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We provide a comprehensive guide to cuts of beef in Colombia. Colombian cuts of meat can be difficult for foreigners to understand so we provide a guide.

Cuts of Beef: A Comprehensive Guide to Cuts of Beef in Colombia – Update 2023

We provide a comprehensive guide to cuts of beef in Colombia. Colombian cuts of meat can be difficult for foreigners to understand so we provide a guide.

Several Medellin Guru readers asked about cuts of beef in Colombia. So, we researched and provide a comprehensive guide that matches over 40 cuts of beef in English with the Spanish equivalent in Colombia.

I have seen only a few other posts on the Internet about Colombian cuts of meat. But these all tend to include no more than 10 cuts of meat and are missing many cuts and some of these posts have inaccuracies.

Something you need to know is that products in Colombia must have an Invima seal, so, for example, when you buy raw, refrigerated or frozen meat and have this certification, it means that it complies with all the processes suitable for human consumption. 

In addition, in Colombia you will find many types of butcher shop and in different places, this is because it is a country that tends to consume a lot of meat. According to figures from Fedegan (La Federación Colombiana de Ganaderos ), only in 2022 the consumption of beef was 17.3 kg.

Note the above photo is courtesy of the U.S. Meat Export Federation.

Matching Cuts of Beef in English with Spanish Equivalent in Colombia

The U.S. Meat Export Federation (USMEF)  International Nomenclature Guide of Beef Cuts that translates cuts of beef in the U.S. with their equivalents in many other countries.

For Colombia, USMEF consulted the Guia Práctica de Carnes (Practical Meat Guide) put together by Carulla. The following two tables map U.S. cuts of beef with Colombian cuts.

Mapping U.S. cuts to Colombian cuts - Forequarter (Cuarto Delantero), source USMEF

Mapping U.S. cuts to Colombian cuts – Forequarter (Cuarto Delantero), source USMEF

Mapping U.S. cuts to Colombian cuts - Hindquarter (Cuarto Trasero), source USMEF

Mapping U.S. cuts to Colombian cuts – Hindquarter (Cuarto Trasero), source USMEF

The IMPS numbers in the above tables are from the International Meat Purchase Specification from the USDA in the United States, which provides details for each cut of meat.

The meat section at PriceSmart

The meat section at PriceSmart

Other Cuts of Beef You Can Find in Colombia

Besides the above tables mapping U.S. cuts with Colombian cuts of beef, you can find other cuts of meat in some stores in Colombia, such as:

  • Churrasco – Sirloin
  • Solomito Redondo – Sirloin
  • Solomito Largo – Tri-Tip

Also, it is possible to find imported meats from the U.S. and Argentina. For example, you can find imported USDA meats at PriceSmart. Other stores where I have seen imported meats include Carulla and Jumbo. Recently at PriceSmart I saw Ribeye, Strip-Loin and Top Sirloin imported from the U.S.

A small independent butcher in Sabaneta

A small independent butcher in Sabaneta

Finding a Butcher in Medellín and Other Cities in Colombia

Each of the sizable groceries stores in Medellín and other cities such as Exito and Jumbo will have a butcher where you can ask for specific cuts of meat. Most of the butchers won’t speak English. So, you will need the Spanish names for cuts of meat.

Also, there are many small independent butchers in Medellín and other municipalities in the Aburrá Valley. Also, every city and even small pueblos have independent butchers.

We live in a casa (house) in Sabaneta and there are three independent butchers within a 5-minute walk. Also, the small independent butchers will typically have lower prices for meats than in the big grocery stores.

The Best Butchers in Medellín

The following are two of the best butchers I have found in Medellín, after living in the metro area for over eight years.

Photo courtesy of La Cava del Brangus

Photo courtesy of La Cava del Brangus

La Cava del Brangus – this butcher has a wide-range of meat, pork and chicken cuts. Also, they have seafood and sausages. In addition, they offer domicilio (delivery) services.

 You can have your delivery for free, if you buy products for more than 30,000 pesos, which is a good idea to save money. La Cava del Brangus has two locations:

La Cava del Brangus has two locations:

  1. Calle 33 # 76-67, Laureles
  2. Carrera 25 # 12 Sur-33, local 155, Mall Complex Los Balsos, El Poblado

Website: http://www.lacavadelbrangus.com/

Photo courtesy of Carnes Rikatas

Photo courtesy of Carnes Rikatas

Carnes Rikatas – this butcher reported distributes its own meat to the entire country of Colombia. Also, Carnes Rikatas is part of the Asociación Colombiana de Porciculturas (Colombian Pig Association). So, they are focused on having the best pork. Also, this butcher claims to only have meat that is 100 percent green (no chemicals or hormones before butchering).

Address: Carrera 40 # 49-45, Plaza de Flórez, El Centro

Website: http://carnesrikatas.com/

The Bottom Line: A Guide to Cuts of Beef in Colombia

Several readers asked about cuts of beef in Colombia, as it can be difficult for foreigners to understand the different cuts in Colombia. So, we provide the above comprehensive guide to cuts of beef in Colombia that maps to U.S. cuts.

The butchers in Colombia typically won’t speak much English. So, you will need the Spanish names for the cuts of meat you want to order. Our guide should make it easier for foreigners buying meat in Colombia.

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Editors note: Updated June 21, 2023 with information of Fedegan and new links.

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18 thoughts on “Cuts of Beef: A Comprehensive Guide to Cuts of Beef in Colombia – Update 2023”

    1. I’ve been hunting for ribeye in Ibagué and keep coming up empty handed. When I ask for “lomo angosto” from the chart I’ve received lomo fino twice and lomo ancho once. Each time when I asked if they had lomo angosto they said yes without hesitation and brought me a different cut. It looks like ‘costillar’ is listed for numerous cuts on the chart… Anyone have another idea what ribeye could be known as? Maybe it is not popular.

    2. What’s the average price per pound for a top quality bone-in ribeye from a butcher in Medellin?

    3. My favorite is baby beef. Looking forward for some next week.

    4. Hugh Horton June 22, 2020

      How about cuts of pork? In particular Boston Butt.

      • Hi Hugh, adding pork cuts is on our list of updates to make, probably will update in the next few days.

        • Paul Joldersma March 14, 2021

          Thank you for this great resource. A pork cuts table would also be very helpful. In particular to convey the meaning of a boston butt, or pork shoulder roast. Thank you, I regularly promote your blog because its so helpful on so many levels.

    5. Carlos I Arango February 6, 2020

      For those looking for a quick guide all you need to know is:#1 most expensive cut is solomito (Filet Mignon), #2 is Punta de Anca (Picanha), #3 is Solomo redondo or Chata for BBQ. You may want #4 Posta or #5 Muchacho if you want to prepare your slow cooker recipes. For pork just two #1 Pierna for the chinese in you and #2 Cañon, awesome prepared with sweet sauce or mustard. Oh yes, you are in Antioquia now and chicharron (tocino carnudo) will become a part of your life even it causes premature death 🙂

    6. Great article on every day living. Need more of these! Translators don’t always help with food words.
      Would like to see an article about Milk/Dairy products. Keep getting wrong things and
      when finally get it right, took pictures for reference.

      • Thanks. Yes, I agree that translators don’t always help with food words. We added Milk/Dairy products to our future articles list.

    7. Awesome post. I always have trouble with the butchers here in Medellin. This is so helpful. When I go with photos on my phone that sometimes works but they frequently don’t understand what I want.

      • Carlos I Arango February 6, 2020

        Hi Jeff, I appreciate your hard work but your work is half done 🙂 Your table has the names of the beef cuts in “bogotanian spanish” and since you live in Medellin you need to add a 2nd column with the “paisa spanish” equivalent. In the paisa region butchers have no idea of the names given by supermarkets like Carulla. Here are some paisa names for you to identify with your butcher: tabla, muchacho, posta, solmito, solomo redondo, solomo extranjero, pecho, morrillo, mondongo, tres telas, puntadianca and higado. If you want to be a 5 star guru then you need an extra column with argentinian names like malevo, bife chorizo, bife ancho, bife angosto. Oops… Yes, and the king of beef names, Brazilian Picanha!

        • Ok I am in the US and these are the terms of meat I needed. Because my mother n law is from Medellin. But I need to know names in the US. For tabla and Solomo redondo. And then I need to know what is she’ll steak or strip steak in Medellin.

        • Estevan June 27, 2021

          Muy buena explicación hermano. Yo estaba pensando lo mismo. Siendo gringo o cómo mi esposa me dice “ Colomgringo” porque nací acá ?? pero vengo de familia Paisa- estaba pensando si el amigo estaba usando español a lo mejor de España o de adonde. Muchas gracias por la recomendación amigo. Saludos

    8. Mark A Knight October 3, 2019

      Here in Jardin antioquia I am unable to find a porterhouse or t-bone steak? Hotel Balandu near me has Filet Mignon on the menu but that is also impossible to find at a local butcher shop here in town which has 8 or more butcher shops. I even took around a nice photo from the internet of a porterhouse and t-bone steak and they all looked at me like I was from country lol.

      • T-bone, Porterhouse and Filet Mignon steaks can also be challenging to find in big cities. In Medellín, I have seen T-bone steaks, Filet Mignon, Porterhouse only occasionally at a few places. And some of the steakhouses in Medellín have T-bone, Porterhouse and Filet Mignon steaks on the menu.

      • Duane Mattoon June 13, 2021

        Mark I got you amazon packages, three of them. I am in jardin,, deprasa delivered to me last night. I tied to call, but you didn’t not pickup. Call if you want to pass by and get them. duane

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