Medellín vs Rio de Janeiro: Which is the Better Place to Live? Medellin Guru
Medellín vs Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. We comprehensively compare the two cities in 22 categories to see which is the better place to live in for expats.

Medellín vs Rio de Janeiro: Which is the Better City to Live In?

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9 thoughts on “Medellín vs Rio de Janeiro: Which is the Better City to Live In?”

    1. Very good article. I loved Rio when I visited in 2007. But the level of vigilance required was unending. Not a day went by the I wasn’t afraid everywhere.

      We wanted to go downtown to a jazz club and were advised by Brazilians not to go, as if you didn’t speak Portuguese, you could not trust the cab drivers to get you there and back safely.

      Cab drivers often drive tourists into dangerous neighborhoods where there are criminals waiting to rob them. The cab driver disappears of course (you don’t know where the cab driver is going obviously. So by the time you find out, it is too late.)

      Even in Leblon I saw a man with a gun bend over and saw the gun tucked into the back waistband. I

      We did feel safe in Buzios and Petropolis where we also spent some time.

      I do not think I would feel safe in Rio, especially if I were traveling alone. Human life is worthless there and the people are very poor. The favelas are a constant reminder of the poverty. We were also told to not be on the freeways after 10 pm.

      I would never consider living in Rio, although it is a beautiful city with excellent beaches and fine dining.

      This was 12 years ago. It may have gotten better or worse, I can’t say.

      • João Vicente Barcellos October 6, 2019

        I’m brazilian, and I can tell Rio de Janeiro is getting way worse! Lots of people being killed by drug dealers everyday! Violence is completely widespread in that city. We’re calling it “Hell of Janeiro”!

    2. Orlando K Modeno March 5, 2019

      Nice comparison. I knew of a guy whose partner was robbed and murdered in the middle of the day in Copacobana Beach.

    3. David Williams February 28, 2019

      Nice comparison. Be very careful in Rio, when I visited Rio I was a robbery victim twice in 1 week and have experienced no problems in five years living in Medellin. I had an expensive camera taken by a kid with a knife on the beach and had my wallet stolen on the metro on Rio.

    4. Jeff: Pretty good article. Things to considered based on what I know:

      1 Both cities are being overdeveloped and overpopulated taxing the natural resources.

      2. The US has a very hawkish agenda for Venezuela – gets its oil via proxies in Guaido and Ivan Duque. They don’t care about the people, the name of the game is power, greed, control under the banner of freedom, democracy, etc. They will throw a bone or two to the people to keep appearances. The US wants to start a war against Venezuela from Colombia. …

      3. Brazil under Bolsanaro is another facist state,

      4. The ecological disaster recently caused by Hidrouitango and EPM Hidroelectric Dam on the river Cauca caused a colossal ecological and humanitarian disaster in the name of progress. It is the fifth dam built along the river for about $5B dollars.

      6. Colombia , over the past 20yrs, has become a meca for ecotourism and extreme sports.

      7, Corruption in the US is colossaly blatant by the Trump Admin and his GOP cronies, it is as corrupt as a Third World Country, Colombia’s goes back the Spanish Conquest and explotation Brazil’s is also legendary,

      • and how is this leftist propaganda relevant to Jeff’s comparison?
        @ Jeff: Thanks for the article, seems that Rio (IMHO the most beautiful city in the world), is turning from bad to worse, see also the latest report on insightcrime. Bolsonaro’s efforts are probably misguided. A tragedy for a place which could have it all, great music, great food and mostly great people and unbeatable landscapes.. 🙁

        • Hi Harry, thanks. I agree with you that Rio is turning from bad to worse, which is a real shame. IMHO they could learn something from Medellín.

        • Kenneth Miller August 20, 2020

          Can’t seem to get away from leftist propaganda .

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