Medellín vs Valletta: Which is the Better Place to Live? - Medellin Guru
Medellín vs Valletta, Malta. We comprehensively compare the two places in 19 categories to see which is the better place to live in for expats.

Medellín vs Valletta: Which is the Better Place to Live?

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One thought on “Medellín vs Valletta: Which is the Better Place to Live?”

  1. Jeff. Excellent article about Valetta in Malta. I have been there as well.

    Malta is a former British colony and therefore their English accent is like in the UK. The village Sliema is popular among European language students, especially between June and August (summer vacation).

    Note that Malta has no beach because Malta is a big rock; the neighbour island Gozo has a few small beaches.

    People drive cars on the left side like in England (Australia, New Zealand, India, Japan among other Asian countries). I used the public bus and it was easy to go around the island. And safety is a big plus.

    There is a fast ferry to Sicily island in Italy (from 1 hour 45 minutes).

    By the way: The island Madeira from Portugal near the west cost from Africa is popular among the European retirees. The climate is similar to Medellin and around 50 % more expensive, however hardly any crimes. The football player Cristiano Ronaldo (R7) is from Madeira.

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