Most Shared Articles on Medellin Guru: Popular with Readers
We look at the 19 most shared articles about Medellín and Colombia on the Medellin Guru website that have been shared over 42,000 times and are popular with readers.

19 Most Shared Articles on Medellin Guru: Popular with Readers

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5 thoughts on “19 Most Shared Articles on Medellin Guru: Popular with Readers”

  1. David Williams May 30, 2018

    Love your website that is so much better than other blogs about Colombia and I appreciate your efforts to keep everything on the site up to date.

  2. Thanks for your website that has been so helpful to me and I am sure has helped many other expats. Are you planning to update your guide to the flower festival for 2018? I would like to know the calendar for the events this year.

    • Hi Kim, thanks. And, yes we will be publishing an updated guide to the flower festival for 2018.

  3. KELLY KNAPE May 30, 2018

    This has got to be the best source of information about living in Medellin. I am trying to find more information on internet services particularly with regard to internet speeds. Which service do you recommend and what are the monthly costs? I am sure most are packaged with phone and streaming for TV. Another area I hope to learn more about is public transportation. Is there a card that you can recharge to use on both the metro and buses instead of paying for each fare? Thank so much Jeff.

    • Hi Kelly, thanks.

      We haven’t yet covered Internet and triple-play providers on this site. In Medellín, it is possible to get up to 100 Mbps Internet speed from Claro. And up to 50 Mbps speed is available from Tigo-UNE. Most buildings in Medellín will have service from at least one of these two providers. And Both Claro and Tigo-UNE in Medellín provide triple-play Internet/TV/phone services.

      I recommend Claro. In my first apartment I had service from Tigo-UNE that wasn’t very reliable in my experience. Unfortunately Claro wasn’t available in that apartment building so I was stuck with it until I moved and switched to Claro that was more reliable.

      We currently have Claro’s Triple-Play service with 10 Mbps Internet, HD TV service with several hundred channels (over 30 in English) for two TVs and phone service. And I am very happy with the service as it is very reliable. The cost is about 185,000 pesos per month in an Estrato 4 neighborhood. Claro typically has sign up promotions where the cost will be lower for the first year.

      I see you found our article about the Medellín Metro system – https://medellinguru.com/metro/

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