Medellín vs Armenia: Which is the Better Place to Live? Medellin Guru
Medellín vs Armenia. We comprehensively compare the two cities in Colombia in 16 categories to see which is the better city to live in for expats.

Medellín vs Armenia: Which is the Better Place to Live?

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3 thoughts on “Medellín vs Armenia: Which is the Better Place to Live?”

    1. Compared to Medellin How is Armenia in terms of crime and jobs? i lived in Medellin back in 2018 , 2019 and found the people to be very nice,but at the same time extremely noisy

    2. geoffrey June 3, 2019

      Jeff, In the above photo of Armenia I didn’t see much tropical vegetation like we have in Medellin. Are there lush areas there?

      • Armenia is part of the coffee triangle in Colombia with many areas surrounding the city with lush tropical vegetation. But my impression in the downtown are of Armenia is not as many parks and green areas as there are found in Medellín.

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