Cartagena vs Santa Marta: Which is the Better City to Live in? - Medellin Guru
Cartagena vs Santa Marta: 2 beach cities in Colombia, which is the best city to live in? We comprehensively compare the cites in 17 categories.

Cartagena vs Santa Marta: Which is the Better City to Live in?

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6 thoughts on “Cartagena vs Santa Marta: Which is the Better City to Live in?”

  1. Nice comparison and I agree with you that Cartagena wins. Santa Marta is more a vacation place for Colombians with much lower prices than in Cartagena. But you won’t find many gringos in Santa Marta. I like both places but prefer Cartagena with more to do and better restaurants.

  2. keith July 2, 2019

    I just spent some time in Santa Marta and Taganga and the picture you display is misleading with the green enviroment. Both he cities have been in a 3 year drought and the dried up vegetation scenery is quite ugly in my estimate. For the 2-3 months I stayed there approximately 2 months ago the daytime temp was into the 90’s every day. Maybe the global weather change but you might want to mention it.

  3. Steve D. July 2, 2019

    Many folks have told me San Andreas is much nicer than Santa Marta. Does a comparison of these cities exist?

    • San Andreas is small with a population of only about 70,000 and nobody has asked for a comparison. San Andres wouldn’t compare very well as it’s really too small.

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