Kuelap is small but intimate and popular Peruvian restaurant located in El Poblado in Medellín with good ceviche and other seafood plus good service.

This is one of my favorite Peruvian restaurants in Medellín. I have eaten at this restaurant several times and the service and food has been very good.

In my experience, the dishes at this restaurant chain are well-prepared and well-presented. Also, it has an open patio that’s comfortable and intimate.

Note the above photos are courtesy of Kuelap.

Seafood dish, photo courtesy of Kuelap

Seafood dish, photo courtesy of Kuelap

Tilapia covered with seafood aji sauce and white wine with side salad and vegetables

Tilapia covered with seafood aji sauce and white wine with side salad and vegetables

The Food Menu

Kuelap has a fairly large menu with many ceviche, seafood, rice, pasta and Peruvian dishes on the menu. Since this is a Peruvian restaurant, ceviche is a specialty. There are four different ceviche dishes on the menu that are priced from 26,900 to 29,900 pesos.

In addition, there are 13 house specialties that include several Peruvian dishes with fish and seafood that are priced from 26,900 to 40,900 pesos. And there are 10 rice dishes with seafood or meat for 31,900 to 41,900 pesos.

Also, there are eight different fish dishes on the menu, which are priced from 26,900 to 39,900 pesos. And there are four different soups priced from 24,900 to 31,900 pesos. In addition, there are five pasta dishes for 27,900 to 32,900 pesos.

Calamari appetizer

Calamari appetizer

Also, there are 12 different appetizers on the menu priced from 18,900 to 46,900 pesos. And there are three options in the kid’s menu for 19,900 to 22,900 pesos.

One of the desserts, photo courtesy of Kuelap

One of the desserts, photo courtesy of Kuelap

In addition, there are three salads on the menu for 23,900 to 36,900 pesos. Finally, there are three desserts on the menu priced at 10,500 to 10,900 pesos.

The Drink Menu

Kuelap has a relatively small drink menu. There are four beers for 6,900 to 9,900 pesos. Also, there are over 10 wines on the menu with prices from 59,900 to 88,900 pesos per bottle. And the house wine is 12,900 pesos per cup.

In addition, there are five cocktails on the menu for 16,900 to 23,900 pesos. Plus, there is sangria on the menu for 59,900 pesos per pitcher.

Also, on the menu are several non-alcoholic drinks including sodas, teas, lemonade and natural juices with prices from 4,900 to 9,900 pesos. Finally, there are four coffee options on the menu.

How to Get to Kuelap

One way to get to Kuelap is by using the Medellín Metro. To get there take the Line A metro to the Aguacatala station. And Kuelap is located about a 20-minute walk from the metro station.

Kuelap is located off of Avenida Poblado on a side street beneath a Dentix office, which is across the street from the La Strada building where the Mercado Del Rio Las Strada gastronomic market is located.

Also, there are several bus lines that run along Avenida Poblado that pass by. For example, there is a bus from Sabaneta that runs down Avenida Poblado on its way to El Centro.

In addition, you can take a taxi from your location. Just provide the address below:

Website: https://www.facebook.com/restaurantekuelap/

Address: Calle 3 Sur # 43A-40, El Poblado, Medellín

Phone: +57 4 311 5043

Hours: Monday to Friday: Noon to 10:00 pm; Saturday: Noon to 11:00 pm; Sunday: closed.

Payment accepted: Credit and debit cards and cash.

The Best Seafood Restaurants in Medellín

On the Medellin Guru website, we have looked at seven of the best seafood restaurants in Medellín and the Aburrá Valley:

  1. Donde Bupos – a popular seafood restaurant in El Poblado with excellent seafood.
  2. Rocoto – a popular Peruvian restaurant with very good ceviche and other seafood.
  3. Mistura – a popular chain of three Peruvian restaurants that are a fusion of Peruvian and Japanese food.
  4. El Barco – a hidden gem restaurant in Itagüí near Medellín with very good seafood.
  5. Kibuki – a chain of two Japanese – Peruvian restaurants with a fusion of Japanese and Peruvian food.
  6. Kuelap – a popular Peruvian restaurant in El Poblado good ceviche and other seafood.
  7. Lo Exquisito del Mar – a popular seafood restaurant in Medellín with good seafood.

We plan to look at other good seafood restaurants in the Medellín area including additional Peruvian restaurants with good seafood.

Kuelap restaurant in El Poblado in Medellín

Kuelap restaurant in El Poblado in Medellín

The Bottom Line: Kuelap – A Popular Peruvian Restaurant in Medellín

Kuelap has some good ceviche and other good seafood dishes. Since it’s located in El Poblado, it’s a popular restaurant and has been discovered by many foreigners. On the weekends this restaurant can get busy. It also can get busy for lunch during the week.

This is the fourth Peruvian restaurant we have looked at in Medellín. Medellín has some other good Peruvian restaurants and we plan to look at additional Peruvian restaurants in the city.

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