Tourism is Permitted in Colombia – What are the Rules? - Medellin Guru
Tourism is now permitted in Colombia. So, you can travel to Cartagena, Santa Marta and San Andrés. We look at the rules for tourist travel in Colombia.

Tourism is Permitted in Colombia – What are the Rules?

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35 thoughts on “Tourism is Permitted in Colombia – What are the Rules?”

    1. Please let me know any info about Desfile de Silleteros for 2020…I looked at American Airlines and Nov 4 is a start date for flying there if it doesn’t get pushed back…I can be there for it if they have it .. I know it is a popular event..

    2. Thank you for all of the articles/information you have given us… I have read everything and it is very valuable..I appreciate it..

    3. Is tourism now permitted? I keep seeing people saying that tourism won’t be allowed? Would that make all of the incoming flight humanitarian? Sorry for my confusion, but if you could give me clarification, I would really appreciate it.

      • Yes tourism is permitted. These international flights are normal commercial flights. Once these start, there may be only a few more humanitarian flights that were already scheduled.

    4. Hi Jeff.. I live in the United States.. I would like to fly to Medellín for the flower festival.. I believe it is scheduled in November 2020.. If that turns out to be true, do you think you could find a person who would be interested in helping me get around in Medellin? A tour guide ? I travel alone and would really like to stay safe.. Let me know if you can help, please..And, thank you..

      • Yes, the flower festival is in November on November 2 to 8, see: https://medellinguru.com/feria-de-las-flores-2020/

        You should be able to find a person to be a tour guide, I recommend asking on the Medellin Guru group on Facebook – https://www.facebook.com/groups/2049770935285229

        Or on the big Medellin Expat Facebook group – https://www.facebook.com/groups/159461177529433

        • Hi It is Stevie again.. I just looked at American Airlines schedule.. The first day there is a Miami to Cartegena flight listed is Nov 4… same date for Miami to Medellín…There was a person trying to get to CTG and has been changed several time.. I am just trying to help that person.. will look at the posts you gave me ..Will you or anyone you know be buying tickets for the show when the flowers are placed on sticks in a circular fashion.. I have read they sellout for that event..stilettos maybe, not sure.

          • Feria de las Flores may be a different format this year due to coronavirus, trying to avoid the big crowds.

            So, the big Flower Parade (Desfile de Silleteros) may be a different format. Our article has info about tickets for last year – https://medellinguru.com/feria-de-las-flores-2020/

            • Thank you for your kindness..Did you move there from the US? Are there a lot of ex- Pats to have breakfast with? It sounds quite fun.. I would like to live in a warm climate for Dec, Jan,,and Feb…I live in a warm climate but it is still to cold during those months..Thank you so much.. I suppose I might have to postpone until 2021.. I will go to see Cartgena as soon as I’m allowed to…The flowers are the big draw for me in your city…Sometime when you don’t have anything to do, tell me what you do there..Do you travel around? Are there groups who do? I might fit it.. I’m not in love at the moment so it is a perfect time for me to be adventuresome.. again, thank you…

    5. Victor H Bedoya September 9, 2020

      Thank you! for the info.

    6. Victor H Bedoya September 9, 2020

      I’m Colombian but i leave in Pennsylvanian, I being going every year for last 7 years i own house in Guarne. Can i quarantine in my own house?

    7. My flight keeps getting canceled do you have to Quarantine in a motel my brother lives thereabouts I would like to stay with him

    8. Yes , what about the quarantine for arriving passengers…?

      • Details of the biosafety rules for international fights have not been released yet by the government.

    9. Thanks for the updates Jeff. Do you believe there will be flights to Bogota or would you just have to take a domestic flight from Cartagena to Bogota in order to get there.

      • Cartagena reportedly will be the first city with international flights. Other cities including Barranquilla, Cartagena, Medellín, Pereira have requested resumption of international flights. We will find out when they make an official announcement.

        • Arsalan Khan September 8, 2020

          Hi Jeff, thanks alot for the info, my question, do the international travellers/visitors have to quarantine for 14 days upon their arrival in Colombia, i think Canadians and Europeans dont but Americans do.

          Can you please confirm.

    10. I’m confused, are you saying I can fly to Santa Marta this week from MIA for tourism? AA just cancelled my flight for Sept 21 saying Colombia won’t permit travel from the USA I love Colombia and the people but I have never seen such a cluster **** like this in my life. The longest lockdown on the planet earth yet the cases in Colombia far exceed the rest of South and Latin America. The Constant were open, no were not open, we will open this date No we won’t open on that date. It’s like amateur hour… I have had 4, yes 4 flights cancelled in the last 4 months by the airlines because Colombia keeps changing the rules, ENOUGH already! Sorry for the vent.

      • No you can’t fly from MIA to Santa Marta, there have never been direct flights from MIA to Santa Marta.

        The first international flight to Colombia is reported in the news on September 21 to Cartagena – see: https://www.dinero.com/pais/articulo/vuelos-internacionales-colombia-cartagena-recibira-vuelos-el-21-de-septiembre/299396

        But details have not been released yet.

        • Some bad news about flights to Columbia. I hope it changes quickly

          My flight from FLL to Cartagena on the 18th was canceled but I knew it would be after my flight on American on the 17th was canceled.

          I called up spirit and they said they have stopped stopped all bookings to Colombia for the time being and no flight is available on the 21st.

          My back up flight from Miami to Cartagena on the 24th on American Airlines was on hold but now I see it is not showing as an available flight anymore.

          So I don’t know what is happening but hopefully it will be resolved soon

          • First international flight to Colombia on Spirit Cartagena-Miami on September 19 according to multiple news sources – see our updated article – https://medellinguru.com/international-flights/

            • I just read another article in English, probably mostly taken from Semana stating the same thing. However, in both it says that on Sept 19, Cartagena will be accepting flights from Cartagena to the U.S (Ft Lauderdale/Miami), but doesn’t say the other way around. Let’s wait and see I guess.

    11. Fernando Reyes September 7, 2020

      I believe I read they will resume international flights in Colombia on the month of November, don’t know which day though.

    12. Thanks very much Jeff. How do you know that an announcement is expected next week for international flights resuming in Colombia in September with details? I thought we would see it today since Duque said in “10 days” on Aug 28.

    13. Great update, thanks for sharing Jeff.

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