12 Downsides to Living in Santa Marta: Expat Perspective - Medellin Guru
Santa Marta is popular coastal city in Colombia with a growing number of foreigners living in the city. But there are downsides to living in Santa Marta.

12 Downsides to Living in Santa Marta: Expat Perspective – 2021 Update

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4 thoughts on “12 Downsides to Living in Santa Marta: Expat Perspective – 2021 Update”

    1. John and Susan Pazera January 11, 2020

      Great post-Jeff.
      We spent 4 days in the area but mostly in Tayrona. What we saw and experienced of Santa Marta was nothing to write home about. Tayrona and the diving were great but that’s about it. One of our taxi drivers said that the oceanfront waters in Santa Marta have muy contamination.

      I sure would like to know where you can go on the Caribbean side of Colombia to enjoy the beaches where it is clean, safe and have modern up to date facilities.


    2. Nice post. I visited Santa Marta recently and agree with your downsides. Nice place for a vacation but not a place I would want to live. Too hot for me and taxi drivers tried to rip me off several times with inflated fares seeing that I was a gringo. The airport is tiny without many flight options. I would add another downside of not enough restaurant and shopping choices.

      • Richard January 5, 2020

        I agree. Santa Marta is a nice place to visit for vacation with many things to do nearby. But no way I would want to live there. Too hot and too small of a city and that tiny airport has only a few domestic Colombia flights.

        • Amir Simantov January 9, 2020

          I have eliminated Santa Marta because it is filthy. Simply put; dirty and smelly. Sorry…
          Thanks for the post!

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