is in your nose. You may have caught the disease up to 4 days earlier and show a negative response, because the viral load has not yet increaed. and may catch the disease within the three days before your flight.
        The vaccine will be good for many months if not years. It is true unfortunately , that the vaccine will not be sufficent to travel, until the CDC decides to follow the science. Instead of politics.

        • Dennis Heidenis April 4, 2021

          I am glad that someone has their head screwed on right and recognizes the science and nor the politics.. The same things apply to masks but the “sheeple” have been soooooo deluged with misinformation that they believe that they will die if they do not wear a mask. When will this nonsense end? The airlines are now sitting 3 people together with no Social distancing which is another load of crap.

    12. Bill medina April 2, 2021

      It’s official no Covid test required to enter the us if you are fully vaccinated with the Covid vaccine according to the cdc. Well good news for my trip in 2 weeks.

    13. has anyone been in Medellin and flown back to the USA? Just wondering how long before your flight to be at the airport now? Asking since we now have to take the rapid test to get back into the states? Also, does Colombia accept the rapid test within 96 hours or only the PCR test? Thank You!

    14. Not really accurate either. About on par with govt info. Take it from the latest study of scientists concerning the validity of PCR testing: https://www.globalresearch.ca/scientists-show-covid-tests-useless-based-flawed-science/5738318

    15. not very logical, but I dont expect logic from governments. the test is only 90 % or so accurate, and ONLY at the time the test is taken. It does not prove that you did not become infected within the previous 4 days, nor that you did not become infected after the test but before you take our flight. The vaccine is effective for at least a year, or years.

    16. Does anyone know if Colombia or the USA are eliminating the PCR or Antigen test if you have taken both Vaccination shots? Thanks

      • Sorry, neither country is eliminating the testing requirement if you have been vaccinated.

    17. People returning to the U.S. will need guidance on where in Medellin they can get a PCR or antigen test before returning to the U.S. Set to go into effect on Jan 26th. It also appears that flights to the U.S. will be permitted from Europe but still awaiting confirmation of this fact.

      • Thanks, we confirmed this and our above article is updated with information that the U.S. will required a COVID-19 test (either PCR test or antigen test) for travelers to the U.S. starting on January 26.

        We plan to publish an article about how to get a COVID-19 test in Medellin.

    18. Question: Reading the new requirements, does that mean if I take the PCR test on a Monday and have not gotten the results by late Wednesday, can I still fly to Colombia on my scheduled flight on Thursday? And receive my results after I arrive Thursday or early Friday?

      P.S. I am proud to be a Patreon of Medellinguru. Jeff you are the best

      • You need to take the test and have the test results within 96 hours of your flight.

        • Bill medina January 12, 2021

          Guess what? Just announced today that Covid test will be required to enter the us from another. Country. Por will not be required just the rapid test. 3days before traveling to us. I am on on pilots forum where I got the official news. I knew it would just be a matter of time

          • Thanks, we confirmed this and our above article is updated with information that the U.S. will required a COVID-19 test (either PCR test or antigen test) for travelers to the U.S. starting on January 26.

            We plan to publish an article about how to get a COVID-19 test in Medellin.

            • Frank Lee Hammette January 13, 2021

              ANYONE have a guess as if folks who have both vaccines shots will be excempted . Since mask are only 10 to 40 % effective IF used properly, and vaccines with both shots are 95% effective it would sure be reasonable. And the Covid test are only 75 to 90 % accurate. ( acording to the science) and one can get the virus the 3 or 4 days after the test, even on the airplane. and even a few days befor the test when it will not show up as a positive.

              I was in the military and have my first shot, with the second one scheduled before I return to MDE. Which is why I returned to the USA . And will have a VA ID to prove the inoculation. Maybe that would be unfair, and discriminatory against those who dont have the shots. 🙁 maybe it would be an incentive for everyone to get the vaccine as soon as possible.

    19. Hello Jeff. I am reading in the Colombia press that a PCR test to enter Colombia has been mandated again. Correct?

    20. Frank Lee hammette January 4, 2021

      As I posted a few days ago , on the 29th I left MDE or Florida on Spirit. Spirit airlines ask to see my immigration letter, then when I passed through immegration the also wanted me to present this immigration letter. I have no dea what they whould have done if I did not have this letter when I was leaving the country. Would the have told me I can leave? Would they have caused me to miss my flight? I don’t know.

    21. It seems things are different between Medellin and Bogota. I left from Eldorado Airport yesterday. To even get into the airport terminal, I had to show my boarding pass and passport and the QR code generated by the Coronapp. At Migracion they also wanted to see my Check-Mig registration.

    22. Frank Lee hammette January 2, 2021

      I left MDE to Fort Lauderdale USA last Tuesday, I did fill out the form, but it was a bit tricky. I could not get the English version to work so I used the Spanish version. After several tries it worked and I received by email the approval from the Colombian imigration. I did this 23 hours before the flight. It suprised me, but at the Spirit check in they as to see this email approval from imigration. Surprising because I am not imigrating TO colombia. Then , when I passed through Colombian imigration check point they asked me again. todo es patas arribas. buena suerte.

      • Bill Medina January 4, 2021

        I just left Medellin on the the 3rd of January for the us and did not have to show my immigration form they just asked if I had it which I did. So now it’s been November and January with no proof of showing on departure at least for American Airlines. Do do ask for it when entering Colombia I guess since we are going back to the us its just a kick in the butt.

    23. I’m not sure whether this has been mentioned yet. I am leaving Colombia tomorrow and so have to complete the Check-Mig form. The pop up window said that it has to be completed no more than 48 hours and no less than one hour before the flight. I recall that the maximum previously, I think, was 24 hours.

      Happy New Year to Jeff and all!

    24. Does anyone have information on the UK travel ban and how long it is scheduled for? Most countries are suspending flights until 1st of January

    25. Jeff: I am flying to Florida. Is there any requirement to do anything to leave Colombia? Anything online that must be done with Colombia migration with respect to Covid 19?

      • As it says in the article:

        “To enter or leave Colombia, the passenger must compulsorily fill out, before check-in and prior to entering the immigration control posts at the airport, a form that is on the Migración Colombia website must be completed 24 hours before the flight.”

        Here is the link – https://apps.migracioncolombia.gov.co/pre-registro/public/preregistro.jsf

        • The form specifies Entry or Exit. but…

          As verified with investment partner who went to Colombia earlier from Panama, both he and I only had to fill in Chek-Mig for entry. (Show the email receipt)

          Wasn’t asked or required when going thru International Departures at BOG airport (and he thru MDE)

          Also we are both obviously foreigners and showed passports, weren’t required to use CoronaApp or ElDoradoApp which citizens had to

          Great two week business trip to PA and CO. Everything opened up, even indoor dining. All places provide sanitizer and temperature checks. And the airfare (COPA) is cheaper to BOG instead of MDE. Avianca BOG-MDE flight $48 (Pay in pesos)

          Panama requires test. only $50 and results in 15 minutes.


        • Harry Rodriguez December 28, 2020

          Left Medellin December 16th for U.S. only had to show my Passport before entering airport….Was asked nothing about Migracion form…Went thru security with Passport/Boarding Pass only….

    26. Jeff,
      My friend just told me on the news that they are not allowing Americans into the country after December 16th. Have you heard of this or any rumblings? Thanks!

    27. Chris North December 2, 2020

      any word on the 14 day quarantine of re initiating the PCR test? I want to book a flight for someone t ovist me for the holidays.
      but a 14 day quarantine would cancel that.

    28. It says, “it’s not possible to send the pre-registration, you already have a record with the same travel data, verify the information”.
      Please help.
      Thank you,’J

    29. Help need with the Mig Form
      Dear all,
      I have tried over a dozen times to the point of frustration, with the Migration form. When I got to the final stage, it asked me to fill out the caption, I have tried soooo many times and it wouldn’t work. It say, it say “ not possible to send registration a copy is on file”. Sometimes it asked me to enter your migration post. I am simply overwhelmed with this. Please help, I am departing 11:AM on December, 2nd.
      Please help!1

    30. Frank Lee hammette November 28, 2020

      I think our examples are a bit more complicated than asking “how much will you charge me for this test”. But I do agree the problem you point out is a real problem. But not related to asking the cost of one covid swab test.

      • Bill medina November 29, 2020

        Just thought I would comment on what occurred to me. Just a comment!,,, I was in Medellin on the 15th of November for my wedding. We departed for Cancun Mexico on the 16th and returned to Medellin on the 25th. I did fill out the pre ck mig form. To and and from Mexico along with the Mexican form. When I left for the us on the 28th. I was not even asked for the form either at check in or at immigration. Just strange but like I said just what happened to me.. as far as if they require a per test again. I will be having my wife travel to Mexico to meet up with her. It’s to much of a pain to make sure that you get results in time. Not required for Colombia’s returning back to there country. Like the other comments it will hurt more than just tourism. They need US dollars. Time will tell !!! Good luck to everyone

    31. Excess bills for Covid 19 tests in the U.S. are not unusual. Even for people who have insurance. A reporter for the NYT has been documenting that fact for many months. Read https://www.nytimes.com/2020/11/13/upshot/coronavirus-surprise-bills-guide.html.

      Similar to patients who have medical insurance coverage within a certain medical network for other types of surgery, etc. They check to make sure the hospital and their doctor are within the network and covered by their insurance. They have the operation and then get a bill for $60 to 70,000. The reason is that one other doctor, like the anesthesiologist, is not within the “network”, even though he/she performs services within the hospital that is within the network. He/she is considered an independent contractor working in the hospital and not an employee of the hospital. Patient gets screwed. Only in the U.S. This has been documented many times. I think by the same reporter. She examines medical bills that patients send to her.

    32. Why did your friend have the test done at a hospital instead of clinic, Dr. Office, state funded testing facility? What city /state did this happen? Is the insurance covering the cost? If not why did your friend not inquire as to cost up front… down here in South Florida PCR tests (especially for travel ) can cost anywhere from USD $179++. so I called around to get the best deal as I was paying cash/out of my own pocket. Yes I agree we are living in very strange times; that said “Personal Responsibility” and being your own best advocate is always in style.

    33. Frank Lee hammette November 28, 2020

      I have had two COVID test in 3 months for travel. both were covered by insurance. If your friend did not ask ” If it is covered by insurance and if not ‘ how much will it cost” then he is either not very bright, or the story is truly Fake News. Some good advice for you friends would be do what my friends do. Ask first. The issue of cost has been discussed many many times on this web blog. and you are on this site every week. You know the test does not cost 2200 USD, In our ‘ very ugly CAPITALIST USA.’

    34. Friend in USA just received a bill from the hospital that performed his pcr test which was suppsosed to be free. $2,200.00 USD True story.NOT FAKE NEWS. I told him that has to be a mistake He checked and they said NO MISTAKE. This is bizarre. CAPITALISM AT ITS UGLIEST. Of course one would say that the bill is incorrect and someone added extra zeros inadvertantly but imagine if that price stands. OMG. These are sad times indeed.

    35. what makes this all crazy is that I’ve heard in the United States there are some Laboratories that are taking 5 to 7 days to process results.That in mind travelers destined for Colombia would be unable to depart the USA due to a lack of paperwork. This is crazy.

    36. I heard that the Ministry of Health appealed the decision to the Constitutional Court. Don’t know if true.

    37. So I haven’t been on this thread in a couple of weeks because I thought that everything was good, but now I see that they may re-implement the PRP test AND require a 14 day quarantine? is that right? If that’s the case, I won’t be able to go, I can’t take 14 days off of work, plus my time there. This sucks if this is true. 🙁

      • It is not yet official. For now, the Ministry of Health has not announced this, because according to what EL COLOMBIANO was told, the ruling is being analyzed, which was known on the afternoon of this Thursday. The Ministry has 48 hours, after notification, to decide whether to challenge the ruling or not. See in Spanish – https://www.elcolombiano.com/colombia/juez-ordena-exigir-prueba-covid-negativa-a-viajeros-en-vuelos-del-exterior-EB14155881

        • I am departing December 2nd. Now, I am in this dilemma, I am scheduled to get a COVID test on Sunday, but don’t know if I will receive the results before my departure. Moreover, if I am able to depart, what is the point coming and be in quarantine for 14 days.
          The point of me coming to Medellín is to get some solid walking and exercise in a beautiful temperature that Medellín has to offer.
          I cannot get this in December and January in Canada and I love Medellín as I would like to retire and obtain Columbian citizenship.

          • Unfortunately we likely won’t find out until Tuesday. Hopefully they give travelers some time for any new requirements and we hope they at least drop the 14-day quarantine, which would really hurt tourism.

            See our article published today – https://medellinguru.com/colombia-require-covid-19-test/

          • Frank Lee hammette November 28, 2020

            why is it you can figure this out, but those who believe they are in charge cannot.? did you notice this decision was made by only one judge! Not the supreme court. he must think his has more power than the president and the legislator and all the other judges. We have this problem in the USA also. If the decision holds you may not be able to fly anyway. Because the airlines will start canceling the flights for lack of passengers as they did in September. Of course you will be out your cost for the covid test. and if you need to change flights, and miss your connection, your test will be outdated the next day. I am in MDE now. Came down Oct. 1. I took two test. One arrived on time, the other did not. I have an apartment here and my friends. But I would never come here as a tourist ( as I used to) under these conditions.

            • The world is in panic mode followed by those who think this is a hoax. We all need to expect the unexpected and remain flexible. Look at the exponential rise in infections in the USA and Europe and one can understand sudden knee jerk reactions as a direct result of these frightening new cases popping up daily. None of us should be surprised by anything these days.

    38. Back in Bogota yesterday. Is CHEK-MIG required for DEPARTURES (there is a checkbox) ? Normally there is no paper form for leaving.

      11pm arrival so no lines anywhere, was last flight out of Panama and probably last one into El Dorado for that day. Only one door for entry and use Door #3 to exit the airport.

      Activity on the streets seem normal, of course everyone wearing masks and sanitizer & temp checks everywhere.

      Going to Medellin next week
      Saludos !!!

    39. Hi,
      Is it true that colombia will require a negativ covid test again? i heard this today. And also people need quaratine for 14 days when arriving colombia. I am travelling to bogota 1. december and i am a little nervouse what to expect when arriving, guess i will take a pcr test just to be sure

    40. Paul Graham November 25, 2020

      Hello Jay. Used Air Canada to depart Toronto but was going to Mexico for a week. Traced on Avianca from Cancun to Medellin. If left Medellin using Copa to Panama and continued with Copa back to Toronto. Only small issues was in Panana as once off the first flight if you want to go to your gate you must go through a new security section again. Is very very slow. My connection was boarding 5 min after I arrived but 45 min to get through the extra security.

    41. Jay Chetra November 24, 2020

      Do I need to download the CoronaApp, before departing from Canada to Medellin?
      Thank you,

      • The app only works on Colombian cell phones. So, if you don’t have a Colombian SIM, no. Many readers reported have traveled without and just said they don’t have a smart phone or don’t have a Colombian smart phone.

      • I traveled from Toronto to Medellin with no issues. As stated the app does not work if no Colombian number. I was not asked for it at all.I did the Checkmig before I arrived and showed that on my phone. All good

        • Thank you, Paul. This was helpful. I am departing within a week from Toronto, with Copa. May I ask which Airline you’ve travelled with and if there was any issue?

    42. Hi all

      Can anyone confirm if the CoronaApp is required for US travelers? The app does not allow me to register due to not having a Colombian phone number.

      thanks so much

      • Yes, that is a problem with the CoronaApp. Just say you don’t have a Colombian cell phone or don’t have a smart phone. Many people don’t have smart phones or Colombian phones.

    43. Eric – thank you much for Insubuy travel insurance. USD 67, peace of mind – covid care and emergency evacuation back to the USA.

      TIP – Copa Airline has up to date Travel Requirements for the countries they serve

      Panama has an electronic health declaration form too like Colombia

      Saludos and Happy Thanksgiving!

    44. Sebastian November 21, 2020

      Hola! Quick question for those of you currently in Medellin, San Andres or Salento area:
      I know that Colombia’s Resolution 1462 extended the Sanitary Emergency until the 30th of November, and this included the strict mask requirements.

      I am wondering if anyone has any opinions or knowledge about the Colombian  Government extending this further in 2020 and beyond (?) Specifically, I am wanting to know if the strict mask requirements will remain into December and January, or are they possibly going to be loosened, at the end of November, when the “Sanitary Emergency” resolution expires.

      Please note: I am NOT asking this because i’m Anti-mask, or looking to ignite a huge blog debate about the merits of wearing masks in Colombia. Ain’t lookin’ for a fight. And i love Colombia, and hope to live there when I can retire. 

      I am simply asking for personal reasons: i am trying to decide where to vacation in December for 20 days, (my one trip a year away from my job), and I REALLY want to come back to Colombia….but not, if stringent, 24/7 mask laws stay the same. It’s just not appealing to me @ all, (my opinion), and thus I will probably travel somewhere else over Xmas. I.e., I usually walk around 7-8 hours a day in Medellin — and love it. But 7-8 hours with a mask on everyday w/ a mask on would drive me insane, etc. 

      With that said — does anyone have an opinion, or some news, regarding  Resolution 1462 “Sanitary Emergency” expiring, and what that means regarding mask requirements?

      Thanks fo everyone’s input!!

      • in my personal opinion I believe they will continue the mask requirement well into next year much like other enlightened countries and states around the world.

        • Yes, very likely to continue the mask requirement until there is a vaccine and a high percentage have been vaccinated or at least the highest risk vaccinated.

      • Frank Lee hammette November 22, 2020

        Hi Sebastian, I have been in Medellin for almost two months. I live here 6 months per year. Most but not all folks wear the mask, ( tapabocas) even when walking alone in the sunlight. Or driving their car . Like you , I walk a lot, and when outside I dont were the mask because the chances of getting Covid this way are zero. I cannot say the same about getting struck by a motorcycle however. I like to keep my eye out for the policía, I have seen several police cars ( two officers per car) and they have their mask down around their neck, not using them.

        Other small inconveniences exist. The restaurants mostly dont use menus , I am told it’s the law but don’t know. Instead you are suppose to point your cell phone at a QR code on the table to see the menu on your phone. I dont carry my phone with me, and anyway dont have a data plan for WiFi outside my house. so this does me no good. I usually walk around the resturant and see someone eating something that looks good and order the same. Sometimes I have to bend over and show the soles of my shoes, so they can be sprayed before I enter the restaurant. Apparently the word is out ( from the government ?) that the Covid virus will travel from the floor , to your shoes , and then into your nose. LOL. Anyway, other than this irrational silliness, I pretty much act just like I do in Atlanta Ga. were I live half the year. Our state has been open since the end may. Maybe Ron thinks that my state of Georgia has not yet past through the enlightenment , and is filled with a bunch of bumkins like me.

        I also agree that the mask mandate will continue for a while. A government quick to exercise its power is much less quick to give it back.
        I dont think it is enforced unless you are indoors, which makes some sense.

        these inconveniences are quite tolerable. What bothers me the most, is a few local restaurants that I liked, and knew all the employees, are now gone for good. Of course they could not survive being shut down for six months. The bigger restaurants and chains have opened.

    45. Just an update for people in Europe.
      My partner finally managed to come to the UK for a couple of weeks, a lot of cancellations and rescheduling but finally got her over. She has a Spanish passport as well, so for that reason she didn’t require a visa. I’m planning to now travel to Colombia in January, it seems like entry is permitted now to travel to Colombia from all countries. And if I’m correct a PCR test is not required as of 4th of November.

    46. I know one does not need a PCR test to leave Colombia. Just curious how long one has to wait for a PCR test here in Medellin. Also, what is the cost and how long for results?

    47. Some tips on domestic flying
      Make sure Carona app is working
      Make sure to get print out of your reservation if posible
      Make sure all reservations are completed before you go to airport
      Make sure you don’t have fever multiple check points at airport to check fever
      If you plan to buy tickets at airport like I needed to be cause online especially with American credit cards delays confirmation buy mínimo 12 hours ahead or else you will be in tricky situation Avianca counter served one person per hour with single person with two other just watching him do work
      Caron app is checked everywhere for domestic airlines
      Give extra time because of all this bio security it take much longer to check in

    48. Has anyone flown copa into or out of medellin yet since the city gates have been opened? Want to buy a ticket but hesitant not knowing if they operating there or not. Thanks for any info.

      • I viewed the Copa flight tracker yesterday and there were a number of planes flying, including Medellin to Panama City, Panama.

      • I flew back and forth MDE – PTY in Oct/Nov on Copa and have another Copa flight booked 12 Dec. No problems.

    49. Fazil Saiyed November 11, 2020

      Update- i started over the form changed couple of minor things like second name blank , all lower case and then i also in address put 123 and my own phone number and it successfully registered, i remember someone saying on this forum that migration form has issues with address , so thankfully it registered as above.
      Form is buggy and does not allow cut and paste.

    50. Fazil Saiyed November 11, 2020

      Having issues with migration form traveling today any tips urgently***
      Form was buggy and i filled it out properly, once i completed and submitted it said email was wrong ( all caps) i changed to lower case it accepted it.
      I summited info ( IL is listed is IKKINOIS) and the form said i already have registered and i dont see any emails,not sure what to do now i dont have much time

      • Harry Rodriguez November 22, 2020

        Illinois has been list that way for years…Don’t worry about it…

    51. I called the colombian embassy in Berlin. The decision was withdrawn. I guess they just wanted to put some pressure on the governments of these seven countries to get the same rights for colombian travellers.

    52. Gregory W Stine November 9, 2020

      This is a perfect example of why one should have more than one country of citizenship. If you are able to get another passport, do so, regardless of how good you think your current passport is. There are no downsides, only upsides.

    53. If someone from one of those 7 countries is in Colombia at the moment (90 days stamp in passport) and would like to continue his/her stay with another 90 days, would that be possible?

    54. Just booked a trip to Colombia from Germany via Madrid for next week and out of a sudden they ban everyone from these six countries from entering the country for basically no reason? That’s just insane!

      People need to be able to plan at least two weeks in advance for an intercontinental trip! This is how to kill the rest of what’s left from the tourism sector in this beautiful country!

      Is this really confirmed?

    55. Nick O'Ferrall November 9, 2020

      You mentioned that tourists from several countries, including Spain, will be restricted from travelling to Colombia as tourists. Do you have any links to information about this?

      I’m from the UK but I’m currently in Portugal. I want to fly to Medellin via Madrid, Spain next Thursday. Do you know whether this will be possible? I assume it won’t be?

    56. That makes good sense. There has been some backlash from citizens here against the new decree ending the need for travelers coming here to arrive without a pcr test. Considering the high rates of of infection worldwide I agree with those who believe that a valid covid test should be required or test everyone arriving. After all those months on lockdown and flights only resumed 5 weeks ago I find it peculiar the government did away with the pcr test requirment. That’s my opinion. I would not be surprised if the government reinstates that requirment.

      • See our article above – we added reasons why Colombia eliminated the PCR test requirement.

        – It was found that people can be infected in the 96-hour period that had been established between the time of the test and the trip.

        – At the time of the test, the person may be in an incubation period that is up to 7 days. This creates a very large time in which the traveler can be positive and fly. The passenger arrives in Colombia with a PCR test and believes that he/she is protected when in fact is not.

        – The PCR test can cost between $60 and $400 USD abroad. So, it is recognized that for people with fewer resources it can be a barrier.

        – In some countries it is difficult to find laboratories that can do PCR tests within 96 hours and the readings are complex.

        • Not to mention..I paid mine 100 euros and I got a false positive so I lost my flight and tons of money. PCR have only 95% efficiency

        • Even if he PCR test doesn’t detect all cases of active Covid infections, I think it would still be worth while.

          When international flights were opened up in the UK a few months back it did not go down at all well. The government then defended it’s decision saying everything would be fine. Now the whole country is back in complete lockdown with 80% of new infections being the particularly infectious Spanish mutation.

    57. If someone is able to travel without the PCR can tell us?
      Because I fear that airlines will ask it anyway for weeks

    58. I firmly believe that there must be a protocol of some sort in place for intnl travelers. I am one of them… I go to Colombia15-20 times per year and i have ZERO issue with having to have a PCR test to enter

    59. I think they are making a huge mistake in removing the requirement to have PCR test to enter Colombia. There is a particularly infectious new mutation originating from Spain which is currently spreading like wild fire throughout Europe leading to fresh lockdowns in Germany, France and the UK. Apparently he new mutation now accounts for the majority of new Covid-19 cases in several countries – and more than 80% in the UK.

      It seems the Colombian government is determined to have us back in lockdown here by Christmas (just when it seemed numbers were starting to level off or even show signs of entering a downward curve (probably because so many people here have had Covid, the vast majority showing mild or no symptoms, so there is some degree of herd immunity beginning to be established).

      • Another lockdown (national quarantine) in Colombia is every unlikely. President Duque said on October 27 that an “indefinite” lockdown in response to rising coronavirus infections would spur a “social and economic suicide.” We looked at this in detail in this article – https://medellinguru.com/return-to-a-quarantine-colombia/ (need to be a subscriber for this premium content).

        Also, a national quarantine is a blunt instrument impacting cities with higher number of cases as well as small towns with few cases. There are over 1,100 municipalities in Colombia and over 150 municipalities in Colombia do not have a single coronavirus case or haven’t experienced a case in weeks.

        In fact, the majority of new cases each day are in a limited number of cities in Colombia. We track coronavirus cases daily and have found that 71 percent of coronavirus cases in a period of 80 days were in only 27 cities in Colombia, as seen in our article updated daily – https://medellinguru.com/coronavirus-in-colombia/

        In reality, the evolution of coronavirus in Colombia is very different by regions, departments as well as municipalities in Colombia. Lockdowns or other preventative measures like curfews in smaller areas like cites, municipalities or neighborhoods make more sense and will surely be required.

        For example, some departments in Colombia such as Amazonas have very few cases weekly (usually less than 20 per week), while Bogotá remains the epicenter of coronavirus in Colombia with 33 percent of cases in Colombia in the past 80 days. A quarantine makes no sense in the Amazonas with so few cases.

    60. So just to be clear, as of today no Covid test is required to now enter Colombia? If true, that is fantastic news because I was terrified of that long q-tip poking my brain. lol

      • Yes, changed yesterday. A COVID-19 PCR test is no longer required to enter Colombia. There is a link in our article above to the Ministry of Health announcement (it’s in Spanish).

        • Thanks so much Jeff and thanks for all that you do on this board. On an unrelated note, do you know if Guatape is reopened for tourism? I’m thinking of proposing to my girlfriend their when I arrive.

          • Yes, open based on an email from a reader who went last week. Haven’t heard about any closures since then.

            • I have been seeing a ton of friends posting at Guatape, hotels, restaurants, and boats. I would say it is completely open.

            • Thank you sir.

    61. Chris North November 5, 2020

      I am told I need to download an app and show for entry. I’m coming back to Medellin Saturday and need some guidance, thx

      • Many don’t have smart phones so app is optional. See the “Biosafety Protocol for International Flights” section in the above article for what is required.

    62. SORRY my Panama comment caused confusion. Have stopover to quickly take care of things there before heading onward to Colombia

      Right, if you are a connection, STAY IN THE INTERNATIONAL ZONE. Don’t go downstairs to Passport Control/Customs, where proof of test is required to proceed.

      Panama is truly international hub. US and Mexico are those that connections may be forced go to thru passport/customs


    63. Panama only requires a negative 48 hours PCR test if you enter Panama, NOT for connection flights. For connection flights in Panama you don’t need to show any test at all.

      I’ve called the Panama airport myself about this and they confirmed it.

      • You are 100% sure you do not need a Covid test to connect through Panama City. Later in the month I have a Copa flight from Medellin to Panama City and on to the USA via United. Thanks, James

        • For now you definately don’t need a negative Covid PCR test if you take a connection flight in Panama. Though it might be different if your connection takes many hours (for example 24 hours). But in my case (2 hours connection) a negative Covid test is NOT required.

          Better check with Panama airport later this month if it’s still when you will travel. Things can change every day.

          • Thanks Desyn! I still assume one needs to fill out the online colombia immigration form within 24 hours of the flight. Even for exiting the country.

    64. My freind was denied boarding in the usa in Ohio day before yesterday and almost today in Miami because his pcr test was just a few hours outside of the 96 hour window. Just because Colombia doesn’t require one to come in as of today Nov 4 it may be wise to get one as to avoid being denied to board the plane in the USA. Double edged sword. I would check with the carrier before being denied boarding your flight. P.S. HE is a permanent resident here and American Airlines finally agreed to let him board after showing his resident cedula at MIA iint’l. He was asked for his covid 19 results 3x after arriving at Rionegro airport TODAY.

      • Thanks Ron, will contact COPA customer service tomorrow to double check for entire itinerary and again the week of departure. (Actually entering BOG from PTY later – so its Panama requirements needed upon leaving the USA)

        Friend got denied at Houston on Monday for wrong type of test. From the numbers of comments here, people are still confused leading the Minsalud to give up on it.


      • PS: Panama caught at least 14 infected the first week, thru their On-Arrival rapid tests.

        Unconfirmed is that on-arrival tests will be mandatory due to concerns about faked or unclear test results.

        where I am (major US city), Panama’s 48-hours is too hard to get timely and cost a lot more. Doctors here wont test without a medical reason

    65. Here is the bluradio article, explains more clearly the steps than the official press release.


      claims lack of capacity, possibly faked tests, false sense of security…. Still, its reassuring that everyone tested. but guess its keeping away needed businesses and tourists…

    66. WOW

      On one hand I wont have to extend stay in Panama to wait for the PCR testing (Will use Airport on Arrival Test $50 antigen test upon entry to Panama – expect Copa to notify if someone positive)

      BUT now there is no assurance the plane (only 1 hr flight though) will be Covid-free plus infected travelers, especially asymptomatic, wont be blocked immediately.

      Whats left is Check-Mig and follow ups (didn’t specifically mention corona app)

      They should have adopted Panama’s approach – quick testing of everyone upon arrival.

      MedellinGuru is always the most up to date, thanks to both Jeff, staff and the members, especially Norman and his wife. Will donate the cost of the PCR test when meet Jeff.

      • Bill medina November 4, 2020

        I was just sent a link on the news that the same that Colombia is eliminating the need for PCR test to enter the country. I will find the link and post it. That is great news if it is true. I guess they needed more tourists that would not travel there due to the restrictions

      • Bill Medina November 4, 2020

        same thing they are publishing no more pcr testing to enter country. good news

    67. I sent a post a little while ago (not yet approved) about the Health Ministry abandoning the requirement for a negative PCR test for incoming flights to Colombia. I have now seen a tweet from the Ministry confirming this.

      How short sighted can they be? We have seen what has happened in Europe with uncontrolled relaxation of rules. At least, Colombia should be controlling people coming to the country.

      • Stavrogin November 6, 2020

        The virus is everywhere around the world. Travel restrictions don´t make sense any more. Look at countries with very strict entry policy (Israel) for example. One of the worst rates in the planet.

        On the other hand, countries with liberal entry policy like Serbia or Mexico don´t seem to do that much worse. The opposite.

        With a virus that is already endemic, there is no point in especially checking people without any symptoms that they just happen to be on a plane. Better to test people in Transmilenio.

    68. My wife tells me Bluradio has just tweeted that the Health Ministry has announced that negative PCR tests will not be required for flights arriving in Colombia. I don’t think Bluradio is usually a source of fake news but I hope that this is untrue. It’s a terrible decision in my opinion. Just let them all in!

    69. Jeff…my girlfriend in Barranquilla is now mad at me. She keeps insisting that we do not need a test for covid to go to San Andres. I told her I have a very smart friend that I trust who has confirmed we must get a test. Well….she sent me the following because she likes to try and be smarter than me. Can you help save my relationship! Lol.


      In this way, it is no longer a requirement for travelers to take a test for COVID-19 with a negative diagnosis for destinations such as Guainía, Vaupés and San Andrés, where it was initially necessary.

      “In the same sense, neither the airlines nor the airport authorities should require travelers over 7 years of age to present the result of the test for detection of covid-19 with a negative diagnosis, unless they go to the department of Vichada, where it is still a requirement as established by Resolution 1517 of 2020 “, clarified Fernández.
      Tourists no longer need negative Covid test to visit San Andrés
      Friday, September 25, 2020 – 11:29
      Travelers wishing to visit San Andrés no longer require a negative antigen test.

      Through a letter issued by the Department of Health of San Andrés, addressed to the airlines that fly to the archipelago such as: Viva Air, Avianca, Latam and Wingo, it was confirmed that as of this date it will no longer be necessary to see passengers an antigen test with a negative result for coronavirus, as it has been demanding since last September 1.

    70. Question: I am flying into bogota from the states…I know of all the requirements…Pcr test etc… 4 days later I am flying to San Andres, I have heard they require yet another Covid test? Is this the case? Appreciate all the great info passed on. Jeff, your the greatest and i appreciate you which is why I’m a patrion member

      • Yes, Colombia requires a PCR test within 96 hour of your flight when returning to Colombia. Airline won’t let you board without this. Also, San Andres requires a test for domestic flights.

    71. Desyn: You do not need the Corona App. It only works with a Colombian phone. They never asked for it. After you have registered and uploaded your Covid test on the immigration form, you should get a response immediately. Print it out and present it at check in. Also, print out a hard copy of your Covid test. You will need both at check in, boarding and Colombian immigration. Concerning the 24 hr time, if you are taking 2 or more flights to get to Colombia, you should only input the last flight that flies nonstop to Colombia. Then, back up 23.5 hours from the departure time of that flight and you should be able to register. However, as I said above, use the time in Medellin for your 23.5 to 24 hr window. i.e., if you are flying from Amsterdam to Madrid and then Madrid to Colombia at 1 pm Madrid time, use only the Madrid to Colombia flight. Backup 23.5 hrs from that departure time and you should be able to register. Input the time of 7 a.m. (time in Medellin of your departure).

      • Greg, thanks again for all info, much appreciated!

        My second flight will be from Panana to Medellin (first flight Amsterdam – Panama), so for me it’s no option to fill in the departure time in Panama (6.13 p.m. local time) In that case I will have to wait until Saturday morning to fill in the form a couple of hours before my flight from Amsterdam to Panama.

        I prefer to fill in the form on Friday, the day before my departure. Would be too stressful to wait until Saturday morning at the very last moment to be sure all will be fine. If I fill in the departure time from Amsterdam (which is 11.10 a.m. so I will fill in 5.10 a.m. local time in Medellin) I should be fine right? In that case I could try to fill in the form on Friday after 11:10 a.m. local Amsterdam time.

        • Desyn: If your flight departs from Panama City at 6:13 p.m., on Saturday, then you can fill in the form starting at 6:13 p.m. on Friday, Panama time (which is the same as Medellin time). Not sure where you will be then (flying already?). You can try to do it earlier, but I don’t think it will work. But, perhaps I’m wrong.

    72. I just arrived in MDE from Lisbon via Madrid. It was a breeze. No issues except the Colombian Immigration form is a bit ambiguous. It must be filled out 24 hrs to 1 hr before departure. However, where they ask for the “approximate time” they are referring to the approximate time of your DEPARTURE in MEDELLIN local time, NOT the departure time from the city you are actually leaving from. This is very important if you are leaving from Europe or another distant time zone. Knowing this allows you to fill out the form 24 hrs prior to your departure. For example, my flight departed Madrid at 3 pm on Oct 29th. At 3:30 pm on Oct 28th I was trying to register with Colombian Imm. I was prevented from getting into the system, it was telling me I was not within 24 hrs when I put in 3:30 pm. However, once I put in 9:30 am, which was the departure time in local Medellin time, I was ok. This won’t be a problem for people coming from the U.S. or Canada since the time difference is the same or only a bit different. I need to be here for an apartment I am having finished. For Covid, I am very conservative. I just stay away from everyone, wear a mask, disinfect things and ONLY eat outdoors with plenty of space from others. The weather is still great and other things to enjoy here.

      • Greg, very helpful information thanks! I am leaving from Amsterdam next Saturday at 11:10 am and was planning to fill in the form on Friday around 11:15 am.

        So if I fill in Saturday 5:10 am departure time on the form I should be fine. Did you receive a confirmation email straight after filling in the form? And did someone ever asked you about the Corona App?


    73. Doris Tobon October 26, 2020

      I am planning to go Nov. 14 to Medellin, but I don’t know if is safe now with all this new cases of Covid-19 and my mayor concern is my elderly parents because I am going to stay with them.

      • That is very considerate of you. Depends on your adherence to bio safety protocols. If you are prudent and adhere to the protocols then you should remain covid free. If you engage in risky behavior and do not protect yourself and contract the disease then you risk infecting your parents which is the last thing you want to do. The dilemma is that younger people are many times asymptomatic and can infect others inadvertantly. It is a very complicated and simple scenario. Proper prior planning prevents problems. Good luck and stay safe.

        • Bill Medina October 27, 2020

          I do not recall reading about the age limit on the covid test to enter Colombia. Can someone comment on who needs to be tested. Like kids how old, or is it everyone no matter what the age is.

      • I am going to tell you…. After being back in Bogotá for 2 weeks… The measures being taken by the authorities are astonishing and put Canada to shame! Just be smart, carry anti-bac or alcohol and you will be fine!

    74. Do i need a covid test when leaving colombia?

      • As it says in the “Biosafety Protocol for International Flights” section of the article above – “In order to leave Colombia, the requirements agreed by the destination country must be met. For example, the U.S. does not require a PCR test for arriving international passengers. There is NO requirement for a PCR test for entering the U.S.” So, if traveling to the U.S., no test is required.

        • I traveling from bogota to Amsterdam and final destination Norway with KLM, and i found this on theyr web page:

          «To enter and leave Colombia, you need to test on COVID-19 within 96 hours before your departure»

          That’s why i am asking, neither holland or Norway ask for a test when arriving. So i found it a little weird.

          • If your destination country does not require a COVID-19 test than you do not need one to leave Colombia. This is been verified by many readers.

    75. Sebastian October 26, 2020

      Just wanted to take a moment and offer great appreciation and big thanks to Medellín Guru administrator JEFF, who has been pivotal this Fall, when it comes to accurate and timely info, regarding travel to Colombia. You’ve been a huge help to me and I’m sure to many others. Thanks a million dude, keep up the good work!

    76. Red Alert for Antioquia in effect might suggest just prior to Halloween we will hear something from local authorities or the President. If what is currently happening in the U.K and Europe is any indication of what may happen here then we certainly need to be keeping a close watch on the situation. It ain’t over till the fat lady sings. I wish she would start singing soon. Stay tuned to Medellin Guru, a very reliable source of factual and up to the minute updates on this very fluid and ever changing situation. This is all becoming very tedious.

    77. Has anyone in Colombia now heard any further rumblings of quarantines being re-introduced in cities? Specifically, Barranquilla…I am flying there on November 12. Thanks and hope all are well.

    78. Just a heads up… I am in Barranquilla having arrived September 9 after a 6 month absence from my wife. In our apartment building they posted a notice that the quarantine is returning November 1… I don’t know any details , whether it is just Barranquilla or National or for how long or if it will affect airlines again Hopefully more information will be available soon. John

      • That is FAKE news. An apartment building is not an official source. There has been no official announcement about a new quarantine in Colombia or Barranquilla and this is very unlikely to happen. If there is official news about this we will cover it on this website.

        We believe a national quarantine for Colombia is very unlikely to return. The economic harm is too great and the rate of coronavirus infection now varies greatly between cities and towns in Colombia. A national quarantine no longer makes sense for Colombia. Preventative measures for coronavirus will likely be done by city if needed. We have a separate article that looks at this in detail but it is a premium article and you would have to be subscriber – https://medellinguru.com/quarantine-return-to-colombia/

        Barranquilla has ICU occupancy less than 40 percent so it is very unlikely to put any preventative measures in place unless ICU occupancy increases to over 75 percent – see: https://medellinguru.com/coronavirus-hospitalization/

        Colombia started to reactivate tourism in Colombia on September 1. Tourism is important to Colombia’s economy and we believe after reopening the airports, it will be very difficult to make the decision to close them again. Also, with PCR tests required for international flights this is not considered a source of contagion. In 2019, 4.5 million non-residents visited Colombia. The tourist industry employs about 1.4 million in Colombia and contributes about 3.8 percent to GDP, so VERY unlikely they will close airports again.

        • Fazil Saiyed November 1, 2020

          I would be interested in knowing or at least having a link to find out what are the local restrictions in each area, are the beaches closed in cartegena or santa marta, minka, Bucaramanga, what are current rules in Medellin.
          seems like there needs to be a region by region info on covid restriction would be very helpful

          • Some beaches are open in Cartagena and Santa Marta. There really are not many restrictions except for closing of schools in Medellín and except for come curfews over the Halloween weekend – see – https://medellinguru.com/coronavirus-cases-increase/

            Thanks for the suggestion about restrictions by city. That will take time to research but would help man.

    79. Just want everyoneto know that leaving Colombia there is a process also. I dont think anyone really knew because everyone entering the airport was caught in the same dilema as myself. To leave you must also fill out the same migracion form as you did when you entered. You must enter the date you had your covid test when you entered or if you have taken one since. but i did not have to upload the results as i did on entry.

    80. I will fly to Medellin on November 7, already planned my PCR test 3 days before the flight.

      Is it 100% sure that I don’t need to download and register the Corona App? My airline says on their website I should, but I can’t register with my European mobile Phone number.

      Does anyone know more about the Corona App?

      • I would download it to be safe. It takes less than 5 minutes to download an create an account. No one asked me for the application when I left or entered Colombia. However, when I tried to leave Colombia, the agents did request that other Colombians download it before they could enter the airport.

      • Harry Rodriguez October 22, 2020

        better to have than not…don’t recall them asking for it…while in Colombia I removed it

      • I am Just leaving Colombia now.. Been here 15 days and will be back in 2 weeks. They did not ask me for the Corona App…. But I did have more than a few Corona Extras while here!!

        One thing… You need have the Migracion form filled out before you leave. I was un aware it was required for departures. FYI

        And having no direct flights from Toronto sucks!!! I would take ACs crappy service in a heartbeat if it got me here in 6 hours or less!

    81. Why no posts since 17 , i will be flying on noviembre 11 and this is the site i try to look for up-to-date info on covid and travel situation, rule changes and government updates on travel restrictions.
      Please keep it going or may be allow filters to sort out lot of messages by sorting on last 20 days of posts.
      This has been very helpful and i appreciate all the efforts
      I plan to take PCR 3 days prior to flight and another one in two days before.
      If anyone know covid test site in other areas of Medellin like laureles , publado
      stay safe etc

      • Last comment before yours on the article was on October 17.

        There have been no rule changes from the biosafety rules for international flights listed in the above article.

    82. Has anyone had trouble with the Colombia 24 hour pre arrival registration website? It won’t even let me enter it.

      • Bill Medina October 17, 2020

        yes. i had nothing but problems in english. if you do it in spanish and use a colombian phone number it works. good luck.

      • Harry Rodriguez October 17, 2020

        no problem whatsoever…chose english version gave personal info, housing arrangements, flight info uploaded test results and good to go

    83. Victor Sanchez October 14, 2020

      Does anyone know the exact dates of the CO visa freeze? I’m pretty sure the start date was 3/19, but what would be the end date? I’m trying to calculate how many days in CO I would have left for 2020. 180-X

    84. Atul Jain October 12, 2020

      Is there a place in Medellin where I can get Covid-19 test? It is just for my own peace of mind and not for any travel requirements. I am a tourist and I don’t have any symptoms at this time

      • https://www.centrolab.com.co/service/pruebas-de-covid-19/

        My girlfriend is from Medellin. That link is for a lab here in Medellin. It’s an antigen test and costs $110,000 pesos plus they will come to your apartment for 13,000 pesos more. Results in 24 hours

        We are using it before we fly to Panamá which accepts either antigen or PCR within 48 hours

      • Cendiatra in la america is where i got mine. No wait 70mil pesos. 20 minutes wsit for certified results. They also have an office in aguacatala. Very nice staff. Very well respected company known throughout Colombia.

        • Atul Jain October 13, 2020

          Thank you Rod and Ron. I went to Cendiatra this morning. I had very mild cough and nasal congestion and just wanted to be sure. She asked which test I wanted. My spanish is week and I only understood that one is rapid and the other one is through nose. I asked for the costs and opted to take both thinking I will get rapid results now and the other one tomorrow. They gave results for both in 30 minutes (both negative). The rapid test is called SARS-COV-2 IGM/IGG and the other one is the Antigeno test. Total cost 137 mil. I believe Antigen in 85 and rapid ~48. another 4 mil for something else.

          I went at 7:30 am and there was some wait – total 1 hour before they called me in for the test. But, by 8:30 it was all cleared and I think at that time there would have been no wait.

          Yes, the staff is super nice. The nurse who administered the test filled out the forms on my behalf as she understood that my Spanish is weak.

          • Glad your tests were negative and the results were delivered quickly. Keep up the good work and stay safe. There are many temptations here that could put us in harms way and due to the frail economy people are taking their chances in order to survive. Don’t let your guard down here. Desperate
            people doing desperate things to survive. Need I say more? Not everyone is followimg bio safety protocols especially in informal situations. Enough said.

    85. Not surprised to see a resurgence possibility of some restrictions as last night I visited The Zona Rosa district in Buenos Aires and parque de los deseos and saw ZERO social distancing and pre covid 19 behavior and groups mingling like before the pandemic. I have seen Buses and metros around town packed to the rafters. People are wearing masks for the most part but that alone is not enough to prevent the spread of covid19. England is a prime example of reintroducing lockdowns as the virus has returned with a vengance after life returned to normal for a time. This sucks big time. Praying we don’t need to see draconian measures reintroduced here, it wreaked havoc on our economy but people especially in our barrios need to cooperate with basic prevention measures. I know some people like Mr. Sanchez calls the reporting “fear mongering” hey Don’t shoot the messengers who report facts not fantasy like the conservative press who make light of all this. Let’s truly report in a fair and balanced way and prevent the spread by protecting each other.

    86. Just to confirm something. Is it correct to say that there are NOT any restrictions to a person over 60 or over 65 wishing to leave their apartment? No lockdown at present for any age?

      • No restrictions. The quarantine ended on September 1. With a recent increase in coronavirus cases if ICU utilization increases, they may add some new restrictions. In the news has bee talk of weekend curfews or lockdowns.

    87. Frank L Hammette October 11, 2020

      “”P.S. some politicians have been very poor role models and honestly speaking, they have no damn business being in those positions of power”””

      `Maybe we should elect a social worker to tell us what to do.

      One problem with ridicules rules, and corruption, is folks loose respect for the law. Come to Colombia now, or wait. I hope things will change soon, But if you have the time, and must come now, it’s still a nice experience, but less than before. Piasas don seem quite as friendly as before. How could they be when they cannot smile and must mumble through a mask? As we have to do.

      but who knows when it will change. And will it get worse? No sé ni jota. It can change on a dime, or with a decree. How many times has the protocol changed for arrival into the country by plane, in the last 30 days?

      I arrived in Medellin 10 days ago. I was sad to see our two most favorite restaurants were closed for good. We knew all the employees since we were clients for the last 5 years. Most of the large chain restaurants are open, like Starbucks and Creps and Waffles. My small gym is closed, but the international “body tech” is still open. My private Spanish teacher is not teaching because of lack of tourist. The mask debate is a somewhat minor issue, but reflects how overboard this lockdown was. My ahijado ( godson) could not leave his apartment complex for almost 6 months. Not even to the grocery store since he was not yet an adult at 15 years of age. In my small apartment building we were told not to leave to walk the dog. Just collect the feces from the floor. That changed on Sept first. But other silliness continues. At Taco house ( chain restaurant) we had to sit down while they sprayed our shoes. Gosh, I didnt know the bottom of my shoes was a major cause of Covid 19.
      And there were no menus, one must go online to order their meal. Not a very social experience for one who wants to experience a different culture. Maybe Covid is spread by menus and shoes.

      The damage from the incompetence of the government went far beyond the “small issue” of a mask. Although I don’t agree it is a minor inconvenience they way it is enforced here.

      Also Ron, My two best friends in the USA are from Spain and Cali Colombia. I never told them to
      ‘like it or leave it’.

    88. Yoannys Salermo October 11, 2020

      Guys make sure you are careful here in Medellin, Antioquia is passing Bogota for daily cases and the active cases are going up.

    89. Dennis Heidenis October 11, 2020

      I have to laugh at some of the responses. Someone said…wearing a mask when driving alone in a car is like wearing a condom when sleeping alone! I agree that the law is the law even when it it so ridiculous. Unfortunately, politicians are no better informed than the general public….hence the stupidity. Educate yourself and become aware of the problem and better yet the SOLUTIONS of which there are many. As a gorilla beating his chest for naught does not make him better than the average monkey. BTW, how good are masks with a exhaust valve on them? How about masks on a man with a full beard? How about the folks wearing a mask below their nose? Trust me my friends, there is more political gains in this so called pandemic than most people realize. There are too many people making a lot of money with covid and money always talks.
      I will be in Colombia for the month of December and I will follow the mask rules…..not because they are beneficial…actually insane…but because I want to spend my money in a meaning way by not giving into the politicians and the govt in fines but by putting it into the hands of the hard working folks who are struggling to stay alive.
      Ok Ron, it is your turn!!!
      BTW, is your first name similar to mine…like.. Dr. ?

      • Dr. Ron. Well I am a social worker and am a qualified healthcare professional. But I am NOT a doctor. An N95 mask is really the only mask worth a hoot. But they are expensive. The rules are ridiculous, but they are the rules so who wants to be hassled by police. I walk in my neighborhood every night and wear my mask below my nose so I can inhale oxygen and not carbon dioxide. No one has said a word to me, as common sense needs to prevail. Yes people are making money, thats normal. Demand / Supply. Normal run of the mill surgical masks beats a blank. I prefer not to politicize any of this as it is an exercise in futility. My good friends who are surgeons and anethesiologists are advocates of face masks and say masks are a must wear. Even the lesser quality masks beats a blank. At the end of the day we all are responsible for our actions. Sooner or later the rules will be relaxed, probably before covid19 has disappeared. We will then be on our own, much like wearing a condom, we are adults and will be given the freedom to protect or infect. Good luck to all of us.
        P.S. some politicians have been very poor role models and honestly speaking, they have no damn business being in those positions of power, scoffing at the medical community and health care professionals. What sad times we live in. Have fun here in Colombia, the face mask rule should not interfere with your vacation or residence here.

    90. Rose. Air Europa starts flying from Madrid nonstop to Mde on Oct 22nd. Then once a week until mid December when they begin 3x per week. I have flown from Florida to Canada in March and flights were on and off again. Also from Canada to Lisbon in July. You don’t know for sure that the flights will occur until they actually start flying. I booked a couple of weeks after they started so that I would see that they are actually flying before my flight is set to depart. There are plenty of flights connecting through the U.S. but anyone coming from Schengen+ zone cannot even transit in U.S. There are also other routes such as connecting through Mexico City or Panama. There are flights from Europe to Mex and Pty and then Aeromexico and Copa connect to Medellin. I also think that Iberia and Avianca may start flying to Colombia in early November.

      • Thank you Greg, I have to go to Bogotà but I guess that if they are opening Mde they will open there too.
        Alitalia is opening to Argentina and Brazil in December so I feel hopeful you are right about Iberia and others opening to Colombia.
        Let’s pray we are in the descending part of the second wave by then

    91. John Dodds October 10, 2020

      Wondering if anyone knows of avianca flights re-starting to London? We have tickets leaving London 4/12/20. Nothing definite amongst the confusing noise around avianca currently, so just sat with crossed fingers!

      • Bill Medina October 10, 2020

        Well I just wanted to comment on my flight. Lax to Mia to mde. all went well they asked me at lax for immigration info and COVID test. Also in MIA. And then also when I arrived at MDE. just showed everything on my phone with no problems. I did find out in Miami that Colombians traveling from us to Colombia have non of the 2 requirements. That was from the agent manager from American Airlines. Which I showed my information to.

    92. Thanks Jeff. I am a subscriber.

    93. Another question. Is the registration with Colombian Immigration to be done within 24 hours of ARRIVAL at the Colombian airport, OR within 24 hours of DEPARTURE from your first departure city? Some flights, from Europe, etc., can take 18 to 36 hours of flying, including connections to get to Colombia. So, the correct answer is critical.

    94. One other question on PCR test. It needs to be done no later than 96 hours before first DEPARTING flight correct? So, if someone is taking one, two or three connecting flights to get to Colombia, the test is valid if done 96 hours before the FIRST flight. Correct?
      Also, my testing place here says they take the sample on Monday and I get the results on Tuesday afternoon. So, does the 96 hours begin from the moment the sample is taken or from Tuesday when I receive the result. In other words, is it from the moment the sample is taken or from the moment the test is run and results certified?

      • Harry Rodriguez October 10, 2020

        from the time you take the test you have 96 hours to get on the plane and get to Colombia….96 hours…..

    95. I have an apartment in Medellin. I am currently in Lisbon. Booked on an Air Europa flight nonstop from Madrid on Oct 29th. I understand the entry requirements. My questions have to do with after I arrive in Medellin. As I understand it, I will need to wear a mask at all times when outside. I assume that also applies to walking or running for exercise. Correct? Can someone confirm that I will be permitted to go outside to exercise (mostly walking up and down the hills of El Poblado). Also, are most cafes and malls open?
      Lastly, is there any talk of shutting down the airports so I can’t leave on or about Dec 1st?

      • Yes, required to wear a mask when you leave the home and can out any day for shopping, exercise, etc.

        Unlikely they will be closed airports – read our premium article for details (you will need to subscribe) – https://medellinguru.com/quarantine-return-to-colombia/

      • Harry Rodriguez October 10, 2020

        you must wear a mask at all times when you are outside….

      • Greg did air europa tell you FOR SURE that they are starting the flights? I can’t find anything that confirms any commercial flight from Europe in October

      • I hate to speculate on anything here…but the lack of flights did concern me as I returned a few days ago from two weeks mainly in Barranquilla. Honestly I probably will not return until things have normalized a bit further. I want to see more airports open up, more flights in and out. When Spirit cancelled my return flight home from Cartegena to Miami without reason and I had to quickly look for other options (there were not many) it made me realize how the system is no where near at a normal place and I’ll need to wait a bit as I don’t want to end up stranded in Colombia for a while. So, in short. My visit was great. Yes, people wore masks in Barranquilla when outside…no issue there. But driving through and visiting the neighborhoods throughout I quickly realized that people have a completely different take on masks around their family and at home. They are so tightly packed in at so many places and it is so hot that most spend time outside the main door— I see no way that this virus as contagious as it is doesnt tear through these areas. That along with zero distancing on main bus transportation as well as airlines at this time…certainly if you are over 60 or so I would absolutely not take the risk. I’m just giving my honest assessment here.

        • Dennis Heidenis October 11, 2020

          Good honest reply. I commend you for it Overall a very sad situation indeed. I have a lot to accomplish when I am here in Colombia in Dec and I will put up with the sheeple wearing a mask and crowing about its virtues.
          I support a single mother family with 2 kids in Medellin. No DNA connects us except for my heart to the family. This covid stuff has prevented /warded off the association, closeness and close family atmosphere that we had before. I guess maybe my touch of hostility over this covid nonsense, knowing the reality behind it, has put a very bad vomit taste in my mouth. BUT wear a freaking mask and all your problems are solved……….SURE!
          Rest assured I will follow all protocols when in Medellin. I want to see and help my adopted family in Medellin.
          Not all gringos are bad………………………… Dennis

          • I support 3 families here all single parent identical to you. Covid 19 is a deadly disease that has killed more than a million innocent victims around the world. Ask any
            competent Doctor or nurse, instead of listening to ignorant self serving politicians. They will get million dollar treatments to save their lives. We most certainly will NOT!!!… Minimizing the virus only helps to further the spread. I don’t understand people calling it a hoax, nonsense and other diminutives or quoting statistics. This unlike other virus has many asymptomatics running around who spread it around unknowingly to innocents and our elderly. I wish the naysayers and antimaskers would wake up to the seriousness of this virus. Nothing can minimize my closeness to the families I support. Lets stop politicizing this virus and get on with life on life’s terms.

    96. Hello Everyone,

      1. Arrived in Cartagena yesterday.
      2. They were rejecting people at the Miami airport if they did not have a COVID test that specifically said “PCR”. Make sure before you get there!

      My flight was delayed about 1/2 hour as the AA personnel where checking the PCR tests TWICE! Get there early! Go up to the gate counter and show it to them even if you’ve already shown it at another counter!

      3. They will accept a cellphone receipt of both the PCR test and the Immigration form. But definitely print out the PCR test for ease of use.
      4. I saw SEVERAL people rejected (deported) at the Cartagena airport if their COVID test did not say “PCR” (or, an official told me….DNA or RNA, which is proof that it is the PCR genetic test)
      5. The reception desk at the AirBNB I am staying at also wanted to see the test result.
      6. Most but not all people are wearing masks on the street. If you eat at a restaurant they allow you to take it off while eating.
      7. The best small spot in Laguito go get ceviche is a small place called Sabores del Mar.
      8. There are rumors floating around that Colombia is going to close to flights from the US again. No confirmation, but it is worth keeping yourself updated.

      Good luck!

      • Victor Sanchez October 9, 2020

        Great detailed info, thanks Carl. One question/concern I thought of the other day, how is Colombian immigration handling the “visa freeze” that started back when the lockdown started and airports were closed? I was stuck in Medellin for 3 extra months, which I’m sure or I at least hope aren’t counted against my yearly allowance of 180 days. Did this come up during your pass through CO immigration? Did anyone have any issues with CO immigration. Btw, I’m sure “rules R rules” Ron is thrilled about all the people who were turned away at the gate or deported out of CO, he’s probably dancing on the ceiling about the thought of CO closing the airports to the US. 

    97. Victor Sanchez October 9, 2020

      Spirit Airlines is offering a discount by using the PROMO Code: 90PCT. It expires Sunday night so if you want to save a few bucks act fast.

      Has anyone had to use Spirits NO FEE change/cancellation policy? If so, were you able to change your flight more than once? anything can happen these days with the way governments are handling this situation. The only thing spirit.com says is this policy ends OCT 31st, thanks spirit.

      • @Victor- I’m in Medellín now and changed my return flight from 13th to the 21st. They’re not charging the change or cancellation fees. Only a difference in the base fare if it’s more. But once you sign in and begin the process of changing to a different flight, scroll back up when difference in price comes up, hit “New Search” button and add in the promo code and it will make it a bit cheaper. The difference in fare for my flights full price was around 80 to 90 dollars I think…I ended up paying 40. Hope this helps. Safe travels!


        • Victor Sanchez October 9, 2020

          Cool, it sounds like you figured out how to apply the promo code to a changed/modified Tix: changing your old Tix to a new Tix while also using the promo code. I hope spirit extends their no fee change/cancellation policy past Oct 31st since another traveler mentioned rumors of CO airports being closed again(I’m sure “rules R rules” Ron is thrilled about this). 

      • Yes, I changed my flight from Oct. 21 to Jan 8th. It was $20 US more.

    98. Victor Sanchez October 8, 2020

      Has anyone gotten their PCR covid test from CVS? if so, was it sufficient to get on the plane? Did CVS provide a hard copy test result or something online or that could be pulled up on a cellphone? Are the airline ticket agents accepting covid test results on cellphones? Has anyone successfully done this? thanks MG

      • Jasmine October 8, 2020

        Hi Victor! I got my test from CVS. It did come within 48 hours, since taking the test. You will have to download an app in order to see your results. Luckily, the test does have “PCR” on it. You can easily pull up the results on your phone. Although, I heard having a hard copy is best for the airline agents, so I recommend printing it out. You can easily email the results to yourself, & print it. I am flying with American Airlines from SFO > CLO. I’ll try to post my updates here, on how it goes! (:

        • Victor Sanchez October 9, 2020

          Great Jasmine, please let us know how it goes; I too, will be flying from SFO(JetBlue) on my way to FLL and then to MDE(Spirit), so we might be dealing with the same SFO personnel, let me know if anyone gives you a hard time. I tried making an appt on the CVS website, but it looks like they want you to come up with a symptom before they’ll give you an appt. Also, it looks like it’s FREE which it should be!!! Hope you have a smoooooth flight, thanks

    99. Sebastian October 7, 2020

      hello everyone! I have a broad question regarding Mask-wearing in Medellin: i keep hearing rumors/facts about the ultra strict mask requirements in Medellin. Apparently you cannot venture one inch outside, anywhere, without a mask on 24/7. I totally respect and understand the need for masks — but i would love to hear from some folks that are in Medellin now (or know more about this) …how strict is it, really? And could it make your vacation experience miserable? Thanks

      • Wearing a face mask is required when you leave the home. You can be fined if you don’t have one on. But you can take it off when eating in restaurants obviously.

      • Atul Jain October 7, 2020

        I have been here since last Saturday. I do see everyone is wearing mask almost always when they are out, which is good. I walk a lot everyday and I sometime lower it down if my glasses get very foggy. It is only when I am walking in open air and no one is around. if I see someone coming from the other side, i cover completely again. I see some other people also lowering it when no one is around. I feel it is being followed/enforced in a very practical way and I really don’t think it will have any negative impact in your experience.

      • I am not miserable and no one I know is miserable. We have adapted to the new normal. If a person who plans to visit us here believes that wearing a mask will be a burden and reduce their enjoyment then it may be wise to postpone their visit until the emergency measure is modified which may happen at the end of November. There is always the possibility that the emergency decree will be extended. No one here enjoys wearing a mask as they are dreadfully uncomfortable and rebreathing exhaled carbon dioxide is unhealthy, but if it can prevent the spread of covid19 and save my 70 year old life and protect all of us from contracting or spreading this vile and deadly virus, then so be it. Good luck and Don’t allow this minor inconvenience to force you to cancel your trip. Life still is great here and we have adapted, reluctantly but we have. These are unprecedented times and the life we save may be our own

    100. Will they accept a rapid antigen test?

    101. Hello, what is the Migracion application that needs to be filled before the flight to MDE? Can someone please send a link to the document. Also how many days prior to the actual travel does the Migracion application needs to be filled.? Thanks

      • It is in the article above with the link – To enter or leave Colombia, the passenger must compulsorily fill out, before check-in and prior to entering the immigration control posts at the airport, a form that is on the Migración Colombia website must be completed 24 hours before the flight.

        Here is the link – https://apps.migracioncolombia.gov.co/pre-registro/public/preregistro.jsf

        • I just returned to US last week from Colombia. From my experience, to summarize it all.

          1) ARCPoint Lab for PCR test results within 48 hours guaranteed. I got mine within 47 hours.
          2) Carry a hard copy of the PCR test results with you.
          3) Fill out the COL migracion form within 24 hours of the flight and properly submit (by uploading the PCR test result and hitting send within the small box) then click next or submit.
          4) Carry a hard copy of this form with you
          5) Before departing US airport to go to COL, airlines will verify this and stamp your boarding pass with a blue ink if it’s all good, or red if something is missing.
          6) The PCR test result and COL migracion form was verified again by the immigration in COL. Procees was very fast.
          7) Cartagena airport was much safer and followed all the covid 19 prevention rules, much better than US airports did.
          8) Cartagena was also very clean and safe and all the restaurants, hotels, and taxis followed all the covid 19 prevention rules. I wish everyone understood the importance of this in US also.
          9) On your return to the US, you must again fill out the COL migracion form and submit it the same way I explained above.
          10) If you follow all these properly, you should have no issues with your travel.

          Good luck and be safe!

      • Rod. Cool reply to Victor. Many more important things to worry about than the simple precaution to wearing a mask. I hate wearing them and hate rebreathing carbon dioxide and wonder how doctors and nurses keep those god awful masks on all day. We need to abide by the regulations for everyones protection. No one is being kidnapped and being forced to come to Colombia against their will. For those who refuse to accept the reality of life here I suggest delaying your trip until the all clear has sounded. No need to try and buck the system, its futile.

    102. Worst airline in the history of the world…..Are there no other options yet? I despise Spirit with a passion………They are everything that is wrong with flying……..better to buy a sailboat….

      • Atlanta to Bogotá direct with Delta. 767-300ER.

        • Great, but how about Miami or Ft. Laud to Medellin? What other options are there now….Im in the D.R. cuz they opened first……Ive been enjoying quality beach time and happy hours……Cant do that even yet in dictatorial Panama……

          • Dennis Heidenis October 6, 2020

            Just received an e-mail that my flight from Miami to Panama to Medellin has been cancelled for October 8th. No reason given. Maybe not enough fill or maybe Panama issues for connecting flights. Somebody better smarten up pretty quick as the whole travel industry is on the brink of collapse. As far as Colombia goes, who wants to wear a (ineffective) Mask 24-7? My colleagues in Medellin tell me you can be walking at night time with nobody else within a half mile and if the police see you without a mask they can fine you! What gives with that!!!!

            • Its the law. We are dealing with it here. The emergency extends to the end of November. It is for our protection.

            • Victor Sanchez October 9, 2020

              Hey Dennis, ya this mask thing is a drag; I was in Sabaneta and was stopped twice by the police. Once for not having my ineffective mask on and once for walking up a hill that didn’t have a grocery store at the end of it. The Colombians the cops stopped before us actually received tickets in the ballpark of $150 USD; my Colombian girlfriend was able to talk these nazi’s out of giving us a ticket, maybe being a foreigner helped us out a bit, but it’s definitely overkill. To anyone who thinks COVID is this super infectious virus, ask yourself, why don’t we see entire homeless populations with positive covid infections, why don’t we see news headlines that read “1000 homeless people died on Thursday, topping the 900 who died on Wednesday.” I’m from the SF bay area where the topic of homelessness is always in the news and unfortunately part of our culture, but their infection rate is only slightly above the general population, something like 3.2% for the gen pop, and 3.7% for the homeless, and SF is testing a lot of homeless. People need to start cultivating some logic, some critical thinking, so we can put an end to this fear mongering from people like Ron. If a mask is for our protection, well the government should make it illegal to sale hamburgers, fries, soda, cigarettes, alcohol, because it’s for our protection. In the US, ~40,000 people a year die in auto accidents, should we stop driving and walk or bike everywhere? I’ll be in Medellin at the end of this month, my guess is it’ll be a lot of staying inside, I guess I’ll take up puzzling or crocheting. Hope you have a safe trip out to CO, we’re on the same side

            • Dennis Heidenis October 9, 2020

              Well said Victor. I will be in Medellin for the month of December and by then maybe there will be a bit of light at the end of the tunnel!

            • I didn’t invent the rules here, i like all other expats and Colombians are required to obey them. For those who find the rules outslsndish or offensive or draconian, write our President Ivan Duque. No one twists our arms to visit here or live here and we have free will to refuse to comply with the decrees handed down by our preident and his most competent and respected team of experts. I for one along with many embrace the efforts being made by our government to protect us from cobtracting or spreading covid19. If thats considered fear mongering by agreeing with the decrees currently in force than so be it. When in Rome do as the Romans do is my motto.
              The debate will go on forever and hopefully we all will avoid contracting the virus.
              No need to assail people like myself who obey the rules whether we completely agree with them or not. No one enjoys wearing these dreadfully uncomfortable masks but its better than being on a ventilaror at some hospital here. If thats fear mongering than I am one. Good luck to all of us.

            • I’ve never seen anyone hassled, and because 90% of the people wear a mask you feel normal. Get a cool one.

              I don’t know what’s so complicated about this. It’s not like driving a car without a seatbelt or a motorcycle without helmet. If people want to kill themselves, let them.

              You can easily have Covid and be asymptomatic for two weeks or forever. You don’t know. Wearing a mask prevents you giving it to me.

              As it says in my elevator “Cuidate, cuidanos”. Porfa!

            • Frank L Hammette October 10, 2020

              they need the money . LOL
              I have been here over a week ( MDE) most are even wearing a mask when they are driving a car , alone. Or wearing a mask under their motorcycle helmet. I guess so they dont get a fine.
              One of my Colombian friends got Covid from a family member , in their house. Wearing a mask when you are outside, and alone is silly , and studies have confirmed that . But so be it.
              I have been to the poorer Barrio, and dont see them paying as much attention to the mask law. but they dont have 150 USD for a multa either. I have lived in three latin countries, and have been to EVERY one in the western hemisphere. I comment when I see corruption and useless bureaucracy, Same when I am in the USA.

      • Harry Rodriguez October 10, 2020

        you can try Jet Blue depending of course where you are coming from

        • We wear our masks as required
          Accusing our govermment of corruption won’t score you any brownie points. Obey the law and avoid the multa or possibly getting thrown out of here. It’s not too much to ask to help save lives. Sheesh I have never seen so much whining in all my life over something so minor. Time to put on our big boy pants and act like responsible adults.

    103. I misspoke here. Spirit flights from FLL to MDE are still on, but it looks like they are re-adjusting some of there domestic flights that connect to FLL. In my case they changed the time from DEN to FLL which would miss the connection from FLL to MDE. Something to watch out for.

      • Victor Sanchez October 4, 2020

        ok, so SPIRIT is changing domestic flights; yours specifically was your flight from DENVER to Fort Lauderdale. Ok, just repeating it in case someone else missed the update. Too bad about having to miss your connecting flight, hopefully you can find something without too long of a layover; my concern is flying to FLL and then SPIRIT changing/cancelling my flight and then I have to spend X amount of days in FL which would probably mean having to take a new PCR covid test if the one I plan to have IS expired, this is a real cluster, all of this nonsense.

        • Hi jeff, “You will have to leave in 2021 and return for the clock to restart in 2021. See our guide to the tourist visa – https://medellinguru.com/tourist-visa/

          Thx for your answer! Just to clear out:
          So I will still have the right to extent my “tourist visa” although Ive been here for more than 180 days now in 2020 (due to the corona virus) -( but in my passport I just got 90 days)?

          Could I get an extention to say from october 15 to january 15 or will the maximum extention be to december 31 and then I’ll have to leave the country to set the clock to have 90 more days?

    104. Victor Sanchez October 4, 2020

      Yikes, I was literally looking at spirits website 5 mins before reading your post; (I’m sure you know)spirit has a “no change/cancel fees” for flights booked before Oct 31st, so I was going to lock in a good price, then adjust my schedule as needed, but I guess that doesn’t matter if spirit is cancelling flights(FLL to MDE). I looked at the seating chart for Nov 6th, only a handful of seats occupied, maybe they cancelled for low tix sales, but let us know if they give you a reason, thanks

    105. Just had my Spirit flight from FLL to MDE on November 6 cancelled. Checked Spirit’s website and it looks like they have cancelled all flights going to MDE until November 18. Don’t know what the reason for this is, but thought I’d give everyone a head’s up.

    106. Flight arrived at El Dorado without incident. Many Colombian Red Cross workers throughout the airport upon arriving. The most important document is the negative Covid result. It’s easier to have this paper in hand to show upon arrival. Also, migracion wants to see either on your phone or printout that you registered with Migracion online prior to returning . I would highly recommend the following clinic for fast test results, under 24 hrs for me in Atlanta.


    107. Flying out today at 3:55pm on Delta One from Atlanta to Bogotá. Arrived at Atlanta @12:00pm to check in. No one was in line at the Delta counter. Delta reps at counter scrutinized my Covid test and my Migracion application. TSA was equally deserted. Chillin at the Sky Club and flight is on time. Boarding in the hour. Como te quiero Colombia ?

    108. Just a little heads up– my trip was a short one scheduled to return from Cartegena to fll on 10/7. I did not realize that when I arrived on 9/21….my return flight was cancelled on 9/23. I realized this yesterday 10/2 which put me in a real bind because spirit has no flights from Cartegena with seats until 11/2. My fault I somehow missed the cancelation email. Point is be sure to keep an eye out….my only option out of of Cartegena was with American airlines and was very expensive.

      • Chris, was the return flight with Spirit? Did they give a reason why it was cancelled? Thanks for the info.


        • Hi James…I’m still dealing with them it is very confusing. Unfortunately it is a little difficult to get a hold of anyone on the phone and whatsapp. No explanation just a cancelation email that I indeed missed. Yet today I received an email to prepare for my upcoming flight as if it was never cancelled. So strange.

    109. ok sorry to be the one that asks something that has already been asked and answered, but after reviewing back many days i am still left wanting to ensure i do everything exactly correctly. now that i have done 2 seperate prc tests just to be sure, i am now trying to understand what is my time frame to submit my immigration form. I think i have picked up that it is 24 hours before arriving is the earliest it can be completed? i will be in flight and at airports moving for most of that time frame. so can anyone confirm that is correct? no earlier than 24 hours prior to arrival?

    110. Regarding Eric’s post on having medical coverage… This doesn’t specifically mention Tourist. Maybe hotel policy?


      • Im flying to Bogotá from Texas this Sunday. Tomorrow I get my PCR test done. But now I’m reading that I’ll need travelers medical insurance? Anyone know of a good place to get that and get it in the next few days?
        Also anyone know if I’ll need a PCR test to return to the USA?… or just to get on the flight back from Bogotá

        • No, you do not need a PCR test for travel to the U.S. The U.S. does not require as it says above in our article.

          • Alfonso October 1, 2020

            Thanks for the reply
            Any idea about the insurance part?

          • Just to be clear, the Colombian government does not require a test to enter the airport, board a plane and fly to the US.

            • Yes, confirmed from many readers that have gone to the U.S. in the past week and also confirmed in official statements from the government.

            • Hi!Iwad going to extend my tourist visa with 3 months in the end of march but due to covid-19 I couldn’t. Any how still here and want to do my extension now in October. If they approve it; it will mean that I could be here until early 2021.as I understand I will get 90 more days in 2021 and that I could possibly stay in Colombia until the end if June 2021. Is that right or are the rules changed because of the corona virus?

            • You will have to leave in 2021 and return for the clock to restart in 2021. See our guide to the tourist visa – https://medellinguru.com/tourist-visa/

        • @alfonso. Good luck on your trip we are trying to get to bogota on American Airlines on the 15. Could you please post once you arrive there safely, any tips or information willl be greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance and safe travels. Diana

    111. I am flying into Cartagena on the 3rd. Took my COVID test 94 hours prior to wheels down. I saw on my hotels website that Colombia is requiring all foreign travelers to show proof of travelers medical insurance. Has anyone see this?
      “Dann Hotels in accordance with the Health Emergency COVID-19, at the time of Check-in, Colombian guests are asked for identification of the EPS (Health promoting entity) and for our foreign guests support or to have active international medical assistance insurance .”

      I am a 49 year old male, visiting for 16 days and $50000 of coverage was only $30.

      • Alfonso October 1, 2020

        Who did you get your insurance with? And how long did it take? Is it something that can just be printed out?

        • Alfonso. I got my insurance though Insubuy . It took about 3 minutes and I just printed it out. I went with the plan underwritten by Nationwide because it specifically mentions covering COVID.

          It is so strange though because the only place i have seen this is on one hotels website so it appears that something might be getting lost in translation.
          “Por disposición de Hoteles Dann ante la emergencia de Sanidad Publica COVID-19, en el momento del Check in se solicita a huéspedes Colombianos identificación de la EPS (Entidad promotora de Salud) y a nuestros huéspedes extranjeros soporte o tener activo algún seguro de asistencia médica internacional.”

          The fact that this is not mentioned by Colombian Govt pages and forums seems to confirm that this is just hotel/corporate policy. I am still glad i got the insurance, but it does not look like it is being mandated. I could be wrong here, but you would think we would see it everywhere.

    112. I fly tomorrow as well on Spirit. My online immigration form was accepted but all I got was an email saying it was saved with my information, but nothing to print. Was their something that needs printed or do I just print off the email? Thanks!

      • Its a crap shoot. after an hour or two , and after trying both the English and Spanish option, I finally got and email confirmation I could print out. Looks to me that there are a lot of faults in the system. If your address is too long, it look like you succeeded but will not get a confirmation. Some of the fields dont work in English. Finally , using the Spanish sight, I said I did not have a visa, and it worked. Previously I put in my visa and had no success. Good luck.
        sometimes it works and sometimes not. every field must be accepted or you will not succeed. To make it worse, Spirit airlines is also a mess.

    113. Bill Medina September 30, 2020

      So now is the 96 hours from the time you arrive in Colombia?

    114. I came in the 29th yesterday with a direct flight to Medellin from Ft Lauderdale from Spirit. My Covid test results only show the date the test was taken. Just make sure you get to Colombia within the 96hr from when the test is taken and your good. They never checked for Corona App. All you need is the Covid test results and the migracion form and your in.

      • If we are American, we don’t need a migracion form though, correct?

        • You need the printout of the verification from your email that you registered with migration yes.

          • Harry Rodriguez September 30, 2020

            You can show the confirmation from your cell phone no printout was required

          • frank L hammette September 30, 2020

            I leave fll tomorrow at 7:30 am. I arrive in MDE at about 1:30 pm colombia time. I have been trying to register on line with the colombian website but cannot. They say something like there is not available flight. ???
            is this because I am trying to do so BEFORE 1:30 pm , the time of arrival in MDE tomorrow? any one have an idea? thanks

            • I am trying to do so on my computor

            • It’s a one hour time difference and computer rounding up to next hour. It’s really 22 hours prior.


          • Really? I didn’t know about this. What am I registering for? And where?

          • hi chris, or anyone, where do I get the verification form? do they send it to me? the last thing I saw on the web site was a simple closing page that said something like save and send, I clicked yes.
            thanks for this help

        • Harry Rodriguez September 30, 2020

          Fill the form online before boarding it will make life a whole lot easier…you will asked for it at the counter before boarding

          • I did fill in the form on line, will they send me some type of conformation? I filled it out 20 mins ago and nothing yet.
            also, when I tried it in English, I put in Estados Unidos as my country since I could not find United states. then the form asked for my state and city, and only those in Colombia were the option. It did work however when I filled out the application in Spanish. But will I get some type of confirmation? or do I need to do something else?

            thanks yall.

    115. Any word on when International travel INTO Colombia for cities other than Cartagena ? Have anyone’s October flights into Bogota El Dorado been cancelled?

    116. Bill Medina September 29, 2020

      well it seems like a bit of confusion on when the 96 hour window starts. I have a flight oct 8 lax to Mia then 2 hours layover in Mia then off to Medellin. My bags will be checked in all the way to Medellin from Lax. The question is since the flight starts at Lax is that when the time starts or is it on the flight from Mia to Mde. Big difference in time from when boading from Mia to Mde. Also since I loose 3 hours of time Zone change from the west coast. How does that play into the timeline? Any Ideas??

      • Harry Rodriguez September 30, 2020

        you have 96 hours from test to board the plane this is not that complictaed….

    117. Justin Lowry September 28, 2020

      Hi all,

      I spoke to the Colombian Embassy in London this morning.

      He was very useful and explained the following:

      1) He has had the question about the 96hrs many times and agrees it has been unclear. He checked with the consulate two days ago. The 96hr window starts from WHEN THE TEST IS TAKEN. He explained the logic behind this and it certainly makes sense to me.

      2) “Can you get the test when you land in Bogota if you’re unable to get a test back in 96hrs”. He explained, technically yes, however this is still unclear and I recommend you call back on Friday 2nd when I hope to have an answer as we have a meeting on the Wednesday.
      It is also depends whether the airline themselves want the Covid negative test to allow you to fly so you need to confirm with the airline too.

      3) I said I am considering flying to Ecuador first as they give a 10 day period from getting results taken and then getting a new test done in Ecuador before travelling into Colombia.
      He that that this is plausible but reminded me that the land borders into Colombia are not open yet so I would need to fly. *Land borders potentially opening on October 1st.

      4) I called the Embassy again to ask about connecting flights. I.e. does the 96hrs window end when getting the first flight or the final flight into Colombia.

      He did not have the answer for this and apologised.

      His personal opinion was that it would be from the first flight because at no point did they say you cannot take connecting flights on the way to Colombia.

      Its certainly frustrating but I believe we must assume that the 96hrs is from the time the test is taken. It does make more sense!


      • Yes it is 96 hours from the time the PRC test is taken, as stated in the official Resolución 1627 from the Health Ministry that is in the above article – https://www.minsalud.gov.co/Normatividad_Nuevo/Resoluci%C3%B3n%20No.%201627%20de%202020.pdf

      • I’m going with you have 96 hours from the time the test is taken, have your Negative results in order to be allowed to board….Now when you get to your destination may be another story….Main thing is being allowed on the plane…..

        P.S. anyone who needs a PCR Test can have one done in Fort Lauderdale on 17th St/Ave “LabDoctor” and have your results within 24 hours this way you can plan your flights accordingly….

    118. On October 5, Peru will start international flights, with Colombia one of the few countries in the partial resumption of service. Since the USA isn’t on the list, many Americans will probably be flying to Colombia, if only to catch a connecting flight. After reading a lot, I haven’t seen if there’s an exemption from the covid-19 test if you won’t leave the airport. Has anyone seen this mentioned anywhere? The test in Peru is over $100.

    119. I wasn’t sure about commenting, but I have been reading for months now and I felt compelled to let you guys know that it’s pretty clear to me that you have to take the test in the 96h window. There is just a tweet on the Aeronautica civil de Colombia account that says so.
      Ps Jeff would it be a problem for you to have a new post about international flights? So to have the new comments of people actually traveling or trying to in a different place? It takes me a long time to find the new comments every time. If you can’t it’s fine.
      Lots of people from Europe following this and hoping for flights to go take our adopted children!!! ?
      If you guys hear any rumors please let us know!!!
      I thought it was close but now they are calling ‘phase two’ opening 4 new airports on the same routes on October 1st. This scares me

    120. Excellent article Jeff! And the comments are very helpful, with people sharing their actual experiences.

      Panama dropped quarantine if you present negative PCR test but it has to be within 48 hours and you could purchase it upon arrival. Need to verify this.

      Now seeing COPA mid-Oct flights from US to PA & CO

    121. Yoannys Salermo September 27, 2020

      Thank you Ron

    122. John OBrien September 26, 2020

      i still find this very confusing..so if i am reading this correctly….we must have been issued the RESULTS of the PCR test no more than 96 hours before our flight departs?
      So if we were tested outside the 96 hour window….but got the results inside the 96 hour window we are good to go?
      The reason i ask is current wait time for PCR test results here in BC, Canada is 4-5 days….so time of testing would be outside the 96 hours

      • John,

        I went to get my PCR test yesterday here in Ontario as I didnt want any possible surprised when i leave the first week of October.

        I asked the gentleman administering the test and he said 4-5 days. When I asked him about the need for a faster result time, he said tell them when you have your test that you need expedited results… They can Flag the sample and you can have it in 24-48 hours.

        • Did you get the test in-time? Did your flight go? My Air Canada flight from Toronto was scheduled in the first week of October too, but it got cancelled for 4th or 5th time.

          • Sam, I was doing a trial to see how long it would take to get the results in a normal situation. It took 7 days! I have another test tomorrow morning and am requesting expedited results. I am scheduled to leave on Thursday.

      • Spirt airlines is confused ? I am leaving FLL Friday, and just got this email concerning my flight. Note it says you must have taken the test within 96 hours or your flight. NOT that you need the results within 96 hours of your flight, as the Colombian Government seems to say. If they dont let you on the plane it makes no difference what the government says. I hope at the gate the agents know the 96 hour period refers to the results and not the taking of the test sample. here is there email sent today:
        “The Colombia Government requires that all arriving passengers are required to provide proof of a negative COVID-19 test that has been taken within 96 hours of travel.”’

        • Your post confuses me. I thought that the test had to be taken within 96 hours of your flight to Colombia, no? The way you’re saying it could mean that you take the test today as long as you get the results within 96 hours of your flight.

          • bobby, that is what has been said in the news over the last two weeks . That was that the test RESULTS had to be within 96 hours. And only today it seems that we now find out that it is the test sample needs to be taken within 96 hours. So I will need to postpone my test for a few hours I assume. But we still dont know if the 96 hour period is from the time of ones first leg of the flight or the last leg leaving the country. I can only assume that Spirt air was also confused, because only today did they say the trigger time was when the sample was taken. Not the results. its been a real mess. One would think it could have been cleared up before they announced the opening of flights to the country. If the test needs to be taken within 96 hours of the first leg of the flight before the connection to MDE , than I will be ok. If it needs to be taken before the FLL flight leaving to MDE , I will not be ok. Does anyone know for sure?

        • The official Resolución 1627 includes the requirement for negative PCR COVID-19 test results for a test that was taken within 96 hours – see 4.2.2 in this (in Spanish) https://www.minsalud.gov.co/Normatividad_Nuevo/Resoluci%C3%B3n%20No.%201627%20de%202020.pdf. This wasn’t clear in communications in the press and also from the Health Ministry. The article is updated.

    123. I apologize for my typos. I used my android keyboard which is very unresponsive.

    124. Try phoning them Monday and prompt to the English speaking agent. She is very helpful.
      The website is not as user friendly as it should be.

      • I assume you have uploaded in PDF format your visa and 1st passport page into the system and received a 17 digit registration number. After that I assume you received a confirmation email embedded within was a link to schedule your appointment? If yes, on the appointment page you will see year of birth. if you see that request then you know you are on a priority appointment request page and then try again to schedule your appointment. You can also call Migracion Monday and after all the covid 19 announcements and web referals listen for the english language prompt and then option 1 I believe will place you in queue for an english speaking agent. Good luck and don’t worry so much about the 15 day rule. Migracion is being very helpful and flexible.

    125. Yoannys Salermo September 25, 2020

      I get a no data available message when I submit a request for an appointment.

    126. Yoannys Salermo September 25, 2020

      Hi anyone having problems getting an appointment at immigration? been trying since the 21st and nothing. Thanks.

    127. I just read all the last 5 days updates that i hadnt had a chance to read before. Does anyone know if the 96 hours when i check in at my first flight or the finl connector flight from MIA to MDE? I flying from west coast and and have to stop in dallas first then mia before heading on. Just trying to schedule my test at the appropriate time. So 96 before i check in at LAX or 96 before boarding in MIA? Thank you to anyone for helping to answer this.

      • Sagar,
        It may depend on the airline. I flew from Los Angeles (LAX) to MIA on American Airlines last night, they did not check for the PCR test in Los Angeles, l don’t get on the AA flight to CTG for another 2 hours so I’m assuming they are only checking when you board a flight to enter Colombia.

        • thanks Ramond. very helpful. took my first of 2 tests today so i have my fingers crossed they show up in time and with all the neccesary information on them. all the places i have gone to only give results via an app.

        • Update…I made into MDE. I had my paperwork checked both in LAX as well as when i entered at MIA. Fortunately i had everything in order. But Ticketinf counter in LAX told me many people were having issues. But the MIA to MDE flight was completely full. Well minus a few random seats. Once i arrived MDE it was all very easy and straight forward. No issues

    128. Paul Graham September 24, 2020

      My Copa flight on Oct 23 has just been canceled. The next date on their web site is Nov 2/20. This is my 4th flight canceled.

    129. Hello Jeff,

      The Check-Mig site doesn’t have the US as an option on the drop-down for Country of Origin, Are people from the US suppose to fill out this form within 24 hours of departure to Cartagena, or is that process only for people flying from certain other countries? I read your post and it seems like everyone needs to fill it out, but can’t be the case if the US isn’t listed as a country of origin in the drop-down.

      I’m on the American Airlines flight tomorrow morning MIA-CTG

    130. I’m getting my pcr test done from the lab in fort lauderdale – I’m not very tech savy but does anyone know if the file we recieve with our results will load fine into the migracion website. They said I will have the results the morning of my flight so I’d be filling the form out on the fly and don’t know how to change the pdf file size.

    131. Justin Lowry September 24, 2020

      Flights from Europe are most likely only humanitarian for the time being, please be careful booking flights.

      Hi all, I would like to share an experience to hopefully save some others issues:

      Everything was going well until today when I received an email from Iberia (2 days before my flight) explaining the requirements due to COVID. Fortunately I was prepared with all these requirements, but they also included a note that only Colombian citizen could fly to Colombia from Europe.
      This clashed with their previous information to me so many phone calls followed.

      Colombian Embassy in UK confirmed that all nationalities can enter Colombia.

      I discovered the issue when I called again as if to book this flight and asked for them to check if the flight was a commercial flight again, this representative explained it was a repatriation flight for Colombian citizens. Therefore I was misinformed by an Iberia member of staff and was left being told I couldn’t even get a coupon as it was too close to the flights departure. I should now be getting a coupon in the next 5 days and have also completed a complaint.
      Unfortunately I had also made payments for trains, hotels, insurance and had my covid test etc.

      I hope others are having better luck. My flight search starts again.
      Take care.

      • Hey Justin,

        Many thanks for your update. It’s highly appreciated.
        I myself live in the UK and my partner is in Colombia. So I have done relentless research in terms of flights to and from Colombia to Europe.
        My partner has a Spanish passport, for that reason, and that reason only she is allowed to come to the UK (or Europe). So the flights publicised to Europe are not all humanitarian. I have contacted the embassies to confirm this.

        So long story short from my understanding:

        Flights to and from Europe are only available for persons with dual nationality. One of the passports being European.
        Otherwise only an emergency will prompt and authorisation.

        I haven’t purchased flights yet but I will update you once I do. Either early October or very early November.

    132. This notice comes up searching for Colombia flights on Avianka, flights to ctg seems to get posted but not to mde it errors out
      but i am sure in near future they will be added, to me this means the results for PCR test at the time of boarding flights cannot be older then 96 hours and actual test could be taken prior to 96 hours to allow for results, to be certain, take two tests with different provider to avoid delays
      If you are traveling to Colombia, please note that to enter the country, you must present a PCR test with negative result issued no more than 96 hours before the flight. In addition, you must report your health status in the Coronapp-Colombia application and you must fill out the ‘Pre check-in migration’ form available in the Migración Colombia web page. Find out more here.

      TAKE NOTICE! Remember to check the pages of the official entities in Colombia, since adjustments may be made to the entry requirements or to the documents needed to fly.

    133. Most the information I can find involves people trying to get to Colombia. Im trying to leave. The quarantine went into effect a few weeks before my original return flight to USA and Ive just been waiting for International flights to resume. Im trying to go from Bogota (El Dorado) to San Francisco California. My understanding is that Bogoto isnt open yet for international departures, yet I see many tickets for sale during the first week of october. Are they just hoping that El Dorado will be open by then and will cancel my flight if it is not? Do I have to get to Cartegna to fly if Bogota doesnt open by October? And is PCR test required for international DEPARTURES from colombia? Ive recieved conflicting information, I understood this awesome website only international arrivals required the PCR, yet third hand information supposedly from someone who called the Bogota airport and was told anybody boarding any flight would require the 3 day PCR. HELP PLEASE!

      • As our article says above “There is NO requirement for a PCR test for entering the U.S.” And there is NO PCR test requirement for leaving Colombia, only for entering Colombia. A PCR test is a requirement of the destination country.

        Sorry we are not travel agents, we can’t possibly keep up with all the airlines scheduling international flights to/from the airports in Colombia and their schedules.

    134. Dennis Heidenis September 23, 2020

      What protocol if any, takes place when you fly to Panama and then change planes to fly to Medellin Co? A better question might be what procedures have to be followed in Panama during a plane change to Colombia. The airline is COPA.

    135. Hi Charlie, please keep up us updated! I am also planning on taking my test at CVS too

    136. Quick Question: I am now flying Thursday Oct. 1 at 10:52Am. Not many testing sites around me, but Minute Clinic is now doing testing through CVS locations and for free as long as you provide license and insurance information. With that said and the 96 hour window I can receive my window is Sunday – Thursday 10:2AM. They are saying 2-3 day turn around…. What day would you guys take the test because I don’t believe the weekend days count towards the 2-3 days…. Would you take it Wednesday, Thursday, or Friday???
      Thanks In Advance!

      • The rule is 96 hours, not business days. You’re taking a huge risk by making that assumption.

      • I took the test at CVS at 11:30 am on saturday and received the results on tuesday. Departing from FLL for CLG this morning at 10:30 am

      • Boarding went fine on spirit flight from FLL to CTG this morning. CVS’s Covid test result and Migracion online form was looked at twice in FLL and once by Colombia migracion. No one asked about the Col Corona app that was also to be required. The only possible confusion seemed to be about the covid test result…even though Colombia says the 96 hours is from the time you receive the result, the Spirit boarding agent asked me when it was collected. Fortunately my test was collected 95 hours prior to boarding (by design). The test result doesnt show the time of the lab result, only when it was collected. Be aware of this potential pitfall.

        • Charle, so you are saying now that Spirit requires both test collection time and results to be within the 96 hours?
          Thanks for the update.

          • I’m saying the spirit agent asked me for the time of collection and not the time of results. My collection time was within the 96 hours no further discussion. But had it been outside the 96 hours, I would have had to scramble with showing her the text of Colombias requirements and my text message from CVS saying the test result is ready on their website. But the actual test result which I had printed from CVS website only shows collection date but not the test result date and time, which I think is a flaw in their reporting. So, the short answer is I dont know if Spirit is requiring the 96 hour collection because i didnt need to address it. The agent may have misunderstood the 96 hr time of test requirement (it confused me too initially).

            • I think the main takeaway here is that the agents for spirit have little clue about what they are looking for…it can be different from agent to agent. While in line us passengers all compared our test results and some were more scrutinized than others for different things on different looking results. I understand they dont want to be flying people into colombia that won’t make it through immigration but really they had little understanding of what was really required upon entry into colombia.

        • I think the takeaway is if at all possible schedule your collection time within the 96 hour window

          • The Spirit agent I had didn’t even care about the time of results or test…was merely looking for the letters PCR. My point is they are inconsistent and don’t really know what they are doing. If they are going to be screened for something like this they need to be well trained for it.

    137. Hello all. I am aboard a flight going to Cali Colombia with spirit airlines. They are asking for test results. If you do not have them within 96 hours you are not able to board the flight. They rejected a person here because their Covid test results were 1 week old.

      • Harry Rodriguez September 22, 2020

        I am confused here Migracion site says no PCR Test required if you enter Colombia before September 30th? Why is Spirit askid for a PCR Test?

        • PCR test was the initial requirement communicated to airlines by the Ministry of Health.

          Then Migracion later announced can arrive without a PCR test but need a PCR test in Colombia and self-isolation for 14 days. If you arrive with a PCR test, then no self-isolation. This was likely due to Migracion realizing not all airline will check and some passengers would arrive without a PCR test.

          • Harry Rodriguez September 22, 2020

            This is what the Spirit Airlines Representative is saying about boarding before arriving Colombia…

            Allow me to explain. As you are traveling FROM FLL TO MDE, you need to have the test and present it at MDE. Meaning that, to board on FLL you need to have the test BEFORE you board, that way, you will present it at your final destination.

          • I flew from Fort Lauderdale to Medellin this morning on Spirit. I arrived 3 hours before flight time and there were already 200 people in the queue because there’s a Bogotá flight just before. It was crowded and no distancing but everyone had masks.

            They did require 96 PCR test and looked for PCR. They reviewed my Colombian migracion form.
            The gate was ridiculously jam-packed with an Atlanta flight at right angles and paths crisscrossed. In addition, they boarded Colombianos first who took all the front bins spaces.

            In Medellin it was super organized with distancing. In the walkway before migración, they checked to see if you had done your form. If not you were pulled aside to fill one out.

            At the desk, they looked at your form, your PCR and asked the usual and done. Very efficient, friendly and easy.

            No problems in baggage claim or aduana. Many airport shops and food stands are open although the airport is almost empty. Taxis to El Poblado are 80,000 pesos like before.

            Jeff, thanks un millón. This has been a Godsend for all of us ??

            • Harry Rodriguez September 22, 2020

              why are they asking for PCR Test if it is not required if you enter before September 30th?

            • hey, how closely do they look at the PCR test?? I mean, could someone just photoshop the dates on there? What is the verification process like?

        • The airline has their own protocols. Just know if you do not have your test that states PCR or RNA/ Nasal swab results, then you are unable to board the flight. No exceptions.

          The line was very long when checking for negative results and a few people were denied to board flight. I had a 45 min layover and on the 2nd flight my results were checked again.

          FYI- They prefer the printout of the results.

          • Harry Rodriguez September 23, 2020

            Makes no sense Colombian Governemnt says one thing and Spirit does something else….Yesterday spoke on the phone with Spirit agent who verified with his supervisor regarding PCR Test in order to board flight to Colombia and said it is not required only beginning Oct. 1st will you have to produce PCR Test in order to board…..

    138. Hi all thanks for this useful informative site. And special thanks to Jeff. Ok…so people have been through the process, yes? Any info on how it goes at immigration? Do they accept an email with a negative Covid test on your cell? Can it be in English? Anything else we should know?

      I’m flying Thursday and gotta admit to the jitters:)

    139. First flight to Bogota from Amsterdam departed today, and these flights are now scheduled for Bogota and Cartagena every second day from now on, i.e. 23rd, 25th and so on, despite the Netherlands not being mentioned on “the list” of countries being approved for international arrivals to Colombia. Tickets to Medellin are for sale from 1st October, but it remains to see if this is realistic. Nevertheless, you can make it to Bogota and/or Cartagena from Europe as of today.

      • Are you sure those are commercial flights and aren’t humanitarian flights? The Dutch embassy has been organizing KLM humanitarian flights to Amsterdam and one humanitarian flight to Amsterdam I know of is on Sept. 25 – https://medellinguru.com/humanitarian-flights/

        • I am not sure, however, I find it unlikely that there would be a demand/need for humanitarian flights every second day? Tickets are for general sale on KLM`s website too, indicating that they are available to anyone (I assume).

        • I have a flight booked with KLM from Amsterdam to Bogota on October 3rd. I spoke with a KLM agent the other day about this. Airline agents are not official sources, however, for what its worth, she said the KLM flights flying to Bogota right now are either cargo or humanitarian, but that KLM is selling passenger tickets to Bogota from 30 September onwards. She could not see anything in the system that indicated that KLM is not authorized to fly commercial passenger flights to Bogota from that date. But again, until I am on the flight I won’t be 100% convinced.

      • Thanks for this information, can you confirm that this is with KLM?
        From some research I have noticed that yes, there will be flights from Colombia to Europe. Just not for “tourism”
        According to the rules, apart from Uruguay, no Country from USA down to Argentina can fly to Europe.
        However there are many daily flights from USA, brasil, Mexico, Peru etc. These flights are either humanitarian (only a hand full) or they are for persons whom have a European passport or for emergencies.
        The 6 countries they have opened to officially, means anyone, including tourists can arrive and depart.
        It’s amazing news that the airports are open again. I phoned air France and they confirmed flights from Bogota to Paris from 14th of October. I checked iberia online and they commenced from the 18th of October. I’ll confirm once I contact them also.

      • Justin Lowry September 22, 2020

        Hi Tom & Jeff,

        I have also seen the confirmation of flights landing from Madrid and Amsterdam which is certainly odd considering they are not part of the listed countries.
        I’m desperate to fly to Colombia and there is a flight with Iberia leaving Madrid on the 26th September. I called them and they say it is going ahead and it is a commercial flight. Its hard to believe and therefore I have not booked yet. This same flight number landed on the 19th and 21st pushing me to believe the flight is genuine. It just doesn’t make sense?!

        Can anyone shed any further information on this?

        Has anyone actually been on one of these European flights to Colombia?

        Thanks all.

        • I’m supposed to be flying in from Australia with a connecting flight in Madrid and also want to know if Iberia are flying.

          My flight on the 2nd of October from Madrid to Bogota with Avianca / Eithad was just cancelled and it looks like the Iberia flight on the 2nd of October is my next best option.

          Just wondering if you had heard anything else.

          • Justin Lowry September 25, 2020

            Hi Jai,

            I was unable to board my flight last minute. My understanding is that the flights with Iberia at the moment are only for Colombian Citizens.

            I strongly recommend you call them to check carefully.

    140. Paul Maiolino September 20, 2020

      I wonder that the immigration office will be reopening this September 21, 2020. Need to renew Cedula de Extranjería or permanent resident ?

    141. Remember soon in USA and elsewhere there are new test coming online which may provide faster results but are not deemed as reliable as PCR
      New spit and gargle test and test by Abbott lab where I have a friend working on this project is ramping up and I live 10 minutes from Abbot labs
      Some of this tests are much needed to control Carona virus spread but may not nessasary acceptable for travel I just did PCR for my upcoming surgery and results take 24-48 hours
      So please include details of where and which tests are being conducted when posting for comparison as it may not be available universally
      I am based out of north suburban Chicago

      • This website has been such great help for so many people. Thank you Jeff!

        I figured I would update from the plane…a little chaotic here with spirit airlines FLL to Cartegena. Was supposed to take off at 10:45. Now 11:30. Long lines at the spirit desk as the agents are actually making certain that every foreigners covid 19 test states PCR on it. No exceptions…there are people being refused boarding. Everyone is frantically checking their papers while in line. Looks like we may take off around 12. Not even asking about the migration email. So heads up…you may want to make certain your results have PCR on it or them.

        • Harry Rodriguez September 21, 2020

          Why are they asking for PCR Test when one is not required if you enter before September 30th? What am I missing?

          Jueves, 17 Septiembre 2020 14:59

          • We have verified what is in the article with official sources and also with several passengers that arrived on September 19 to Cartagena.

            If you have a PCR test with results within 96 hours when you arrive you won’t have to be quarantined. If you arrived without a PCR test you will have to self-isolate for 14 days and get a PCR test in Colombia.

        • Thank you for the update. Do they prefer a printout of the PCR test or digital from phone?

          • At least as far as spirit flight was concerned yesterday they absolutely required your test to show that it was a PCR test. They didnt care paper or on phone but PCR was a requirement. People were frantically looking for this while waiting in line…you were not getting on that initial flight without those magic letters. Strange thing was, when I got to colombia migracion as well as several others I spoke with after, the process once you stepped to the officer was very simple and fast. They asked for the test results but I really didn’t see my agent look at the paper much, also asked for the migracion confirmation email and to see the corona tracking app on your phone. (Just needed to see you downloaded it, nothing else). It couldn’t have taken more than 3 minutes…nothing else was asked. Same for two others that we spoke with waiting at the luggage belt. We couldn’t believe that spirit was so strict and that migracion appeared to be set to welcome people versus a lot of scrutiny. It was a bit sad to see a grown man crying yesterday at the spirit counter because they wouldn’t let him on because his test didn’t say PCR on the results. He hadn’t seen his child since February. Lucky for him he was able to call the clinic and they quickly sent a signed statement from the Dr that it was a pcr test. But most people wouldn’t have that outcome.

    142. Just a FYI, trying to complete my check mig online for migracion and the site lets you fill out everything, but you cannot add the requested covid result letter and also when you go to submit it says cannot complete at this time please try later. I thought it was maybe a browser issue but I’ve tried Chrome, edge and then mobile. All have the same error.

      • I had my information go through but would only accept it as a PDF. The issue now is that was almost 3 hours ago and still no confirmation email….

        I tried entering it again but it says I can’t because of duplicate info.


        • Is anyone else having issues with this Migration website? If you are, what is the issue?

          Thanks, James

          • Thank you for the pdf heads up. I thought that is why it would not accept my submission, but no. It still says No fue posible guardar el Pre-Registor, por favor vuelva a inentario en unos minutos, agradecemos su paciencia.

            I seem to think this can be done on arrival in Colombia as well if necessary, is that correct?

          • If anyone else is wondering…I tried this site literally 40 plus times, on every different platform, guessing along the way what may be the issue. Turns out for me that the address of the location I am staying was just too long (although the site wouldn’t state the error). So I just shortened it and finally all is well and submitted, got the email immediately from migracion. Silly, I know, but maybe it will save someone else some time.

    143. Recommend taking two test in case one fails or results are delayed, with two separate health care providers if you do not want any delays in your travel due to unforeseen issues with testing, or do not buy ticket until you have results , there is slight chance price or availability may change, or get ticket with airlines allow changes.
      Both of this tests should have results whiten 96 hour of your flight.
      For some cost of test may be a factor.
      1. Before 3 days of travel
      2. 2 days before travel

    144. Jeff et al

      Just to be clear, the PCR test RESULTS are within the 96 hours before arrival, not from the time the test is taken?

      • PCR test RESULTS within 96 hours of the stipulated time of your flight. Not from the time the test is taken.

        • Harry Rodriguez September 20, 2020

          What happened to no PCR Test required if you arrive before September 30th? Test will be done in Colombia along with 14 day quarantine….

          • Migracion realized some are likely to arrive without a PCR test. So, they added this option.

            You can either get PCR test results within 96 hours of your flight and won’t have to do the 14 day quarantine. Or if you arrive without a negative PCR test result you are required to get a PCR test in Colombia and quarantine for 14 days.

            • We are in unchartered territory here but I have a question.

              So if I get a PCR Test here in Canada up to 96 hours from my flight, I can go to Colombia and carry on like normal.

              But… If i do not have a test., I need to get a test and quarantine for 14 days upon my areival in Colombia.

              Am I the only one who thinks this is a** backwards?

              LOTS could happen in the 96 hours up to my flight. Who is to say that I dont come into contact with someone who has Covid in the 96 hours leading up to my flight? There that covid test wouldnt matter or may not be an actual representative of the current day.

              To me… The testing should be done within Colombia to negate a 14 day quarantine and to ensure those already with a negativo PCR test… Are still in fact negative.

            • Yes if you obtain a PCR test within 96 hours of the scheduled time of your flight you can go to Colombia and carry on like normal. We confirmed this with several readers who arrived in Cartagena on the first international flight.

              If you don’t have a test, some airlines won’t let you on the fight (Spirit is doing this). Even though Colombia will let you arrive and obtain a PCR test in Colombia and self-isolate for 14 days.

    145. Looks looks in September spirit JetBlue and viva colombia are flights are visible in kayak app but not much to mde
      Starting mid October mde flights are showing up I think that other airlines like copa and united and American as well as Avianca will start to add schedule in next few days to mde ans elsewhere they just be preparing for resumption with local staff
      November we should see lot more expanded schedule barring any surprises

    146. From what I know Now is that coron app is voluntary participation
      Filling out migration form is mandatory but not clear on requirements for receiving email clearance from colombian government before flight as the other gentleman mention but that may just be Auto acklpdgement of filling out online migration into
      Will be watching what’s being required after first few passenger flights land and someone posts here their experiences

    147. I am on board the flight from Fort Lauderdale to Cartagena on the 19th. They did ask to see the COVID test results and email from Colombian immigration. All a go at this point

      • Brian, can you let us know what it was like when you have a chance, how strict it appeared? How they checked your documents and the wait time? Thank you so much!

      • Update please? Thanks

    148. Coronapp has issue registering us phone number, seems to flash a message and fail, someone can try to register & let me know, there does not seems to be English version of this app, i know you only need one copy of coronapp while traveling in group but app does not seem to have login just phone number and name, what if you are alone and loose your phone, i guess you can use someone else phone and complete the info.
      i did find preregister info as above.
      what happens during travel if you loose your phone, can the caronapp be used on laptop to complete registration, what happens if you come to airport without coronapp ? is it required also for domestic travel , i assume yes.

    149. My wife has just received an email from our local Colombian consulate advising her that she has been pre-selected for a humanitarian flight to Colombia next week. What may be of interest is what the email says about the requirements. This is a humanitarian flight but the requirements largely follow what Jeff has already confirmed.

      Translated by Google Translate.


      Through Resolution No. 1627 of September 15, 2020, and 2232 of September 17, 2020, the National Government established the regulations for the gradual reopening of international air transport, in order to implement biosecurity measures that reduce the risk transmission of COVID-19.

      To comply with the standard, you must comply with the following requirements:

      1. Present a PCR test with a negative result, issued no more than 96 hours before shipment. It will be requested by the airline before your departure and by the immigration authorities upon arrival in the country. Travelers who do not have the required test must perform mandatory preventive isolation for 14 days, assuming the commitment to practice the PCR test in Colombian territory, as well as follow the measures that are indicated until their isolation condition is determined according to the results.
      2. Make the report through the CORONAPP mobile application (available on the main mobile platforms) and respond to the strict tracking and follow-up that your insurer (EPS) or health secretary of the jurisdiction where you will stay or reside must do. This measure applies to all people who come to the country from abroad.
      3. Follow the biosecurity measures established in Resolution 1517 of 2020 or the one that modifies or replaces it when transit or connection in national territory.
      4. Wear multiple masks to replace them when the flight is longer than 2 hours.
      5. Know and comply with all the health requirements made by the country of destination such as tests or quarantines.
      6. Complete the entire Immigration Pre Check In form provided in the “Check-Mig” application 24 hours before departure in its entirety prior to entering the immigration control posts at the following link: https://apps.migracioncolombia.gov .co / pre-registration / public / preregistro.jsf The Colombia Migration Agent will ask you to display in physical or digital medium the confirmation email of the completion of the form.
      7. Maintain the assigned seat during the entire flight time.
      8. Report to the EPS, to the territorial health entity where you reside and to the airline, if during the 14 days after your trip you have symptoms that coincide with COVID-19.
      9. Mandatory use of protective elements, at least 1 face mask from the entrance to the airport, during the trip and at the point of arrival, in accordance with the provisions required by the health authority, which must always be worn properly. adequate.
      10. Respect the signage provided by the airport and the aircraft to guarantee the separation between people, and when there is not, respect the distance of at least 2 meters.

      To calculate the 96 hours prior to performing the PCR test, we inform you that the flight will depart for the city of xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx at xxxxxxx September xx, 2020.

      In the event of a positive PCR test, refrain from showing up at the airport as you will not be able to travel.

      The national who presents the PCR test with a negative result for COVID-19, will not have to do any mandatory quarantine upon arrival.’

      • Well that’s the answer then… if you have the 96 hour test already no need to quarantine and if you don’t then you know the routine. Either way, I am set to go on Monday’s first commercial flight to Medellin since it’s shutdown.

        Spirit is not showing that flight as available for ticket purchase however I do have a ticket and can see my seats and it looks like 40% is still empty but that can be passengers that have not selected seats yet. I lucked out and saw a Big Seat open up a few days ago and scooped it up.

        After a bunch of cancelled flights, maybe this one will get “wheels up”!

    150. In my opinion US should not allow passengers to leave for Colombia if they do not have proof of negative results taken 96 or less hours prior to flight.
      To avoid having issues or being quarantine in Colombia, not sure if you can take a test on the spot in Colombia on airport and wait for results in case this situation arises vs quarantine for 14 days.
      Passengers also have responsibility to check regulations but i am sure not everyone is perfect and mistakes happen especially in changing regulations.

    151. Jeff, are we sure about not having to quarantine for 14 days if we have the PCR results in hand? I am not getting that from the articles.

      • Yeah I would agree, the article really doesn’t say what happens if you have the test. It just says that they are not mandating the test and only mandate that you take a test in Colombia and quarantine. Hmmm.

        • Our article above says “Travelers who enter from abroad before September 30 without a PCR test are required to obtain a PCR test once they are in Colombia and must comply with a mandatory isolation measure for fourteen (14) days, which will be supervised by the health authorities of each municipality.

          So, it is recommended to obtain a PCR test before coming to Colombia or you will have to get a PCR test in Colombia and self-isolate for 14 days. You do not have to self-isolate for 14 days, if you arrive in Colombia with a negative PCR test with results within 96 hours of the scheduled time of your flight.

    152. Has anyone found any airlines selling tickets from either Ecuador to Colombia or Mexico to Colombia starting September 21? As far as I know, the airlines are allowed to fly those routes again from that date, but I can’t find any airlines selling tickets on those routes until mid-October.

      • There do not appear to be any viable flights to Colombia from Mexico until mid October. A huge amount of routes no longer exist and we are basically looking at AeroMexico alone if you cannot transit through the United States. Possibly Copa if Panamá reopens as planned. I greatly appreciate the work that has been done researching the situation at Medellínguru, but ultimately the assessments have been overly optimistic. I for one will not waste another peso on booking a flight again until everything is actually moving, we have a few weeks of viewing how the safety protocols are implemented, and we have official word from Duque.

        • I was wondering if anyone could provide a hand here. Or if they can guide me to where to get the answer for this. My partner needs to travel to London, but as mentioned there isn’t any flights directed through Europe just yet, she has a Colombian AND a Spanish passport. Mexico is still unclear on dates and information.
          So USA has plenty if daily flights to the UK currently. But my partner does NOT have a USA visa. Colombians are not applicable for an ESTA but Spanish people are applicable. Does that mean she would be able to just apply for an ESTA using her Spanish passport or not?

          Honestly appreciate any help or guidance here guys.


          • Cyrus – my wife and I were planning to visit the US earlier this year (before all this started). She has dual Colombian and British citizenship. There was no difficulty obtaining an ESTA for her. When filling in the application online, we had to tell them of both nationalities so everything was disclosed so if you put your partner down as Spanish with Colombian under other nationalities, I don’t see why she should not get an ESTA.

            • Thanks a million guys, sincerely appreciate it. We will go for it and hopefully by the Approval (fingers crossed) everything will be clear.

          • I’m sure that she can. She’s Spanish whatever else she may also be.Try it. It’s simple online with quick response.

    153. This is for anyone who is looking for quick test results in South Florida. I fly out Monday morning so I tested yesterday at 2:20. Results were in my email by 7:40 this morning for a price of $179, no insurance accepted.

      1425-A SE 17th Street, 
      Fort Lauderdale, Fl 33316
      Office: 954-530-4447

      Good luck and safe travels to everyone! See you next week in Medellín. ??


      • Bobby Pappas September 18, 2020

        How was the actual test? I’m terrified of a giant q-tip being shoved all the way up my nasal cavity. I may pass out. lol

        • It’s not pleasant. 5 to 6 seconds on each side of your nose scraping as deep as it will go.

        • When I had a test in Bogota in April, I was given a choice of the nasal test or the back of the throat. I chose the throat and it lasted about a second. I don’t know whether that is normally an option but it may be worth asking.

        • Mine was nothing. They just spun it around in each nostril for 2 seconds. I didn’t even feel it touch me. Don’t tell migración!?

        • All 3 of my tests were self administered nasal swabs. They didnt make me do it too deeply and while it made me tear up a bit it certainly didn’t hurt. 15 seconds per side.

      • James P Oneal September 20, 2020

        I got this done in 15 minutes including wait time and got the results the next morning.

    154. For Ft Lauderdale to Medellin, Spirit is first selling tickets for Sept 24. The first for Jetblue is Oct 1. I`m one that goes to great lengths to avoid Spirit, and it’s nice to see Jetblue in the game. There’s a guy in another forum with a Viva Air ticket for arrival tomorrow night, the 19th, in Medellin. Will be interesting to see if that pans out.

    155. Ok, so we will be able to fly into Medellin or Cartagena from what departure points by late Sept and early Oct.? Im in the Dominican Rep now to escape the Panamanian dictatorship……..but with the measures that they continue with, I dont really know why they even opened……But freer than Panama, for sure……..Will there be flights from Santo Domingo to Colombia by early Oct? Or will I have to return to Fl? And fly Spirit which I hate with a passion? Who else is flying? Copa by OCt? Motta must be going crazy with this silliness……….COPA, the best airlines in Latin America……..and maybe in all the Americas……….Whats the word on WINGO, also owned by Motta……….

    156. Hi all. Just got off the phone with AA regarding my flight the 24th. Some of this info may interest some.

      If I have not received my test results by departure time I can get a credit from them to be used by Dec 31.

      They WILL NOT be checking Covid documents as we get on the plane. That is up to immigration in Colombia.

    157. Does anyone have any news about when they’ll be opening up the Colombia-Ecuador land border crossing at Rumichaca?
      I’ve searched but can’t find much, only that “could” open on 1 October or a later date. Thanks

    158. Can someone help clarify….for example I fly pittsburgh to ft lauderdale…then to cartagena. Does the 96 hours count back from my flight time leaving FLL or from my flight leaving Pitt?

      • The protocol from the government does not clarify. Just says (translation): “To enter Colombia, a PCR test must be performed and the result must not be greater than 96 hours before the stipulated time of the flight.”

        But it would make sense if this is before your first flight and you could show that you were on two flights.

        • Just got this email from

          Event: International Flights between the United States and Colombia Resuming September 19

          The U.S. Embassy is pleased to confirm that flights between the United States and Colombia will resume on Saturday, September 19, operated by Spirit Airlines (between Cartagena and Fort Lauderdale) and Colombia-based Viva Air (between Medellin, Cartagena, and Miami). Regular international commercial service from major airports in Bogota, Medellin, Cartagena, and Cali will reopen on Monday, September 21. Colombia’s land and sea borders remain closed until at least October 1, although rare exceptions to this rule are possible. The U.S. Embassy will no longer organize humanitarian flights out of Colombia. Questions on booking tickets and other issues related to flights should be directed to the appropriate airline.

          All passengers traveling to Colombia on an international flight must obtain a negative PCR COVID-19 test result within 96 hours of departing for Colombia. All inbound and outbound passengers must fill out Migracion Colombia’s Check-Mig online form no more than 24 hours in advance of departing for Colombia. Travelers are also required to use the mobile application CoronApp to assist with contact tracing while in Colombia. Individuals who comply with these rules will not be required to self-quarantine upon arrival in Colombia.

          Please monitor media reporting and official announcements from the Colombian government for details and updates to these requirements

          • Does anyone have link to check-mig form or info on where to find it , could it be filled out on flight or just online.
            I did download coronapp but i have not try to log in or use it.
            Also online booking covid info shows that VIVA air does not require mask to be used in flight which makes it more risky to fly VIVA but may be this could change.
            Spirit does require mask to travel, i would highly recommend use of gloves and face shield while on airplane, just today there is a story of airplane corona transmission, however, it was prior to enhanced prequation, better safe then sorry.
            Please post here your onboard experience while flying starting 19 and immigration experiences for any upcoming travel not just US to Colombia but whiten Colombia also.

    159. I just did some more research and pretty much any CVS that has a Minute Clinic inside the store can do it and they said the results are back within 2 to 3 days. I just hate the test itself because they stick this long q-tip way up your nasal cavity and I’m so squeamish. The things we do for love. lol

      • Harry Rodriguez September 17, 2020

        I do not have confidence in CVS to provide results within 48 hours but then again it may depend on your location….

    160. My wife has pointed me to a useful article from El Tiempo at https://www.eltiempo.com/salud/protocolo-de-bioseguridad-para-vuelos-internacionales-desde-y-hacia-colombia-538138. One interesting thing is it says ‘Los pasajeros que vayan a tomar vuelos de más de dos horas deben portar varios tapabocas para reemplazarlos constantemente.’ So if your flight is more than two hours, you need more than one mask.

      The health subeditor of El Tiempo also has an interesting Twitter feed at https://twitter.com/RonnySuarez_/status/1306248227692466176 so if your Spanish is good enough some of the replies and links are enlightening. It appears it really is 96 hours from receipt of result (even though that doesn’t make sense to me) and also that a negative test is also required to leave Colombia and you must use the CoronApp. One other thing is that it appears that, if you cannot get a negative test before getting to the airport, you will be allowed in to Colombia but must go into lockdown until you can provide a negative test. (Although, I’m not sure that the airline will let you board without having a test result so I still think it very risky to turn up without one..)

      • How can Colombia require another to leave, if the country that you’re flying to doesn’t require one? That doesn’t make sense.

        • A PCR test is only required to leave Colombia if the country you are traveling to requires it.

          • Bobby Pappas September 17, 2020

            Ah, ok, that makes sense. Thanks for the clarification Jeff, I appreciate it.

        • Bobby
          The reasoning could be that if you are positive and allowed to fly even if destination country does not check you would contribute to spreading virus and exposing people on flights
          It’s catch 22 you may want to return home for better treatment and job but in the situation where you get Carona while visiting colombia what is the ramifications
          I.e treatments your medical plan would be out of network you may not have colombia insurance and you may not have money to pay for treatment so it’s very real problem
          In my opinion people should be allowed back to their original country with enchanted precautions of Carona lingers on beyond few days I.e struck isolation may be to a section of a aircraft specifically prepared not all flights but some it’s real problem not sure what is best option may be charter flight with small aircraft as medical evacuation of all Carona positive person is bitch could.cost 2-4 times usuall and supported by insurance

      • Read this article carefully and make sure your translation is correct – https://www.eltiempo.com/salud/protocolo-de-bioseguridad-para-vuelos-internacionales-desde-y-hacia-colombia-538138

        (Correct English translation)

        “International passengers must arrive a maximum of three hours before their trips to the airports and prior to boarding, negative results of PCR molecular tests will be required, issued maximum 96 hours before the flight. Whoever does not have that document or shows symptoms of infection by the new coronavirus will not be able to fly.

        This measure applies to all people who arrive in Colombia and to countries that require it. Airlines must inform in advance which destinations require these tests to enter.”

        So a PCR test is required for passengers on flight TO COLOMBIA. If leaving Colombia, is required only if the country you are traveling to requires a PCR test.

        • Mike Bell September 17, 2020

          Does this mean I can finally get married to my fiance?

          • Harry Rodriguez September 17, 2020

            depends if she did not find another person during quarantine…..Just kidding…Congrats

        • Harry Rodriguez September 17, 2020

          Arrive at which airport 3 hours in advance if you are leaving Colombia or if you are coming to Colombia? Airports are pretty much empty in the U.S. 3 hours seems like a long time….

          • Harry, it seems to say a maximum of three hours, not a minimum of three hours. I guess it’s to stop the airport getting too full and people being forced to be close to each other.

    161. Irene…if you are waiting for a vax then you might want to pull up a chair.

      Our group has designed and patented a mask for youth sports. We had a meeting about 5 weeks ago with our PPE guy who is very, very well versed in vax’s.

      He said…to find the vaccine could take anywhere from 6-8 months…and that is if they are really pushing it, which they presently are. From that point, clinical trials would take another 8-12 months but again, the world is rushing this so lets go with 8. Then, you need to manufacture enough supply for world consumption, again, let’s say another 8 months. Now you are ready for the distribution, remembering that the world’s most vulnerable will be the first opportunity…and then working down from there..again, lets say another 8 months. Do the math, we are not just talking about 2021…we are talking well into 2022 and even 2023 before a vaccine is distributed to the populous. And that, is if each phase of development and trials are successful…and there are no guarantees.

      So, if you want to wait until a vax is found before venturing out, so be it and that is your choice. But countries like Colombia, tourism was really starting to bring in some much needed revenue. Colombia is not the USA, nor is it Canada. The situations are vastly different. If Colombia was to take the approach that they will not open things up until a vaccine is readily available…..then I am not sure you would want to go back to Colombia at all. It would be incredibly different than the Colombia you, I and everyone on this board knows and loves.

      • @Ted, absolutely all the realistic reasons you mentioned here. Colombia made the right decision of opening the country for the international tourism.

    162. Jeff…I am having trouble finding the Migracion form that has to be filled out when entering/exiting Colombia. Could you point it out or post the actual form on Guru so we can copy it and have it ready when necessary? Thanks, Dennis

    163. I have located a testing center here in Panamá that will do the test and return the results within 24 hours. You receive the results via email. I have read people her mention “ certificates or documents required “. Is a print out of the email sufficient? No test center that I have called provides anything other than an email result.

      • If you are looking for a Covid test in Panama, you should look at this which is on the US Embassy in Panama website (https://pa.usembassy.gov/covid-19-information/#COVID-19%20Testing) . Even includes a drive-through service and an at home service. My wife will be trying it as soon as she can get a confirmed flight to Bogota. It’s not clear, though, which of these is a PCR test.

        COVID-19 Testing:
        Testing is available at the following locations:

        Hospital Nacional, cost: $157.50. Contact at 306-3300, Whatsapp 6949-6124.

        Hospital Punta Pacifica, cost: $95.00 If you want this done inside your car, without having to leave the car, you can get it in Punta Pacifica drive through. Appointments are done in the following link: https://www.pacificasalud.com/expresscovid. This takes from 24-48 hours.

        Lab Center is offering home services. Appointments are done through WhatsApp at 6285-7181 and they have 3 modalities of testing, costs: $375 for a result in 1 to 2 hours, $250 for a result in 6 to 8 hours, $150 for results in 24 to 48 hours.

        Panama Clinic $99.00. Contact at 310-1111.

        • Bruce

          Our preference in Panama would be the Punta Pacifica Hospital but, as the Lab Center people are on Whatsapp, I just sent a message to them asking

          Is this a PCR test?

          Do we get some kind of certificate that can be used when flying to another country, particularly Colombia?

          At first they replied ‘yes’ to both questions. Then they sent a follow up that it is not a certificate they give but a lab report. If it is a full report on the test, that should be enough but I haven’t seen what it contains.

          I think the Hospital is likely to provide a full lab report on the test but we will be investigating.

      • Bruce – Can you give us the contact details for the Panama test site? Thanks!

        • Hi Rod:
          The lab where we made the appointment is: Laboratorio Clínico Fernández | Marbella. The cost is $135 and results in 24 hours. You can get the results by email, or go back to the lab and pick up the report. They said they have not had any problems with the email report being accepted as of yet. If you go back for the report, in my opinion it would be no different than printing what they email since they email a copy of the report. The flight is on Monday October 12 at 10:12 am. We are having the test done on Thursday October 8 at 3:30pm. Arrive in Colombia ( hopefully) within the 96 hours of the swab being taken. Or within 72 hours of report being generated. Hope it all works out.

    164. @Brian W. Thank you for your update. Could you please keep us posted once you cross the finish lines with any feedback about the process as a whole.. A little HOPE goes a loonnnng way these days. Diana

    165. Brian W -I’m also on Spirit. Can I just ask again? Did Spirit say the Sample had to be taken within 96 hours or the Results received within 96 hours before flight time regardless of how old the sample was?
      Thanks a lot!

      • This 96 hour rule is from the Colombian government for international passengers arriving in Colombia.

    166. I am booked from FLL to Medellin on Friday 25th on Spirit. With the 96-hr negative PCR requirement, I had to do research to find a rapid PCR test location here in Houston, TX. My research turned up a very helpful website: rapidtesttravel.com. After you type in your state and select PCR as the test, crowd-sourced data from travelers then gives you a list of places that can do the test in 48 or 24 hours. Amazingly, there are 15+ places in Houston that supposedly can do it. Names, addresses and phone numbers are provided. I will start calling around tomorrow to confirm a place for my test next week. Somebody from Atlanta was talking about a PCR test. I used the website and unfortunately just one place came up for the entire state of Georgia. But it is supposedly a 48 hr turnaround and it is outside of Atlanta

      • Gary, Bloom in Frisco (DFW area) says they can guarantee getting PCR test results to clients, via email, within 48 hours of the test sample being taken. It is $149 out of pocket; they do not provide insurance codes, so it probably wouldn’t be reimbursable. I believe they have a location in the Houston area.

      • Gary, thanks for that link, it was v ery helpful. I live in SC and typed in rapid pcr, and there was none! But then I put in regular pcr and rt-pcr and one came up in Colombia, a 24 hour CVS interestingly enough. So any pcr test will be sufficient?

    167. It looks like some of us will finally go. Going from Fort Lauderdale to Cartagena on the 19th on Spirit . Three previous flights were canceled. On American on the first and the 17th and on spirit on the 18th. Surprised to get the telephone call from spirit today saying that the Covid test was required within 96 hours. But they did confirm that the flight was a go.

      It will be tight to get the test back in time. We’ll see.

      • Here is the real question and my biggest concern. What if I land in Cartegena on the 21st and none of my results have come back yet (taking three tests today in the hopes that one comes back by Monday, a waste of resources, I know.) Turned around to return back to the USA? Two week quarantine?

      • Or will it be the airline departing that will check to see if you have proof of a negative test prior to letting you board the plane? (In my case spirit departing from FLL)?

    168. For any canadians at least in Vancouver – I am doing my covid test here and I found out that since its travel related I had to book an appointment at the airport clinic. If you go to a testing site they do not provide any documents or certification required at check-in. They said results take 48-72hrs. My appt is Sept 29 – I leave on the 30th for FL and then take the Spirit flight on Oct 2.

      • Harry Rodriguez September 16, 2020

        I believe if you go to a testing site who knows how long you’ll have to wait for results in writing, probably more than 96 hours…If you go to a private type lab you may be able to get your results and catch a flight within the 96 hours required.,…Going to wait for feedback from the first travelers….

      • John OBrien September 26, 2020

        hi Brian…fellow Canadian here..can you please let us know how it goes with the test results times..good luck!

    169. I don’t see Colombia opening until next year. We’re going into flu season and still no covid vaccine. If the world presumes without that vaccine, it can be a second wave of the virus. The world needs to wait as unfortunate that may sound. Myself and my father have been stuck in NYC awaiting to see Colombian family and there’s nothing anyone can do.

    170. Jeff.. there is no mention of the mandatory 14 day quarantine in the link above. Is there still quarantine required if we have a negative PCR test.?