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Medellín vs Buenos Aires, Argentina. We comprehensively compare the two cities in 22 categories to see which is the better city to live in for expats.

Medellín vs Buenos Aires: Which is the Better Place to Live?

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12 thoughts on “Medellín vs Buenos Aires: Which is the Better Place to Live?”

    1. German July 24, 2019

      The hospitals ranking is absurd. Healthcare in Buenos Aires is superb if you can afford it. Regarding education, there is a Universities ranking (QS) which you didn’t bother to check. Buenos Aires’ top university is the only one of Latin America ranked in the top 100. Not to mention the literacy rate of the two cities. That being said, Buenos Aires easily wins the Education category. VISA: Argentines don’t need a VISA to enter Europe; Colombians do. What about cinema? Argentina has won two Best Foreign Film Oscars. Sports: Argentina has the most important football league in America. People: white people would pass unnoticed in Buenos Aires, whereas in Medellin you’ll be targeted as a “Gringo”. Access to natural wonders: Buenos Aires is closer to the best natural wonders in Latin America: Iguazu Falls and Perito Moreno glacier. Human Development Index: Argentina 0.825 (47th place in the world, although Buenos Aires HDI is as high as 0.885); Colombia 0.747 (90th place).

      • The hospitals ranking in Latin America is a research study done each year. Also, the World Health Organization (WHO) ranks Colombia’s healthcare as #22 out of 191 countries it ranked. Argentina’s healthcare system is ranked much lower than Colombia’s healthcare system by WHO, as WHO ranks Argentina at #79 out of 191 countries.

        Also, Colombians can travel to Europe without a visa since 2015 – see: https://thecitypaperbogota.com/travel/visa-free-travel-prompts-spike-in-colombians-visiting-schengen-zone/12109

        • Jade Gleeson July 31, 2020

          That’s not true. Argentina has better health care system and recognized doctors all over the world. They have even compared it to Switzerland……

          • the World Health Organization (WHO) ranks Colombia’s healthcare as #22 out of 191 countries it ranked. Argentina’s healthcare system is ranked much lower than Colombia’s healthcare system by WHO, as WHO ranks Argentina at #79 out of 191 countries. Also, the study of the best hospitals in Latin America. Buenos Aires and the entire country of Argentina only has three hospitals on the top Latin American hospital list. While Colombia has 24 of the top hospitals in Latin America – https://medellinguru.com/hospitals/.

    2. Thanks for the awesome city comparison. Hope to see some more city comparisons that compare Medellin with some of the top foreign retirement locations. The retirement publications are biased and seem to be trying to sell properties.

      • Hi Dennis, thanks. Yes, planning some more comparisons and one is already in work.

    3. You need to look at the Buenos Aires Expat Hub – I would posit that it is far more organised and well-policed (ie relevant posts) than any of the Medellín groups I am part of.

    4. Thanks this is a great comparison. I had enough of seasons in the US and now I am spoiled by the climate in Medellin.

    5. Rahul Iyer December 6, 2018

      I am finally happy that they posted a comparison between Medellin and Buenos Aires. I have been to both Colombia and Argentina, and am considering retirement in some place like Medellin or related.

      I would like to a comparison for Medellin and the following locations in the future, though:

      Medellin and Cordoba de la Argentina (I found Cordoba to be relatively similar to Medellin in some aspects)
      Medellin and Rosario de la Argentina

      Medellin and Valparaiso de Chile (probably Chile is more money).

      I look forward to seeing more.

    6. Nice city comparison.

      I went to Buenos Aires recently to check it out but after the long flight I wasn’t that impressed after living in Medellín. The meats were awesome but I had enough of climates when living in the US and who wants to live somewhere with prices increasing every month due to high inflation.

    7. An incredible amount of effort went into this city recap; thank you! Probably, most notable today is the COP exchange rate to the US dollar. Currently trending against the Colombian peso at over $3000.00 pesos daily, have not seen this is Cali in over two years!

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