Noi the best coworking in Medellín
For digital nomads, it is essential to find a space to do their remote work, and in Medellín, Noi coworking has all you need to work comfortably and happily. in this place, you will find desks that you can use for days, equipped offices that will be your workplace for months, and contact networks to grow professionally.

NOI: The best coworking in Medellín

Imagine that your workspace is where you can go with your pet, dress as you like, and go at the time you want without spending long hours in traffic because you don’t have to enter or exit in rush hour. Also, cycling is a good option for those who prefer to start their day with some exercise. All this while creating connection networks with employees from different types of companies and places around the world. This is the experience you can have if you choose Noi Coworking as your place to work.

Everything indicates that cubicles and enclosed spaces are being left in the past to welcome more inspiring places when it comes to working. According to a study published in Portafolio Magazine and carried out by Statista, a German portal for statistics and market data on consumers, the growth figures for coworking in recent years have shown an exponential increase and are expected to continue growing.

Coworking spaces in the world.
Coworking spaces in the world.
The expected number of coworkings.

Colombia is no stranger to this global trend, especially considering that with the Digital Nomad Visa, more and more foreigners are choosing cities such as Bogotá, Medellín, or Cartagena to work remotely. At the same time, they decide to explore the country, getting to know its different tourist places.

The origin of Noi

The first coworking was created in 2005 in San Francisco, United States, the same city chosen by Manuela Granados and her brother, Diego Granados, to vacation. However, when they arrived in Silicon Valley, they realized that this collaborative workspace was booming, so they arrived in Medellín to create their own coworking.

The path to convincing his family was not easy. First, the brothers had to get their family to lend them that warehouse they had in the Ciudad del Río neighborhood. Also, make them believe in this project because, in 2019, it was still uncommon for people in Colombia to work remotely, in other types of offices, or even from home. However, this did not impede the Granados brothers because, on their trip, they saw the success of this type of business and managed to convince their family that it was a good option.

This is how Manuela and Pablo began to adapt to the space, looking for the colors and cubicles that would best adapt. But for them, the most important thing was to find a mighty name that made people feel like space owners, included, and part of a community. This is how they came to the name “Noi Coworking” because the word “Noi” means we in Italian.

Noi Coworking Break Room
Noi Coworking Break Room
“The main goal we had with this place was to help people connect with each other. Forming a community where everyone was welcome, we chose “Noi.” You can come with your laptop and ideas; all the magic happens here.”
Manuela Granados.
One of the founders of Noi Coworking.

The present of Noi Coworking

Since 2019, Noi has positioned itself as one of the most complete coworkings in the city, with spaces that adapt to the needs of all workers.

In that location, you will have access to plans that cover a range of spaces for your work team, including daily positions, permanent positions, offices, meeting rooms, and ticket booths. The prices for these plans vary depending on what you are looking for, with rates ranging from 55,000 Colombian pesos per day (approximately 14 dollars with a TRM of 3,956) to plans that offer 100 entries for $3,500,000 Colombian pesos (approximately 900 dollars with a TRM of 3,956).

In the following gallery, you will find photographs of Noi Coworking, a privileged place in Ciudad del Río neighborhood.

Noi coworking

Noi coworking

We came into the world to live what we love to do

Spaces in Noi Coworking

Permanent positions.
Non-permanent positions.
Private offices.
Meeting rooms.
Creative rooms.
Open auditorium.

The benefits of this coworking

Coworking has become a permanent feature in the work culture, offering workers many benefits that have improved their quality of life.

At Noi coworking, employees have access to dynamic workspaces. Gone are the days of boring cubicles and cramped, overcrowded offices. Here, they can find well-equipped areas to work and relax, with comfortable armchairs and quiet rooms for reading or listening to music.

Learn about the benefits of working at Noi Coworking.

Open 24/7.



Pet friendly.

Unlimited coffee.

Cleaning and maintenance.

Soundproof cabins.

Prints and copies.

Reception of correspondence.

Access with fingerprint or card.

Bicycle parking.

Internet of high speed.

Noi Coworking is committed to the planet

One of the most significant objectives of Noi Coworking founders Manuela and Diego was to create an environmentally friendly workspace.

To turn their concept into a tangible reality, they started by importing used containers from China to create workspaces. They took on the task of painting and refurbishing the containers, turning Noi Coworking into a vibrant and colorful place.

They have installed solar panels that provide energy to the entire coworking. Additionally, rainwater is collected and used to water the plants to reduce the ecological footprint.

One of their initiatives is to encourage using bicycles as a means of transportation within the community. They have created a designated parking lot where people can safely leave their bicycles. As a result, there is no parking available for motorcycles and cars, but drivers can park their vehicles in nearby areas.

At Noi, employees can bring their pets to work, resulting in less stress and increased happiness.

“Your pet will always be welcome at Noi because it makes you feel more comfortable in the space, stimulates you to generate active breaks that take you away from your work, and makes you more productive. In addition, it helps generate community, achieving interaction on non-work topics.”
Lucas Espinosa
Public Relations Manager of NOI Coworking.

The Noi bazaars

Noi Coworking isn’t just a space for collaboration and work. It’s also a community where professionals can connect, build networks, and share knowledge. They provide spaces to facilitate these interactions and help businesses and ventures grow.

The Noi team opens their spaces once a month to host a fair where local businesses can sell their products. This fair features a selection of food, accessories, candles, bags, crafts, and other items. The Noi team carefully chooses the products and businesses.

The bazaars are open to those who work in Noi and everyone who wants to have a good time, get to know the community and enjoy all the products offered there.

During 2024, calls will be opened from Noi’s social networks so that people can register their ventures to be part of the bazaar.

Foreigners occupying a space at Noi

Medellín has been one of the favorite destinations for many foreigners in recent years. No matter the month, you will always find tourists who will be in the city for a few days or even stay there to live. The data bears this out: in 2022, the number of foreigners visiting the city broke a record.


Visitors that Medellín received in 2022

Noi is accustomed to this situation where American, British, or French citizens frequently visit its facilities searching for a workspace to carry out their remote work. Some are attracted to the climate of Medellín, while others are drawn by its low costs and excellent quality of life.

This is the story of Victor Gebarski, an Australian who decided to come to Medellín and chose Noi Coworking as his workspace. He says that he feels happy in the city and that the people have warmly received him. 

Medellín is a welcoming city for him, and at Noi Coworking, he found a space to be himself. As a foreigner, it is ideal because he has met many people who have been helpful in both his work and personal life.

“I love coffee, so that's a good reason to choose this place. Also, all the people are very friendly, I really like the house a lot. For me, it is a very good place and that is why I have my office here, it is a good idea for those who have a business that is growing."
Victor Gebarski
Works at Noi Coworking

Medellin Guru and Noi Coworking

At Medellin Guru, hundreds of blogs cater to the needs of foreigners visiting Colombia. These blogs provide recommendations on places they can visit and explore. Additionally, we offer a directory that focuses on services expats may require during their stay.

In this instance, you’ll discover Noi Coworking, a workspace with an inspiring and creative vision where disruptive and unconventional ideas are encouraged. The community is focused on the well-being and happiness of those working from their facilities while contributing to environmental care.

Noi coworking

Noi coworking

We came into the world to live what we love to do

The next step for Noi

Noi Coworking offers open workspaces for individuals seeking to work from their facilities. Manuela Granados intends to encourage growth within the community every year by enhancing the user experience and expanding their professional networks. The ultimate objective is to establish a more diverse community of professionals

She also hopes that in the coming years, more foreigners and locals will come and see these collaborative spaces as an enjoyable way of working, where work involves being a part of an inspiring and colorful environment.

Get to know and explore Colombia

The Bottom Line: Noi the best coworking in Medellín

In the past, offices used to be dull and uninviting spaces. However, that is not the case anymore. Workplaces like Noi Coworking are designed to be colorful, well-lit, and comfortable for work and relaxation. 

This coworking space is tailored to the specific needs of its users, and it places great emphasis on community building and networking opportunities. You can work alongside other professionals and even their pets.

Additionally, the team at Noi Coworking is always ready to assist you with a friendly smile. Lucas Espinosa is one of the collaborators who will be happy to help you with anything you need.

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