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Medellín has two airports, one in the city and another in Rionegro. In addition, you will find multiple options for transportation, here we tell you how you can get to them easily and everything you need to know.

How to Get to Medellín from the Airport

Foreigners may be confused with the airport in Medellín because the international airport is not located in the city.

First, you have to keep in mind that José María Córdova Airport is located in Rionegro, one hour away from Medellín, and this is where international flights arrive, as well as some domestic flights. 

While Olaya Herrera Airport is located in Medellin, it cannot receive international flights or large aircraft. It only operates flights within the Colombian territory.

José María Córdova

28,000 and 30,000 travelers per month during 2023.

Olaya Herrera

100,000 passengers per month during 2023.

The entry of foreigners has been massive in recent years in the city. During 2022, a record 1,386,153 passengers arrived in Medellín, and although official figures for 2023 have not been presented, they are expected to be even higher.

At Medellin Guru, we know how important security is, and according to the figures presented by Procolombia, most foreigners who arrive in Colombia are from the United States. For this reason, we decided to make a guide focused on Americans with their emergency numbers in Colombia. You can download it below.

Medellin Guru Guides

Download Safety Guide for US Citizens in Colombia we have created with helpful information about Medellín and Colombia.

Olaya Herrera Airport

To/From Olaya Herrera Airport (EOH)

Olaya Herrera Airport is located in the city of Medellín. And it is easy to get to and from. However, it only has domestic flights in Colombia, with two airlines serving the airport: EasyFly and Satena.

The easiest way to get to/from Olaya Herrera is via taxi. Depending on your location in the city, the taxi fare will likely be 20,000 pesos, more or less. The Beat and DiDi mobile apps are other options for a price similar to taxis.

In addition, some bus routes go by Olaya Herrera Airport with fares  between 3.200 to 3.500 pesos. (less than 1 dollar). Also, the South Bus Terminal in Medellín is located only one block from Olaya Herrera Airport.

Inside the terminal José María Córdova airport
Inside the terminal José María Córdova airport

To/From José María Córdova International Airport (MDE)

José María Córdova International Airport (MDE) is located in the municipality of Rionegro, which is about 21 miles (35 km) east of Medellín at a higher elevation.

With a new tunnel route that opened in August 2019, it now can take half the time compared to the old windy road route.

Old Route
60 Minutes
New route
20 Minutes

This is the second largest airport in Colombia, and it has non-stop flights to several international locations in the U.S., Europe, and Latin America, as well as many domestic flights in the country.

From José María Córdova, you can fly non-stop to Fort Lauderdale, Orlando, Miami, and New York (JFK) in the U.S. For non-stop destinations in Latin America, you can fly to Aruba, Cancún, Caracas, Lima, Mexico City, Panama City, and Valencia. You can also fly non-stop to Madrid in Europe.

There are seven different transportation options to get to Medellín from this airport listed below. Also, all six options work in reverse to go from Medellín to José María Córdova airport.

Medellin Guru services

At Medellin Guru, we want to recommend the services of Medellin Airport to City, a company with extensive experience transporting foreigners.

When Did the New Túnel de Oriente Open?

The new tunnel to/from the airport opened on August 15, 2019, Túnel de Oriente, which reduced the driving time to/from José María Córdova airport by up to half to about 20 minutes.

The tunnel was originally scheduled to open in March 2019, and new reports early in 2019 indicated this was rescheduled to August 1. The delay was due to concerns about water leaks in the tunnel.

So, the project contractor had an environmental requirement to pre-inject a material derived from cement and mix it with water before blasting. These pre-injections were needed to waterproof the area before digging and minimize the possibility of affecting the water sources in the area.

The project involved an estimated investment of 1,000 billion pesos (about $300 million USD).


380,000 million pesos.


220,000 million pesos.


220,000 million pesos.

However, news reports on July 25, 2019 (in Spanish) indicated that the new tunnel would open on August 15, 2019, and this was confirmed in news reports on August 14. The inauguration of the Tunnel on August 15 was attended by the ex-President of Colombia, Iván Duque.

The new tunnel route has a toll of 21.800 pesos for cars (5.22 dollars). Five double booths were installed in each direction. Four of the booths only receive electronic payment with Flypass, and the fifth is a cash booth. Also, motorcycles are not permitted to use the new tunnel.

the new tunnel to reach the airport
the new tunnel to reach the airport

1. Private Driver from the Medellín Airport (or to the Airport)

Using a private driver is typically the most expensive method to get to/from the Medellín International Airport.

From the airport, a private driver will wait for you outside of customers or baggage claim with a sign with your name and transport you directly to your destination.  And if you go to the airport, a private driver will meet you where you are staying and transport you to the airport.

Private drivers typically use better vehicles than many taxis. And some private drivers are English-speaking.

At Medellin Guru, we want to recommend the services of Medellin Airport to City, a company with extensive experience transporting foreigners. They have staff who speak english, and you will be safe. Their rates to transport you to the airport start at 110.00 pesos, and you can also take different tours in the city with them. 

Medellin Guru services

At Medellin Guru, we want to recommend the services of Medellin Airport to City, a company with extensive experience transporting foreigners.

2. Yellow Taxi from the Medellín Airport (or to the Airport)

The ubiquitous yellow taxis in Medellín are another way to get to/from the airport. There are roughly 30 taxi companies registered with the city of Medellín. Several more taxi companies are registered in neighboring municipalities like Envigado and Bello.

The 2024 yellow taxi fare to the José Maria Córdova airport from Medellín is 110,000 pesos.

Also, the cost is higher than other municipalities in the valley. For example, the fare to the José Maria Córdova airport from Sabaneta in a yellow taxi is higher at 125,000 pesos. Also, we have a detailed Medellín taxi guide.

The white taxis supposedly have an exclusive deal with the airport for the return trip from the airport. But you can sometimes find yellow taxis looking for a return fare to Medellín. And I have negotiated 90,000 pesos from the airport to Medellín in a yellow taxi.

Colectivo taxis at the Texaco gas station next to San Diego mall
Colectivo taxis at the Texaco gas station next to San Diego mall

3. Colectivo Taxi from the Medellín Airport (or to the Airport)

Another option to/from José Maria Córdova airport is a colectivo or shared white taxi.  At the airport, you can find colectivo taxis going to Medellín. These are white taxis shared by three or four passengers.  The regular taxi fare is split between the passengers.

So, with four passengers, the new colectivo taxi fare starting in 2024 using the new tunnel route is set at 30,000 pesos per person to Medellín and 25,000 pesos per person for a trip to the airport.

The shared taxis from the airport only go to and from San Diego Mall in Medellín. You will need to catch another taxi to or from your location. Also, there are normally yellow taxis lined up here. So, it’s easy to catch a taxi.

To go to the airport in a shared taxi, make your way to San Diego Mall, which is located about four blocks from the Exposiciones metro station. The white shared airport taxis will typically be waiting for passengers in the Texaco gas station parking lot that is located next to the San Diego mall.

Also, if you get there first, make sure to claim the front passenger seat in a shared taxi. Otherwise, you will be crammed in the back seat with two others. Normally, the colectivo taxis wait until they have four passengers.

In addition, if you have a lot of luggage, shared taxis aren’t really a very good option.

Airport buses behind Nutibara hotel
Airport buses behind Nutibara hotel

4. Bus from the Medellín Airport (or to the Airport)

The official airport bus is the cheapest way to get to/from José Maria Córdova airport; the fare is only 20,000 pesos. The airport buses are small, with only 19 seats. But this is an inexpensive and reliable option in my experience. The bus from the airport takes about one hour, depending on traffic.

Airport buses departing the airport have two possible destinations. Ask to make sure you get on the correct bus, as they aren’t marked. One destination is San Diego Mall, which will stop at a bus stop across from the mall. It is easy to catch a taxi from here to your destination. This is also located near the Exposiciones metro station.

Most of the airport buses to/from the San Diego Mall use the new tunnel route that takes about 20 minutes. The buses that use the tunnel will have a lighted sign on the front that says tunnel.

Another destination is behind the Nutibara Hotel in El Centro. The Nutibara Hotel is located within easy walking distance from the Parque Berrio metro station. The airport buses behind the Nutibara Hotel do not use the new tunnel route to the airport. So, it takes at least 45 minutes to over an hour, depending on traffic.

When going in the reverse direction to the airport, you can go to the bus stop across from San Diego Mall or behind the Nutibara Hotel in El Centro. The buses from Nutibara also stop at the northern bus terminal if passengers are waiting.

The airport buses leaving the José Maria Córdova airport operate from 6:30 am until the day’s last flight. From Medellín to the airport, the buses operate from 4:00 am to 9:00 pm every 40 minutes or so.

Medellin Guru services

At Medellin Guru, we want to recommend the services of Medellin Airport to City, a company with extensive experience transporting foreigners.

5. Uber, Beat or DiDi Mobile Apps from the Medellín Airport (or to the Airport)

Uber is one option to/from the Medellín airport. Uber exited the Colombia market on February 1, 2020, but returned on February 20, 2020.

Beat is an option for Uber in Colombia. Formerly known as Taxibeat, the company was founded in 2011 by Nikos Drandakis in collaboration with associates Nikos Damilakis, Kostis Sakkas, and Michael Sfictos in Greece.

The ride-hailing service was acquired by MyTaxi in February 2017 and was soon renamed to Beat. Today, Beat is part of the FREE NOW group, the ride-hailing joint venture of BMW and Daimler.

Another option for Uber is DiDi, which is another ride-sharing app. DiDi is a transportation company headquartered in Beijing, China.

The fare to the airport will depend on where you are but generally ranges between 110,000 and 123,000 pesos.

Medellín Airport Transfer vehicle options
Medellín Airport Transfer vehicle options

6. White Airport Taxi from the Medellín Airport (or to the Airport)

At the José María Córdova airport, many white airport taxis agree to serve the airport.  

Using white airport taxis is the method to get from the Medellín International Airport to Medellín, which most foreigners use. They will take you to any address in Medellín or the Aburrá Valley.

The fare for white taxis to go to Medellín is fixed. Most noteworthy, there is even a sign at the airport with the fares. But the fares on this sign are for the old route and not the new tunnel route.

With the new tunnel opening, fares have changed to a higher price due to a higher toll between 23.000 and 30.000 colombian pesos.

And there is no additional charge for late at night. You should only pay the fixed fare, and this fare includes the toll on the road. Also, beware that some taxi drivers may try to charge a higher “gringo” fare to tourists.

Yellow taxis lined up at San Diego mall
Yellow taxis lined up at San Diego mall
Metro option
Foreigners also have economical options to get to the airport.

7. Alliance with the Medellín Metro

On November 8, 2023, a new way of transportation to the José María Córdova Airport was announced, requiring a civic card to move to this place.

This is an alliance between Metro de Medellín, Rionegro Airport, and the company Combuses, with which they seek to make this route easier and easier for those who live in Medellín and foreigners visiting the city.

This new service will operate 24 hours daily and has 26 buses to guarantee passenger demand. Keep in mind that the cost per trip is 14,000 Colombian pesos.

To make this trip, it will be essential to have “La Cívica,” the card the metro uses to access its different means of public transportation.

You can get it at the Rionegro airport, where you will find cars marked with the metro logo. there, you will only have to have your foreigner’s identity card issued in Colombia or your passport, but you will not have to pay anything to have this card.

If you wish to arrive from Medellín to the José María Córdova airport, you will have to go to the expositions station, at the north entrance, where you will find the Combuses buses, where they start their route that goes through the tunnel, and it is a direct route without stops.

Medellin Guru services

At Medellin Guru, we want to recommend the services of Medellin Airport to City, a company with extensive experience transporting foreigners.

Get to know and explore Colombia

The Bottom Line: How to Get to Medellín from the Airport (or to the Airport from Medellín)

There are seven different ways to get to Medellín from the international airport, ranging from inexpensive buses to taxis and private drivers. These options also have a wide range in price from 14,000 to over 130,000 pesos ($3 to $36).  Also, you can use these same options to go to the airport from Medellín.

Remember that the worst time to go to/from the airport is during the evening rush hour

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82 thoughts on “How to Get to Medellín from the Airport”

    1. Recently I was trying to take an Uber from the airport. They tried to have me pay more, stating the toll was not included, even though the app clearly states it is. I was just curious if the drivers are required to pay for the toll both ways – I can’t recall them paying on the way back into town but I haven’t paid attention much either. We ended up using the white cab with no issues.

    2. Jarker Granados February 24, 2021

      Me parece muy útil esta pagina

    3. Hi. My flight arrives about 1130 pm. Are white taxis still a available… with this COVID going on I wasn’t sure how busy the airport will be. Thanks

      • Yes, white taxis still available I have arrived after midnight and there were still white airport taxis available.

    4. Colectivos are 23k now 🙁

      • Thanks we confirmed this and updated the article – the colectivo fare is 23,000 pesos to the airport and 27,000 pesos from the airport.

    5. For scheduling the (white taxi) return to the MDE airport, best to get their contact card from airport agent or driver?

      We finish at 5pm. Choose 8:44 instead of 7:30 (Domestic) flight to allow enough time?

      • Yes, good to get a card, they sometimes will give you one when you get in a taxi at the airport or you can ask the driver. To be safe I would provide more time. Some readers have reported long lines at the airport and others said shorter lines, depends on how many flights that have going around the time.

    6. jose obriea February 18, 2020

      3rd trip through the new tunel – if you know anyone – ???? – can you call them – turn on the exhaust fans!!!!!!! – car fumes – amazing awful

    7. Many thanks, your info has come in very handy on our visit from the airport not Medellin.

    8. Kevin Wylie January 19, 2020

      Hi Jeff
      Thanks for the update.. Looking for another solution re Uber stopping service, I looked into the “Beat” app.. Looks very good and after I downloaded the app I was unable to register my Credit Card ???
      Beat (same as PayU (Claro) in Colombia “only” accept “national” cards.. i.e Colombian issued..
      Therefore useless to myself and most anybody new to Colombia..

    9. Dear Jeff, the buses from San Diego mall to the airport do they take the route via the new tunnel or via de “old” route up in the mountains? Regards.

      • I took a bus recently from San Diego mall that took the tunnel route. Also, it had a sign on the front of the bus showing that the bus was using the tunnel route.

        • Perfect! Worth to tryout next time for only 10.500 pesos 🙂

          The white cabs are a ripoff in my opinion so time for a change.

    10. Loved the article. Thank you 🙂

    11. Hi Jeff! My flight arrives at 11.30pm and the airport website says the buses down to the city only run until 12midnight. Is their info out of date? Your blog says they are 24 hour now. Do you think I will be able to get a bus? Thank you!!

    12. This is a big help, thank you so much. We took the bus from the airport, very scenic drive for only 10,000, my only surprise was being dropped on the side of a busy street, rather than in the mall. I guess the mall is across the street.

      • Yes, the San Diego mall is located across the street from where the airport buses drop you off.

    13. Michael Thayer August 15, 2019

      Do you have a map on how to access the new tunnel to the airport? Where is the entrance?

    14. Ricardo Ribeiro August 6, 2019

      Hey Jeff, rren’t there buses to Terminal del Norte anymore?

    15. I am travelling end of September and also taking an early 6am flight out of Medellin from The airport. 4am Airport arrival will be brutal, wondering the best way to get there that early in the morning. My guess booking a private driver would be best.

      • A private driver will normally be reliable. You could also schedule a white airport taxi. When I have had early flights my Colombia wife schedules a white airport taxi for me and they have always shown up on time.

    16. what time do the collectivos start running? need to be at the airport around 4am

    17. Thomas Reichert March 6, 2019

      Jeff — Is the Túnel de Oriente still scheduled to open this month? Thanks.

    18. Thank you both for your responses. I’ve decided to try the bus for only 10,000 when I arrive next week, as I am traveling with just a backpack.

    19. Is it correct that the white taxi fare from Medellin to the airport is 65,000? I recently went from Laureles, and the driver said it was 75,000. I told him it was supposed to be 65,000. He called somebody on his cell phone like it was a big issue, and insisted it was more. He had me half convinced because of his phone call, but I stood my ground. I am returning next week, so when I leave I want to be sure of the fare.

      • Yes, we called the white taxi company in January to verify the fare and they said the fare is lower (65,000 pesos) from Medellín to the airport for the white airport taxis. It is only 75,000 pesos as the fare from the airport to Medellín. It is cheaper going the other direction. Be careful of white airport taxis inflating fares, it’s happened to me three times and each time I refused to pay the higher fare and said that I have lived here many years and know the fare is fixed and said I will call their company.

        • Michael March 12, 2019

          In February 2019 I stayed at Ibis hotel the night before departing I had a Colombian friend call and book a White Taxi to the airport for the morning. Interesting the Hotel waived the call charge as it was to a taxi service they recommend and the Driver charged only 60.000 pesos not 65,000 … Have some of the Hotels now entering into deals with the white taxis, I forget which one of them was called( I used your article to get their phone number)

        • I guess I got taken a little bit as I just paid $75000 from Laureles using AAero Taxi
          That said the driver was there a half hour early with a very new vehicle
          Car also had WIFI and phone charger and took a credit card for payment
          Maybe I got lucky but would use these guys again in a heartbeat
          Thank again for the recommendation Jeff

      • This is why you should use Medellin Airport Transfer. You schedule online and pay online with credit card.
        They are very reliable and efficient. Good safe drivers that know the fare is already paid. They take you directly to your destination. Their cars are as large if not larger then some white taxis. If there is more then one person or you have lots of luggage and want comfort, this is the way to go.

        • But Medellin Airport Transfer is the most expensive option – currently $35 USD or 108,326 pesos at the current exchange rate, which is over 60% more expensive than the correct fare for a white taxi from Medellín to the airport.

          • You missed the point. Their drivers will not try and take advantage of you. If you are from the USA or Europe $35.00 is still cheap and worth not being harassed.

            • Most taxi drivers won’t harass you in my experience and $35 is expensive for Medellín, I doubt many Colombians would pay that. And there is even a sign at the airport showing the white taxi fare to Medellín plus they hand out cards at the airport with the the lower return fare for a a white airport taxi. The white taxi fare is fixed and foreigners should be aware of this. Also, UberX is cheaper than Medellin Airport Transfer if you want to pay with a credit card.

              The bottom line is there are six ways to get to/from the Medellín airport and the airport buses are the cheapest at 10,000 pesos. And private driver services like Medellin Airport Transfer are the most expensive option.

    20. Medellin drivers are better than in Cali where I live. For the most part, speeding and respect for road signs are adhered to in Medellin. In Cali, it is a good idea to stop by a local church before entering a taxi……

    21. Wonderful site with lots of great info for newbies to Colombia like myself. Please keep up the great work. Regarding white taxis from airport to city, how would you rate their safety…I’ve read seatbelts is non existent in Bogota taxis (yellow and white) so is that same case here? Also since the trip into town is 45 min speeding is also a concern..how are the white taxi drivers on that?
      Just trying to decide between taking chances on white taxi vs getting a private car suggested in the article?

      • Hi Cory, thanks. I have used white taxis often without a problem and most have have had seat-belts in the back seats. Some white taxi drivers may speed a bit but none too much in my experience.

    22. David Bingham January 20, 2019

      Question no one has asked. Since the Tunnel with reduce time and distance will the fares be reduced. Or will the transport agencies be like the US Companies and keep the fares the same to pocket more profit.
      On other note, I have used Medellin Airport Transfer and have been very happy. It is great for returning since it is prepaid on a credit card so you can wait to exchange money or use a ATM in town to get a better exchange rate. Plus they know your destination and can take you right to where you need to go.

      • Hi David, good question. I asked but nobody knew yet at the taxi or bus companies. So, I guess we’ll see in a few months when the tunnel opens if fares are reduced.

    23. Great article, Jeff. I’m traveling to Medellin in two weeks and this is helpful!

      Going to the airport from El Poblado…is there a morning rush hour to worry about?

      • Hi Steve, thanks. Yes, there is a morning rush hour that will make the trip to the airport longer. So, plan accordingly.

    24. Taxi colectivo prices are fixed at:

      15,000 cop to the airport
      17,500 from the airport
      (per person)

      • No, since the white airport taxi fares have increased, the colectivo taxi fares have also increased. I confirmed this with the taxi company and the new collectivo taxi fare is now set at 18,500 pesos per person to Medellín and 16,000 pesos per person for the trip to the airport.

    25. EOH has no commercial service to Cali. Your only options are the carriers between MDE and CLO airports. Even with the new tunnel, EOH is so much closer to Medellin city. Hopefully, services may improve at this under utilized airport……

      • Yes, also Olaya Herrera Airport (EOH) doesn’t have service to the coastal cities of Cartagena, Santa Marta or Barranquilla. It would be nice for weekend trips to the beaches if it did.

    26. Thanks for the updated guide. Nice to know what the new fares are for 2019..

    27. How much is the tax when depaturing from Colombia?

      Is it paid only when depaturing by air? By land – no?

      • The departure tax is included in the price of airline tickets. By land there isn’t a departure tax.

      • Michael March 12, 2019

        I forget the year it changed, one no longer has to pay an exit tax/ get an exception stamp prior to getting your airline tickets, The tax is now part of your airfare

    28. The other half of the equation is getting TO the airport FROM Medellin. That information has proved to be hard to find.
      Where at the San Diego Mall does one go? Just walk down 43 to the Texaco station? I heard there is an airport
      bus stop there.

      I took the bus from the airport and it was easy and much less hassle than getting a taxi at the airport. One should only take the bus if they travel with only carryon luggage.

      • That is already in the article under each section like under the section “Bus from the Medellín Airport (or to the Airport)”

        The airport bus stop is across from San Diego mall. The Texaco station near San Diego mall is where you catch collectivo taxis.

      • I’ve used the bus to and from MDE with large, checked sized bags many times. No issue as the bus has a large rear trunk. The driver loads it and gives you a claim ticket. They normally load your rolling carry on bags in the same trunk.

    29. Martin Petrie December 8, 2018

      Do you know if there is a way to complain about being overcharged by a white taxi?

    30. Victor July 25, 2018

      Hello. My girlfriend and I are going to meet at MDE airport. We are taking separate flights. I will be international, coming from NY, and she will be domestic, coming from Pereira. Anyway, stupid question, but where is the best place we can agree on to meet? We are planning in case we don’t have cell service available when we land and cant communicate. The food court maybe? Or perhaps there is a main entrance?

      Thank you in advance.

      • There isn’t really a food court in the airport as the food is in multiple places in the airport. There’s a few food places on the second floor departure area and more upstairs from that. And there really isn’t a main entrance to the airport. You could meet outside the international arrivals/baggage claim on the lower level. Or if arriving at different times, perhaps choosing one of the restaurants or the bar upstairs named “Beer” that also has some pretty good food. Or maybe at the Juan Valdez cafe on the second-floor departure check-in area. See our airport guide for more information – https://medellinguru.com/medellin-airport/

    31. Gayle A July 4, 2018

      There are six of us; what type of taxi/uber/bus would you recommend from the airport to our Poblado hotel?

    32. Are the ubers considered a safe method of transportation?

      • Yes, generally. But private drivers are considered the safest. But in over 8 years I never encountered a problem with white airport taxis or the airport buses.

        • Michael March 12, 2019

          Jeff I usually have a Colombian friend meet me at or go with me to the airport. I mostly use the White taxis, but found in my February trip this year many guys walking around the arrival area offering rides, they say they are Uber drivers but need to be quiet as they are not liked , they were charging 60.000 cop to Medellin . ( I take it they are looking for a returning fare after bring someone to the airport) Not sure if I were doing a trip alone I would use them out of safety concern,

    33. Jimmy Johansson May 31, 2018

      Do the airportbuses or taxis accept US Dollar? Or are the an ATM at the airport?

      • They may accept US dollars but not at a good exchange rate. There are many ATM machines at the airport where you can get Colombian pesos, see our José María Córdova Medellín airport guide – https://medellinguru.com/medellin-airport/.

        At the Medellín international airport there are several ATM machines located upstairs where the airline check-in desks are located. This includes ATM machines from Banco de Bogotá, Bancolombia, Banco Popular, Citibank, Davivienda and Servibanca.

        Also, on the lower arrivals level at the Medellín airport there are ATM machines from two banks: Bancolombia and BBVA.

    34. Thank you. This is the exact info (and more) I was looking for.

    35. I used Latin Host on my last pick up . Was paid beforehand so didn’t have to exchange $. Driver was great and spoke English very well.
      Would certainly use them again

    36. Mariah Edgington July 24, 2017

      Where is Túnel de Oriente being built?

      • Here’s a video for the project (in Spanish) that shows the location where Túnel de Oriente is being built – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Tuk24EGY1CY

        At the end the video says it will cut the time from about 45 minutes to 18 minutes. I hope they stay on schedule for this project.

      • Bob Broad October 22, 2019

        Jeff, how safe is the ride to Airport very early am or late at night?

        • The ride to/from the airport is generally considered safe at any hour. I have traveled many times over the past 8+ years early am or late at night without an issue.

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