Monterrey mall in Medellín
Monterrey mall is a unique mall in Medellín focusing on technology products. It's a good place to shop for all types of technology products in 100s of stores.

Monterrey Mall: A Guide to Medellín’s Technology Mall

Centro Comerical Monterrey is a specialty mall in Medellín that is unlike all the other malls in Medellín. Monterrey is full of small shops selling technology products. In this mall, you will find well over 175 shops selling all types of technology products including cameras, cell phones, computers, computer parts, game consoles, network equipment, printers, printer cartridges, tablets and so much more.

In addition to all the technology products shops, the mall has other amenities including a bowling alley, movie theater, gym and a food court with many eating options. Also, there is an office tower with eight floors that has professional and commercial businesses such as doctors and dentists offering their services.

This is an older mall but you won’t find so many technology products anywhere else in Medellín. In the over seven years I have lived in Medellín I bought many products at this mall. This includes two cell phones, two cameras, a wireless router, a printer and several printer cartridges, a computer mouse and video cables.

The bottom line this mall is a good place to look for hard to find technology products. In addition, this mall has several shops with good prices.

Hewlett-Packard (HP) shop in Monterrey mall

Hewlett-Packard (HP) shop in Monterrey mall

Shops in Monterrey Mall

Monterrey is filled with all kinds of small technology product shops. Here is a partial list of some of the familiar brand technology shops in the mall:

  • Acer
  • Asus
  • Hewlett-Packard (HP)
  • Lenovo
  • Samsung
Impresora shop specializing in printers and cartridges

Impresora shop specializing in printers and cartridges

Also, there are shops that specialize in printers and cartridges, computer parts, gaming equipment and so much more.

Digital Universe store in Monterrey mall

Digital Universe store in Monterrey mall

I bought several products over the past few years from the Digital Universe store, which specializes in cameras and related products, including drones.

Escape, one of the clothing stores

Escape, one of the clothing stores

There is a total of over 300 shops in the mall. The other types of shops that can be found in the mall include clothing, home furnishings, mattresses, shoes and several other categories.

Monterrey is very different than the other malls in Medellín like Santafé mall due to its technology focus. In addition, Monterrey is currently expanding with a project that will add space for more shops in the mall.

Digital Mac, with Apple certified technicians

Digital Mac, with Apple certified technicians

Technology Repairs at Monterrey

Monterrey is also a good place to get your computer or other technology products repaired. There are several major manufacturers authorized repair places in the mall, including Apple and HP. There are two Apple repair places in the mall: Digital Mac and We Mac. And there is even a small watch repair store.

This technology mall is also a good place to find parts for computers or other technology products.

Monterrey Te Guia - technology guide service in Monterrey mall

Monterrey Te Guia – technology guide service in Monterrey mall

In addition, the mall has a useful guide service – “Monterrey Te Guia” found in one of the small spaces on the first floor of the mall and shown in the above photo. If you are overwhelmed with all the small stores in the mall trying to find something, this guide service can help you navigate the many stores in the mall and find specific items.

Bowlinco Bolera bowling alley

Bowlinco Bolera bowling alley

Bowling at Monterrey

Monterrey has something pretty unique that you won’t find at any other mall in Medellín. Most notably, it has bowling! Bowlinco Bolera is a bowling alley, which is located on the fifth floor. There is a special elevator in the mall to get to the bowling alley.  There are three bowling alleys in Medellín.

This bowling alley has 18 lanes and reportedly has been in operation for over 20 years. In my experience it is very popular in the evenings and on weekends. This is one of three bowling alleys in Medellín.

It costs 10,000 pesos per person per bowling game. And shoes cost 1,500 pesos. They also have a restaurant/bar and some pool tables.

Bowlinco Bolera Monterey is open later hours than the mall. On Monday to Thursday, it’s open from 1:00 pm to 11:00 pm.  And on Friday, Saturday, Sunday and holidays, it’s open from 1:00 pm to midnight.

Cinemas Procinal in Monterrey mall

Cinemas Procinal in Monterrey mall

Cinemas Procinal at Monterrey

Monterrey has a Cinemas Procinal movie theater with five screens. Cinemas Procinal is a chain with movie theaters in eight cities in Colombia. In Medellín, Cinemas Procinal has theaters located in Aventura, Aves Maria, Florida, La Central, Las América, Mayorca, Monterrey and Puerta del Norte.

In addition to Medellín, Cinemas Procinal has movie theaters located in Apartadó, Barrancabermeja, Bogotá, Cartagena, Rionegro, Santa Marta and Villavicencido.

Furthermore, Cinemas Procinal has a Cinemas Procinal frequent moviegoer card. With this card, you can buy movies tickets at discounted prices. And you can receive discounts on food and beverages.

The downstairs food court

The downstairs food court

Food Options at Monterrey

The mall also has two small food courts located on the first and second floors with over 40 fast food places. In addition, there is the Santa Gracia restaurant/bar on the first floor.

In the mall, you can find many of the typical mall food places common in Medellín, including Dogger, La Brassa Roja, Mimo’s, Qbano and Subway. And there are several restaurants specializing in typical Colombian food.

How to Get to Monterrey Mall

Monterrey Mall is conveniently located a few minutes’ walk from the El Poblado metro station. So, it’s easy to get to using the metro. It’s also located about a 15-minute walk downhill from Parque Lleres. In addition, just about every taxi driver in the city will know where it is located.

If you drive, the mall has parking that costs 4,000 pesos for zero to four hours on Monday to Friday and 4,000 pesos per hour after four hours. On Saturdays, parking costs 4,000 pesos for zero to six hours plus an additional 4,000 pesos per hour after six hours.

Address: Carrera 48 # 10-45, El Poblado

Website: https://www.facebook.com/ccmonterrey/

Phone: +57 4 444 0860

Hours: Monday to Saturday 10 am to 7:30 pm, Sunday 11 am to 5:00 pm

The Most Popular Malls in Medellín

Several readers of Medellin Guru have asked for information about the malls in the Medellín metro area.

So, we have provided up-to-date guides to the 14 best and largest malls in the Medellín metro area in a series on this website:

  1. Viva Envigado – one of the newest malls in the Aburrá Valley located in Envigado, which is reportedly the largest mall in Colombia
  2. Santafé – one of the largest malls in Medellín located in El Poblado
  3. Mayorca Mega Plaza – a popular mall in Sabaneta with several outlet shops
  4. El Tesoro – Medellín’s popular mall with a view in El Poblado
  5. Premium Plaza – one of Medellín’s largest shopping malls with entertainment on the third floor
  6. Puerta del Norte – the largest and most popular mall in Bello
  7. Arkadia – the newest mall in Medellín and the nicest mall in Belén
  8. Los Molinos – the oldest Western-style mall in Belén
  9. Oviedo – the oldest mall in El Poblado.
  10. San Diego – the oldest mall in Medellín.
  11. Unicentro – the largest and most popular mall in Laureles-Estadio
  12. Monterrey – Medellín’s technology mall in El Poblado
  13. Florida Parque – the only Western-style mall in the Robledo comuna in Medellín
  14. La Central – the only Western-style mall in the Buenos Aires comuna in Medellín

Also, we included Monterrey in our article about the 14 best malls in Medellín.

The Bottom Line: Monterrey Mall

Monterrey Mall is a unique mall in Medellín with its focus on technology products. Many of the shops in the mall also have good prices in my experience. So, if you are looking for technology products, Monterrey is a very good place to go.

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Editors note: updated on November 14, 2019 to add the Arkadia mall, which is the newest mall in Medellín.

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    2. Geoffrey August 20, 2017

      My expensive Beats Audio ear buds died on me so I headed down to Monterrey Mall and picked up a nifty and great sounding pair of Samsung’s for 12 bucks. A no brainer. They sound every bit as good as the expensive ones.

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